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Destination Chad


Destination Chad

Learn more about our member country Chad!

Zakouma National Park, Chad

On a continent plagued by rampant poaching, Zakouma National Park in Chad serves as a beacon of conservation hope. Discover the magic of its fauna and flora, the anti-poaching efforts that have contributed to the park’s turnaround and the influences of African, Arabic and nomadic cultures that have combined to make it a fascinating destination for intrepid, experiential travellers.



Places Visited: Kayangan Lake, Green Lagoon, Quin Reef, Las Islas De Coral, CYC Beach, Barracuda Lake, Smith Beach, Skeleton Wreck, Reef Garden, Twin Lagoon, Maquinit Hotspring, & Mt. Tapyas.

Music: Ride Home · Ben&Ben

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Locations: Atlanta, GA | Talladega National Forest, AL | Birmingham, AL | De Soto National Forest, MI | New Orleans, LA

We are finally back on the road and heading West! Before we reach the endless stretch of deserts, canyons, and mountains, we have to journey through the last bit of the Southeast. Our first destination in 2021 was New Orleans, where we were greeted with good food, good music, and a good time.

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Talladega National Forest, AL
5:02 Birmingham, AL
9:09 De Soto National Forest, MI
11:39 New Orleans, LA
18:05 Outro

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Amanpulo-The WHITEST SAND in the world! Palawan Philippines

Wonder what the Nicest and Most Expensive hotel in the Philippines looks like?

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Hey guys, we spent a week at the number 1 hotel in the Philippines, Amanpulo. The Philippines had been on our bucket list for some time and what better way to experience the Philippines then to stay at the number 1 hotel. If you've never heard of the Aman hotel brand, don't worry, it's not the largest of hotel groups with only 31 destinations around the world. The Aman is known for premier luxury that always immerses you in the local culture while giving you 5-star service. During our time at Amanpulo we explored the whitest beaches in the world, swam in some of the clearest water in the world, and had plenty of Aperol spritzes. We also went scuba diving, had a lunch at a private sand bar, swam around the cauayan (bamboo) bar, and finally got to fly to and from in the hotels own private plane. Aman is in the Palawan province of the Philippines, which is the southern archipelago of islands near el nido.

To be clear, this is NOT AN AD, we paid for this trip ourselves and everything we expressed is our own opinion.

Thanks for watching! You guys rock :) - Scott & Collette

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Absolutely Nowhere in CHAD

Only some 400 tourists visit Chad each year. If you want to step out of your life and disappear into a vast, stunning and varied landscape; if youd have a keen sense of adventure; don't mind 130 degree heat midday or winds blowing dust through your tent at night, then Chad is the place to go. This huge landlocked country covers 495,753 square miles. If the human population is approximately ten million, the cattle and camel population seems triple that number. Part one of thios clip features our vans traveling through the landscape, touching the Sahel, savannah, desert and Ennedi region. Part two highlights the pulse of Chad - its people, wildlife, rivers and markets. Timeless, colorful and dare I say quirky, I have never experienced anything like this place.
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Why I Don't Like This Country ????????

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While I constantly try to find the positives in every place I visit, there are few places that I just simply didn't enjoy.

The country of Brunei is one of them.

I went to Brunei back in 2014, three years before I made videos, but my negative experiences in the country have stuck in my mind ever since. That, combined with its absurd human rights laws such as stoning to death LGBT members, I was pushed to make this video.

Have you ever visited any countries that you didn't enjoy? Please share below, I'm curious to know.

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My name is Drew Binsky and I am going to all 197 countries in the world (planning to finish this 8 year mission in June 2020). I make daily travel videos about people, culture and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide, because our planet is beautiful!


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Beautiful Chad, Republic of Chad

Republic of Chad

Surviving and thriving in a Mexican jungle - La Venta Canyon, Chiapas

La Venta Canyon in a stunningly gorgeous destination in the pristine tropical wilderness of El Ocote Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, Mexico that hosts a vast biodiversity of over 2,000 plant and fungi species and 5,000 animals species, where the sound of tropical birds never ceases and fresh water springs forth from the tall rugged rocky cliffs. The river is full of various species of cichlids and catfish and at night the jungle lights up with fireflies dancing around the shore of the river.

On this trip I slowly make my way up the canyon observing the best of nature, drinking from springs, and identifying edible plants,... and um,.. eating insects too! I build a very, very simple shelter at night which protects me from the rain. Other than nearly getting hit by falling rock everything goes well.

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Snake Island Survival Adventure - Day 6: The World's Deadliest Tree

I explore the western shore from Carlos Rosario to Melones Beach and revisit the place where I once tasted the fruit of the world's most dangerous tree.

A Caribbean island experience like no other!
No crew, no cameraman, just me

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Exclusive Isla Culebra wall calendar:

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Moundou City Driving - Chad

Ride on a rainy sunday morning in Moundou - Tchad - September 2013

Snake Island Survival Adventure - Day 12: Holding Down the Fort

Sensing it will be a day of good weather I hike back to Zoni Beach to continue where I left off and am confronted by a storm that prompts me to hastily set up a temporary shelter, and then I spend the afternoon tending to my camp.

A Caribbean island experience like no other!
No crew, no cameraman, just me

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Exclusive Isla Culebra wall calendar:

Original Isla Culebra fine art:

Music Credits:

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Brethren, Arise by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Gary Roberts - Mission Pilot, Chad - Mission Stories

Gary Roberts shares mission stories from Africa and an appeal with the youth at Nairobi University SDA church. January 2012.

Note: I didn't plan to post this on youtube as the quality is not real good and doesn't meet my normal standards. But I want to make it available online because few have heard these stories from Africa.

The Chad Chronicles Day 255

Hollywood studios day and swimming and drinks

Chad & Laura 10th Anniversary Trip HQ


Amazing Hawaii Video | Traveling with Chad

Thinking about traveling to Hawaii? If so, check out the video!

Cher Ange Weddings - Jessica & Chad - Istana - Bali Wedding Destination

The Chad Chronicles Day 258

Magic Kingdom magic!

Best Places to Spot Manatees Near Orlando

We have all kinds of different seasons here in Central Florida. Hurricane season, love bug season, turtle nesting season, snow bird season, just to name a few.

When temperatures get colder between mid-November through March, it becomes one of my favorite seasons - manatee season.

But where are the best places to spot manatees near Orlando, outside the theme park bubble? Here's a list of some of our favorites.

#Manatees #Orlando

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Mirage in Republic of Chad

Francuskie odrzutowce Mirage na misji w Czadzie. Nie jestem twórcą filmu.
Muzyka: The Offspring The Kids Aren't Alright z albumu Americana (1998)

French jet planes Mirage in Chad. I'm not an author of this video.
Music: The Offspring The Kids aren't alright from their album Americana (1998)



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