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The Exciting Covid-19 Vaccine!


The 10 Minute Covid-19 Test

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The impact of Covid-19 on the art market

The Covid-19 crisis has had an unprecedented impact on the art market, shuttering galleries and museums. Exhibitions, art fairs and auctions have either been postponed or have moved online. What will the mid- and long-term consequences of the crisis be for the art market? What lessons can we learn from the past, and what innovations might tomorrow's art market bring? On Tuesday, 19 May, 2020, UBS and Art Basel hosted an expert panel to address the key questions facing today's art market.

Paul Donovan, Global Wealth Management Chief Economist, UBS
Noah Horowitz, Director Americas, Art Basel
Dr. Clare McAndrew, Founder, Arts Economics

Melanie Gerlis, Art Market Columnist, Financial Times

How They Beat Coronavirus

If you liked this video, you will love reading my book: Around the World in 60 Seconds

Be Excited For The Next 10 Years

If you liked this video, you will love reading my book: Around the World in 60 Seconds

Viruses, Vectors and Vaccines: The Pathways to Prevention and Cure

How to prepare your business travel program for post COVID-19

How should you redesign your business travel program for the post-COVID-19 world? If you work in business travel, whether you book travel for your company's employees or manage travel programs, watch this video to get your step by step guide on how to prepare your business travel program for the post-COVID-19 environment.

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How to Start Traveling Again After COVID-19

As the world begins to open back up, you may want to start planning some trips for your family. But how do you decide where to go or how to get there safely? In this video I'm going to share with you some guidelines to keep in mind as you plan to travel again during this challenging time. New to our channel? We're the Sognonvi family from Top Flight Family, and we're all about luxury family travel, family vacation and kids travel! If you like family travel vlog videos about a traveling family, you'll enjoy what we do here.

10 Travel Products Every Traveling Family Should Own

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As you can probably tell, we're a multiracial family (or interracial family or mixed family - whichever term you prefer). Carmen is Chinese and Belgian, and mostly grew up in Hong Kong. Serge's parents are both from Benin in West Africa, and he was born and raised in NYC.

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Safest Country To Visit In Corona?

If you liked this video, you will love reading my book: Around the World in 60 Seconds

ASW Webinar Series - Climate Emergency & COVID-19 presented by Jonathon Porritt

PATA Youth Symposium - Part 1: The Future of Travel

The travel industry as we know it is over.
Consumers want more sustainable, seamless and purpose-driven travel options. What is the latest outlook for global tourism demand and what is its impact on travel? What travel trends are here to stay? Also, get a sneak peek at new sustainable travel innovations that will transform the industry.
Join us for PATA youth Symposium’s keynote speech by Euromonitor International to see what the future of travel and tourism will look like in a post COVID-19 world!

Hafizuddin Haslir
Regional Business Development Manager, Euromonitor International
Forging strong partnerships within the public sector in both syndicated and customized solutions across B2B, B2G and B2C industries to include Tourism, Commodity and Certification Boards, Research Institutes and FDI Agencies. Based in Singapore, Hafiz has a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Brand USA COVID-19 Research Update (June 23, 2020)

Brand USA's Vice President, Research and Analytics Carroll Rheem hosted a research webinar to provide an update on international market conditions, the status of the pandemic, the economic outlook, and consumer sentiment.

Destination Marketing and COVID-19: Planning for Oregon’s Tourism Recovery (July 23, 2020)

On Thursday, July 23, Travel Oregon hosted a webinar, “Destination Marketing and COVID-19: Planning for Oregon’s Tourism Recovery.” The intended outcome of this webinar was to ensure Oregon’s tourism industry has clear understanding of how to leverage Travel Oregon and DMO recovery efforts through destination marketing. Participants learned about trends and forecasts in destination marketing, heard about how Travel Oregon is preparing for recovery, and saw examples of how businesses are working to safely welcome back visitors.

Travel Oregon will moderated the session. Presenters included:
1. Todd Skelton, Head of Destination Marketing Sales, Western U.S. & Canada, TripAdvisor
2. Katy Clair, Director, Global Marketing Services
3. Bryan Mullaney, Insights & Planning Manager, Global Marketing Services
4. Ladan Ghahramani, Marketing Research Analyst, Global Marketing Services
5. Mo Sherifdeen, Director, Global Integrated Marketing

Medical Tourism: Before, During, and After COVID-19 | Interview with Frank Nunez

Watch our webinar about the impact of COVID-19 in medical tourism, the new challenges and how clinics and doctors can adapt to them.

Frank Nunez, Executive Director at My Medical Destination, talks about medical tourism's current situation and shares insights and tips on how medical professionals should get prepared for the next day.

???? List of Questions ????

0:00 Intro
01:40 Who is Frank Nunez and what is his relationship with medical tourism.
3:50 What opportunities did Frank see in medical tourism so to start focusing on it?
4:40 What are the benefits of medical tourism for both patients and clinics?
5:45 Some people may believe that less expensive procedures, compared to their country, may not be risky. What do you think about this?
7:30 What are the main barriers in medical tourism and how these are managed by clinics and medical tourism professionals?
10:50 Which countries are focused more on medical tourism and for which treatments?
12:25 According to data, medical tourism, before the announcement of the pandemic, was a popular solution. What was the role of worldwide local authorities in this development?
16:10 Are there any countries seeing medical tourism as a threat?
17:35 What has boosted the interest in medical tourism during the previous years?
19:00 Have insurance companies helped the promotion of medical tourism?
20:13 Are there clinics who work mostly with international patients?
21:20 How clinics are attracting international patients and which mediums are effective?
23:30 What is important for patients to know when looking for treatments abroad?
26:00 When the pandemic and travelling restrictions were announced, medical tourism started to suffer. How clinics managed their operation in order to stay in business?
29:00 Amid the pandemic, data from shows that international patients are still searching for treatments abroad, and sending enquiries to clinics. How clinics can respond to and support these patients?
31:00 Are clinics currently accepting patients from abroad and under what conditions?
32:50 During difficult times, people devise new procedures, or technologies, to overcome any barriers. How does this apply to clinics and doctors during this period, and what new procedures or services are they offering to facilitate the communication between them and existing or potential patients?
35:05 Do you consider online consultations effective?
36:30 Should clinics keep advertising their medical services during the pandemic? Should they continue to receive new patient enquiries now in order to treat them in the future?
39:45 Compared to the pre-pandemic period, what advice would you give to clinics when receiving a lead from a potential international patient?
40:45 When the worldwide restrictions start to ease, how long medical tourism will take to recover its lost ground and reach the before-COVID-19 levels?
43:00 What should clinics, or medical professionals, can do in order to accelerate their recovery, if possible?
46:20 Where clinics should focus their attention in order to improve the customer journey?
51:25 What new opportunities will emerge after COVID-19?
55:35 After COVID-19, medical tourism will experience price changes and to what extent?
57:15 How do you plan to support your clinics to overcome any difficulties or losses due to the pandemic?
59:40 Every year, you organise a convention for medical tourism professionals. Tell us more about it and its focus.
1:04:25 How can people learn more about the convention and apply?

???? Questions from the audience ????

1:05:35 There are some places in Asia where people with incurable illnesses spend their last moments. Is this considered medical tourism?
1:07:25 Is it safe to travel back to your home country after nose surgery?
1:09:30 Will national medical tourism recover first?
1:11:40 Do see any changes in peoples' behaviour in the way they are searching for a treatment?

???? My Medical Destination

???? My Medical Destination - Conferences and Workshops

➡️ WhatClinic - Worldwide medical search directory for healthcare and beauty

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????️ Hosted by:
Nikolas Dimopoulos
Social Media & Online Advertising Specialist at WhatClinic

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Cruise Line News | NCL Announces Safety Precautions And Alaska Updates

Cruising is coming back! Today we are bringing you some new and exciting cruise line news. Finally we are getting some direction on cruising post covid-19 as NCL announces safety precautions and Alaska updates are our main topics.

We have been speculating what dining will look like, will buffets be open and if they will reduce capacity. NCL cruise line news big announcement covers it all. The new Norwegians Peace of Mind policy has 6 main areas all focused on passenger and crew safety. They are installing a new air filtration system, there will be enhanced screening protocols, social distancing, increased sanitation, more medical resources on board, and enhanced ship to shore safety.

Many people are asking when will cruise ships sail again? Well we have some direction from the Minister of Transportation in Canada. No cruise ships with overnight accommodations that can carry more than 100 passengers are allowed until after October 31st, 2020. This will affect all cruises sailing to Alaska as they stop in Vancouver. There were also hundreds of ships that were supposed to sail to Eastern Canada. This is disappointing for people who had an Alaska cruise booked. This decision was made with peoples healthy and safety in mind but it is still upsetting to communities and travellers.

Will you be cruising in 2020? What do you think of Norwegians plan? Let us know in the comments below. We hoped you enjoyed our video about cruise line news update and review of NCL's new cruising procedures. Please hit that like and subscribe button to get the latest cruise news.

Happy Travels!

#ncl #cruisenews #travel

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Discover Puerto Rico Research Webinar– April 23, 2020

Discover Puerto Rico continues to procure and monitor the latest research in the travel sector. While the industry worldwide has been devastated by COVID-19, by understanding the status of the virus and consumer sentiment around travel, Puerto Rico will be poised to make a quick recovery.

Watch our webinar with more in-depth research. For more information about future events, please visit ????????

LOCALS host Chad Blakey tells us how COVID-19 is affecting Lapland | Travel + Leisure

In a new video series, we asked tourism industry professionals around the world how they're coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Next up: Chad Blakely, founder of Lights Over Lapland, a tour company that specializes in tours of the norther lights.
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We capture the pure joy of discovering the pleasures the world has to offer—from art and design to shopping and style to food and wine. Whether the experience is in print or digital, T+L offers compelling reasons to get up and go.

Covid Outbreak Rescue Unit: A Tactical Life Style Celebration Event 2020

Welcome to tactical adventurer Thailand
I would like to take just a moment to show you our upcoming, 7 staged, event on September 13th called Covid 19 Outbreak Rescue Unit: a tactical life celebration event. Please continue watching until the end where I tell you about the most challenging and exciting 7th stage.
We are celebrating the end of lock down restrictions on Thailand and the shooting sports industry.
The theme of this event is called “Biohazard” so please dress according to the theme with whatever you feel matches the theme and story. If you have a full face mask respirator similar to this please bring it, I will tell you why this is very important at the end of the video
The story or scenario for this event is you and your friends are part of a Rescue Unit tasked with finding the vaccine and saving the victims of the invading covid 19 super virus. Along the way you will encounter and be attacked by giant killer covid viruses, looters, rioters, and victims. Your mission is to kill all of the viruses and save all of the victims while you search for the vaccines. You must complete all 7 stages to accomplish this mission.

We hope this answers your questions about this event and we hope you will join us for a fun day of killing COVID 19 and saving the world.
From Tactical Adventurer Thailand, I’m David Gray, and we are wishing you a happy and healthy Covid hunting season.

CRUISING FROM THE USA? 7 Things that NEED to Happen for Cruises to Start Up Again

CRUISING FROM THE USA? 7 Things that NEED to Happen for Cruises to Start Up Again// In this video we go over the latest cruise news & updates, and look at what it will take to cruise again from the United States.

With new protocols, we go over if testing or vaccines may be required on cruises as they resume. While cruises are sailing in Europe, as a beginning, this video focuses on cruises with the major cruise lines in North America, sailing from the US.

For cruises to start again after this pandemic, and cruise shut down, there are things that will have to happen. Here is some cruise news and some updates for cruising in 2020 or 2021.

We go over the 7 things that need to happen, as we wait for news of how and when cruises will start again.

Will the CDC lift the no sail order?

The CDC has asked for public input, which is requested by September 21, 2020.

Here is the link if you'd like to share your thoughts about what cruise lines can do to make cruising safer for guests and crew, as well as communities in the US and elsewhere:

You can also find over 3500 public comments that pertain to the cruise shut down, cruises restarting, the CDC lifting the no sail order, cruise ship sanitation and more.

While cruise lines are paused in North America, due to the no sail order as well as a voluntary pause by CLIA, Cruise Line International Association, we are expecting to hear more cruise news and updates to how and when cruises will be sailing again. This is what we know so far, and there are a lot of reasons to see this as good news, given our world health situation.

RESOURCES: Blog Posts and Videos

For more information, please check out this blog post from, where I included a link to the CDC document I refer to:

BLOG POSTS:8 Reasons to Book a Cruise for 2021 (and 3 Watch-Outs!)

10 Big Changes to Cruising as They Start Up (Temporary and Permanent)


Norwegian Cruise Line Reveals Plan: New Cruise Health and Safety Protocols

9 NEW Cruise Health Guidelines

How Will Cruising Change, Recover and Return Confidence to Cruisers

4 Cruise Passenger Travel Guidelines (after the pause)

VIDEOS:10 BIG CHANGES to CRUISING We'll See When They Start Up Again (Temporary & Permanent Cruise Changes)

What CRUISING Will Be Like!?! NEW RULES for CRUISES as Cruise Ships Start Sailing Again with MSC

10 TIPS FOR BOOKING A CRUISE FOR 2021 NOW - Avoid these MISTAKES booking a cruise for next year!!


10 BIG CHANGES to CRUISING We'll See When They Start Up Again (Temporary & Permanent Cruise Changes)

What CRUISING Will Be Like!?! NEW RULES for CRUISES as Cruise Ships Start Sailing Again with MSC

10 TIPS FOR BOOKING A CRUISE FOR 2021 NOW - Avoid these MISTAKES booking a cruise for next year!!

9 New CRUISE HEALTH Guidelines - What Does This Mean for Cruisers?

NEW PLAN TO CRUISE: Norwegian Cruise Line Reveals MAJOR UPDATES to Health, Safety Protocols & More!

COVID 19 & Our Industry March 20, 2020

Coronavirus Latest Updates -1 | Jimmyproductionsindia #indiafightscorona #covid19 #covid19pandemic

In this vlog, I have explained the history, latest updates, and articles based on coronavirus ( COVID 19 ). My motto is just to aware of coronavirus.

Topics Include in this video are
1. Why it is called coronavirus
2. Who identifies the coronavirus
3. How our immune system works when virus attacks
4. What is quarantine & why it is so important
5. Why the vaccine is not ready & problems
6. What is plasma therapy
7. Introduction about the family coronavirus
8. Survival of coronavirus in the environment
9. Sanitizers & social distance

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