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Visit the famous market in Tahiti's capital, Papeete. There's music, great fish, tropical fruits and lot's of surprises along the way!

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TAHITI Food Trip! (Eating My Way Around Papeete and Moorea)

Let's eat our way around the islands of Tahiti!
In this video, I take you around Papeete and Moorea as I sample a lot (and I mean A LOT) of Tahitian food.
There's a lot of Poisson Cru, Tuna, desserts and healthy meals.
BUT we also had time to swim with sting rays and sharks in Tahiti :)

Special thanks to Tahiti Tourisme AU/NZ, Townske and Air Tahiti Nui!

Places of Interest Mentioned:
Cafe Maeva (Papeete Market)
Le Coco Restaurant (Papeete)
Papeete Food Trucks
Le Mayflower (Moorea)
Moorea Beach Lodge
Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

MUSIC and SOUND Credits:

Del - SunLovers Original Mix
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Arizona - People Crying Every Night

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TAHITI, EXPLORING its beautiful capital PAPEETE, what to see, top sites to visit

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's go for a walk around Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, an overseas country of France in the Pacific Ocean. The commune (municipality) of Papeete is located on the island of Tahiti and it is the primary center of Tahitian and French Polynesian public and private governmental, commercial, industrial and financial services, the hub of French Polynesian tourism and a commonly used port of call. Vic Stefanu,

Top 5 Things To Do In Tahiti

Absolutely loved this video about the top 5 things to do in Tahiti. What a beautiful place, hope you enjoyed.

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Tahiti drone footage:

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Pointe Vénus - Mahina - Tahiti Video:

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time - 22:30

Papeete Market Footage:

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia Trip 2019

Papeete Tahiti Vacation Packages 2019, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia Trip 2019, Papeete Tahiti Travel Vlog 2019
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Papeete is the largest city in and capital of French Polynesia on the island of Tahiti.

Papeete is not a tropical paradise. It is a typical government center and industrial port with small doses of French and Polynesian charm. It has shopping, eating, and drinking, but very little sightseeing for a capital city and even fewer top-class hotels. The residents speak French and Tahitian, although English is spoken by many in the tourist trade. The people-watching is superb.

Papeete International Airport (PPT) is located in the district of Faaa. Air Tahiti is located in the main building and Air Moorea about 100 m away. The following services are available at the airport: bar, self-service and gourmet restaurant, bank, ATM, post office, telephone, boutiques, newspaper stand, car rental agencies, baggage lockers and public restrooms. There is a taxi stand and a truck stop at the airport.

Papeete is a walking city. It's really too small to bother with any other form of transport, unless you are going out to the fringes, or would simply like to experience the famous le truck for fun (hop-on, hop-off, anywhere in the city center for about XPF100!) Bring a water bottle: it can be quite hot and humid.

Taxis are clean and efficient although relatively expensive and may be hard to find after 6pm. There are two dedicated taxi stands along the waterfront. Fares are prescribed by the government and are displayed inside Taxis. The fare is roughly XPF 1000 plus a charge for distance. Hotels will know exactly what the fare is to the city centre. As an example the fare from the Manava Suite Resort to the water front as at 17/4/2014 is XPF2300 before 8:00PM. The fee increases by XPF 1000 after 8:30PM. Meters are unheard of, so confirm the fare before getting into a taxi.

Le Truck will take you to other parts of the island and around town quite cheaply. The service is infrequent or non-existent on weekends.

See in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
The waterfront. Papeete has redeveloped its waterfront into a long park, with foods and carnival-like attractions. edit

Buy in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Black pearls abound. There is just about every kind of store here, including some (particularly near the Marché) who have no problem selling you imitation balls of black glass or fiberglass at market prices. Be sure to look for a certificate of authenticity on the wall of the shop, and trust your guidebook for recommendations.

Eat in Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
You can go broke eating in this town. There are some fine restaurants but expect to pay US$30 for a hamburger at a hotel restaurant or other proper sit-down establishment.

There are a lot of midrange places where you can expect to pay US$20-30 for your whole meal. French and Chinese are well represented here. Look for the word Snack in the name of the restaurant. There is also a conveyor belt sushi place that's very good, and the chefs are quite friendly there.

The best deal in town is the Roulottes, the food trucks that set up shop every evening in the big square in the waterfront park. Every day they begin setting up around dusk. Chinese, French, and Tahitian cuisine are all well represented. You can get chow mein, poisson cru, crepes, pizza, ice cream, and because this is France, everything comes with bread. Expect to pay about XPF 1500 for your whole meal. Food trucks also set up further from town such as at others Marinas and near hotels.

Food Trucks in Papeete, Tahiti

Researching onliine about Papeete in Tahiti and where to eat, we saw lots of positive recommendations about the food trucks near the commercial dock ... all of those recommendations were right!

Very interesting, very reasonable in price and just about as many different types of food as you can imagine.

A MUST DO experience for anyone visiting Tahiti!

The video is a bit long but you get a great tour of the food trucks!

Watch in 1080p!

TAHITI, EXPLORING the spectacular waterfront of PAPEETE (PACIFIC OCEAN)

SUBSCRIBE: - Let's walk along the magnificent waterfront (promenade) of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, an overseas country of France in the Pacific Ocean. Spectacular views!! Enjoy!! Vic Stefanu,


Travel with us as we explore the marketplace in Papeete... just a short stroll from the cruiseship terminal.

Marché Papeete or Papeete Market is an extensive market place in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti. The market sells fruit, vegetables, fish, oils, handicrafts and various souvenir items. Vendors also sell local textiles and handcrafted items such as shell necklaces.

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Tahiti Day One - My Tour Tales

Tahiti Day One - My Tour Tales

The warm Tahitian sun peeked through the curtains of our garden suite in Arue on the main Island of Tahiti. The garden suite was a bargain at $113.00 US dollars. The owners were very friendly and spoke mostly French. It’s a good thing I eat French fries because I was helping Kim understand French. We walked to the super market at the end of our street not expecting much. Wow, were we surprised! It was very, very modern and the prices were lower than I expected. They even had a guy making fresh crepes right inside the store to take home. We grabbed a few goodies to take in the plane with us and headed to the bakery “LEAH” just a little further down the street. They had their version of of Kolaches, which are hot dogs wrapped in pastry! Amazeballs! My buddy from Texas first told us about Koloches. Thanks Ron!

After breakfast, the owner Regina’s husband Jhisliam and their daughter took us into downtown Papeete to the big Market where all the locals and tourists converge for food and shopping. It was bustling with energy as we arrived. We walked all around and bought some finger bananas to munch on while we shopped. Kim bought a Sarong and got a Tank Top. We stopped a cool coffee shop upstairs and we got some Ice Coffees. They use Allegro Coffee which is sold in Whole Foods in the states and one of my favorite beans. After a few hours of mostly window shopping, we stopped at another little cafe called Market Coffee and I had a Hurano Amber Beer and Kim had a glass of white French wine. A perfect ending to an afternoon out.

Jhisliam picked us up right on time and took us to Belvedere Park to a most beautiful overlook. What a treat and surprise! Staying at the apartment reminded me the Home Stays I used to do in Australia and New Zealand. Now they call them AirB&B’s. We went back to the room and repacked for our flight to Raiatea. Back at the airport in less than 24 hours. Is it Groundhog Day? We didn’t get charged for any excess baggage coming to Tahiti but apparently they gave us a break because we got nailed flying to Raiatea. She did offer to give us a 30% discount if we paid for the extra bag weight round trip. Our bags were 27 kg over whatever that means and they charges us $73.00 Round trip. Not too bad I guess.

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Tahiti, Samoa, Pago Pago, Bora Bora, & Moorea

A wonderful visit to these 5 beautiful South Pacific islands while cruising aboard the Crown Princess in Oct. - Nov. 2015.

Pape'ete, Tahiti guide. Town, resort & street food.

Jean has visited Papeete twice and both times has left the town quite quickly to a beach resort. An overnight allows you to try street food here which is quite a special experience. See the town, a resort and street food all on the film.

Tahiti sounds like a paradise. It has some of the best sea in the world, some great beaches. Some terrific resorts, but even for the locals the logic of the expensive economy has to be challenged. Take a look at our film and see a little of Tahiti, more than just the port.

Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine - French Polynesia 2017, Vacation

I had such an amazing vacation in French Polynesia (Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine). There are so many incredible things to see and do.
Nowe - Burning:
Nowe - Burning.
Beauvois - Stronger:


SUBSCRIBE: - Wow, what an incredible experience. Imagine being in beautiful Pape'ete, the capital of Tahiti of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean, and just as you turn one corner, you run into a group playing beautiful music with the ukulele as the main instrument. Magic, pure magic and pure pleasure.. Vic Stefanu,

Papeete Tahiti

Un petit montage video photos de ma bonne ville de Papeete

Bora-Bora 2017 - Tahitian Traditional Feast

Ia ora na!

Came across another short clip when at Bora, this one parallels with Tahitian culture throughout the centuries which still is in practice even to this date. The Ma’ohi (Polynesian) ground oven is the “ahima’a” (ah-h-ee-m-ah--ah) and you are called for time to eat “tama’a” (t-ah-m-ah--ah) – this is possibly a concatenation from “taime” (t-ah-ee-m-eh – “time”) and “ma’a” (m-ah--ah – “eat”).

Please note the special feast that Patrick, and the immediate Tairua family, has prepared for four travelers; Randi, Dick, my wife Moeava Vahine and I. The day with Patrick will be a definite highlight of anyone visiting Bora with all due respect to any and all other activities to be had in Tahiti and her islands.

It is with incredible esteem that my wife and I share this short and beautiful clip of a centuries old tradition that still has very sanctified heritage throughout all of the Polynesians and it is an honor to still be able to participate, with my considered older brother from another mother Patrick, as such and within the lagoon of the Pearl of the Pacific of what has almost been a land since time immemorial prior to humans walking the Earth, what was once called “te fenūa nō Popora / Mai Te Pora / Vavau”; the land of Bora-Bora as it was formed very closely to its modern day resemblance many hundred thousand years ago by the sacred volcano, which has left a small lateral referred to Mount Otemanu, overshadowing its caldera of Pofa’i Bay.

Kind regards,
Moeava Tāne ‘ē Moeava Vahine

Majestic Tahiti-Papeete

Majestic Tahiti -Papeete

Food of Tahiti

Fresh fish from the sea, tropical fruits and of course vanilla make up a big part of the food of the Tahitian Islands. And the food experiences on Goway Travel journeys allows travelers to taste everything from local favorites to gourmet specialities. Modern Day Explorer Bronwyn Hodge of Goway takes us on this tasty tour of the islands.

Produced by Kelley Ferro Productions in partnership with the United States Tour Operators Association

Exploring Pape'ete, Tahiti

Exploring Papeete, Tahiti in French Polynesia, as well as a ferry ride over to neighboring island Mo'orea

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Alex is a world traveler who adventures around the globe often. Stayed tuned for many more travel adventure videos coming soon.

Thanks for watching, and take it easy!

Tahitian Ukulele, Papeete Market, Tahiti

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Welcome in Papeete Tahiti _Travel Expenses

Papeete city capital of Tahiti island is quite expensive city. In general Papeete is more expensive - process food, clothes, also accommodation. (but it is not same for other smaller islands).

Video vlog from the centre of South Pacific, French Polynesia - Tahiti - Papeete city. Walking around Papeete and after searching for Raw Cacao in Mo'orea Island :) Visiting the streets , shops, and market in Papeete.

I prefer raw food in general, vegan food, fresh fruits and vegetable. So I didnt need to visit normal food shop. So I propose you also this way - on the Island is really easy to find a lot of fruits all the time, Bananas, Cocos, Papayas, Mangos, these kinds you can find all the time during the year. Thats why on these islands YOu are like in PARADISE. :)

Other exotic fruits like ananas, corossol, jackfruit - depends on the year season. When there is a season the fruits are pretty more cheaper. So I higly recomend if you are not in the city, find your fruits directly in the Jungle, or from local people who are selling near the streets.

peace and love



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