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BAGUIO CITY Tourist Spots | 20 Places to Visit in BAGUIO


BAGUIO CITY Tourist Spots | 20 Places to Visit in BAGUIO

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BAGUIO CITY Tourist Spots | 20 Places to Visit in BAGUIO

There's no doubt that Baguio City is one of the most exciting places to visit in the Philippines.
The City of Baguio, which is also known as the City of Pines or the Summer Capital of the Philippines, has been a top destination for both local and foreign tourists who want to experience the city's cool climate. Besides its perfect weather, the city has countless attractions that will surely surprise you.

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Baguio City Tourist Spots Drive (Tourist Spots that are Actually in Baguio)

Baguio City is primarily a tourist destination. There are lots of tourist spots in Baguio City and in this video we drove to 13 of these baguio city tourist spots. Staying true to our format (and to avoid crowded places) we just drove by these tourist destinations, we didn't go inside, however if you want to explore these tourist spots in detail we do have some videos, the links are provided here.

Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spirituality Park Sunset -

Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spituality Park Sunrise -

Diplomat Hotel Walking Tour -

Burnham Park on a Cold Morning -
Burnham Park during the first MGCQ -

Mines View Park -

Drive at Camp John Hay -
Walk at Camp John Hay -

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00:03:47 - Tam-Awan Village
00:11:33 - Gong Festival Mural
00:12:40 - Lourdes Grotto Stairs
00:14:18 - Mirador Heritage and Eco Spirituality Park
00:28:20 - Baguio Orchidarium
00:28:51 - Burnham Park
00:30:15 - Session Road
00:37:59 - Pink Sisters Convent
00:39:54 - Laperal White House
00:42:23 - Baguio Botanical Garden
00:44:26 - The Mansion / Mansion House
00:47:50 - Mines View Park
00:56:45 - Wright Park
01:02:50 - Camp John Hay

Baguio City Tourist Spots: 7 Places to Visit!

Filipinos love Baguio City! It's a great place to unwind from stress in the metro. The question is, where to go in Baguio? Since we've been visiting this beautiful city regularly, we'll be sharing with you our recommended Baguio Tourist Spots to visit! These places are located inside and outside of Baguio City.

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Baguio, officially the City of Baguio is known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its cool climate. Baguio is also one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. A 1st class highly urbanized city in the region of Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Baguio

In this video we feature the 10 best places in Baguio you must visit.

Because the Philippines is a tropical country, it’s just normal that Filipinos crave beaches and other cool places like Baguio. That’s why they don’t mind even if they have to travel for 4 to 6 hours. But aside from being able to escape the stifling heat of the metro, what makes travelers visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines are the beautiful Baguio tourist spots.
From parks to museums, you’ll never run out of good places to visit in Baguio.

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BAGUIO CITY TOURIST SPOTS: 10 PLACES TO VISIT 2020 Baguio Benguet Philippines

Baguio City Tourist Spots. 10 places to visit 2020 Baguio Benguet Philippines

1. Wright Park
2. Mansion House
3. Botanical Garden
4. Mine’s View Park
5. Burnham Park
6. Strawberry Farm
7. Stabosa Mural Arts Houses
8. Bell Church
9. Baguio Market
10. Session Road

Baguio (UK: /ˈbæɡioʊ/ BAG-ee-oh, US: /ˈbɑːɡ-, ˌbɑːɡiˈoʊ/ BAH-ghee-oh, -⁠OH), officially the City of Baguio (Ibaloi: Ciudad ne Bag-iw; Ilocano: Siudad ti Baguio; Tagalog: Lungsod ng Baguio) and popularly referred to as Baguio City, is a city in the mountainous area of the Northern Luzon, Philippines. It is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, owing to its cool climate since the city is located approximately 4,810 feet (1,470 meters) above mean sea level, often cited as 1,540 meters (5,050 feet) in the Luzon tropical pine forests ecoregion, which also makes it conducive for the growth of mossy plants, orchids and pine trees, to which it attributes its other moniker as the City of Pines.[5]

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Baguio City Day 2 | Tourist spots in Baguio City | Places to visit in Baguio | Philippines Trip #29

Day 2 in Baguio City, Philippines
Day 2 in Baguio City, we visited couple of tourist spots in the beautiful City of Pines. We first went to Mines View Park and took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the amazing view. We then headed to The Mansion and right across The Mansion is the Wright Park. We tried the Igorot's costume then went to horseback riding at the Wright Park. Later that day, we went to Burnham Park and enjoyed biking, one of the many activities in the Park. We also enjoyed the beautiful Christmas decorations at Burnham Park.

00:00 Leaving (from our airbnb)
00:17 Mines View Park
06:04 The Mansion
08:00 Wright Park
09:45 Trying Igorot Costume (@ the Wright Park)
13:07 Horseback Riding (@ the Wright Park)
16:56 Burnham Park
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What are the best places to visit and things to do in Baguio? In this video, we're sharing with you some of the tourist attractions that we enjoyed in the City of Pines! We also included some sites in La Trinidad.
This video was shot before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now may not be a good time to travel but it's always a great time to plan a trip! But note that costs, hours and availability might have changed due to the pandemic, so contact the respective establishment directly for more updated info.

Check out the written version (blog post) of this video with SAMPLE BAGUIO ITINERARY here:


BAGUIO VISITA Travel Requirements (During Pandemic - New Normal):



Travel Guides for Pinoy / Filipino Budget Travelers

BAGUIO CITY Bamboo Eco Park | Baguio City Tourist Spot Walking Tour (KYOTO IN BAGUIO?)

The Baguio City Bamboo Eco Park is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination in the City of Pines. The park is located at the St. Francis Xavier Seminary. The Bamboo Eco Park in Baguio showcases different types or species of Bamboos that are planted to line the eco-parks’ pathways.

In this video, you will see how we got to the Baguio City Bamboo eco-park, from our initial location at the boundary between La Trinidad and Baguio City. This video is a mix of the drive to the bamboo eco-park and walks around the bamboo eco-park itself. As always, we would like to provide you with a relaxing drive around Baguio City, only this time with a definite destination.

The Bamboo eco-park in Baguio City is located at the St. Francis Xavier seminary. For first-timers, going there might be a challenge especially if you do not have Google maps. But with the help of Google maps, you will definitely be able to find your way to the bamboo eco-park.

LOCATION: St. Francis Xavier Seminary Kawayanan Eco-Park Baguio City
ADDRESS: Pacdal Liteng, Baguio, 2600 Benguet (

As part of the health and safety protocol, visitors are reminded to wear their facemasks and prior to logging in, handwashing is a must, not to worry, because wash areas are provided for at the entrance. After washing your hands, you may now log in, every member of your party must log in individually and have their temperature checked from the thermometer provided.

How much is the entrance fee? During our visit, the management is only asking for donations, so any amount will do, but you should not abuse this by being stingy on your donation. Believe us when we tell you that a walk at the bamboo eco-park is worth more because the experience is truly revitalizing. As always and similar to when you visit the different tourist attractions in Baguio City, please make sure that you leave the place better than when you found it. The Bamboo eco-park doesn’t have any security personnel to check on the visitors while inside the park. This is why, as visitors, we should also do our part in preserving this beautiful place by not damaging the bamboo and by not throwing garbage within the park.

For those who cannot visit the Bamboo eco-park in Baguio due to travel restrictions, we made sure that this video will make you feel as if you are there. So enjoy the drive and walk with us to the Bamboo Eco-park here in Baguio City.

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Please stay home unless you have work or anything absolutely essential to do, and if you do need to go out, practice kindness, mindfulness, and social distancing. Wear masks and let’s all be safe and healthy so can all heal as one.

Tourist Spots Now Open:


Baguio City Tourist Spot | 28 Place to visit in Baguio #BaguioCity

The List: Baguio City Tourist Spot

Kennon Road and The Lion's Head 0:37
Burnham Park 1:13
Valley of Color 1:51
Strawberry Farm 2:19
Botanical Garden 2:51
Wright Park 3:16
The Mansion 3:33
Lourdes Grotto 3:55
Baguio Cathedral 4:22
Diplomat Hotel 4:36
Bell Church 4:54
Bamboo Eco Park 5:04
Laperal White House 5:33
Tower of Peace 5:48
Peoples Park 6:06
Baguio Public Market 6:14
Mines View 6:38
Camp John Hay 7:18
Bell House 7:30
Bell AmphiTheater 7:40
Cemetery of Negativism 8:00
BenCab Museum 8:13
Mirador Eco Park 8:32
Tam-awan Village 9:05
Igorot Stone Kingdom 9:45
SunShine Park 10:32
Session Road 11:27
Night Market 11:58

This is a video a virtual tour for Baguio City or the City of Pines or Summer Capital of the Philippines. Baguio City is located at the Benguet region a mountainous location in the north of the Philippines travel from Manila to Baguio usually takes 3 to 4 hours depending on the traffic you might encounter. Baguio City is known to be the City of Pines also known to be one of the vegetable basket, of the Philippines. the City of Baguio is also famous to its cold weather, strawberries, famous land mark such as the Lions Head at Kennon Road, Baguio City also known to be the English Capital of the Philippines. Baguio City Tour. Baguio City vlog Baguio City Tourist Spot

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Best Baguio Tour no talking, no Blogger face showing, all you see is what you need to see and experience in the City of Pines.

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Tourist Spots in Baguio City | 9 Attractions and Historical Places to Visit in Baguio #baguiocity

Hello Baguio! Alam kong namimiss na ninyo ang magagandang lugar dito sa atin kaya let me take you back to the must see Tourist Spots in Baguio City! with sidetrip in La Union where we visited the Lomboy Grape Farm. This is a memorable trip for the family (last December 2019) at sana ay makapasyal na ulit tayo sa maganda at malamig na lugar na ito.

This is a budget trip at hindi po malaki ang nagastos namin dito dahil share share kami sa expenses. walang lamangan! hahahaha!

Watch and enjoy this video until the end and be inspired!

Where We Stayed: Le Monet Hotel (Camp John Hay)
Transpo: Own Car (Gas & Toll Fees)
All Expenses: Kanya Kanyang Bayad ????????????


1. Baguio Night Market
2. Burnham Park
3. Camp John Hay
4. Mine's View Park
5. Pink Sister's Convent
6. Baguio Cathedral
7. The Lourdes Grotto
8. Tam-awan Village
9. La Trinidad (Strawberry Farms and Vegetable Farm)

Not in Video:
(We visited these places when we came back to Baguio in 2020 before the Pandemic. Video will be up and live soon)

10. The Mansion
11. Philippine Military Academy

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Here are some places you must visit when in Baguio City Philippines.
These are just a few of so many places in Baguio.

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Hi welcome to my channel LakWatchEro.

Baguio, on the Philippines’ Luzon island, is a mountain town of universities and resorts. Called the “City of Pines,” it’s particularly popular in summer due to unusually cooler weather. At its center is Burnham Park, with gardens and a lake. Nearby, Baguio Cathedral, completed in 1936, has a rose-hued exterior. The main thoroughfare is Session Road, lined with shops, restaurants and entertainment options.

This video was taken last november 1, 2019, it was my birthday gift to my self to visit in baguio ciy.

A NEW PLACE to visit in Baguio city (Forbes Park) + Japanese Tunnel

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Forbes Park Botanical Garden
The park is still under construction and it is still close to the public.

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Baguio City is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. Also known as 'SUMMER CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES' and 'CITY OF PINES'. Baguio City has an endless lists of tourist spots and attractions and its all year round cool weather are just some of the reasons that make it a favorite get away destination among local and foreign tourists visiting the Philippines.
In this video you will find some of the most visited tourists spot and attractions in Baguio.

MUST VISIT TOURIST SPOTS IN BAGUIO CITY II Updated Travel Guideline II VISITA Online Registration

Here's a complete list of the MUST VISIT TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN BAGUIO. The video also shows the guidelines and requirements for tourists and how to register with VISITA Baguio application.

These tourist spots in Baguio come with his brief history and guide.

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7 Most Visited Places in Baguio City | #Sham Travel Philippines

Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines. We went to the 7 most visited place in Baguio City.

Family Bonding/Outing. My 2nd travel vlog.
Place: Baguio City

Stayed at Princess Joanne Apartelle, 2days 1night for only 4k pesos, 13persons. Affordable! 1 Room with 3 rooms inside, mini kitchen with refregirator, mini lounge area with TV, mini balcony, 2 CR 1 for shower with heater and 1 for toilet with bidet. FREE WIFI! The place is secured, it has CCTV all over the place.

Visited Place
????Strawberry Farm
????Botanical Garden
????Wright Park
????The Mansion
????Mines View Park
????Philippine Military Academy
????Burnham Park

Recommended place to eat: GOOD TASTE RESTAURANT at the back of Burnham Park. Affordable and very delicious dishes.


Outro music credit: #azkha

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Tatlong Bagong Tourist Attractions sa Baguio City

My first time narrating a video. The 3 newest places to visit here in Baguio are Forbes Park Botanical Garden, Bamboo Eco Park and Mirador Hill Eco Park Peace Memorial.

10 Pinaka Magandang Tourist Spots sa Baguio City

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We Passed by Tourist Spots in Baguio During MGCQ (HERE'S WHAT WE SAW)

Visiting tourist spots in Baguio City have been prohibited ever since the city has been under community quarantine. In all of our drives, we have been receiving comments about how much you miss visiting the tourist spots of Baguio. That is why we thought we'd do a simple drive-by on the different tourist spots in Baguio City so you can get but a glimpse of how your favorite pasyalan in the Summer Capital of the Philippines looks like while we are under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ). Entering the tourist spots is also prohibited so all we could do was drive by and show you the current situation of the once busy tourist spots.

We weren't able to visit all of the tourist spots in Baguio City, but we hope that this drive will take you to a trip down memory lane. We know how much you miss the City of Pines and we thought this little video can help ease your longing even for a little bit.

Enjoy and let us know in the comments section below where you want us to drive next!

Please stay home unless you have work or anything absolutely essential to do, and if you do need to go out, practice kindness, mindfulness, and social distancing. Wear masks and let’s all be safe and healthy so can all heal as one.

Note: Photo inside Mines View Deck was taken before the pandemic. Tourist spots are still closed to tourists and residents because of the quarantine in place.
If you miss going inside the tourist spots, we do have some walking tours that we have done pre-pandemic that you can watch:


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Baguio City will remain under MGCQ until August 15, 2020

Returning Baguio Residents and Workers:

Temporary Transport Scheme for August

Liquor Ban Extended in Baguio City

Face Shields Required for Public Transport Passengers




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