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Playa de Bolonia Tarifa - Best Beach in Spain 4K


Playa de Bolonia 4K beach walking tour. Cadiz Spain 2021

Playa de Bolonia 4K beach walking tour. Cadiz Spain 2021 was recorded in June of 2021.


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Bolonia is a coastal village and beach in the municipality of Tarifa in the Province of Cadiz in southern Spain. It is located on the Atlantic shore, 22.9 kilometres (14.2 mi) by road west of Tarifa, but is much closer in terms of coastal distance. The beach and bay is also known as Playa de Bolonia (Bolonia Beach), Ensenada de Bolonia (Bolonia Cove), or Bolonia Bay. The ruins of the Roman town of Baelo Claudia are located near the beach, considered to be the most complete Roman town ruins yet uncovered in Spain. The beach is about 3.8 kilometres (2.4 mi) in length, with an average width of about 70 metres (230 ft). In 2011 it had a population of 117 people.

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Recorded on 16/09/2021

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Recorded on 17/09/2021

All this videos is original content. You cannot upload it to your channel. If you do it you will get a strike.


Recorded on 17/09/2021

All this videos is original content. You cannot upload it to your channel. If you do it you will get a strike.

Playa de Bolonia Tarifa - Best Beach in Spain 4K

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Playa de Bolonia Tarifa - Best Beach in Spain 4K

The Playa de Bolonia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.
Playa de Bolonia beach is located near Tarifa.
The beach is very easy to reach by car and there is plenty of parking space right on the beach.
You shouldn't take the first parking lot straight away, there are more large parking spaces further back.
The parking fee is 1.50 euros per day.
Saturday and Sunday the beach is very busy and there may be long traffic jams on arrival.
We recommend a visit to Playa de Bolonia from Monday to Friday.


Bolonia Beach // Playa de Bolonia, Tarifa, Spain
Enjoy the video!

Relaxing Beach Walk, Playa Bolonia, Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain - in 4K 60 fps with ambient piano music

#playabolonia, near #tarifa in the province of #cadiz , is considered to be one of the nicest beaches in Spain.
Bolonia Beach is only an hour´s drive away from Marbella and should definitely be on the program for anyone visiting Andalucia.

This beautiful beach stretches about 3.7 km and has only soft golden sand, lined with beautiful dunes, surrounded by stunning nature.

From the beach, one can walk all the way up to the #dunadebolonia , the Bolonia Dune, which is the highest point of the beach. From here you can enjoy amazing panoramic views over the #atlantic ocean and the strait of #gibraltar with #africa , #morocco and the #rif mountain range clearly visible.

Footage was taken on the first weekend that beach visits were allowed during the #covid19 crisis of 2020, in fase 3 pf the de-escalation program. So the beach was not too crowded yet.

The wind was too strong to use natural sound so we used #relaxing #ambient music in the background to accompany you on your walk.

Enjoy your beach walk.

The most beautiful beach in Spain? Bolonia Beach❤️ / Tarifa❤️ / Spain Summer 2021❤️

Thank you everyone for watching!

Hope you enjoyed this another Beach walk in Spain!

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No 1 Beach In Spain 2019 - BOLONIA (Cadiz)

according to Spanish Newspaper EL PAIS Readers
#best #beach #spain
Best beaches in the World see link


PLAYA DE BOLONIA | Tarifa, Spain (HD)

Playa de Bolonia (Cádiz Province), located 20 kilometres north of Tarifa, is one of Spain's most beautiful beaches

Playa de Bolonia (Provinz Cádiz) liegt 20 Kilometer nördlich von Tarifa und ist einer der schönsten Strände Spaniens

Playa de Bolonia (Provincie Cádiz) ligt zo'n 20 kilometer noordelijk van Tarifa en is volgens velen het mooiste strand van de Costa de la Luz

【4K】Peaceful Wild Beach - Bolonia Beach Relaxing Walk - Tarifa, Cadiz, Spain ???? ????️???? travel vlog TV

Thank you everyone for watching!

This unspoilt white sand beach in Tarifa is situated in an extremely beautiful area. Its active dune, more than 30 metres high and 200 metres wide, was declared a Natural Monument in 2001.

It is situated on the Bolonia cove (coastal site of environmental interest) in El Estrecho Nature Reserve, and is one of the most unspoilt of the Cadiz coast, with a high natural value and amazing landscape.

Its crystal-clear waters enable us to go diving in sea beds that are bursting with life and colors ????????????????????

You can even spot Africa from here. And right next to the beach you can find the Baelo Claudia Archaeological Site declared a National Historic Monument. This Roman city was founded in the late 2nd century B.C. and was developed and consolidated thanks to trade with North Africa. It was invaded and looted by Germanic and Moorish. This ancient Roman site was affected by two earthquakes in the years AD 40–60 and AD 260–290 until finally abandonment in AD 365–390. However, it is surprisingly well preserved!

Get a walking tour with me!

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Playa de Bolonia (Bolonia Beach), Cadiz, Spain

????️ Playa de BOLONIA Cadiz, SPAIN | Beach day in the Sun

Beach in Spanish is Playa, and a Playa that you need to visit when you are in southern Spain is the Playa de BOLONIA in CADIZ. The soft golden sand and its impressive natural dunes are undoubtedly a site to enjoy. Near by there are also the ruins of Baelo Claudia, from the time of the Romans.

In this short video, filmed in August 2020, you will be able to get a glimpse of Bolonia and the landscape on the way there. It is a fun place to go to with a group of friends in the summer months, just make sure it's not a very windy day when you go, as wind is something quite normal there!

Tarifa and its near by beaches are known for their wind and for the surfers that visit them.

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Tarifa (Cadiz), Spain - 4K

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The kitesurfing capital of Europe! One of the best places to visit in Spain!
La capital europea de kitesurf!
Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain
#tarifa #valvevaqueros #kitesurfing #tarifabeach #beach
A short video showing the beauty of the beaches of Tarifa and Valdevaqueros.

Un video corto mostrando la belleza de las playas de Tarifa y Valdevaqueros.

TARIFA & BOLONIA | Windy Paradise | Spain Travel Vlog

In this travel video, I am going to show why you should consider to include Tarifa in your itinerary when visiting Spain. Tarifa is a very vibrant Andalusian town and well known for its wonderful beaches, water sports, rich history and chilled out atmosphere. Join us until the end to discover how to fully experience this jewel located in the coast of Cadiz and just 15 kms away from Africa!

Comment down below if you know other beautiful places in the coast of Cadiz, we would love to return and create more content in this area!

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Puerta de Jerez & Streets
01:30 Gioelia Cremeria
01:45 Paseo de la Alameda & Mercado de Abastos
02:25 Andrea´s Brunch
03:07 Castillo de Guzmán El Bueno
04:17 Mirador de África & Plaza de Santa María
05:07 Playa de los Lances & Punta de las Palomas
05:55 Hotel Bellavista - Bolonia
06:15 Bolonia Beach.
06:50 Restaurante Las Rejas
07:48 Dunas de Bolonia
08:15 Baelo Claudia
09:25 Justito de Copas Restaurante
09:58 Valdevaqueros Beach
11:00 Dinner by Valen
12:12 Outro

Bolonia (Cadiz) best Beach in Spain.

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Beach Trip Spain - Tarifa Beach - Spain's Best Beach

Soft sand, sweet sun, crystal clear and crisp beach water - there is nothing not to love about Spain's Tarifa beach. Located just at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, the wind and water currents make this beach magical and special.

Join us on a wonderful beach day at the point where Spain's Costa de la Luz meets the Costa Del Sol. Such a fantastic day at a fabulous beach.

See the history as the ancient watchtower overlooks the beach, the Saint stands guard at the entrance to the Med and someone - guess who - actually goes in beach water and tries not to get her hair wet.

There's no life like the good life, and there is plenty of good life at Tarifa Beach.

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Playa de Bolonia

Turquoise waters, a golden dune dotted with the green of pine trees, natural pools and even an ancient Roman city. Bolonia beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the province of Cadiz.

Places to see in ( Andalusia - Spain ) Playa de Bolonia

Places to see in ( Andalusia - Spain ) Playa de Bolonia

Bolonia beach, Playa de Bolonia, also sometimes known as Ensenada de Bolonia sits next to a small fishing village, approximately 20km north of Tarifa. Far quieter than its more trendy neighbour, Bolonia is beginning to make a name for itself having been voted into Europe's top 25 beaches by Tripadvisor and regularly featuring on any best beaches in Spain shortlist.

Despite the increasing international recognition, it is still considered by many as one of Andalucia's best kept secrets and is only really popular with Spanish tourists. When asking Spanish families where their favorite beaches are; Bolonia is one name that always seems to crop up. We try and go at least once a year.

Some of the hip surfers and kite-surfers are making their way down to the beach when the easterly wind - the Levante - picks up, but generally speaking, Bolonia beach still has a untouched/family-oriented feel to it.

Geography is something that has worked in Bolonia’s favour, you need to drive 7km along the CA-8202 to get there. Sitting in a cul-de-sac, there is no drive thru traffic. If on that road, you only have one destination. Playa de Bolonia .

( Andalusia - Spain ) is well know as a tourist destination because of the variety of places you can enjoy while you are visiting Andalusia . Through a series of videos we will try to show you recommended places to visit in Andalusia - Spain

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