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Rio Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomas Guatemala Tour - DJI Spark Drone and iPhone X / Smooth-Q Gimbal


Rio Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomas Guatemala Tour - DJI Spark Drone and iPhone X / Smooth-Q Gimbal

Rio Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomas de Castilla Guatemala Tour - DJI Spark Drone and iPhone X / Zhiyan Smooth-Q Gimbal

Breathtaking Rio Dulce & Livingston - ADVENTURE Time In Guatemala

Kayaking beautiful Rio Dulce and we LOSE THE PADDLE! The easy kayaking experience got a bit hairy and we weren't sure if we were going to make it.

We were staying in an amazing riverside jungle lodge in Rio Dulce, Guatemala called Casa Perico, run by a Swiss guy so you know everything will be well organized.

We spent 5 days here, lounging around, swimming, kayaking and relaxing. This place felt really tranquil and got us relaxed in no time.

We really enjoyed the kayaking in the mangroves on the side rivers of the Rio Dulce and seeing the wildlife there. If you visit Guatemala, you should definetely come to Rio Dulce.

After a wild boat ride, we also went to Livingston, home to the Garifuna people. Their ancestry goes back to Africa. It is a super relaxed beachside town right on the Carribean coast.

It was a really cool experience seeing the local culture and customs there. They really know how to party and the disco on the beach had the fiesta going!

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Guatemala: Exploring the Watery World of Rio Dulce

Guatemala: Exploring the watery world of Rio Dulce

After Honduras, we splurged on a private shuttle to get over to Rio Dulce, Guatemala. This little city is popular for the cool freshwater river and hostels and hotels in the mangroves. Everyone pretty much gets around on boats and we stayed at the wonderful and helpful Kangaroo Hostel and Mexicana restaurant. Food was great, accommodations were fine, if a bit rustic, and the dogs were sweet as pie. They were also very helpful in providing ideas for activities and helping us line things up. We borrowed some kayaks to paddle over to a tiny little castle that was used to defend against pirates back in the day and the next day we took a private boat tour out to Livingston on the Caribbean coast and stopped to explore some sacred mayan caves and soak in the hotsprings after exploring some bird islands. All in all a great first couple days. Stay tuned for our next vid in which we visit a hotsprings waterfall and fight our way up a gorgeous slot canyon.
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From Rio Dulce - Fronteras to Livingston (Guatemala)

A trip in a lancha from Fronteras (Rio Dulce) to the port of entry in Livingston (Guatemala)

Caribbean Coast - Primitive junglelife in Rio dulce Guatemala

Heey guys!

Here 's the video from Rio Dulce at Guatemalas caribbean coast, , our drive through Honduras, and a couple days in Léon in Nicaragua!
Rio Dulce is close to the Afro-Caribbean town Livingston and its pretty different from the rest of Guatemala.
Because Rio Dulce is a national park and it's hidden in a massive jungle, there's no electricity around, most places are driven by solar power, so there was no wifi connection.
For us that was a bit of a problem because we needed to plan our next move, and we like streaming movies :)
But if you like being in the jungle, cut off from the world, just chilling in a hammock, taking a swim or kajaking then this is the place for u!
Make sure you have a book though!
Also the hotel only served vegetarian food (which they didn't state when we booked) and you couldn`t bring your own because it would attract insects, understandably!
The only way to get around is by boat which is very expensive.
We took one into Livingston for a couple of hours, it took about 30 min and cost about 10 $ PP.
Not so fun when you're on a budget, and Livingston wasn't much to see at all. At least that's our opinion :)

Okey, enough said, Hope you enjoy the video!

Take care!


Into the Rio Dulce (Sea Change - Chapter 2)

Hello again. Welcome to Guatemala! Our enchantment with the land of the Maya held us here longer than we had first expected. It brought us to remote areas and introduced us to new friends, but not without any difficulty. So come sail with us up the Rio Dulce where we find ourselves welcome visitors among cultures that are at once both foreign and familiar.

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Cinematography: Brandon Savory, Andrew Tomayko, Scott Gallyon
Editor: Andrew Tomayko
Narration Writer: Caleb White


Odesza - White Lies
Ratatat - Cream on Chrome
Lole Y Manuel - Tu Mira
Delicate Steve - Attitude/Gratitude
Devendra Banhart - Brindo
Delicate Steve - Don't Get Stuck (Proud Elephants)
Moshimoss - Slow Days It Was Super

???? RIO DULCE, Izabal ???????????? [Lugares turísticos de GUATEMALA]

Rio Dulce, Izabal. Uno de los mejores lugares turísticos de Guatemala

Disfruta de los bellos hoteles de Rio Dulce, Izabal. Observa aves nativas y migratorias y pasa unas vacaciones inolvidables. Rio Dulce es uno de los ríos más importantes de Guatemala. El puente de Rio Dulce - Izabal mide 900 metros de longitud y sirve de conexión con el departamento de Petén.

La aldea Rio Dulce pertenece al municipio de Livingston, departamento de Izabal. Rio Dulce Izabal, Guatemala tiene la herencia de las tradiciones de la cultura garífuna, orginaria del caribe guatemalteco.

En su límite con el lago de Izabal se encuentra el Castillo de San Felipe de Lara, una fortificación que defendió Guatemala de piratas del mar Caribe.

Este video que incluye tomas de dron es parte de una serie de videos de Un Poquito de mi Tierra.

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Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Guatemala - Rio Dulce - 2018 - 4K

Eighteenth country of my world tour 2017/2018. 4K video with a Samsung Galaxy S8 in Guatemala - Rio Dulce - August 2018. For maximum resolution, change the setting at the bottom right of the auto video to 4k.

You can easily spend two days visiting the Rio Dulce. Personally, I chose to sleep in Finca Tatin, very nice lodge and not in Livingston too touristy for me. You can rent a cayak and travel by the Rio Dulce to Livingston. Different hikes through the jungle are also possible from this lodge.



Rio Dulce, Livingston, Guatemala, August 2019

Soundtrack: Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song (PedroDJDaddy & Axeblowz | Trap 2018 Remix) - link:

My First Solo Trip: Guatemala

A quick recap of my solo trip to Guatemala last summer. I visited Antigua, Panajachel, Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Pacaya Volcano, and did the Acatenango trek.

Videos taken with a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and a DJI Spark. A bit choppy cuz it didn't export properly, might delete later. lol

Song: Rex Orange County - Sunflower

Rio Dulce, Guatemala - 3 Hours in 3 Minutes

A time lapse tour of Rio Dulce, Guatemala on the TMM catamaran Purrfect. From Livingston to Abel's Boatyard (Astillero Magdelena).

Cruising down the Rio Dulce to Livingston in Guatemala

More Info:

Travel with us to Rio Dulce, Livingston, Guatemala

In this video we explore Castillo de San Felipe de Lara and take a boat ride to the island of Livingston.
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Caribbean Cruise 2018 Day Five, Part One Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala - April 5, 2018

Visiting Guatemala via cruise ship and docking at the Santo Tomas de Castilla. We cruised the bay and hugged the coastline to Livingston at the mouth of the Rio Dulce. After visiting the town of Livingston we continued boating up the Rio Dulce along the cliffs of the grand canyon to a Mayan village before heading back out to the bay and back to the port. It was quite the adventure and one not to forget.

Rio Dulce und Livingston - Die Karibikküsten von Guatemala

Rio Dulce und Livingston - Die Karibikküsten von Guatemala

Santo Tomás de Castilla, Guatemala

Santo Tomás de Castilla, also known as Matías de Gálvez is a port city in the Izabal Department, Guatemala. It is located at around 15°41′20″N 88°36′45″W. Coordinates: 15°41′20″N 88°36′45″W. It lies at Amatique Bay off the Gulf of Honduras and is administratively a part of Puerto Barrios.

Viaje en lancha por Rio Dulce

Fue una toma que hice en la lancha, mostrando los bellos paisajes por los que anduve cuando visite Rio Dulce en Guatemala

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