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Dominican Republic's Hidden Gems


Dominican Republic's Hidden Gems

Let me share with you some of my hidden gems of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic - 10 Best Places

Expensive hotels, busy beaches and dull holiday resorts? ---- NO, thanks! The Dominican Repbublic has SO MUCH MORE to offer.

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Santo Domingo, DR: The Caribbean's Hidden Gem

Most visitors to the Dominican Republic head straight to the coast, to Punta Cana, but the DR’s charming capital has plenty of things on offer too. There are so many reasons to add Santo Domingo to your Caribbean travel bucket list from its beautiful Parque Colon (the city's main square) and the Cathedral Santa Maria la Menor (literally the oldest church in ALL of the Americas) to its countless cigar factories (where you watch them get made first-hand) to the Mercado Modelo, filled to the brim with local delicacies like cinnamon and Mama Juana - the speciality rum drink local adore. Here's my guide to enjoying this off the radar Caribbean city in under 36 hours. Hope you enjoy!

Want to learn more about Santo Domingo or wanderlust a little more? Then check out my blog post too:



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Sosua and Cabarete Dominican Republic Update April 20, 2020, Current situation on the street, on the beach and a slide show from better times. This week: Curfew and Quarantine restrictions tighten due to coronavirus, streets and beaches mostly empty, ocean off limits, masks now mandatory in public, President Danilo Medina speaks with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and addresses pueblo.

More than 40,000 detained in last month due to curfew violations: According to the National Police report, that first night 1,714 citizens were arrested; 2,102 the following day (March 21); 1,911 (March 22); 1,359 (March 23); 1,320 (March 24); 1,480 (March 25); 1,218 (March 26).

After pressure from various sectors, both political and social, demanding the extension of the curfew, the president decided that as of Friday, March 27, the measure would start at five in the afternoon. That day 2,481 people were arrested.

The following Saturday, 2,404 were arrested; 1,918 (March 29); 1,610 (March 30); 1,548 (March 31); 1,454 (April 1); 1,649, Friday April 2.

April 3 Medina was supposed to end the curfew in accordance with the mandate, but the president issued another decree extending the provision for 15 days.

In that first stage of the measure’s implementation, a total of 24,168 people were detained.

On April 3, the second period of the government disposition began, which maintained the same schedule from five in the afternoon to six in the morning. That first day 1,443 citizens were arrested.

The following day they detained 1,204; 1,428 (April 5); 1,070 (April 6); 1,105 (April 7); 1,213 (April 8); 1,238 people (April 9); 1,248 (April 10); 1,417 (April 11); 1,160 (April 12).

Thereafter, the first three days with less than 1,000 detainees were recorded consecutively. Between April 13 and 15, 938, 943 and 901 citizens were arrested, respectively.

On the 16th and 17th of that same month, 1,121 people and 1,111, respectively, were arrested.

In this second stage, a total of 17,539 people were detained. Less than in the first stage. In total 41,707 citizens have been detained since March 20 to date.

A third stage began on Saturday, announced by decree last Friday. Despite the rumors that this time the curfew would be up to 24 hours a day, it will, in fact, continue with the same hours from five in the afternoon to six in the morning. A curfew is a measure that a government establishes in exceptional situations to limit free movement on the streets and permanence in public spaces.

The person who violates that provision may be detained by the authorities and taken to a barracks or detachment. Normally these measures are taken in circumstances of wars, natural disasters or circumstances that could end in conflicts or revolutions.

Free movement on the streets and permanence in public spaces are fundamental rights of the people, enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic. The only way to curtail that right is as the president has done after the National Congress approved the state of emergency throughout the country.

The curfew is dealt with broadly in Law 21-18 on the Regulation of States of Exception, which was established in order to manage the exercise of the extraordinary powers granted to the authorities during one of these special situations, to guarantee the protection of the fundamental rights of citizens.

Normally these measures are taken in circumstances of wars, natural disasters or circumstances that could end in conflicts or revolutions.

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Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas on Monday warned that the country is not ready at this time to begin dismantling the social distancing measures to slow the advance of coronavirus.

The official said he hopes to be able to offer next week a first approximation of when the country will be able to return to normal, based on data from the estimation of the behavior of the virus in the country.
“If we do international comparisons we can get an idea of ​​where our country is moving (regarding Covid-19) and that we aren’t in the worst situation when we see the international scale.”

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Top 10 Best Place To Visit in Dominican Republic

The top 10 adventures to take while in Dominican Republic.
If you’re in the mood for a Caribbean holiday, the Dominican Republic is the place to go. It shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti in the Greater Antilles. The island is where Christopher Columbus made his first stop in the New World in 1492 and which later became the first capital of the Spanish empire in the Americas. You’ll find plenty of evidence of the country’s Spanish heritage. Today, however, people visit the Dominican Republic for its beautiful sandy beaches, clear waters and water sports activities. Off-shore activities include deep sea fishing and whale watching. There’s really not any good reason for you to stay home after you’ve seen these best places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

There's really not any good reason for you to stay home after you've seen these best places to visit in the Dominican Republic. Las Terrenas. Jarabacoa. Playa Rincon. El Limon Waterfall. Santo Domingo. Cabarete. Samana. Bayahibe.

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Embrace yourself for a fantastic experience of the best Caribbean beaches if you are planning to visit the Dominican Republic. We rented a private luxury beach villa in Las Terrenas and you will be absolutely amazed by what you will see. Pure luxury and bliss, an amazing experience with a bunch of friends in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

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Retire In Cabrera Dominican Republic - Retire In Caribbean - Cabrera Expat Favorite

Expats choose to retire in Cabrera Dominican Republic for a lot of different reasons. This is the first Cabrera video on our tour or North Coast towns that expats choose for retirement. We will try to show you just a few of the reasons that so many Americans, Canadians and Europeans end up in Cabrera after checking out many of the places to retire in the Caribbean.

Many consider the region right around Cabrera to be some of the most beautiful scenery in the Dominican Republic. Cabrera is flanked by the mountain ridges to the south and the jagged Atlantic coast to the North. To most people, Cabrera is a hidden gem that they have never heard of. Why? Because Cabrera is not the typical little tourist town like most people see when they come on vacation to the tropics. Techncally speaking, Cabrera is not a beach town at all because it sits perched on rocky ocean cliffs. But it is surrounded on both sides by some of the most beautiful and natural beaches in the Caribbean. We show you a few in the video and there are a few more secret spots you will have to find on your own.

On our frequent Discovery Tours we guide to see the parts of the North Coast that make sense for you and your family. We help you find that perfect vacation home or home to retire full time. We help you meet others that have come to live in the Caribbean before you. We help keep you focused and in some ways help keep you on track to your goals of living the good life away from the icy winters, away from shoveling snow, away from high heating bills, away from high property taxes and even away from unhealthy processed foods.

Check out our website for full details about our Discovery Tour.

Dominican Republic- The Best Beaches

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10 Top Tourist Attractions Places To Visit In Dominican Republic|Best Tourist Destinations To Travel

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Places To Visit In Dominican Republic|Best Tourist Destinations To Travel


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Firstly, lets start off with what Dominica isn't. It's not the Dominican Republic and it's not your cliché Caribbean island. Consider it Costa Rica of the Caribbean, at least in my eyes. There is no other island in this sector that remotely resembles the sheer topography wow factor that Dominica possesses. This mountainous paradise is mostly volcanic and has very few manicured beaches therefore tourism has developed rather slowly. It has a dense rain forest, freshwater lakes, hot springs and jaw dropping waterfalls - I'm talkin' national geographic status! I managed to capture some shaky amateurish video of an uncharted black sand beach not even the locals or taxi drivers know about. We tend, I think, to romanticize poverty when it's surrounded by natural beauty. It's a country that's proud of it's indigenous population, its lifestyle make its people some of the happiest in the world from what I gather. Barely scraping by on banana, aloe and soap exports this impoverished country welcomes the true eco-tourists who come to gape. Despite Dominica being a very underdeveloped island not always preferable for the average traveler, I do plan on revisiting to spend more time exploring the hidden gems for your post viewing pleasure.

Hidden Gems of Dominican Republic: Part 2

Every year, 6 million people visit the Dominican Republic, and about 2 million of those come from the United States. The reasons why they come are pretty obvious. First, it’s connectivity. Just about every U.S. airline flies here. The second—just as obvious—the sun, great beaches and a large number of all-inclusives with a wide variety of price packages.

Here’s the problem. Most visitors never see the Dominican Republic. They never leave the hotels. If you’re looking for a truly great experience, bathed in rich culture and amazing history, you’ve got to sneak away from the resorts, even if it’s only for a few hours a day. If you’re willing to do that, let me share with you some more of my hidden gems of the Dominican Republic.

3 Hidden Gems in the Southwest | Go Dominican Republic

Seeking unexplored terrain, incredible wildlife and picturesque scenery? From saltwater lagoons and flamingos in Jaragua National Park to valleys in Pedernales, the southwest region is full of hidden gems.

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Dominican Republic Part 2| Peter Greenberg x Go Dominican Republic

Looking for a truly unforgettable Dominican experience? According to travel expert Peter Greenberg, the real magic happens when you get off the resort and connect with locals! From catching a baseball game to surfing at Macao Beach, the options are endless. Check out more in his two-part series, “Discovering the Hidden Gems of Dominican Republic”. What activity are you most excited to partake in on your next trip? Share below.

Playa Ricon, Dominican Republic's Hidden Gem

Imagine arriving at the outermost area of the Samana peninsula and stepping foot on a beach so secluded that not even the natives have actually visited. This is a travelers dream to stumble upon a hidden gem, to find somewhere that is beautiful yet undiscovered. So many places we visit as travelers are well and truly on the well-trodden path, which often means that they are overcrowded and busy.
That is why I was so delighted to discover Playa Rincon, a spectacular beach located on the Samana Peninsula of the Dominican Republic. This beach is jaw-droppingly beautiful, yet somehow remains unspoiled and largely undiscovered.
It is perhaps not totally unsurprising that Playa Rincon has not been a victim of tourist hordes, because it is not easy to access. Getting there takes a little bit of organization and bravery – however you will be rewarded, I promise.

Getting to Playa Rincon.
Getting here is part of the adventure. There are a few ways to reach Playa Rincon, but the most popular and easiest is to get a ferry or boat from La Galeras. The ride takes about half an hour, and most people leave at about 9am, returning at around 4pm. This will give you a whole day to enjoy the beautiful beach.

You can also get there by car, either by taking a taxi from Las Galeras, hiring a local guide, or by renting your own car. Its about 34.4 kilometers from Samana and the road to the beach is marked with a big sign. You can stop and ask for directions if you feel lost, locals are very nice and will help to point the way! Be aware, however, that the road is very bumpy! The last section of road, in particular, has many potholes so make sure your vehicle has a decent suspension.
At The Beach
This beach is what tropical vacation dreams are made of – a huge 3km stretch of pristine beach, with soft white sand and turquoise blue waters. The size of Playa Rincon means you are certain to have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the beach away from other beachgoers. You may even be the only ones there!
The Perfect Spot
At the end of two mile long Playa Rincón, you will arrive at Caño Frio, a beautiful freshwater river that descends from the mountains and flows into the ocean. The water from this river is so refreshing and sweet perfect to rinse off the salt water.

You can hop on some of the locals small boats that are available or walk the trail for a short ride upstream, where you can enjoy the lush tropical forest and surroundings.
Up the river you can find young local kids swinging from trees into the crystal clear water.

The east end of the beach is particularly good for swimming, as it is more sheltered. If you get hungry, there are a few local restaurants right on the beach that will serve you lobster and fish in coconut sauce with rice, and cold drinks.

I hope you get to discover this hidden gem! Write a comment below and let me know if you would spend most of your time in the river or the ocean.

Hidden Gems of the Dominican Republic | A Rainy Day | Fruit & Vegetable Peddler

Dominican Republic Culture
Just a short clip depicting a typical Santo Domingo afternoon during the rain. The vendor is selling Vegetable and Fruits to local neighbors. Just a taste of Dominican culture. Disfruta!!!

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Hidden Tropical Paradise in Dominican Republic | 77 | Beau and Brandy Sailing

Tropical Paradise in Dominican Republic | 77 | Beau and Brandy Sailing

We finally get to go where the locals go here in Barahona, Dominican Republic. We take a taxi to Playa San Rafael, but our driver made a little shortcut to TROPICAL PARADISE. I hidden little gem near the beach. Here in Playa San Rafael, the river meets the ocean.

We were able to experience our first pebble beach and searched for larimar, a gemstone, that you can only find in the Dominican Republic.

On our way back to the anchorage, we stop at the small larimar museum and pick up a bracelet for Brandy.

We get a weather window to leave Barahona and head to our next anchorage, Boca Chica. Once we arrived into Boca Chica, we were surprised to find out that we were not able to anchor ANYWHERE in Boca Chica. So we had to go to the dock, for the first time since we left the states.

We took advantage of the situation, edited videos, filled up water, did laundry and went to the market. We head out pretty quickly, since docks are really not in our budget. We had a pretty weather window and even though we wanted to stop a couple more places... finally make way for Puerto Rico.

We check out and got our International Despacho for Puerto Rico, and we had to have a drug dog come onboard to finish the check out process. We pushed off the docks and said our goodbyes to the Dominican Republic. And set our sights and compass on Puerto Rico

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Dominican Republic Vacation Guide - Southwest Coast

#ThingsToDoInDominicanRepublic #Barahona #DominicanRepublicTips #DominicanVacation

Dominican Republic Southwestern Coast Road Trip

Dominican Republic is known for its more famous areas like Punta Cana, La Romana and Samana. But today I’ll tell you about the hidden gems along the south western coast. Here are 10 tips and cool things to do and see.

1. Visit the Dunas de Bani. This part of the Dominican Republic is considered a subtropical desert and this place certainly gives you those vibes. Cacti and sand everywhere. What makes this spot amazing is that there is this huge sand dune that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. It gives you the opportunity to have the best of two worlds, a beach and a desert. You have to pay a small entrence fee to get into the park but its well worth it. Theres even an observation deck so that you can get some shade a great view before you make your trek out there.
2. While in Bani you need to try the mangos. These mangos are legendary and for godo reason. You can get them anywhere in the region, just pull over on the side of the road and buy them off of a any vendor you see. You’re welcome.
3. Stop by San Rafael and take a dip. These waters a really choppy but mad fun so take a dip. There are a few restaurants there if you’re hungry. This is a local’s beach so it feels authentic.
4. If you want to go somewhere unique checkout Los Patos. This is where a cold river meets the beach. The water is so cold here so it will be nice and refreshing on a hot day. They also serve food here if you’re hungry so bring that appetite. The beach here was a little choppy when I went so take a dip but be careful.
5. Checkout the windmills all along the coast of Barahona and Pedernales. Sure windmills might not be something too special but they’re really pretty in the right context. When you see them along the coastline they really complement the environment. They’re a beautiful sight to see.
6. Checkout Bahia de las Aguilas. This would most likely be your destination if you’re driving along the southwest anyway. A virgin beach in the Caribbean is magical. For the most part you’ll be along on the beach. This is a 5 hour nonstop drive from Santo Domingo so many people simply don’t come here. But those who do aren’t disappointed. There aren’t any places where you can buy anything to eat or drink so you’ll have to bring anything that you want to consume. Buy a disposable cooler and fill it with rum, water, beer and food.
7. Make sometimes you can go over an hour without seeing a gas station so make sure that you’re always at about 1/2 a tank so that you aren’t left stranded.
8. Also make sure to have a least 5,000 pesos ($100) dollars in cash on you at all times for places that don’t take cards. Some gas stations and rest stops only take cash.
9. Do not drive at night, not because of violence but because its just really dangerous. At night the roads are dangerous because there aren’t many lights, the roads are whinny and livestock can come out of nowhere. So please save the driving for day light. Plan your trip accordingly and make sure you schedule things correctly. The best thing to do is to break this trip up into a two day drive to make sure you’re not rushed.
10. Here is an honorable mention: Visit el Polo. Some crazy shit happens here. This is what is a called a magnetic pole, what you do is pull up at the bottom of the hill and put your car in neutral and watch it get pull up the hill via the hill’s magnetic force. It’s insane! Actually its just an optical illusion but its still a cool thing to see.

There are a ton more cool things to see along the southeast but this is all I personally had time for. If i missed something that you liked please put it in the comment section so that I can check it out the next time I’m there. Thanks for watching, see you next time.

Why The Dominican Republic is Safer Now Than Ever

Travel agent Brandon Smith of 417 Travel shares his experience in the Dominican Republic and how he believes the DR is safer now than ever.

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Finally had the time to go through all my footage of the Dominican Republic and put together this compilation of all my adventures in the island. I discovered so many hidden gems that I never imagined existed in DR, from the Bay of Samana to Jarabacoa, Punta Cana, Barahona, Pedernales, Puerto Plata. So many virgen beaches like Fronton Beach and Bahia de las Aguilas, this little island truly has it all.

And the best part is that there are many places I still need to discover.

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???????? My Epic Journey Getting Veneers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic! | Puerto Plata | Sosua ????????

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