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Dancing with the dead: Venezuelans turn to desperate measures to survive


Kite Surfing on crystal clear water in Venezuela. The perfect breeze! - Untie The Lines IV #71

Los Aves Sotavento is the western island group of the Los Aves Archipelago north off the Venezuelan mainland. The water is crystal clear and there is usually a stiff breeze of 20 to 25 knots which makes it a great kite surf spot.

The boys and Manu kited forth and back like crazy and Micha finally talked me into trying out some kite surfing after my first initial days of refusal due to being scared of possible injuries...

After our stop in Los Aves, we lift up anchor and sail upwind to The islands of Los Roques where we need to clear into Venezuela.

Enjoy & Ahoy,
Nike c/o SY Marlin

Occupy Tower: Living in the world’s tallest slum - the Tower of David

More films about homelessness:
An abandoned skyscraper in Caracas has become a shelter for many people with nowhere else to go. In less than 20 years, its residents created a fully-functioning ‘state inside the state’, with its own infrastructure, taxes and even an elected president. Despite the difficult living conditions, those moving out into proper apartments are nevertheless nostalgic about their experience of living in the 45-storey skyscraper.

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10 Things to Know About the Current State of Venezuela

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In recent weeks, the South American nation of Venezuela has been embroiled in a conflict that’s spilled onto the streets. But how did the nation get to this point?

1. It's Is Partly OPEC’s Fault
Up until recently, Venezuela wasn’t doing too bad as a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Then, OPEC produced too much oil and gas and the prices plummeted internationally.

2. Venezuela Needs Oil to Survive
He may be one heck of an oppressive socialist dictator, but Nicolás Maduro has no clue how to diversify an economy. And now that the oil cash is slowly drying up, The economy of Venezuela is tanking something fierce.

3. Venezuela’s Decline By the Numbers
Venezuela’s gross domestic product has dropped by one-third. Even worse, the citizens are seeing the brunt of that hardship, being forced to endure a thousand percent inflation.

4. Basic Goods Have Gone Missing
It’s increasingly difficult to import goods into the country. After all, if your currency is worthless, you have to spend way more money to get way less stuff. As a result, products like food, medicine, and other basics have essentially vanished from store shelves.

5. The Average Venezuelan Is Now Both Hungry and Poor
Some measurements put the number of poverty-stricken Venezuelan citizens in excess of 70 percent. Fortunately for Maduro (and unfortunately for Venezuela’s people), the country’s Supreme Court has overturned every legislative attempt by the opposition to set things right.

6. An Attempt to Take Down Maduro
In 2016, the opposition used its advantage in the National Assembly to try and institute a recall election aimed at ousting President Nicolás Maduro. Maduro had his loyal judiciary simply cancel the petition.

7. Shutting Down the National Assembly
The Maduro-loyal Supreme Court nullified the National Assembly and assumed all legislative powers within the country.

8. The Thin Veneer of Democracy
Nearly two years of legislative efforts have resulted in the Venezuelan people seeing only decline in spite of every attempt to play by the rules. All of a sudden, Nicolás Maduro is looking more and more like a dictator.

9. The Problem with the Army
While Maduro’s Supreme Court works to suppress the opposition, Venezuela’s armed forces have remained largely unmoved. That's because a big portion of the army is corrupt. and another is loyal to Maduro

10. Taking to the Streets
The opposition have pledged to protest peacefully until they can get their message across. The authorities in Venezuela attack the protestors although some protestors remain persistent in their desire to loudly (and peacefully) protest their government.

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Venezuela Travel And Tourism In Urdu / Hindi - Documentary In Urdu - History in Urdu

Venezuela Travel And Tourism In Urdu / Hindi - Documentary In Urdu -
Venezuela Documentary History in Urdu

Life at a Venezuelan Beach

Glimpses of Venezuela: The Beach at Naiguata, State of Vargas on the Caribbean Coast of Venezuela, 26 January 2013.


Décimo día de la Expedición Orinoco. Navegamos de Huachamacare a Tama-Tama. Visitamos el Caño Negro y superamos un rápido en bongo.

Life In Venezuela

Navigating the Cusimi River, Venezuela

We spent 8 hours navigating up the Cusimi (chopping through fallen trees, dragging the boats over, under, and around trees and rocks) before stopping to camp a couple of hours before the designated pickup spot. We had to leave early the following morning to make our rendezvous with Santiago and his boat for the trip into Saysoduna.


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Ritterscher Palace Lucerne and the Dance of Death paintings

Crave GFL: The Rusty Hook (S2E11)

CraveGFL finds Blue in Pompano Beach this week at The Rusty Hook Tavern. Located at the Sands Harbor Resort, guests can arrive by bicycle, car or favorite watercraft and enjoy great intracoastal views while dining. While fresh seafood predominates the menu, there are some delicious options for landlubbers as well – not to mention the specialty cocktails, wines and local craft beers on tap. Check it out.



Sabores de India by Alejandra Gómez

Glimpses of Venezuela: Indian food under brand name Sabores de India by Alejandra Gómez Camacaro. Alejandra makes various Indian dishes - Samosa (vegetarin and with meat), Baigan ka Bharta, Chana Masala, Butter Chicken, Pulao, Basmati Rice, Mutton Korma Masala, Gulab Jamun, Chutneys, Pickles etc. - adapted to Venezuelan palate while retaining distinctive Indian touch. The occasion is DegustAvila Market, a food festival (16-17 November 2013) at Hotel Avila in Caracas on 17 November 2013. Alejandra can be contacted at her Facebook and Twitter:

Creative Parking Waiting For Ruth And The Girls To Finish Eating Philippines Expat Foreigner

Creative Parking Waiting For Ruth And The Girls To Finish Eating Philippines Expat Foreigner. If you live here be prepared to wait a lot.
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Creative Parking Waiting For Ruth And The Girls To Finish Eating Philippines Expat Foreigner.

TORNADO IN FLORIDA!!! | Heading back to Trinidad

Road trip from Orlando to Miami and then our flight from Miami to Trinidad! ????????????????





#TravelVlog #ByeOrlando #Trinidad

Venezuela, South America... July 5th & 6th, 2019 ???? Part 1 of 7 ????

???? Join me on my trip to research moving to Venezuela with my dog Dug, I'm keeping an open mind on what I'm going to end up doing in Venezuela to help the local people.

It was a crazy trip I spent 3 days travelling to get to the farm I'm considering living at, the people are amazing the country side is beautiful.

I Vlogged the whole trip and will share it here on YouTube. ????

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2012.03.11 - Walk to the main beach of Choroni, Venezuela (bad quality)


Haiti Tchwa Village / Haiti Tchwa Village

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