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The Lonely Traveler S01E05 Port Vila


The Lonely Traveler S01E05 Port Vila

Somewhere in the South Pacific, there is a port town full of lush jungles, tropical marine life and even an underwater Post Office. Join Allie Connell as she explores Port Vila, Vanuatu, in search of some adrenaline pumping, high speed adventure on land, above land and underwater.

The Lonely Traveler S01E06 Bad Behavior

The season finale, Join Allie Connell​ as she shows us some of the funnier moments of The Lonely Traveler​ with blunders, falls and mistakes, Also enjoy clips from other ports we were unable to finish such as Fiji & Lifou.

The Lonely Traveler S01E01 Mystery Island

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, there lives a tiny, uninhibited island that may or may not be haunted by sea gods. Join Allie Connell as she explores Mystery Island, Vanuatu in search of answers about the history of this paradise and whether or not that was a bungalow or a porta potty.

The Lonely Traveler S01E03 Mare

Somewhere in the South Pacific, there is a tiny island where rumor has it, there isn't much to do. Join Allie Connell as she travels to Mare, New Caledonia and debunks this myth in true tourist fashion.

Port Vila, Efate. Vanuatu

My 50th birthday holiday.

Vanuatu Vacation Travel Guide

The Republic of Vanuatu lies in the South Pacific Ocean, just a short flight from Australia and New Zealand.

Most visitors to Vanuatu arrive at the nation’s capital, Port Vila, situated on the main island of Efate. Vila, as it’s affectionately known, sits at the edge of a magnificent natural harbor filled with corals and sea life.

Vila Pub Crawl

The Lonely Traveler S01E04 Noumea

Somewhere in the South Pacific, Noumea, New Caledonia is one of the fastest growing cities in both industry and tourism. Join Allie Connell as she explores Noumea in the somewhat silence of a Segway and aboard the Disney-ride-gone-wrong Tchou Tchou train.

A Tourist's Guide to Port Vila, Vanuatu 2018

Part 3 of my South Pacific trip.

From the Solomon Islands, I fly into Vanuatu. After depositing my things in the Grand Hotel, I have a wander and see some of the main strip. The next day, I wander inland, then cross to the other side of the peninsular.

How to spend 24 hours in Port Vila!

Port Vila, Vanuatu | ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE VLOG DAY 5 & 6 2017

SNAPCHAT: aishaxshah

130117 Vanuatu Underwater Post Office

Sending postcards from the Underwater Post Office and Mail Box in Vanuatu!

A Tourist's Guide to Port Vila, Vanuatu

From Fiji, we fly to Vanuatu, a tiny South Pacific nation 1000 miles off the coast of Australia. We stay in Iririki Island, but venture to the capital, Port Vila, to see the sights. On day 2, we take a trip up to Port Havannah for a boat trip.

Port Vila Vanuatu

Port Vila Vanuatu March 2018

HIGHLIGHTS of Port Vila, VANUATU - Exploring Efate Island, Blue Lagoon + Snorkelling | Travel Guide

On this Global Travel Guide we explore Efate Island, Port Vila in Vanuatu.

Things to do:
Port Vila Markets
Blue Lagoon
Eton Beach
Divi's Vanuatu
Havannah Resort


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Life in Port Vila

Images de Port-Vila, Vanuatu, bol blo yu.

What to do in Vanuatu?

Why should you visit Vanuatu?
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Port Vila, Vanuatu Islands - Journey with Jamie Logan

Welcome to Jamie's Journeys! Join Regent Seven Seas cruise director and adventurer Jamie Logan as he travels to the South Pacific and the New Hebrides Islands to Port Vila in the Republic of Vanuatu. From there we will tour the island, take in some views, especially at the Cascade Waterfalls.

Also, checkout Jamie's cruise blog

Port vila drive

random video driving around port vila (set to a string band song)
mi misim vanuatu tumas :'(

A Day in Port Vila, Vanuatu

This was our day in Port Vila, Vanuatu, which included a visit tour of a local village, Port Vila down town and the beautiful Cascade Waterfalls. The ship is the P&O Pacific Jewel. Music is by Kevin MacLeod (

The Grand Hotel and Casino Vanuatu



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