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Rainy Season in Costa Rica's Southern Caribbean, Puerto Viejo & Cahuita


Rainy Season in Costa Rica's Southern Caribbean, Puerto Viejo & Cahuita

Is it worth traveling to Costa Rica during the rainy season? It can be. See for yourself, with 2019 footage from Costa Rica's Southern Caribbean region, including Puerto Viejo de Salamanca and Cahuita.

Get up close with the sloths and monkey kindergarten at the Jaguar Rescue Center.

???? Check out current deals on lodging in Costa Rica's Southern Caribbean:

See the colorful frogs in the rain forest of Bri Bri Waterfall.

Visit the beach and drive along a country road that runs parallel to the beautiful beach at Cahuita.

See the Caribbean's surfing beaches.

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Puerto Viejo is a much cheaper Caribbean vacation alternative than any place I visited in all of the Caribbean side of Mexico. I made videos from Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum and Mahahual which covered the whole Quintana Roo coast of Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula. I could not stay for as cheap in any of those locations compared to Puerto Viejo. I also traveled along the Oaxaca coast in Mexico and could not stay for as cheap there even in the famous place of Puerto Escondido and Huatulco. Puerto Viejo is a hidden paradise in my opinion.

The rest of Costa Rica had been expensive but the Carribean side was much cheaper than any place i visited in Costa Rica.

The guesthouse where I stayed was called Veronicas Place in Puerto Viejo. Also check for cheap flights.

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Kathy and Tony visit Cahuita and Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo & Cahuita Tours and Things to do Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo & Cahuita Tours and Things to do | Book Online Best Tours and Activities.

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Liza & Kaz

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Costa Rica is our first destination for our second year of full-time travel. We arrived in the middle of the rainy season. And for the first week we really thought we may have made a mistake choosing Costa Rica during the rainy season. We also didn't realize that we were going to be living at the foot of an ACTIVE volcano.

When is the Rainy Season in Costa Rica!?

When is the Rainy season in Costa Rica!? Or wet season or Green Season... This is a FAQ for sure! Adam gets down to it and stays dry whilst offering his perspective on when it rains the most in Costa Rica and what that means for travel here in this tropical part of the world.

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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Cost of Living:

#PuertoViejo #CostaRicaIf great surfing, gorgeous natural wonders, and a laid back lifestyle is your thing. Then Puerto Viejo is for you. In this video, we cover what Puerto Viejo is like. We'll discuss the cost of living in Puerto Viejo for budget backpackers, full-time retirees, and digital nomads. We also cover things to do in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Puerto Viejo food; Puerto Viejo Transportation; Puerto Viejo hospitals, and healthcare. You can count on this video to provide you with all the information you need for Living in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

LivingOverseasTV,s goal is to provide a real look into what it’s like to live abroad. The idea is simple: Enjoy a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life than you have by finding the right overseas community for you. Our videos are designed for retirees, near-retirees, long term travelers, and nomads; anyone looking to improve their quality of life while adding adventure and lowering their cost of living.


Living and Retiring in Cuenca, Ecuador

Living and Retiring in Salinas, Ecuador

8 Great Places to Live in Costa Rica

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Video table of contents:

00:00 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Overview
01:06 Puerto Viejo Neighborhood
02:38 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Climate, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Weather
03:12 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Long-Term Rentals, furnished apartments for rent in Puerto Viejo
03:53 Utilities in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
04:35 Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals
05:00 Cost of Living in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
06:14 Getting Around Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.
06:41 Food Costs in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
06:58 Services in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.
07:32 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Things to Do

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Walking tour of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica 2021

Afternoon walk in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica and a sunset beer or two.

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Which Month To Visit Costa Rica? | Weather in Costa Rica!

I hate it when I hear about the dry season rainy season concept in Costa Rica. Any month is a great month to visit. 70% of tourism is concentrated in the Christmas to Easter period, but Costa Rica is a year round destination. My observations are for the Guanacaste area, as you go South it gets wetter and wetter, but broadly the same pattern. Caribbean side is completely different
1. JanuaryFebruaryMarch
Perfect sunny weather every day, no rain, breeze from the Papagayo winds makes this idyllic 86F 30C every day. As you get toward Easter everything is very dry and the grass a bit brown.
2. April/May
The Papagayo winds die off, first week after Easter we start to get rain. The first time it rains after 4 months everyone comes out into the street to feel it. It is very special. The flora goes from brown/yellow to lush green after a couple of weeks. It becomes more humid. Typically sunny hot days, cloud/rain later afternoon
3. June/July/August
Costa Rica has its mini summer that the gringos don't know about. This is a great time to visit. The humidity is less, everything
is still very green because it is still raining some afternoons.
4. September/October
This is the rainy season. It tends to be humid, no breeze. We still get sunny mornings, but afternoons and evenings you can plan on hard rain. Rain like you have never seen before. Sometimes the roads flood, even to chest height sometimes, but then within an hour all the water dispurses. There will be tropical depressions where you don't see the sun for a week.
5. November
Sometimes the rains carry on into November, which is a transition month to summer. I love it at this time and the snow birds start to arrive and you definitely feel that summer is on the way
6. December
This is my favorite month, not many gringos this time of year, but weather is perfect, everything is lush. Ideal sunny dry weather
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1. How To Travel To Costa Rica During Covid 19| Entry Requirements and What Life Is REALLY Like Here!

Puerto Viejo - Costa Rica

Walking around the town of Puerto Viejo along the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica - The Caribbean Coast

Checking out areas on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

2021 costa rica ???????? #2 (puerto viejo de talamanca - san jose)


Costa Rica Caribbean Coast EXPOSED !! Untouched BEAUTY .

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is a beautiful region that is generally less developed and touristy than the Pacific side. The weather here is in stark contrast to the other side as the best weather is in September and October. The colorful Caribbean culture is also quite different as most locals are of Afro-Caribbean descent giving the area a reggae-Rasta vibe. Puerto Viejo, a surf oriented seaside village, is the most popular destination in this region and is located along the southern coast.
Until recently, Puerto Viejo has remained one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets. This fun little Caribbean surf side pueblo is quickly becoming a popular destination for those seeking an alternative to the more touristy Pacific side. This area is definitely not for all, but perfect for some. The beaches here are stunningly beautiful and there are many restaurants, bars and shops to enjoy between excursions and beach time.

Natural Pools- Cahuita Limon Talamanca- A Day in the Life Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Each Sunday the guys; Greg, Jeff, Romero & Qu, get together for another Life-A-Holic adventure. This week, the Cahuita jungle and the Mysterious Chauita Pools...As the muchachos trek through the treacherous jungle, they discover sights never seen before! Lol...

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Song: Pull Up Selectah

Life A Holic Costa Rica
A Day in the Life

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Best Places to Live in Costa Rica 2020 - 4 of 5 Regions - Caribbean - Puerto Viejo - Punta Uva

This video is Part 4 of a 5 part series on the Best Places to Live or Retire in Costa Rica.

Today, we'll talk about and look at the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. From the towns of Limon to Cahuita, the Party Town of Puerto Viejo, down to Punta Cocles, Punta Uva, and Manzanillo.

While it is NOT safe or I would not recommend living near or in Puerto Viejo, there are many places away from there that are great communities to live in. The rent and the cost of living in those areas are great. Some of the best Cost of Living in Costa Rica can be found in the southern part of the Caribbean side.


More below...

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More about this video:

This area was a beautiful place and so very different from the rest of Costa Rica.
The Afro-Jamaican Vibe created a different culture, vibe, food...even the weather was different on this Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

While I do think everyone should visit the Caribbean side...because of the drugs and the crime rate...I MUST say, take plenty of precautions if you decide to live on the Caribbean side.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world...
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life's Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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Exploring the Caribbean side of Costa Rica - Puerto Viejo! Exotic fruits, Wildlifes, and Sunsets!

Join us as we continue to explore the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica! We fully embrace nature, as we try exotic fruits, hang on the beach, look for wildlife and more. #costarica #puertoviejo #fruits #vegan #beaches #gaytravel #travelcostarica
This series was filmed pre pandemic

Travelling Costa Rica during wet season

Travelling Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Uvita & Corcovado in the wet season.

Back Roads of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Walking around the back roads of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

Discover Costa Rica's Southern Caribbean!

Costa Rica's southern Caribbean coast is home to gorgeous beaches, lush jungle, and exotic wildlife.

Costa Rica Pura Vida! Caribbean Coast and Cahuita National Park|COFFEE TROPHY #4

Get ready to dive into a real pleasure. Costa Rica has azure coasts, white beaches, and sunny palm trees. In this issue, together with Dimitri, we will visit the national tropical park, talk about the rainy season, get into an accident and dive into the Costa Rica nightlife. Enjoy your adventures!

00:00 What is pura vida?
01:25 We arrived in Costa Rica!
01:40 About the rainy season and climate
04:50 Features of Costa Rica
07:02 Tropical national park
09:25 Hello furry friends
11:45 Oops, accident
13:54 New cafe on the Caribbean coast
14:00 Costa Rica nightlife



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