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How likely are coronavirus transmissions during flights? | COVID-19 Special


What to Expect When Traveling During COVID-19 | Safety Tips for Coronavirus Travel

What it's like to travel during COVID. Safety tips for Coronavirus Travel during a pandemic. The steps we took on the flight, before travel and at our destination for COVID-19 Travel. How to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus Travel.
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↠See Air Canada's Full safety precautions they are taking on board:

What you'll see in this video:
Our COVID-19 Test
Social Distancing
At the Airport
On the Plane
At the Resort
On the Island
Doing Exursions
The return Home
14 days quarantine
Government Check-ins

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Not everyone is ready to travel again, and not every country is welcoming travelers. But some destinations like Saint Lucia are open and are ready to welcome visitors. It is possible to travel safely if you take a few precautions at home before you fly, while on the plane and at the resort.
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We took a COVID Test before flying and continued to social distance before our flight.
On the plane, we did not sit beside anyone, we wiped down our seats and sanitized our hands.
We never took our masks off except to eat and we social distanced.
Saint Lucia has very strict rules for travel, and we followed all protocols while on the island.

We also made sure to purchase COVID 19 Insurance before flying with Medipac travel insurance.

While we don’t recommend jumping on a plane and traveling the globe we do feel that if you are committed to traveling responsibly and are willing to take all the precautions to keep yourself and others safe, there is no reason you can’t get on a plane and have a vacation.

What it is like on the flight and at the Airport during COVID19.

Flying is a completely different experience right now. Only passengers with boarding passes are allowed in the terminal.

Temperatures are taken before boarding and since we were flying to Saint Lucia and a negative test is a requirement, we had to show our paperwork before check-in.

One the island we wore masks, had private tours, could only stay at government approved hotels, and could only take government approved transportation and tours. Everyone had training and safety protocols for Coronavirus.

When we returned home we had a mandatory 14 day quarantine and could not step foot off our property.
We checked in daily with the government and had food delivered.

Travel is possible during COVID 19 if you take all the necessary safety steps.

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What It's REALLY Like Flying During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed everything, and that includes how we fly. Let us show you exactly what it's like flying during the pandemic.

From buying a ticket to boarding the plane to the drink-and-snack service onboard and even who's sitting next to you, airlines have made drastic changes - and just what you'll find onboard will depend on which airline you fly. Airports are different, too, as shops and restaurants (and even airport lounges) have limited hours or closed down altogether. It all adds up to an almost unrecognizable travel experience.

We recently took a trip from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Washington, D.C. (DCA) and back to document the flying experience today. And we flew two different airlines, American and Delta, to show just how much it differs based on which airline you choose.

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From masks to cleaning, how U.S. airlines are handling coronavirus:

Delta's making a big bet on safety. Will it pay off?:

American Airlines will sell flights 100% full starting July 1:


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Coronavirus Travel Accessories & Tips For Traveling During COVID-19

Coronavirus has had a massive impact on the travel industry, and there’s no denying it’s going to change the way we travel. In this video, we share tips for traveling during COVID-19 along with some travel accessories. View The Blog Post:

Disclaimer: Regulations and recommendations are constantly changing. We are not medical professionals, so please do not take this as professional medical advice. We recommend that you do your own research and listen to experts to keep you (and those around you) healthy.

0:00 - Intro
1:20 - Face Mask
4:00 - Pen
5:31 - Water Bottle
7:47 - Hand Sanitizer
9:40 - Heroclip
10:31 - Smartphone
12:28 - Disinfectant Wipes
13:04 - Glasses
14:18 - Snacks & Containers
15:24 - Sling Bag

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Flying to Hawaii during Coronavirus | Jordan's 8 Lessons Learned Flying Home to Maui, 19-June-2020

Want to see what it's like to fly to Hawaii during the pandemic? I learned 8 things to keep the flight safe during COVID-19.

Flying to Hawaii will never be the same for your Hawaii vacation. While the airline workers are keeping the planes and airports clean, learn how to fly comfortably during the pandemic.

Jordan has started his 14-day quarantine per the Governor's orders since he arrived on June 19th. Once the quarantine is lifted, fly with confidence to Hawaii so you don't spread the virus and you have a healthy time in the Aloha State.

After I had to go to the mainland to fly my dad home, I flew home from San Francisco International Airport (SFO0 to Honolulu Airport (HNL) to Kahului Airport (OGG, Maui).

We did not want to fly but we had to get my dad home. So, we took precautions like wiping down our seats, tables, everything. We washed our hands regularly and the mask never came off.

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8 Tips to Fly to Hawaii during COVID-19 Pandemic:
03:00 Tip #1: Wear a comfortable mask
04:09 Tip #2: Sit close to the exit to avoid lines on arrival
04:15 Tip #3: Bring antiseptic wipes
04:33 Tip #4: You can complete your COVID-19 tracking paperwork before or on the flight
05:08 Tip #5: Bring food and drinks as service is limited for safety
05:28 Tip #6: Sit by the window
05:39: Tip #7: Turn on the air vent
07:32 Tip #8: Find the airport outdoor areas

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Factors limiting COVID-19 transmission on flights

Flying During COVID-19 | WebMD

Valerie is a professional traveler, but after her bout with the new coronavirus, she was nervous to get back on a plane. Here's what she did to feel safe traveling in the age of COVID-19.

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KLM Covid-19 measures on board and at the airport

KLM always puts the health and safety of customers and staff first. To keep flying with KLM as safe and smooth as possible, KLM has taken extra Covid-19 measures for all passenger journeys.

Get in touch with us:

This is KLM's official YouTube channel where we share an insight into our world. Fly with our pilots in the Cockpit Tales, experience KLM in 360 degrees, visit our beautiful KLM destinations, enjoy the adventures of KLM's mascot Bluey.

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Coronavirus: Flight safety tips during Covid-19 - BBC Travel Show (May 2020)

BBC Travel Show's Global Guru, Simon Calder, provides Rajan Datar with an update on when airline plans to ease industry lockdown, as well as offering expert coronavirus travel safety advice

Coronavirus: Flying in the age of Covid-19? - BBC Travel Show

Rajan Datar finds out what it will be like to get on a plane after the world finally emerges from lockdown, how New York’s famous yellow cabs are dealing with the new normal and why social distancing is not a problem at the usually packed ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Flying safe during COVID-19


COVID-19: The Air in a Plane

Coronavirus: Is it safe to fly now?

Air travel has been associated with the spread of new emerging viruses, both via importation of cases and through in-flight transmission. So can you get sick if you sit close to someone who is infected?

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Coronavirus in Context: Is It Safe to Fly? United Airlines' Response to COVID-19 | WebMD

WebMD Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Whyte speaks with Josh Earnest, Chief Communications Officer of United Airlines, about the safety of flying and United Airline's response to COVID-19.

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United — Your risk of exposure to COVID-19 on an airplane? Almost non-existent.

The results are in: Your risk of exposure to COVID-19 is almost non-existent on our flights (yes, even when every seat is occupied).

The U.S. Department of Defense used robotic mannequins and biodefense sensors to conduct airflow tests onboard our aircraft, ultimately concluding that on average only 0.003% of infected air particles could enter your breathing zone when seated and wearing a mask.

Learn more about the study here:

United's shared purpose is Connecting People. Uniting the World. Every day, we help unite the world by connecting people to the moments that matter most. This shared purpose drives us to be the best airline for our employees, customers and everyone we serve.

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My Flight From USA To UK During The COVID-19 Outbreak | Curly Tales

Curly Tales Contributor @humaiqbal shared her flight experience from Houston to London during the COVID-19 Outbreak. Huma shared her experience of entering a ghosted airport to no security lines, food court staff not wearing gloves along with the sanitation facilities provided inside, and the necessary precautions carried out by the airport staff. It might not be safe to travel during the times of COVID-19 and hence it's best to stay home and stay safe.

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I recently took my first flights during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. I flew from Los Angeles to New Jersey and back to visit family. I was a little nervous about flying, especially with coronavirus cases rising in the U.S., but as you will see, I took certain precautions and I give you a few tips so if you do fly, you can do it as safely as possible. I think the airports and the airlines did several things right but there were some areas that need improvement. I hope this video is helpful to you!

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What is the risk of contracting COVID-19 on a flight?

My First Flight During Corona Virus Situation (Covid-19)

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This is my first flight experience during the COVID_19 and traveling restrictions. I flew from Lahore in Pakistan to Karachi in Pakistan with Serene Air which is a local airline. It was a domestic flight in Pakistan and I have recorded my experience to share with you. I want to show you how the airport procedures have changed for future travel scenarios.

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Night Out by LiQWYD
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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PACKING DURING CORONAVIRUS // Our precautions for air travel during Covid 19

This video is for anyone looking for suggestions on packing during Coronavirus. While Europe has opened up for tourism and we'll be traveling within the EU, there are still serious precautions to take. We are very thoughtful about our actions and we stay mostly isolated.

ONLY travel if you are allowed, if it makes sense, and you can stay safe and keep others safe.

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What is it like flying Aer Lingus during COVID-19?

What is it like flying again with Aer Lingus during COVID-19? What is it like to travel during coronavirus? First flight from Paris CDG to Dublin. July 2020. This Aer Lingus video was shot on July 2nd on Aer Lingus' first flight from Paris CDG to Dublin during covid-19. In the video you can see the new safety restrictions.
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