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The new ANA (All Nippon Airways) Business Class – Enjoy the journey in 5-Star luxury


The new ANA (All Nippon Airways) Business Class – Enjoy the journey in 5-Star luxury

Explore fine dining, flat-lay beds and 5-star travel features in ANA's new, more spacious business class.

The new ANA (All Nippon Airways) Business Class – Experience fine-dining above the clouds

Experience 5-star luxury in ANA's bigger business class. Learn more about the expansive seating, fine dining and other elevated travel features on each flight.

The new ANA (All Nippon Airways) Business Class – Work or disconnect

Discover 5-star flight luxury in ANA's new business class. Finish your work while you travel or dissconnect for the evening in our spacious seating.

The new ANA (All Nippon Airways) Business Class – Your sanctuary above the clouds

Enjoy the journey when you travel in ANA's bigger business class. From fine dining to flat-lay beds, we ensure our spacious cabin feels like your sanctuary above the clouds.

Europe To Japan with ANA!

ANA Fly's direct daily from Europe to Japan. With direct flights from London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf & Munich. Fly with Japans largest 5-Star airline, flying to over 45 destinations across Japan. Discover our award winning business & Premium economy classes. See more of Japan with ANA.

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ANA Avatar XPrize: Reimagining the Future of Travel

At ANA, we are always striving to create new ways to travel and connect. AVATAR Vision is a pioneering technology that promises to help bridge the gaps of distance, time, and culture. From providing care to disaster relief, the opportunities AVATAR can offer are limitless: Anywhere is possible. Where will AVATAR take you?

Connection by Design Trailer

ANA Connection By Design

Watch what happens when 4 entrepreneurs go on a business trip with someone they've never met before. From Asia, they fly ANA’s seamless connection to New York and California through Tokyo. Their journey together takes them around the world to places that feed their common interests around food, fashion, tech and business.

ANA Flies you from Asia to 12 Gateways* in North America via Tokyo.
*includes Denver by United Airlines flights.

Check out other entrepreneurs' journey here:

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Hi My Fellow Subscribers,

This is my first journey with Japanese Carrier, All Nippon Airways. Before I start, I would like to clarify that I used 96000KM Air China Mileage for this One-Way Reward business class ticket from Tokyo Haneda to Vancouver.

First is the lounge check in, I appreciate that ANA allows Early-Checkin, in my case it was 9 Hours prior to Departure, so I have plenty of time to shop, and visiting the Lounges.

ANA lounge @ Tokyo Haneda Airport is clean and tidy, yet buffet spread is not as luxurious as SQ/BR, but it has all things you need, as well as Japanese Ramen/Curry. Overall, ANA Flagship Lounge is much better than Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge. Shower Suite is one of the best in Asia, amenities all provided, nice touch by NH ground crew.

Inflight is another story...... Slow meal services, particular for this 8 Hour Red-Eye Flight. The dinner itself took nearly 3 Hours, possible due to the Small Kitchen on all Dreamliners?
Service is OK in Asian standards, not good when you compare to BR, or its competitor, such as JAL. Second meal is tasteless, my advice is, always try International Cuisine when you fly ANA, at least Portion/Speed is guaranteed.

Overall not a bad flight, but not good either. Fly ANA at reasonable price, not worth the extra money such as Eva Air, where you would receive First Class Services for the price you pay as Business Class.






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First Class Flight Tokyo to New York JFK by ANA | Japanese Hospitality by All Nippon Airways

Here I show the flight of First Class to New York JFK from Tokyo Narita NRT Japan, provided by All Nippon Airways, ANA which is one of Japanese leading airliners. The journey begins at South Wing of Terminal 1 at Tokyo Narita Airport, which serves as one of ANA’s two major hub airports. ANA has a check-in counters which exclusively welcome First Class guests and/or ANA’s Diamond members. The place is called “Z Counters” for ANA SUITE CHECK-IN. Boarding passes are prepared by a team of ANA SUITE CHECK-IN staff while the guests sit and relax on the sofas there. The place is directly linked to the Security and Immigrations, which are exclusively for the guests from the Z Counters. Then the guests are welcomed at the ANA’s First Class Lounge called “ANA SUITE LOUNGE.”

The cabin of the First Class featured in Boeing 777-300ER crafts is called ANA FIRST SQUARE, in which seats are well designed and spread out on two rows in a 1-2-1 configuration. The seats create the comfort of personal space for guests in the ANA FIRST SQUARE. The FIRST SQUARE provides monthly-designed menus including Kyo Kaiseki, which is a traditional Japanese fine-dining course menu. The wine list collects good selections of wine and champagne as well as ANA’s favorite sake and shochu, which is Japanese vodka.

During the over 12 hour flight, the chief purser and her team in the First Class cabin provide me with the comfort and elegance by their “Omotenashi,” the way of Japanese hospitality.

Please enjoy the Omotenashi of ANA First Class in the flight from Tokyo to New York.

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Class: First Class (ANA FIRST SQUARE)
Airliner: ANA, All Nippon Airways
Rout: Tokyo Narita NRT to New York JFK by NH010
Fleet: Boeing 777-300ER
Duration: 12 hrs 40 mins
Season: Winter

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ANA First Class (ENG) Boeing 777-300ER | YourTravel.TV

I flew the ANA All Nippon Airways First Class from Frankfurt to Tokyo Haneda. In the 11.5 hours flight time there was excellent champagne, traditional Japanese food and much more. ANA is one of the best airlines in the world and, like Lufthansa, has received 5 stars from Skytrax

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▶ ︎ Q: What are you working on? A: I am self-employed, work 7 days a week on Sundays and have several trades.
▶ ︎ Q: Are you rich? A: No, see above: Work 7 days and the journey is the destination and you travel cheaper than those who book a destination and need the flight there.

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ANA (All Nippon Airways) - Japan Elevated

There is a Japan not found on a map. One where the traditions of Japanese hospitality soar to the highest levels of comfort. Where 5-Star service meets world-class taste and a modern adventure unfolds before you even arrive. This is Japan Elevated.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) - Japan Elevated

There is a Japan not found on a map. One where the traditions of Japanese hospitality soar to the highest levels of comfort. Where 5-Star service meets world-class taste and a modern adventure unfolds before you even arrive. This is Japan Elevated.

Is Garuda Indonesia First Class Really 5 Star?

In the first part of this vlog, I tried out the new Citilink Dining Experiences from Jakarta to Bali which include fine dining in the sky, airport meet and assistance, fast track, extra leg room seat and arrival assistance. The Citilink Dining Experiences package cost 550,000 IDR ($40).

From Bali, I visited the Garuda First Class lounge before flying to Tokyo Narita in Garuda Indonesia First Class onboard B777-300/ER. I was one of only two passengers in Garuda First Class. I was treated like royalty with the 5 star cabin crew of Garuda. But you have to watch my final verdict to see what I've thought of Garuda First Class!


Explore all the new amazing features of the new Emirates First Class Suite on their new B777! The new Emirates First Class Suite is fully enclosed for total privacy. It is quite hard to believe I am actually not in a 5 star hotel but on a plane!

Watch out for the surprise upgrade onboard and I did my first little dance in this video!

For full information, please visit my blog

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In this video, we take an in depth look at the new first class cabins offered by Emirates aboard a very relaxing and pleasant flight from Dubai to Brussels on the Emirates Boeing 777 aeroplane. The first class suites offered by Emirates are so versatile, with the functions of a lounge, hotel, restaurant, cinema and even disco all facilitated within each individual cabin, so come with me as we eat, drink, sleep and even dance our way from the United Arab Emirates to Belgium!

We were very lucky to have the entire first class shuttle bus to ourselves as we made our way to Dubai International Airport on board the COBUS 3000. Emirates provide this special bus exclusively for first class travellers with comfortable and wide leather seats and a pleasing, bright interior.

We were in for a real treat once we boarded the plane – our first class cabin is a completely enclosed, floor to ceiling suite ensuring total privacy whenever you need it. Within the cabin, a massive 32 inch high definition (HD) television and a smaller display closer to the seat are able to display live footage of the surroundings of the plane, received directly from the aeroplane’s exterior cameras, allowing you to watch the take off and touch down of the Emirates flight and everything that happens in between. We examine and discuss the aeroplane’s exterior cameras further with the aeroplane’s pilots in our visit to the cockpit of this fabulous Emirates Boeing 777 plane.

We weren’t just the only passenger on the first class shuttle bus, but also the only passenger in first class on the flight! This gave us the perfect opportunity to test what is a world first on board service – facilities for requesting room service and cabin service via video call, which can be activated and used without even leaving your seat! Come with us and watch as we make full use of this brand new service to keep thirst at bay with great mimosas and even vintage Dom Perignon 2009!

As you would expect, Emirates go all out for their first class customers to ensure that every little detail is taken care of. From soft and comfy slippers to hydra active pyjamas which keep your skin moisturised as you sleep to powerful binoculars that let you survey all that can be seen from the windows, there are little surprises and treats in every little corner of these new Emirates first class cabins. We are even able to make use of the bespoke lighting control system within each cabin which means that we can set the lights to whatever intensity and colour best fits our mood.
The food served in Emirates first class is particularly amazing – see the mouth watering dishes laid before us including canapes and caviar and Arabic mezze for starters, delicious stir fried pawns for the main and cheese and crackers, pear and chocolate crumble and ice cream for dessert.

Once we’re all fed, it’s the perfect time for a nap to digest all of these gastronomic delights and the curtains and blinds which can be brought down and over on the windows give a real cosy and comfortable bedroom in the sky feeling which makes us feel right and home and relaxed and able to drift off.

You won’t want to miss this Emirates first class cabin documentary and all of its delights. What did you like best? Leave a comment down below and, as always, thanks for watching!

Xiamen Airlines 757 Business Class Beijing Capital to Fuzhou Changle

This was a re-positioning flight for the inaugural flight from Fuzhou to New York. I was debating whether or not to post this but thought I would go ahead to talk about my journey and share some more observations about Xiamen Airlines and its service.
Xiamen and Skyteam flies out of T2 in Beijing which isn't anywhere near as spacious and nice as T3. T3 is so big that the gates are often not crowded and you get grand majestic views of the runway and aircraft. You can easily view an entire A380 from its wheel to the tip of tail unobstructed. T2 on the other hand is small, crowded, and the views are often obstructed. T3 at Beijing is probably one of my favorite terminals in the world for spotting aircraft.
The biggest problem with flying out of Beijing is the high chance of delays due to ATC congestion. My flight was delayed by an hour due to problems with inbound congestion. However this translated to a 2 and half hour delay because of the outbound congestion at Beijing. I would arrive in my final destination at 12am.
What made this delay even more horrendous was the fact I didn't realize Fuzhou Changle airport is a 45 minute drive (50km/32miles) away from the city center. Tired and confused in a city I never been to before, I stupidly took the airport express bus, which normally is a good way to get to/from the airport. However, the Sheraton hotel was not on the way of the bus, and the driver dropped me off 3 kms away. It was nearly 2am at that time (due to the extra time of waiting at the airport for the bus to fill up). The Sheraton is located in a new commercial development district on the outskirts of the city which means it was completely deserted at night. As I walked through the deserted streets, I briefly pondered if I was actually crazy. It also felt like those zombie movies. There were all these tall buildings and lights but not a single person or car on the street. Finally I saw a sign for a hotel and knowing that there are always taxis waiting by hotels, I found a taxi that would take me to the Sheraton hotel. At check-in at the hotel, the staff told me they were wondering where I was the whole day. As they listened to my long journey from NYC, they shared their own experiences of being stuck at Beijing due to ATC congestion. By the time I showered and got into bed, it would be 3 AM and after sleeping for 2 hours, I headed out at 5AM for my 9AM return flight to New York, hoping I could arrive early enough to get a window seat.
The only highlight of that crazy day was the young flight attendant, Ms. Zhang, I met on my flight. I was the only one in business class, and as soon I was in the cabin, she came over and greeted me by name. She saw my camera and encouraged me to take videos. She also laid out my slippers for me and offered to put my shoes in the shoe bag. Throughout the flight she would come by and constantly offer refills of coconut milk, water and tea for me. This is a simple basic service that sometimes I don't experience on international business class. After she saw me finish my dinner, she offered me more of the delicious soup. When I told her about my trip to fly on Xiamen's inaugural trip to NYC, she told me she hasn't been on the 787 and hopes she can improve her English skills more so that she can fly on it. She did tell me about her trip abroad as a FA to India, which she really enjoyed. Because of our flight delays, she kept me informed of our arrival time and temperature throughout the flight. She gave me names of nearby airport hotels I can book. However without any internet and no phone service, I was out of luck, but it was really sweet of her to offer help and suggestions.
The food on this flight continue to demonstrate the high bar set by Xiamen. While it looks simple, the taste of the seafood soup was savory and mildly salty, preserving the taste of the chunks of scallops and shrimp. The dim sum was also fresh. I actually had worse dim sum in restaurants so for Xiamen to provide the taste that it did is impressive. The fruits were fresh and ripe and dessert was a pineapple upside down cake with a berry core. Absolutely excellent catering on an old domestic business class.

Biman Bangladesh Boeing 787 Dream Flight

I took 4 lucky giveaway winners for a flight on-board Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner. These winners are really passionate about aviation but have never flown once in their life before. I am glad to offer them this opportunity to enjoy the latest aircraft of Biman Bangladesh; the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

We flew from Dhaka to Chittagong and had a day out. Later we returned by Biman Dash8-Q400 back to Dhaka with cockpit night takeoff and landing footage.

The next day I flew out of Dhaka on Biman B787 Dreamliner again to Muscat in Business Class. I was met by very nice surprises from the crew and able to film some great cockpit takeoff and landing footage.


In this trip report video, we enjoy flying with Biman Airlines on board their most modern and most recently purchased plane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. We have some of you guys on board for company too, letting us know what you think of the upgraded and modern entertainment systems and other features. We were pleased to make, what was for some of you, your very first flight very special. See inside the 787 Dreamliner cockpit and watch as we examine the sophisticated entertainment touch screens of economy class, before receiving a surprise upgrade to business class, courtesy of Biman airlines, where we examine the reclining and lie flat nature of these more premium seats.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner first entered in to actual commercial service in October 2011 with Air Nippon Airways and delivers the significant advantage of being 20% more fuel efficient than its predecessor the Boeing 767.

The model is highly complex and advanced, being the first ever airliner to have its core structure composed primarily of composite materials, having almost entirely electrical flight systems and even having special noise reducing technology in its jet engines, the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 and the General Electric GEnx.

The plane typically seats 234 when business, premium economy and economy classes are provided and, Biman Airlines being no exception, most airlines choose to arrange the seats in three columns of seat rows with each row containing three seats.

Our first flight is a short 30 minute journey from Dhaka to Chittagong, arriving in Shah Amanat international airport. After a highly enjoyable and fun tour of Chittagong, including a great visit to the beach and friendly interaction with the Bangladeshi locals, we head back to Dhaka on our second flight in the Bombardier Q400, naturally also with Biman airlines.

Having finished our extended tour of Bangladesh and our focus on Biman airlines, we head to Muscat, Oman in business class. Before going on this third and final flight of the video, there is just time to examine the Biman Maslin executive lounge and all of the tasty food it has to offer for travellers. Up in the air, we enjoy examining the traditional sari print decorations on the inside walls of the plane, sampling a wide variety of entertainment, including music videos and live television, before a surprise well-wishing celebration by Biman staff, complete with cake!

Join us for this final instalment of our very special, three part series focussing on Biman airlines and Bangladeshi aviation and don’t forget to check out the other two videos in the series (links below) and also to leave a comment about what you thought of the whole amazing tour!

Part 2:
Part 1:

How to Survive Flying Emirates Economy Class (Top Tips)

I flew Emirates A380 economy class from Dubai to Zurich. In the video, I gave 8 good tips on how to survive or how to enjoy economy class flying. I am sure you will benefit from some of the tip I gave!

The video also shows you the children's kit and meal on Emirates. Also Ramadan Iftar boxes are shown in the video. Enjoy the magnificent forward wing view with engine on the A380!


Join me for a relaxed and fun flight from Dubai to Zurich with Emirates. I travel aboard the Airbus A380 aeroplane in Emirates economy class and I reveal eight tips and tricks on how you can enjoy and get the most out of your economy class flight. We can’t all experience the luxury of flying first class but this video aims to show that it certainly isn’t impossible to have a very enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable flight in economy class with just a little prior planning, research and thought.

In this video, I also specifically examine some of the comforts offered by the Emirates airline within their economy class to help their customers. One thing we focus on is Emirates’ provision for children and we examine the complimentary items including blankets, bibs, baby wipes and colouring in books which are given out to families with young children.

Tip #1 – Even if you’re flying in economy class, try and access a credit card lounge before the flight to make yourself more comfortable and prepared for boarding. You’re more likely to start the flight in a better mood and in a more positive state of mind, especially if you’ve had to wait at the airport for a while, if you’ve had something to eat, had a comfortable seat to sit on and been in relaxed and more quiet surroundings. If you are not eligible to enter one of these lounges, consider paying for entry; it is likely to be well worth your investment as one of the biggest reasons why people do not enjoy their flight in economy class is because they were not in the right frame of mind to begin with.

Tip #2 – Use a website such as to see where clusters of empty seats are on the flight that you wish to take. By using this website, you may be able to purchase seats from the airline’s website which are in a quieter spot, with less people surrounding you. can show real time seat maps for your flight up to one hour before the departure of the flight, letting you make an informed decision as to the best seat location for you in economy class.

Tip #3 – Use a website such as to get to know the layout of the economy class on your flight better so that you can select more advantageous economy seats with views over the engines, or, perhaps most importantly, with more leg room. There’s almost always a few economy seats with much, much more leg room than others because of the free space that has to be left in front of the aircraft’s mid-placed emergency exit.

Furthermore, after coming on board, if there’s a very favourable seat which is vacant and unsold, grab it before anybody else does!

Tip #4 – If you can, travel in the low season when fares are lower and when planes are less crowded. Low season months are February, May and November.

During my flight in Emirates economy class, I was able to move around to a large number of different seats as, travelling in May, it was low season. I was also able to lie down over a complete row of four economy seats and get a quality rest as if I was in business class, but without business class prices! If you can, it certainly pays dividends to travel in economy class when it’s less busy in the low season.

Tip #5 – Always bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and avoid excessive alcohol consumption which can dehydrate you. Additionally, always bring an eye-shade with you so that you can get quality rest whenever you need it; these are provided on some longer haul flights but it’s always best to have your own, just in case.

Tip #6 – Wear something loose and comfy to promote good well being and also good blood circulation whilst you’re up in the air. This is especially important when the flight is crowded and/or there isn’t a lot of leg room and movement is restricted. This follows on to…

Tip #7 – Wherever possible, stretch your limbs and walk around the cabin – it doesn’t just help keep your blood circulating in what can be a cramped economy class but it keeps your mood happy too. Feeling confined and restricted in economy class is a big source of uncomfortable economy class flights.

Tip #8 – Stay smiling and stay positive whenever travelling in economy class. Don’t forget to bring your headphones with you to listen to some of your favourite tunes whilst you’re in the sky!

I really want to hear your opinion – do you have any thoughts about what makes for a good trip in economy class? Is there anything that you swear by? Leave your comments down below and, as always, thanks for watching!

SWISS B777 First Class Luxury Flight Zurich to Hong Kong

Follow my journey onboard Swiss B777-300/ER First Class from Zurich to Hong Kong. The video also include a visit of the luxury Swiss First Class Lounge in Terminal E at Zurich.

For more information on cheap Lufthansa/Swiss flight: