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Japan Airlines JAL BUSINESS CLASS Tokyo to New York


Japan Airlines First Class Trip Report - Tokyo (HND) to New York City (JFK) - Boeing 777 JL6 [4K]

JAL First Class Trip Report - Japan Airlines First Class onboard a Boeing 777-300ER from Tokyo Haneda (HND) to New York City JFK captured in 4K 60fps. Flight Report. And First Class Lounge Haneda. Japan First Class flight report trip report flight review
Seat: 2L
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
Registration: JA743J
Camera: Fujifilm xt3
Flight: JL6 - HND to JFK

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Japan Airlines Business Class Review Boeing 777.
Business class review flying Japan Airlines on the Boeing 777-300ER.

JAL SKY SUITE REVIEW - Japan Airlines Sky Suite 777
Japan Airlines Business Class 777-300ER.
JAL SKY SUITE 777 - Come and look at the wonderful Japan Airlines Business Class seat on the Boeing 777-300ER

Japan Airlines Business Class Tokyo to London.

All of the JAL Sky Suite's feature unrestricted aisle access, fully flat beds, 23 Inch LCD TV Monitors, Privacy Partitions, Storage space, and much much more.
Awarded best business class product in 2013.

A Special thanks again to all of my Patreon's who support this channel.

Japan Airlines Flight 43
Depart: Haneda (HND)
Arrive: London (LHR)
STD: 11:30am (ADP: 11:39am)
STA: 3:15pm (ATA: 3:17pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: JA734J
First Flight: 18th Jul 2005
Delivered to Airline: 26th Jul 2005
Seat: 8K
Flight Time: 12h 38M
Meal Service: Lunch

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Japan Airlines First Class 777 Tokyo Narita to New York JFK

Japan Airlines's first class is one of my favorite first class products. As with all Japanese airlines the service is refined and elegant from the lounge to the end of the flight. The crew on this flight were extremely passenger oriented and proactive. They anticipated our needs and did frequent checks in the cabin to see if we needed any refills or food. Despite the long flight, their attitudes remained cheerful and perky which I really find amazing since it is so easy to get exhausted on long haul flights. I really appreciated one particular FA who spent a lot of time chatting with me and getting to know me. She offered Japan Airlines branded gifts to take home which was a nice personal touch.
There are some changes I noticed on this flight since my prior first class trip 2 years ago. There is no longer a cloth Loewe amenity kit. The amenity kit is now by Porsche Design and the products has been trimmed in quantity and quality (Hainan Airlines offers a better stocked kit). The pajamas were a limited edition also by Porsche Design available from March - June 2017.

From the moment you walk into the lounge you are welcomed by a staff member who personally go over the details of your trip and help inform you of any gate changes. You are then welcomed into the lounge by another staff member who follows to your seat and brings you a hot towel and a drink. The lounge in the main terminal has a sushi bar, which has a limited selection of freshly made sushi. The food buffet was plentiful and had lots of very tasty dishes, however I did find the food in the ANA suite lounges to more interesting and delicious.
I personally enjoy JAL's seat much more than ANA's boxy Suites. It is easier to view out of the window and if you are traveling with someone, the aisle seats are also more conducive to conversation since you are literally boxed in in ANA's seats.
The food onboard is definitely an experience. Everything was beautifully presented. The flavors were very interesting. The caviar course was not accompanied by the usual sides. Rather the rice wafers and the egg yolk cream formed a unique savory flavor which when mixed with the salty caviar was truly a unique and tasty combination. The desserts were especially good including the lychee yogurt sauce and the condensed milk ice cream. It wasn't as overpoweringly sweet as expected but fruity, refreshing, and creamy.
Overall, this was a perfect first class flight with excellent service from the ground to the air and delicious food at every minute. I especially appreciate the effort the crew put into their service. I honestly can't wait to fly with Japan Airlines again.

Flight Report JFK-HND Japan Airlines First Class 777-300 (New York to Tokyo)

Flight Report of JAL First Class 777-300 from New York to Tokyo Haneda with a medical emergency landing in Anchorage, Alaska. Great first class product with lie flat seats, good service and meals.
Shot with a GoPro Hero5

Japan Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Tokyo to London|Boeing 777-300ER

Japan Airlines Business Class Review 777
Boeing 777-300ER Business Class JAL Review. JAL Business Class 777-300ER

Japan Airlines Business Class 777-300ER.
JAL SKY SUITE 777 - Come and look at the wonderful Japan Airlines Business Class seat on the Boeing 777-300ER

Japan Airlines Business Class Tokyo to London.

All of the JAL Sky Suite's feature unrestricted aisle access, fully flat beds, 23 Inch LCD TV Monitors, Privacy Partitions, Storage space, and much much more.
Awarded best business class product in 2013.

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Japan Airlines Flight 43
Depart: Haneda (HND)
Arrive: London (LHR)
STD: 11:30am (ADP: 11:39am)
STA: 3:15pm (ATA: 3:17pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: JA734J
First Flight: 18th Jul 2005
Delivered to Airline: 26th Jul 2005
Seat: 8K
Flight Time: 12h 38M
Meal Service: Lunch

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Japan Airlines Business Class flight review, onboard the Boeing 777-200ER JAL SKY SUITE III cabin, as flight JL711 from Tokyo (Narita) to Singapore, including a look at JAL Sakura Lounge. Full JL711 flight report:

This flight takes 7 hours and 25 minutes, with an oshibori served and water bottles given during the boarding. After take-off, it was an exceptional fine dining experience with Japan Airlines' BEDD (SKY AUBERGE by JAL) inflight dining. The Japanese menu option I had was divine and service polite and with a smile. I loved the privacy the JAL SKY SUITE III seat offers, as well as the convenience in the several stowage compartments and charging ports within arm's reach. It was a delightful and memorable experience with Japan Airlines Business Class.

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Airline: Japan Airlines
Flight Number: JL68
Route: NRT-SEA
Class: Business Class
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Registration: JA841J
Delivered: June 2015
Flight Duration: 8 Hours 30 Minutes
Distance: 4,769 Miles



I'm a fan of anything Japanese so naturally, I love JAL! I love their food offering on the ground and in the air. I also like the crew's attention to detail when delivering service. The seats are also one of the best business class seats in the sky. I'll let you be the judge...let us know what you think!

What I liked:

The Catering - The catering and food were the clear winner of this flight. The meals were served beautifully and they tasted fresh and delicious. I also love the dine on demand service. A true restaurant in the sky!

The Friendly Service - The in-flight service from the crew was very quick, efficient, and most importantly friendly with a smile.

The seats - JAL has the Apex Suite for their business class seats laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration. Despite the dense abreast layout, these seats are very comfortable for lounging, and sleeping and all business class seats have direct aisle access.

The JAL First Class Lounge at Narita- Our Oneworld Emerald status gained us access to JAL First Class Lounge at Narita Airport. This lounge was recently remodeled and I love the minimalist, yet elegant design of the lounge. The main lounge, bar, showers, and smoking room are downstairs, while the dining area is upstairs. There are plenty of high quality food and beverage offerings are this lounge, which makes it one of my favorites in the world!

What I didn’t like:

The IFE - The IFE offered plenty of content, but I just wasn't a fan of having the browse through all the content using the tiny remote instead of the big screen.

Warm Cabin - JAL is notorious for bringing up the heater during the flight (flying sauna anyone?). Sadly this flight was a bit too warm for my liking.

No personal air nozzles - Sadly another pet peeve of mine is an aircraft's lack of personal air nozzles, to help cool down the cabin when trying to sleep. None can be found on this aircraft unfortunately.

It’s fine...

The Amenities – JAL does not do pajamas in business class, but they do offer slippers and loaner cardigans. The Sony noise canceling headphones is not the best, but sound quality was acceptable. The Maison Kitsune amenity kit was a bit basic though. The lavatories are on the small-side, though spotlessly clean with Toto washlets!

Overall impression:

I love Japan Airlines! This is the first time I've flown on one of their 787 with the Apex suites, and I'm really a fan. The Apex suite seats are one of best business class seats in the industry. This is even better than the 777-300ER, since the seating configuration is less dense on this plane.

Great great flight with amazing food, charming service, and comfortable seats! But next time, try to go easy on the heater... :)

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Japan Airlines JAL Sky Suite Business Class Boeing 767 Manila to Tokyo 日本航空ビジネスクラス マニラ=東京成田

Check out the blog for the full review:

Overall Impression: Overall, I thought this flight was very good. For a 4 hour flight, the seat was quite comfortable, and so was the bed. The included amenities were also sufficient. Where I feel JAL really stands out from the rest is the food. The in-flight meal was absolutely delicious! The presentation and food quality were also very much en pointe. The beverage selection was also pretty extensive. The IFE selection was pretty good with plenty of content to keep you occupied. My only real complaint is the cabin temperature. It literally felt like we were in a flying sauna, and it was impossible to even take a short nap, because it was too hot! The other downside was the lack of a pre-departure beverage service, which may or may not be a problem to some passengers. I would give this flight a good 7 out of 10.

Clouds by Joakim Karud
Joakim Karud -

Japan Airlines Business Class 787 Dreamliner Tokyo Haneda to Beijing 日本航空ビジネスクラス 東京 羽田 - 北京

For the full review, please visit my blog:

Overall, I give this flight a good 8 out of 10. The seats weren’t the best, and the abbreviated meal service was sort of a letdown. Although I do realize that this a short flight, and the efficient crew more than made up for what’s lacking.

Japan Airlines First Class Suites - JFK to NRT

This video hosted by Jayme Drummond (Carioca NoMundo) with subtitles in English - shows the experience on Japan Airlines First Class from JFK to Narita Airport in Tokyo. The flight duration on the the Boeing 777-300 is approximately 14h30min. Japan Airlines, a One World member, is the most well know Japanese airlines and it's fist class is a true luxury experience. They provide both Japanese and Western menus, a huge selection of wines, spirits and sakes. Pijamas, amenities and a proper bed turn down service are provided during the flight. The open suite full flat seats turn into a large bed and the flight attendant offer 2 options of mattress - soft and hard - according the passengers request. Called airwave system - apparently the same developed by NASA - this was one of the top things I had experience on this flight review. Hope you enjoy this video, subscribe and join Carioca NoMundo airlines and hotels Youtube channel. Flight number JAL05.

Este vídeo apresentado por Jayme Drummond - Carioca NoMundo - mostra a experiência a bordo da Primeira Classe da Japan Airlines do JFK para o Aeroporto de Narita, em Tóquio. A duração do voo no Boeing 777-300 é a aproximadamente 14h30min. A JAL é uma companhia aérea membro da One World e uma das mais renovadas cias japonesas. O voo em Primeira Classe a bordo do 777 é uma verdadeira experiência de luxo. Existe a opção de menu japonês, ocidental, uma extensa carta de vinhos além de sakês. Pijamas de algodão, amenities e um incrível serviço de preparar a cama antes de você dormir. As poltronas das suites de primeira classe reclinam 180o e ao preparar a cama, as comissárias oferecem dois tipos de colchão: um mais macio e outro mais rígido. Este sistema de colchão duplo é chamado Airwave e foi aparentemente desenvolvido pela NASA. Com certeza esta foi um dos pontos altos na avaliação deste voo. Espero curtam o vídeo, inscrevam-se no canal Carioca NoMundo aqui no Youtube e acompanhem minhas aventuras em aviões e hotéis pelo mundo!

JAPAN AIRLINES 5-star service! Business Class Flight Review: JL88 Guangzhou to Tokyo CAN-HND

Japan Airlines is a world's 5-star airline, even on a 3 hour 16 minute flight JL88 from Guangzhou to Tokyo, onboard the Boeing 787-8 (JA839J).

From boarding all the way till the end of the flight, Japan Airlines employees are most service-oriented - even a slight delay to my boarding during the boarding pass check, two JAL employees bowed down to me in apology! Inflight, the Japan Airlines cabin crew really ensured that I am well looked after, and were very attentive throughout the flight - a true showcase of omotenashi - the art of Japanese hospitality!

Aside from the service, I truly loved the high level of privacy in the suite-like Sky Suite Business Class - window seats even offer a private aisle access.

Did I mention the East-West fusion menu? It was so delectable!

Just amazing service and inflight products. Japan Airlines truly deserve its 5 star rating from Skytrax.

Thank you for watching this Japan Airlines flight review on FlightTravels.

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JAL BUSINESS CLASS | #34 TRIP REPORT | Japan Airlines | Hanoi - Tokyo Narita | Boeing 787

Flight Information:
Flight Number : JL 752 HAN - NRT
Route : Hanoi - Tokyo Narita
Dep : 00:07 (GMT +7)
Arr : 07:02 (GMT +9)
Aircraft : Boeing 787-9
Registration :JA864J


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Japan Airlines 787 BUSINESS Review from Taipei to Tokyo

Japan Airlines 787-8 Business Class Review from Taipei to Tokyo Narita with the best catering out of Taipei!



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Airline: Japan Airlines, JAL
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Aircraft registration: JA828J
Flight date: November 6th, 2019
Route: Taipei - Tokyo Narita
Flight numbers: JL802
Seat: 3K
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BKK - NRT JAL Business Class Flight - Japan Airlines

A New Video - BKK - NRT JAL Business Class Flight - Japan Airlines

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ANA Business Class 777 Tokyo Narita to New York JFK

Another excellent flight with All Nippon Airways. ANA''s catering has always been outstanding. Food are all plated beautifully with an extensive selection of sake, shochu, Japanese tea to choose from. I didn't interact much with the crew on this flight as I had on my flight to Narita but the service remained pleasant professional and proactive. On this flight, I did get a true window seat and the privacy feels more like akin to a suite. You simply can't go wrong with choosing ANA or JAL.

Japan Airlines Business Class 787-9 JAL Sky Suite III | Luxury Aviator

This is a Flight Experience Review of Japan Airlines 787-9 Business Cabin from Tokyo (NRT) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) featuring their Business Class cabin, Seat, Service, and Food.

Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9 Business Class Experience on JL723 from Tokyo-Narita Airport to Kuala Lumpur Airport.

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JAL SKY SUITE Business Class (Chicago - Tokyo) ft. American Airlines Flagship Lounge

This flight review features Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Sky Suite from Chicago O'Hare (ORD) to Tokyo-Narita (NRT). Does JAL worth 5 stars?? How good is Apex Suite design?

*Disclaimer: All ratings in the video are based on my personal flight experience only.

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Airline: Japan Airlines
Flight Number: JL61
Route: LAX-NRT
Class: Business Class
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: JA733J
Delivered: June 2005
Flight Duration: 11 hours 35 minutes
Distance: 5,451 Miles

Overall Impression:
Irasshaimase! Come join me and let's fly Japan Airlines Business Class to Tokyo!

Japan Airlines (JAL) is one of my favorite airlines, as I love anything Japan. JAL's Boeing 777-300ER flight from LAX-NRT offers 4 classes of service ranging from First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class. There are 49 seats in business class configured in a 2-3-2 staggered layout. All seats have direct aisle access, and turn into a full flat bed. Onboard service was excellent. Although I felt that there was a slight language barrier, as the flight attendants working our aisle were a bit reserved to us, but not to other Japanese passengers. The food was amazing! I was a bit iffy about the catering from LAX, but our meals were delicious and beautifully presented. Overall I think JAL offers a solid business class product. The seats are comfortable, service very good, and food pure awesomeness! Now, if only they can fit their planes with air nozzles!

What I liked:
Qantas First Class Lounge at LAX - We got access to the Qantas First Class Lounge via our Oneworld Emerald Status. This is my favorite lounge at LAX. There's plenty of food and beverage options including a sit down restaurant with made to order food and a full bar inside the lounge. There's also plenty of seating to lounge and relax before the flight.

The Seats - I like the JAL Sky Suite product on the Boeing 777-300ER. The seat offer plenty of space, privacy, comfort for the 11.5 hour flight to Japan. The configuration is 2-3-2, but the staggered layout helps give passengers more room and privacy. All business class seats including the middle seat offer direct aisle access. My only complaint, is the seat width is a little on the narrow side, so bigger folks beware.

The Food - JAL calls its First and Business Class menu offerings BEDD, Sky Auberge, Your exclusive restaurant in the sky, and it really is. Onboard catering was excellent, especially if you like Japanese food. I ordered the Japanese meal for the first meal, and it was very colorful and nicely presented. Most of all it tasted amazing! My companion opted for the western set, and it was also nicely plated and he said it was delicious! After the first meal, JAL offers a dine-on-demand concept, where you can order any item from the anytime menu. Mid-flight, I had the JAL healthy ramen (vegetarian), while my companion ordered the mapo tofu bowl (vegetarian) along with a cup of ice cream for a snack. Both snack items were very filling and tasty! If the snacks don't fill you up, there's also an onboard snackbar with light snacks, wine, bottled waters, and magazines if you get bored. 2 hours before landing, I ordered the bacon, ham, and egg burrito set, while my companion ordered the Japanese set, which was steamed fish, miso soup, rice, and pickles. Needless to say, companion and I were both very pleased (and full!) with all our onboard meals on this flight.

The Onboard Service - The flight attendants delivered excellent and polished service during the flight. Though I believe they were a bit reserved because of the language barrier, I still think the crew was well-intentioned and very eager to please. Pre-departure beverage service with hot towels were offered. I was also proactively offered drink refills and the crew always responded to my please and thank yous. The flight attendants also regularly checked on passengers if they needed anything during the flight.

What I didn't like:
The IFE - This plane uses JAL's Magic V Entertainment system. There was a good number of  movies, TV programs, and Audio content, and even some games, but I am not a fan of having to navigate through all the content with just the touchscreen on the small remote. There is also a pretty basic moving map, which can be viewed on the IFE monitor.

The Cabin Temperature - JAL is notorious for having a very warm cabin which is not everyone's cup of tea. I personally like a cooler cabin, which more conducive to sleep. Sadly, this flight was a bit to warm for me. Also, the lack of personal air vents did not help get the cabin cool.

It was OK...I guess:
The Airplane - The Boeing 777-300ER is the workhorse for a lot of airlines because of its range, capacity, and most importantly its fuel consumption. However, with the release of the 787 Dreamliner, and Airbus A350, I feel that the airplane is past its prime. This aircraft is 14 years old, as it was delivered in 2005, but it was well maintained and kept very clean by the crew.


JAPAN AIRLINES JAL Business Class - HND-SFO- JL 2 - Beoing 777-300ER

Flight number : JL 2
Seat : 8A and 8B
Route : Haneda to San Francisco
Flight date : November 6, 2018

In this video, we are traveling from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to San Francisco on Japan Airlines flight JL 2. Also we've added a special footage of shots of Silicon Valley from the sky.

Hope you all enjoy the video!

Photos and Videos taken with Pixel 3XL and PIxel 2.

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**Lounge Experiences :
Swiss FIRST Lounge in Zurich -
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#JapanAirlines #JalBusinessClass #JapanAirlinesBusinessClass

Vlog #8 | SCANDAL on JAL Business Class from SHANGHAI to TOKYO

Leg 5 into our epic round the world tour, we are kicking off to Tokyo Japan in style flying BUSINESS class on Japan Airlines, featuring the latest retrofitted sky suite seats. These seats were so comfortable and massive, you could squeeze both of us on a single seat and still have space to spare!

The best part about flying this short haul flight was that it was for FREE! (Well, it was redeemed with points/miles actually, but still equally awesome to fly without paying cash).

In our usual explore as we go fashion, we always have exciting encounters that only happens to us. Bernard found shards of glass in his meal! Gasps!

Watch more to see what happens...

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