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Meet The Number 1 Hostess In Japan | ASIAN BOSS


Tokyo Nightlife in Japan: TOP 30 Bars & Clubs

This is my Ultimate Tokyo Nightlife Guide featuring the TOP 30 bars & nightclubs which I carefully selected including places such as Club Camelot, Hollow Point, Fight Club 428, ELE Tokyo, 1 OAK, Buri and of course Ageha, the best nightclub in Japan. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

Tokyo is absolutely massive, with most popular nightlife hot spots located in Shibuya, Roppongi and Shinjuku districts. There are so many bars and nightclubs in Tokyo, you may wonder - Where do I start? Based on age, I would say Shibuya is for the Japanese youth/teenagers, Roppongi for the 25+ crowd and Shinjuku for the 35+ crowd.

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ELE Tokyo Photography by my friend Sonny B

The best possible thing you can do is join the Tokyo Pub Crawl on Friday in Roppongi and explore the nightlife of Shibuya on Saturday, those are the best days for an epic weekend in Tokyo.

If you make new friends in Tokyo, you will eventually be asked to be added to LINE. LINE is 'the' chat app in Japan, so if you do not have DATA on your phone during your stay, make sure to rent a dirt cheap pocket Wifi station at the airport. You can take these pocket Wifi stations all over the country and allow you to connect many of your devices. It even fits in your back pocket. Luckily, there is a 30% discount on Ninja pocket Wifi stations on Voyagin. I personally rent this device everytime when I visit Japan.

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Nightlife in Japan is beyond incredible! The most popular nightclubs in Tokyo include Club Camelot in Shibuya, ELE Tokyo in Roppongi and Ageha Nightclub in Koto City. Ageha is the best nightclub in Japan, it will be an all night event since it is quite far from downtown but on a big event night you will be amazed by the gorgeous girls, cool dudes and a fantastic sound system. This mega club stays open until 5am and should be high on your Tokyo party bucket list.

Tokyo has the best quality of food in the world, that's why you have to visit at least one of its many izakaya's to try a bunch of authentic Japanese dishes, like Eihire (grilled stingray), Sakura (raw horse meat) and Yakitori (skewered chicken meat). Visit izakaya's Umiya or Sumire in Shibuya to enjoy these dishes.

After dinner join the Tokyo Pub Crawl on Friday @ 8pm which lasts until 12am (4 hours) during which you will visit 3 bars and 1 epic nightclub. Tokyo Pub Crawl is a great event to meet travelers, locals, expats and fully hosted in English. What many travelers do not realize is that English isn't commonly spoken at bars and nightclubs, thus the pub crawl is a great first start. The Tokyo Pub Crawl is ONLY $20 USD for 4 hours of fun, you truly cannot go wrong.

Studying a bit of Japanese and learning common phrases prior to your arrival will definitely make your nightlife experience in Japan 10x times better. I've made many incredible friends during my 6 visits to Japan and these have been some of my most treasured memories by being able to speak a bit of Japanese.

I truly have seen it all in Tokyo since my first Tokyo Nightlife experience back in 2007 - I've seen many bars and clubs come and go, that's why I decided to compile the best possible list for an epic party weekend in the capital of Japan.

Food in Tokyo is very important to me, I highly recommend you also watch my video: 10 MUST-EAT Foods in Tokyo. Also, do not forget to join the insane Mario Kart Tokyo experience which you can purchase with a 37% discount for Mario Kart Tokyo, speaking of discounts, there is a 34% discount for the Robot Restaurant as well.

34% OFF Robot Restaurant

The most bizarre after party restaurant is definitely 24/7 Cafe Eight in Roppongi, make sure to order the crispy peking duck and pay your respects to the most awkward shrine I've ever seen at a restaurant.

In conclusion, the Tokyo Nightlife is one of world's finest but often travelers have no idea where to go or where to start. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to where the good parties are in town that's why I decided to create this master Tokyo nightlife list of all the things I learned about Tokyo during my 6x visits in the past decade.

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Tokyo Love Hotel Date - Part 1

I visit an agency to choose a date for later visit to a Japanese love Hotel in Tokyo

Continued in Part 2

2018/02/22 UPDATE - Apologies but I've had to blur out faces and such.

Host club in Japan is very dangerous and you must not go there. your life will break

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Japan has many attractive qualities: a rich culture , interesting history.
But Host club is very bad culture and dangerous.
Don't go to the host club when you travel to Tokyo Japan.
What kind of girls become addicted to Host?
New Host Video!!!!☆★☆★☆


Dark side of Japan . Yuki

Shinjuku Tokyo is dangerous, you shoud watch this before traveling ,Host club,Love hotel

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Shinjuku Tokyo is such a dangerous place! be safe
you should know about this before you travel to Tokyo.

Host club, Hostess club, Yakuza


Dark side of Japan . Yuki

Host club last edition

Inside a Japanese hostess bar

Censored! Salary man performs karaoke with a hostess at a hostess bar. ホストクラブ

Best Kyabakura Girls in Tokyo (release version)

How To Become A Hostess In Tokyo | My Sister The Geisha | TRACKS

British girl Kat wants to earn a bit of money as a hostess in Japan, but she soon learns her new job has a corrupting dark side.

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Tokyo Nightlife Guide, 2017 - Let me take you around Tokyo, Japan and show you some of the best things to do in Tokyo at night!

As I mention in the Tokyo Nightlife Guide video, there are a million bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in Tokyo to choose from, so I wanted to break it down by popular nightlife neighborhoods in Tokyo to give you some ideas on things to do in Tokyo at night.

ROPPONGI - Known to be the most foreign-friendly nightlife neighborhood. Home to the Hard Rock Cafe and many other western bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Some good nightlife areas around Roppongi include Azabujuban and Akasaka.

EBISU - A much more local environment than Roppongi, and home to the awesome Ebisu Yokocho, is Ebisu. My favorite nightlife area in Tokyo along with Nakameguro and Meguro nearby.

SHIBUYA - Famous for the Shibuya Crossing, Shibuya is where many of the biggest nightclubs in Tokyo are, but you can also find a million small, quiet, hidden Shibuya bars as well. Mega clubs like Whomb, Harlem, Club Camelot, Sound Museum Vision, Atom, are very big right now. Be sure to check online before visiting for specials, DJs, and cover charges.

SHINJUKU - Tokyo Red Light District is in Shinjuku, as is the popular Robot Restaurant, and Golden Gai. In all of Tokyo, you can probably find the most variety and options of Shinjuku bars than anywhere else.

ENJOY RESPONSIBLY! And please let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations, as I will add them to the Ultimate Tokyo Nightlife Guide on my travel blog:

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Why do Japanese girls become addicted to host club?Host is better than your boyfriend?

Many girls become addicted to host club ?
A person who doesn’t have confidence in their self.
A girl who’s never dated a boys or who has never been treated nice by boys.

How dangerous host club?

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Dark side of Japan . Yuki


Kabukicho is one of best places to hang out in Tokyo.Really safe and entertaiment.If you dont want a spend a lots of money just dont go to strip bars and use a common sence.

top 5 love hotels in Japan 💖(adults only 🔞)

Here are the top 5 love hotels in Japan. Keep in mind that all of these hotels are adults only hotels. This means that no children will be allowed to stay at this hotels and some of them have adult bonuses (like adult channels or in room karaoke).
So, based on the user rating the best love hotels in Japan are:
Hotel Bali An Resort Nambadotonbori (Adult Only)
Hotel Bali An Resort Shinsaibashi (Adult Only)
HOTEL & SPA J-MEX Shinjuku Kabukicho (Adult Only)
Hotel Zips (Adult Only)
Hotel QT Senboku (Adult Only)

The starting price for this love hotels in Japan between $58 and $181 but depending on your needs you will probably find a lot of love hotels in Japan packages.
When we made this top the following properties where also considered:
Design Hotel W Zip Club
Hotel Very Matsusaka (Adult Only)
Hotel Cuna Kyoto (Adult Only)
Hotel Luna Coast (Adult Only)
Tsukino Akari (Adult Only)
Hotel Love (Adult Only)
Hotel Ikutama Love (Adult Only)
Hotel Frontier (Adult Only)

TOKYO'S RED LIGHT DISTRICT ( sketchy people ) Kabukicho Tokyo

TOKYO'S RED LIGHT DISTRICT ( sketchy people ) Kabukicho Tokyo. Tokyo 's Kabukicho is the famous Tokyo Red Light District! It was fun walking around this sexy and sensual place haha. Take a walk with us through Japan's red light district!


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Tokyo Vlog: Being A Dirty Pervert In The Red Light District, Host/Hostess Clubs, GoldenGai

Hey guys, I've got a great new video for you and it is all about the adult entertainment that can be found in Tokyo because there are not many places I've been that 'apparently' provide quite the same services as here. I obviously would never support or promote any form of sex work that is not by sole choice of the worker, but I do think there is a place for this kind of entertainment as long as it is done in a safe space for both parties and everyone is of age. I am honestly much more intrigued by the whole concept of host and hostess clubs as you'll hear me talk about since it is definitely not something I've seen anywhere else. Let me know what you guys think and what you find most interesting! xo

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Trying Japanese Snacks with my Japanese Host (with subtitles)

First of allllll, don't judge me for my crappy Japanese 😭 Lmao, I'm working on it. But I went to Tokyo for two weeks and used (two) Airbnbs. At the second house, I asked my host to try some of the Japanese snacks I had been collecting throughout my trip.


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Japanese Food Village in Hawaii *I GOT INJURED*

Today we explore the Shirokiya Japan Village Walk and Chon gets injured during hiking haha

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Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Matsumoto Shave Ice

Marukame Udon Waikiki

Koko Crater Railway Trail

Laniakea Beach

Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens

This video was edited by Gigi:

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Chonny & Dalena


There is a special place where you can see Japanese Girls in Action : It is called : Robot Show. However there are some other SPECIAL places to meet some SPECIAL Japanese Girls such as Hostess Bars, Shibuya Streets, Girl Bars and of course Love Hotels. On this video while you are watching nice footages of Robot Girl Show, i will be giving interesting details, as usual...

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Japan Journey | Day 4 | Draw me like one of your japanese whores!

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