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The Beauty of Almaty, Kazakhstan


The Beauty of Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Beauty of this city Almaty through the eyes of my drone. Places visited were Butakovka waterfall, Sharyn Canyon, Big Almaty Lake, Kok Tobe, Kolsay Lake and Lake Kaindy.

June 2017

The Most Beautiful video of ALMATY (Kazakhstan)

This video was recognize The Best video about Almaty on Millennium Almaty Video Contest.
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Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Video: Dauren Zhumabay
Drone pilot: Andrey Manko (
Edit: Dauren Zhumabay
Music: WOLF SAGA -Calling

Almaty, 2016

Almaty - place you must visit

By Buralkiev Yelaman. Qeeboos studio.

Kazakhstan / Beautiful City Almaty Part 8

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Big Almaty Lake:
Big Almaty Lake is natural alpine reservoir. It is located in the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, 25 km south from the center of Almaty in Kazakhstan. The lake is 2511 meters above sea level
The basin of the lake has tectonic origin with complex shape and general slope to the north. The lake is 1.6 km in length and from 0.75 to 1 km in width. The coastline is 3 km, the depth is 30–40 m, the volume of water mass is about 14 million m³. The maximum water level is in August, the minimum is in February. Level fluctuations reach 20 m. Lakeside is abrupt and steep.From the south, the lake flows into the river Big Almaty. It is part of the Ile-Alatau National Park.Like the vast majority of lakes in the Tien Shan mountains, the lake appeared as a result from number of earthquakes. Above the lake rise the three main peaks that can be seen from the northern end of the dam: the peak of Councils (4317 m) - on south-east, the peak Ozerny (4110 m) - on the south and the peak Tourist (3954 m) - on the south-west of the lake.Big Almaty Lake is located at an altitude of 2511m on the upper side of the Almaty canyon. The Almaty River runs through it. It is located 2.511m above sea level. There are three peaks Sovetov (4,317 m), Ozyorny (4,110 m), and Turist (3,954 m) surrounding the lake, which can be seen from the northern end of the dam.
The lake is made up of glacial water and is 1.6 km long, 1 km wide, and approximately 40m deep. Turist, a 3,681m high pyramid, is the crest of Bolshoi Almaty Peak and is visible from the city center. The domed Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory is located higher up above the chalice of the lake (which is open to the public and includes tourist accommodation). The lake's high altitude location keeps the area at cool temperatures throughout the year.Depending on the time of year, the lake changes its color from light-green to turquoise-blue.
The lake is a major source of drinking water for the region. People can access the lake by car (approximately 1 hour drive from the city center), bike, or hiking (approximately a half-day trip). The lake is 25 km away from the city. Access to the lake is free of charge. The lake's average water temperature is 8-10 C, and swimming is prohibited.

Kazakhstan: The beautiful city of Almaty

In which our heroes take a long walk around Almaty

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ALMATY, Kazakhstan (HD) Absolute Beauty

In this video you will see the main natural beauties of Almaty and Almaty region. Such as: Kolsay Lake (1st and 2nd), Lake Kaindy, Charyn Canyon, Big Almaty Lake, Issyk Lake, Assy Plateau, Bartogai Reservoir, Taban Karagai, Tamgaly-Tas, Tuzkol Lake, Aksai Gorge, Butakovskiy Falls, Turgen Falls (2nd), Tuyuksu Tract, Big Talgar Pass (Chimbulak), Poppy Fields, Wheat Fields, Talgar Peak and of course Mount Zailiisky Alatau.

Song: Life goes on

Almaty Tour | 4 Nights Almaty Tourism Package | Kazakhstan FAM TOUR

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Almaty - An Emerging Destination for Global Travelers

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Arrival In Almaty
Check-In To The Hotel
Enjoy Kok Tobe In Cable Car
Gala Dinner With Belly Dance

Republic Square
Palace Of President
Panfilov Park
Rakhat Chocolate Factory
Local Market Zilyoni Bazar

Day 3
Medeo Gorge - Experience Outdoor Speed Skating
Next Destination Is Shymbulak Ski Resort
Get Indian Dinner and Explore Night Activities

Day 4
Enjoy Local Excursions
Almaty Zoo - A Beautiful Place
Dolphin Show etc…

Day 5
Back to Home

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Local Kazakh Shows Me Around ALMATY, Kazakhstan ????????

I spend the day exploring Almaty's local Kazakh markets and pleasant green streets, with the help of a local.






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- Canon EOS M50

#kazakhstan #almaty #kazakh

Almaty Kazakstan City Tour

Thank you for watching my video on Almaty Kazakhstan! Almaty was a very interesting and diverse city. It's very clean, green and has a lot to offer anyone who visits. I really enjoyed my time in Almaty Kazakhstan and didn't want to leave! there was still so much more I didn't get to see and do that I hope to see next time. I hope to visit the city of Almaty again in the near future .

Welcome to my channel! I'm Patrick and this is Patmax Adventures! I'm originally from California and have been living abroad for the past four years. I decided to start this channel to share my experiences and passion for travel with others. My goal with this channel is to share and show as much as I can of the World. My focus will always be on the culture, food and of course the local people of everywhere I travel to! I'm an optimist and always try to highlight the positives of a place rather than just the negatives.Though I will also be bluntly honest at times too! If you love travel and exploring far away places, then you found the right place!

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Checkout my last video on ASTANA KAZAKHSTAN!


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Almaty Kazakhstan Aerial Drone / Алматы. Лучшее видео (аэросъемка).

Almaty Kazakhstan Aerial Drone / Алматы. Лучшее видео (аэросъемка).

Лучшая музыкальная видео-прогулка по городу и горам Алматы. Уникальные кадры и переходы возвысят вас до небес и опустят ниже поверхности Земли. Вы сможете увидеть то, что находится за границей привычных видов наших гор. А город откроется с другой стороны и с другого ракурса, погрузив вас словно в игру. Где можно пройти через арку и попасть в другую точку города.

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Ezietto - Stars And Warriors

Nclipse - A New Beginning

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Kazakhstan/Almaty Panfilov Park Part 14

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Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen:
The Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen is a major park in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The park is located in east-central Almaty in the area surrounding Zenkov Cathedral. It is dedicated to and named after the Panfilov Heroes, 28 soldiers of an Almaty infantry unit who died fighting Nazi German invaders outside of Moscow in World War II. The group takes its name from Ivan Panfilov, the General commanding the 316th division which, in spite of heavy casualties, believed at that time managed to significantly delay the Germans' advance on the capital, buying time for the defenders of the city. An eternal flame commemorating the fallen of the Russian Civil War and the Great Patriotic War burns in front of the giant black monument of soldiers from all 15 Soviet republics.
Ascension Cathedral:
Designed by Andrei Pavlovich Zenkov in 1904, a cathedral was built entirely of wood with the belfry being erected on September 14, 1906. The inner structure of the cathedral was made in the artistic workshops of Moscow and Kiev. The iconostasis was painted by N. Khludov. The cathedral in considerably survived the 1911 earthquake. After the Russian Revolution the cathedral was used to house the Central State Museum of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. From 1930 to 1940 it was used by important public organizations. The first radio transmitters in Almaty were situated in the cathedral's belfry. Restoration work on the cathedral began in 1973 and lasted until 1976. In May 1995 control of the cathedral was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, and after additional restoration work it was reopened for religious services in 1997.
Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments

Travel To Kazakhstan | Full History And Documentary Kazakhstan In Urdu & Hindi | قازقستان کی سیر

Travel To Kazakhstan | Full History And Documentary About Kazakhstan In Urdu & Hindi | قازقستان کی سیر

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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Kazakhstan
Asslamo Alaikum Aaj ham aap doston ko sair k lye lay kar jaany waly hen آسیہ k aik Khobsorat Mulk Kazakhstan ki Aor aaj ham Kazakhstan kay Haseen o jamil nazaaron say Lutaf andooz honnay k saath sath Kazakhstan ky un tamam hqaaiq aor Malomaat say parda uthaany ki koshish karen gay jo aaj say pahlay Urdu aor Hindi Zuban men Internet par mojod nahe thi,
Kazakhstan apnay raqbay k etbaar say dunia men 9 wen number par shumar hota hay, 2724900 murabah kilometer par mushtamil hay, Kazakhstan raqby k ehaaz say pakistan say 3.5 gunah bara hay magar abaadi sirf 18000000 afraad ki abaadi k saath Kazakhstan dunia men abaadi k lehaaz say 64 number apr ata hay,
Kazakhstan k baary men agar dilchasp hqaaiq ki bat ki jaaye to Astana Kazakhstan ka daralhakomat hay is say pahlay Almaty Kazakhstan ka daralhakomat tha magar baad men isay change kar dia gya tha, Kazakhstan ka calling code +7 hay, Fottbal Kazakhstan men sab say zyada kheela jaata hay, is k elaawa b bohat c sports kheli jaati hen, Kazakhstan ka domain name .KZ hay, Kazakhstan waqqat k lehaaz say pakistan say 1 ghanta aagay hay,
A day in Almaty Kazakhstan, A portrait of Astana _ Портрет Астаны, Aerial Drone Video. Republic Square. Kazakhstan Almaty city, Air Astana Boeing 757 Astana - Almaty Full Flight, Almaty City Tour - Kazakhstan, Almaty street view 2018, Amazing Flight Over Kazakhstan (4K), Amazing Kazakhstan - Kaindy Lake, Kolsay Lake, Astana by drone _ Kazakhstan, Astana Expo City, Astana, Kazakhstan. Timelapse & Hyperlapse. Астана, Казахстан, Camels in The Kyzylkum Desert Kazakhstan Aerial Video 2018, Kazakhstan Central Park of Almaty (Gorky Park), Almaty, Discover Astana Kazakhstan Expo 2018, fottball Skillful Almaty girl, Astana Capital of Kazakhstan, Green Bazaar Almaty Kazakhstan, In the Airport in Almaty KazakhstanАнглийский язык,Documentary Kazakhstan Our Time Is Now, Kazakhstan Amazing Drone Video,Legends Kazakhstan , LAKE Balkhash, Nature of Kazakhstan, 10 Day in Astana Астана_Казахстан, People watching - AppleFest 2015 in First President's Park, Snow Leopard , Speed skating , The Beauty of Almaty Kazakhstan,Travel to Kazakhstan, Welcome to Kazakhstan heart of Eurasia 2018, Алматы С Высоты Птичьего Полета. Almaty Aerial View Almaty KAZAKHSTAN 2018, Природа Казахстана _ Road Trip to Kazakhstan _ Джип-Туры _ Эко туры в Казахстан,
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Kazakhstan/Beautiful Almaty (Kok Tobe Hill 2) Part 4

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Kok Tobe:
Kok Tobe is a mountain in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city. There is a popular recreation area on top of the mountain. The mountain's height is 1100 meters above sea level. Kok Tobe is one of the main landmarks in the city, and it is popular among visitors and tourists to Almaty.
Recreational area
The Kok Tobe recreational area has a variety of amusement park type attractions and restaurants. It is connected to downtown Almaty by a cable car line. The City Terminal is located near Hotel Kazakhstan. Also, there is a 372 meters tall TV Tower at the foot of the mountain. The tower can be seen from most parts of the city.
Almaty Tower (aka Kok Tobe Tower), the city's television tower, is located on the south-eastern slope of the hill. It was built during 1975 and 1983, and if measured from sea level, this tower is one of the highest in the world 372 meters tall. It has a couple observation platforms, but they are not open to the public. It is unique, because unlike other TV towers, it was built entirely of steel, and has a tubular structure. Locals considered constructing the TV tower somewhere else, but it ended up being built in Kok Tobe area.
Beatles monument:
A bronze statue of The Beatles by sculptor Eduard Kazaryan was placed on Kok Tobe mountain on May 15, 2007. The monument was inaugurated as part of the launch of the National Award Music feature - 2007. This is the first monument of the legendary Fab Four in full. John Lennon is seen sitting on a bench with his guitar, while behind him stand Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
Kok Tobe park has various entertainments such as a fountain of desire in the shape of an apple, a children's playground, a climbing wall, the Fast Coaster ride, an art gallery, and tea house.
Fast Coaster
Alley of Lovers
Fountain of Desires
Ferris Wheel

Top 10 Tourist Places Almaty | Kazakhstan - Things To Do In Almaty | Kazakhstan Tourism ????????

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48 Hours In Almaty Kazakhstan - Its nothing like Borat! Travel Guide

I spent a weekend in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Do not under any circumstances associate the country of Kazakhstan with the character Borat - wikivoyage. Blogpost with all the places I visited:

Things to do in Almaty:
- Kok Tobe
- Panfilovets’ Park (Central Park)
- Zenkov Cathedral
- Central Mosque
- Green Bazaar
- Medeu Ice rink
- Almaty Metro
- First President’s Park
- Dostyk Plaza

Food & drinks in Almaty
- Kazakh Aul
- China Gold
- Kinobar
- Barmaglot

City of Almaty, Kazakhstan Vlog Part I (Don't trust what you see in movies)

Part One of Kazakhstan Vlog series, since there is just to much in Kazakhstan to put it in one video.
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We spent amazing 10 days in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where we saw all what we needed. Golden Warrior, Arbat, Kaindy, Kanyon, Big Almaty Lake, These Kazakhstan Vlogs will be coming in parts, so follow and subscribe to see the next one. Bautiful nature, preserved nature, lake, waterfalls, urtas, lakes, national parks, glacier, mountains as well as food, bazaar, and more. Popular film Borat, had it all wrong. Borat was not even filmed in Kazakhstan
Traveling to Kazakhstan is worth it.
Trip to Kazakhstan was amazing.

Kazakhstan: First Winter in Almaty (Первая зима в Алматы) 2015


I had some footages here and there of my first winter here in Almaty, so I made a video! Enjoy!

Places appeared by order:
Family Park
Al-Farabi Ave
Abay Saina
Abay Ave
KIMEP University

My blog‪




Music –
Winter Sunshine by Evgeny Grinko

Almaty - Kazakhstan. HD Travel.

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Almaty /ˈælməti/ (Kazakh: Алматы/Almatı [ɑlmɑˈtə]; Russian: Алматы), formerly known as Alma-Ata /ˌælmə.əˈtɑː/ (Russian: Алма-Ата) and Verny (Russian: Верный) is the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of 1,703,481 people, comprising 9% of the country's total population. Almaty is considered a World City with a Beta classification according to GaWC. It served as capital of the Kazakh state in its various forms from 1929 to 1997, under the influence of the then Soviet Union and its appointees. Alma-Ata was the host city for a 1978 international conference on Primary Health Care where the Alma Ata Declaration was adopted, marking a paradigm shift in global public health. In 1997 the government relocated the capital to Astana in the north of the country.

Almaty continues as the major commercial and cultural centre of Kazakhstan, as well as its biggest population center. The city is located in the mountainous area of southern Kazakhstan in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau at an elevation of 2,300–3,000 feet (700–900 m), where the Bolshaya and Malaya Almaatinka rivers run into the plain.

6 days in amazing Kazakhstan - Almaty (Golden Triangle) Tour - Almatı Kazakistan

Southeast Kazakhstan was amazing with its nature.
This region also known as the Golden Triangle for its trio of major natural attractions;
Kolsai Lakes, Charyn Canyon and Altyn-Emel National Park.

Places in this video
- Altyn Emel National Park
- Singing Dune
- Aktou Mountains
- Martian Landscape
- Moon Valley
- Zharkent Mosque
- Kaindy Lake
- Charyn Canyon
- Valley of Castles
- Black Canyon
- Kolsai Lakes
- From Almaty City Center; Green Bazaar, Kok-Tobe, Shymbulak, - ----- Zenkov Catedral

Kazakistan seyahatimizde, 6 gün boyunca Almatı ve çevresindeki doğa ve tarihi güzelliklerini görme şansı bulduk. Orta Asya’da, sonsuz bir manzaranın içinde yol aldık. Bir gün uçsuz bucaksız bozkırın ortasına serilmiş kum tepeleri üzerinde, bir gün yeşilin maviye düştüğü bir gölün kenarında gözümüzü açtık. 6 Günde 1000 km’den fazla yol yaptık. Türkiye’nin 3,5 katı büyüklüğünde bu ülkede 18 milyon insan yaşıyor, size de birbiriden farklı eşsiz manzaraları içinize çekmeniz için kocaman bir alan kalıyor.

Almatı, Orta Asya’da Yedisu (Zhetisu - Land of Seven Rivers) olarak bilinen bölgede yer alıyor. Bu sıradışı coğrafya sayesinde, şehir kocaman bir milli parkın içinde gibi. Almatı, Kırgızistan ve Çin sınırlarına çok yakın olduğu için başkentliği 1998’de Nur-Sultan’a (Astana) kaptırmış ama hala Kazakistan’ın kültür ve ticaret merkezi durumda. Almatı, çevresinde yer alan doğa güzellikleri sayesinde aynı zamanda turizmin de merkezi. “Altın Üçgen” olarak anılan bölgenin yıldızları Altyn Emel Milli Parkı, Kolsai (Kölsay) Gölleri ve Charyn (Şarın) Kanyonu. Videoda Kaindy Gölü, Altyn Emel Milli Parkı’ndaki Singing Dune, Aktau Dağları, Ay Vadisi, Zharkent Camii, Charyn Kanyonu’ndaki Kaleler Vadisi ve Karanlık Kanyon, Kolsai Gölleri, Zenkov Katedrali, Yeşil Çarşı, Panfilov Parkı, Shymbulak ve Kök-Töbe manzaralarını görebilirsiniz.

Bu videoda gördüğümüz yerler hakkında daha fazla bilgi almak ve Kazakistan’da çektiğimiz fotoğrafları görmek için Instagram @baya_iyi hesabımızda #bayaiyikazakistan etiketiyle paylaştığımız fotoğraflara ve profilde sabitlediğimiz “Almatı - Almaty 2” hikaye albümlerine bakabilirsiniz.

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First Impressions of Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN ????????(Kazakhstan Vlog #1)

One of the most beautiful cities you know nothing about... this is Almaty, Kazakhstan!
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