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Dancing with the dead: Venezuelans turn to desperate measures to survive


Arriving in Venezuela October 13, 2019 🔴 Part 1 of 12 🔴

Join me on my research in Venezuela looking for a new home for Dug and I, live streaming from Venezuela.

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Columbia And Venezuela (1944)

An Encyclopedia Britannica educational film from 1944 about Columbia and Venezuela. To purchase a clean DVD of this film for personal home use or educational use contact us at To license footage from this film for commercial use visit:

From Grave to Rave :)

Its been a while since I've done an experimental video, so here is one. Enjoy....

Filmed in Uttoxeter New Road Cemetery, Derby,Derbyshire, UK.
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Filmed using Hyperlapse, post editing in Sony Vegas.

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What happens when a cemetery dies

Welcome to the Mount Moriah Cemetery located in south Phillidelpha. This cemetery was left to the curbside to deteriorate until some dedicated people decided to give it a new life. Famous people have been buried here such as Betsy Ross.

A dedicated group called the friends of mount moriah cemetery is a not-for-profit group that is clearing the growth to allow people to find their family graves and to try to revitalize a neighborhood back to a place that people would like to visit.

If you would like to help please contact and tell them Shu sent you.

Venezuelan Mafia 5.11d (uncut version)

Life In Venezuela

The Cemetery in Peru

The peruvian see the cemetery as a place where they can celebrate with their dead relative. They decorate and made this cemetery beautiful

Walking in Chacaito area in Caracas, Venezuela

Walking in Chacaito area in Caracas, Venezuela

Avila mountain, Caracas, Venezuela (04.03.2012)

Walking in Caracas, Venezuela

Walking in Caracas, Venezuela

VENEZUELA ISLAND HOPPING | Adventure Travel Vlog 2019

Venezuela, a jewel in South America. This travel vlog is episode 4 of our experience as tourists in a country in a pressure cooker.

The Venezuela Crisis has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, and with an invite from a local friend Sandy, we set out to explore this beautiful country despite what it had been saying in the news.

What we found was an incredible country which took our hearts.

We begin this episode landing back in Puerto Ordaz from seeing Angel Falls in Canaima National Park. From there, my Canadian friend Sandy, who has been living in Venezuela for over 3 years, picks us up for a roadtrip.

We drive 4 hours north to the town he is living in called Lecheria, near Barcelona, Venezuela. We then go island hopping to visit Isla Faro, and that's where we encounter our first run in with trouble... Cacti and Snakes.

The outro of this video was re-recorded after the incident when humanitarian aid was stopped by Maduro at the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

Our hearts go out the the Venezuelan people. Myself and my travel companion Lexie Alford visited this beautiful place late 2018, with the mission to show another side of a country in crisis. We planned to show the beauty of the people, and the natural beauty of the country.

This is not a video about the current economical or political situation. This is a Venezeula travel vlog of what we experienced as tourists.

#FearlessandFar #Venezuela #Travel


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Big love to our trip organizer Pablo Martínez and my awesome friend Sandy Corey for helping us put this all together. Contact info is above in Lexie's blog post.


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Occupy Tower: Living in the world’s tallest slum - the "Tower of David"

More films about homelessness:
An abandoned skyscraper in Caracas has become a shelter for many people with nowhere else to go. In less than 20 years, its residents created a fully-functioning ‘state inside the state’, with its own infrastructure, taxes and even an elected president. Despite the difficult living conditions, those moving out into proper apartments are nevertheless nostalgic about their experience of living in the 45-storey skyscraper.

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What To Do With the Worthless Money of Venezuela?

The economic crisis in Venezuela has developed into a situation where inflation has reached more than one million percent. The money has become completely worthless. People are finding creative uses for the money. It is actually worth more as a material for making things than for spending on things.

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We took a trip to Icacos point which is located on the most south western part Trinidad. It is the closest point to Venezuela from Trinidad and the body of water between the south western side of Trinidad to Venezuela is called the serpents mouth. It took us about two hours from Grand bazaar to get there. From Icacos, we got a view of Venezuela from Trinidad.

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The sole purpose of this channel is to highlight the beauty of the Caribbean island. To give viewers ideas/tips on where they can go and things they can to do when they visit the island.

Life at a Venezuelan Beach

Glimpses of Venezuela: The Beach at Naiguata, State of Vargas on the Caribbean Coast of Venezuela, 26 January 2013.

Ritterscher Palace Lucerne and the Dance of Death paintings

Cost Of Living In Caracas, Venezuela In 2019, Rank 412th In The World

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Best Places to Visit in Venezuela

Best Places to Visit in Venezuela

Venezuela is a tropical country with incredible biodiversity that you’re sure to fall in love with.  Magnificent waterfalls tumble off table top mountains, coastal towns and offshore islands offer pleasant escapes and soft sand beaches, the Andes Mountains provide a stunning backdrop to some of the colorful and lively cities.Travel to Venezuela and stay in the bustling capital of Caracas before heading to the 'Lost World' landscape of the Gran Sabana and the famous Angel Falls. Venezuela is a beach bum’s paradise due to the Caribbean coastline of 2,800 km (1,740 miles) – the longest of any nation. Here are the best places to visit in Venezuela.

1.Gran Sabana and Angel Falls
2. Los Roques Archipelago
3. Margarita Island
4. Mérida
5. Roraima
6.Caracas: Avila National Park
7. Morrocoy National Park
8. Coro and the Sand Dunes
9. Henri Pittier
10. Orinoco Delta

Navigating the Cusimi River, Venezuela

We spent 8 hours navigating up the Cusimi (chopping through fallen trees, dragging the boats over, under, and around trees and rocks) before stopping to camp a couple of hours before the designated pickup spot. We had to leave early the following morning to make our rendezvous with Santiago and his boat for the trip into Saysoduna.