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TUNISIA Travel: 5 The Most Beautiful Sights Spot in Tunisia


TUNISIA Travel: 5 The Most Beautiful Sights Spot in Tunisia

Tunisia travel guide, This video is about, Tunisia travel, and, places to visit in Tunisia. You must go to, Tunisia must visit. because Tunisia best places, waiting for you. for you to be easier, in this video there is Tunisia tour guide, and, Tunisia attraction, also Tunisia travel guide.

1. Djerba
This is a common site being visited by Jews from various countries. Djerba, the largest in North Africa, is also a popular holiday destination. It's airports serving flights from major cities in Europe such as Paris, Brussels, and Munich. The island also has a panoramic view of the sunset the best in Tunisia,

2. Sbeitla
In the past, Sbeitla, sometimes called Sufetula, is central to producing olive oil. When the Byzantine Empire was conquered, the town was the location of the war against Akbar troops from the Arabian peninsula. This is the best place to learn the legacy of the Roman Empire,

3. Carthage
As the name implies, these coastal towns had been the Imperial headquarters of the Carthaginians. Post-Punic War, the city's power switch to Rome. The two empires which later inherited a lot of historic sites. Pulled over a few kilometers from Carthage, we can find the village of Sidi Bou Said, the building was filled with blue and white to resemble a village in Greece.

4. Mahdia
In the 10th century, was once the center of the Mahdia political dynasty, the Fatimids, the Caliphate that ruled much of the region in North Africa. Then, the politicians strongest build fortresses equipped Gates named Skifa el Kahla (Black Gate). Mahdia is also famous as a producer of woven silk and gold hand of Fatima-shaped craft with detail views.

5. Kairouan
The city founded in 670 was once a Centre for the study of religion that captivated many scholars from many other empires. In the 9th century, under the Aghlabid Dynasty, Kairouan Kian shine, especially in the field of architecture. A lot of Muslims from many countries visited the great mosque of Kairouan, one of the oldest mosques in the world.

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TUNISIA Top 45 Tourist Places | Tunisia Tourism

Tunisia (Things to do - Places to Visit) - TUNISIA Top Tourist Places
A country in North Africa

Tunisia is a North African country bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert. In the capital, Tunis, the Bardo Museum has archaeological exhibits from Roman mosaics to Islamic art.

The city’s medina quarter encompasses the massive Al-Zaytuna Mosque and a thriving souk. To the east, the site of ancient Carthage features the Antonine Baths and other ruins, plus artifacts at the Carthage National Museum.

TUNISIA Top 45 Tourist Places | Tunisia Tourism

Things to do in TUNISIA - Places to Visit in Tunisia

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TUNISIA Top 45 Tourist Places - Tunisia, North Africa

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Tunisia | Travel Videos | SKY Travel

10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Tunisia | Travel Videos | SKY Travel

Country in North Africa
Tunisia, officially the Republic of Tunisia, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa, covering 163,610 square kilometres. Its northernmost point, Cape Angela, is also the northernmost point on the African continent.

Capital of Tunisia
Tunis is the sprawling capital of Tunisia, a country in North Africa. It sits along Lake Tunis, just inland from the Mediterranean Sea’s Gulf of Tunis. It’s home to a centuries-old medina and the Bardo, an archaeology museum where celebrated Roman mosaics are displayed in a 15th-century palace complex. The parklike ruins of ancient Carthage sit in the city’s northern suburbs.

Tunisia: Like you've never seen before

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TUNISIA Travel Guide ???????? | top 5 best places in Tunisia that you must visit !!

TUNISIA Travel Guide ???????? Top 5 best places that you must visit

This video contains information about :
this is 5 best places to visit and explore in tunisia.

5. Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said is a town in northern Tunisia located about 20 km from the capital, Tunis Tunisia.
The town itself is a tourist attraction and is known for its extensive use of blue and white.

4. Amphitheatre of El Jem
It is an oval amphitheatre in the city of El Djem, Tunisia. It is listed by UNESCO since 1979 as a World Heritage Site.
It was built around 238 AD, when the modern Tunisia belonged to the Roman province of Africa, in the city of Thysdrus.

3. Bourguiba Mousoleum
The Bourguiba mausoleum is a monumental grave in Monastir Tunisia, containing the remains of former president Habib Bourguiba.
The mausoleum was built while Bourguiba was still alive, in 1963, in the modern Arab-Muslim style.

2. Dougga
Dougga is a Romano-Berber city in northern Tunisia, included in a 65 hectare archaeological site.
UNESCO qualified Dougga as a World Heritage Site in 1997

1. Great Mosque Of Kairouan
It is one of the most important mosques in Tunisia, situated in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Kairouan.
It is one of the oldest places of worship in the Islamic world, as well as a model for all later mosques in the Maghreb.

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TUNISIA Travel Guide ???????? Top 5 best places that you must visit


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10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Tunisia - Tunisia Tourist Attractions and Travel Guides

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10 most beautiful places to visit in Tunisia,
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Discover beautiful places in Tunisia

Tunisia Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Tunisia.
Tunis is a North African city with a long history. After the Hasfides and Osmans, the Spanish Moors came but then had to give way to French colonial rule until present day Independence. In the old town, there are more than 700 historic monuments which include 200 palaces, a colourful variety of buildings and numerous mosques.Among shoreline lava rock is the entrance to the Ghar El-Kebir, a collection of sandstone grottos. During Roman times, thousands of slaves were forced to bring building material for Carthage and El Djem from subterranean shafts. In Sousse, the simple fort of Ribat is probably the oldest Islamic building in North Africa, in which Muslim soldiers lived in monastery-like isolation and in the town’s Archaeological Museum there is a fantastic range of mosaics, predominantly from Punic and Roman excavations. Gabes is an oasis town which overflows with luxuriant floral splendour. By horse and carriage visitors can travel through one of the most beautiful maritime oases in Tunisia where, under 500,000 date palms, tobacco, henna, pumpkins, apricots and bananas thrive. The focal point of important caravan routes and trading centre for goods from Libya and Black Africa, Medenine is a very charming and lively city. Its reinforced honeycomb-shaped caves were the extraordinary-looking buildings that many will recall from the film ‘Star Wars’. The Sahara is the largest desert on earth, with different landscapes such as rock deserts, salt deserts and serene oases. Kebili is located on the edge of a huge salt lake and is a typical desert village with a green oasis and Artesian springs which provide water for its fruit and vegetable gardens. Nefta is also a green paradise in the desert, an oasis town that boasts no less than 152 Artesian wells. Dougga contains Tunisia’s most important ruins which nestle in the hills among shimmering olive trees and poppy fields. Endless deserts and fertile oases, busy towns and isolated mountain regions, Roman temples and Muslim mosques: Tunisia is tempting!

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Tunisia ,Tunis - the capital of Tunisia

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Tour of SIDI BOU SAID, TUNISIA'S Most Beautiful Town? ????????

Sidi Bou Said is a picturesque town of blue and white, sitting on coastal cliffs 20km away from Tunisia's capital city, Tunis.

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TUNIS Top 35 Tourist Places | Tunis Tourism | TUNISIA

Tunis (Things to do - Places to Visit) - TUNIS Top Tourist Places
Capital of Tunisia

Tunis is the sprawling capital of Tunisia, a country in North Africa. It sits along Lake Tunis, just inland from the Mediterranean Sea’s Gulf of Tunis.

It’s home to a centuries-old medina and the Bardo, an archaeology museum where celebrated Roman mosaics are displayed in a 15th-century palace complex. The parklike ruins of ancient Carthage sit in the city’s northern suburbs.

TUNIS Top 35 Tourist Places | Tunis Tourism

Things to do in TUNIS - Places to Visit in Tunis

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TUNIS Top 35 Tourist Places - Tunis, Tunisia, Africa


Video from holiday in Tunisia, Sousse. Very popular destination for cheap and high standard holidays especialy for europeans. Nice beaches with white sands, nice friendly people, high standard of hotels, good weather, many many attractions and intresting place to visit.

Copy and use of my video is not allowed. Jacek Zarzycki.

Best Places To Visit - TUNISIA | Travel & Tourism

Here are the Top 10 places you must visit in Tunisia.

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The Most Beautiful Places In Tunisia

Lovely landscapes in Tunisia

Amazing Places in Tunisia

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Africa's Northernmost Point: Ras Ben Sakka, Cap Angela, Tunisia, North Africa (travel VLOG)

A quick road trip up to Africa's Northernmost Point: Ras Ben Sakka, Cap Angela, Tunisia, North Africa. The very northern tip of Africa!

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Beautiful Cities & Towns in Tunisia

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Tunisia trip promotional video

Humanities West and Sicily Tour offer an introduction to Tunisia trip, approx 5-18 Nov., led by Douglas Kenning. Details at

Steve Johnson Tunisia 2013

A visit to Tunisia and the ancient ruins of Carthage along the Mediterranean Sea.

Tunisia: travel and fun

I always thought it was lame to go on fully organised holiday at least for my own standard cause I don't judge other people choices. But all inclusive holiday can actually be lots of fun. So if I don't organise it from A to Z I go for a hybrid model - a little bit of comfort that the all-inclusive offers mixed with my individual explorations and often sports activity.
This short one week holiday in Tunisia was so packed with various types of experiences that make me want to go back and get more.

Technical fact:
This video was shot only on iPhone and GoPro 4 hence the sometimes shaky footage and put it together entirely in the InShot app. I'll probably drop a video at some point from my editing process.

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