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10 Best Places to Visit in Uganda


Air North HS748 departs Vancouver in glorious full 1920 HD filmed with Canon T2i


This morning videographer Henry Tenby went out to Vancouver's South Terminal to film the Sunday morning departure of two Air North HS748s on their summer fishing charters. This video was shot on a Canon T2i SLR digi camera, and the quality seems to be every bit as good as a pro video camera. The large image sensor does a fabulous job rending a clear, crisp image. And the sound is direct capture by camera. No external mic was used. We were recently up north and flew on Air North's HS748 and filmed in HD so in due course we will release another Air North HS748 DVD .. specially for all the Rolls Royce Dart fans our there!

Tokyo Tourist Traps | Japan Travel Tips

Here is a Japan travel guide on some of the tourist traps in Tokyo and some places you could avoid in Tokyo. I hope the japan travel tips and advice gives you a heads up before travelling to Japan and makes your trip a smoother one! :)

Places mentioned in order:

Option: Instead of paying to go up the tower, enjoy Tokyo Tower from the surroundings
- Shiba Park (Shiba koen)
- Zozoji Temple

or go up other places for free views of Tokyo
- Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (in Shinjuku)
- Carette Shiodome
- Bunkyo Civic Center
- Carrot Tower (in Sangenjaya)

Option: Check out the back streets, hidden paths and traditional places
- Brahms Path
- Harajuku Street (Back streets with vintage shops, second hand shops, hipster hangouts etc)
- Tokyu Plaza Rooftop
- Meiji Shrine
- Yoyogi Park

Option: Look at sky tree from other view points and take a short 15 minute stroll to Asakusa
- Solamachi 30th Floor
- Asakusa

Option: Instead of paying the high table charge, check out local Japanese yokocho (back alleys filled with tiny bars and restaurants)
- Shibuya Nombei Yokocho
- Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho
- Ebisu Yokocho
- Sangenjaya Chitai Yokocho
- Yurakucho Sanchoku Inshokugai

Phew.. that was a lot to write haha, if you read up to here - you are the BEST!! Leave me a comment with your favourite emoji!

See you guys soon in my next videoooooo!!

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Bensound | Moose



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BLOG on TOP 5 Things to do in BELIZE:

My personal Top 5 Things to do in Belize | What to do in Belize

Belize is a gorgeous country nestled on the Caribbean coast under the Riviera Maya of Mexico and the northern states of Guatemala. Being in Latin America, Belize is the odd one out. The primary language here is English and the lifestyle in Belize is very reggae, very Caribbean and very relaxed, with a lot of things to do. So, the question is, you are visiting Belize, what to do in Belize when you are there? Luckily for you, no matter what you are into, you will find many things to do in Belize, and I have narrowed it down to my personal Top 5 Things to do in Belize. If you believe I missed a few things to do in Belize then please write them in the comments.

Top things to do in Belize.

Visit San Ignacio, Belize. Great little town up in the hills with ruins and other extreme things to do. Visit the Belize Cayes of Ambergris and Caulker and enjoy the slow way of life. See some of the Mayan Ruins in Belize and definitely either go snorkeling or diving off the Belizean Coast!

There are lot of other things to do in Belize, other than listed so do your research but I tried to touch on a few different things that will appeal to the traveller going through Belize, and the vacationers relaxing in Belize.

Mexico to Belize:

See other videos from The Journey going through Belize and the rest of Central America.

Video on What things to do in Belize | Video tags:

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Cities of Chile: Pucón - Find your Chile

Are you foodie and an outdoor enthusiast? Then Pucón will suit you down to the ground. The perfect combination of a thriving gastronomic scene and stunning landscapes. Mouth-watering, cosmopolitan menus showcasing the best of indigenous Mapuche cuisine and indulgent German dessert and patisserie traditions.


Official tourism page of Chile





Discover more:

What to do in Chile:

Where to go in Chile:

Cities of Chile:

Chile Travel:

Sirajdoulla - The last free Nawab of Bengal

THis video contain the picture of tomb of Sirajdoulla and his family member.

পুরীর জগন্নাথ দেবের অদ্ভুত চেহারা কেন? The Story of Lord Jagannath, #আলোকপাত #alokpat

মালব রাজ্যের রাজা ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্য। গগনচুম্বি তার প্রাসাদ। একবার সেখানে এক রহস্যময় সন্যাসি উপস্থিত হন। ভারতবর্ষের প্রতিটি তীর্থ তার নখদর্পণে। ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্য ছিলেন পরম বিষ্ণুভক্ত। কথা প্রসঙ্গে সন্যাসি তাকে জানান, শ্রীবিষ্ণু বর্তমানে নীলমাধব রূপে শবর রাজ্যে অত্যন্ত গোপনে শবরদের দ্বারা পূজিত হচ্ছেন। সন্যাসির কথা শুনে ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্য বিষ্ণু দর্শনের জন্য ব্যাকুল হয়ে ওঠেন। নীলমাধবের সন্ধানের জন্য তিনি রাজ পুরোহিতের ভাই বিদ্যাপতিকে শবর রাজ্যে পাঠালেন। শবর রাজ্যে এলেন বিদ্যাপতি। রাজ অতিথিকে শবর রাজ পরম আতিথ্যে বরন করলেন। রাজকন্যা ললিতাকে দিলেন অতিথি সেবার দায়িত্ব। কিছুদিনের মধ্যেই সরলমতি ললিতার মন জয় করে নিলেন চতুর বিদ্যাপতি। ধীরে ধীরে আরো ঘনিষ্ঠ হয় তাদের সম্পর্ক। এক মুহুর্তের জন্য বিদ্যাপতি চোখের আড়াল হলে কেঁদে বুক ভাসান ললিতা। এই সুযোগের অপেক্ষাতেই ছিলেন বিদ্যাপতি। তিনি এক প্রেমঘন মুহুর্তে ললিতার কাছে নীলমাধব দর্শনের আব্দার করলেন। উভয় সংকটে পড়লেন ললিতা। কারন, গভীর জঙ্গলে নীলমাধবের গুপ্ত মন্দির। তার সন্ধান শুধু শবররা জানেন এবং শবর ছাড়া অন্য সকলের জন্য সে স্থান নিসিদ্ধ। অনেক ভাবনা চিন্তার পর ললিতা জানালেন বিদ্যাপতি নীলমাধব দর্শনে যেতে পারেন, তবে সেখানে তাকে চোখ বেঁধে নিয়ে যাওয়া হবে। বিদ্যাপতি তাতেই রাজি হলেন। নির্দিষ্ট দিনে সকলের অলক্ষ্যে অত্যন্ত গোপনে বিদ্যাপতির চোখ বেঁধে নীলমাধব দর্শনে নিয়ে চললেন ললিতা। কিন্তু চতুর বিদ্যাপতি যাবার আগে বস্ত্রের মধ্যে লুকিয়ে কিছু শরিষা নিয়ে গেলেন। নীলমাধবের মন্দির পর্যন্ত সেই শরিষা তিনি ফেলতে ফেলতে গেলেন। মন্দিরের মধ্যে নিয়ে তার চোখ খুলে দেওয়া হলো। নীলমাধব দর্শনের পর একই ভাবে চোখ বেঁধে বিদ্যাপতিকে ফিরিয়ে আনা হলো। কিছু দিনের মধ্যেই রাজপ্রাসাদ থেকে নীলমাধবের মন্দির পর্যন্ত পথ জুড়ে বিদ্যাপতির ছড়ানো শরিষা থেকে শরিষা গাছ তৈরি হলো। খবর পেয়ে ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্য সদলবলে শবর রাজ্যে উপস্থিত হলেন। শরিষা গাছের সারি অনুসরণ করে চললেন নীলমাধবের মন্দিরে। কিন্তু কাছে গিয়ে দেখলেন মন্দির শুন্য। নীলমাধব সেখান থেকে অন্তর্হিত হয়েছেন। নীলমাধবের দর্শন না পেয়ে বুকফাটা আর্তনাদে ভেঙে পড়লেন রাজা ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্য। তিনি সেখানেই অনশনে প্রাণ ত্যাগ করার জন্য মনস্থির করলেন। তখন দেবর্ষি নারদ সেখানে উপস্থিত হয়ে জানালেন তার প্রাণ ত্যাগ করার কোনো প্রয়োজন নেই। এই স্থানেই শ্রীহরি ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্যের পূজা গ্রহণ করবেন। রাত্রে শ্রীবিষ্ণু তাকে স্বপ্নাদেশে জানালেন পুরীর বাঙ্কিমুহান নামক স্থানে একটি বৃক্ষ রূপে তিনি সমুদ্রে ভাসতে ভাসতে আসবেন।পরদিন নির্দিষ্ট স্থানে গিয়ে বৃক্ষ রূপী শ্রীবিষ্ণুকে পেলেন। শবররাজের সহায়তায় শ্রীবিষ্ণুকে সোনার রথে চাপিয়ে নিয়ে আসা হল। রাজা ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্য সেই গাছ কেটে শ্রীহরির মূর্তি তৈরি করার জন্য কারিগর নিয়োগ করলেন। কিন্তু কোনো কারিগরই কোনো অস্ত্র দিয়ে গাছটি কাটতে পারলেন না। তখন দেব কারিগর বিশ্বকর্মা ছদ্মবেশে সেখানে উপস্থিত হয়ে মালবরাজকে জানালেন, তিনি মূর্তি তৈরি করতে পারবেন। কিন্তু একটা শর্ত আছে। তিনি ২১ দিন মন্দিরের দরজা বন্ধ করে কাজ করবেন। এইসময়ে কোনো ভাবে কেউই মন্দিরের দরজা খুলে ভেতরে প্রবেশ করতে পারবেন না। রাজা নিঃশর্তে রাজি হলেন। দরজা বন্ধ করে মূর্তি তৈরি শুরু করলেন দেব শিল্পী বিশ্বকর্মা। ১৪ দিন পরে হঠাৎ মূর্তি তৈরির ঠুকঠাক শব্দ থেমে গেল। রাণী ভাবলেন মূর্তি গড়ার কাজ হয়তো শেষ হয়েছে। কৌতূহল বশত তিনি দরজা খুলে ভিতরে প্রবেশ করলেন। শর্ত ভঙ্গ হওয়ায় অত্যন্ত ক্রুদ্ধ হয়ে কারিগর অদৃশ্য হয়ে গেলেন। খবর পেয়ে রাজা এসে দেখলেন মূর্তি অসম্পূর্ণ এবং কিম্ভুত আকৃতি বিশিষ্ট। সেই রাতে শ্রীবিষ্ণু আবার তাকে স্বপ্নাদেশে জানালেন, যেহেতু ইন্দ্রদুম্ন্য তার পরম ভক্ত তাই এই বিকট রূপেই তিনি তার পূজা নেবেন। সেই থেকেই এই অসম্পূর্ণ অবস্থাতেই জগন্নাথ দেব পূজিত হয়ে আসছেন।
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Explore Onomichi Hiroshima Japan

A few clips I took of today, enjoy!

বিধায়ক কে কি ভাবে ধমক দিলেন মমতা দেখুন।

10 Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands

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10 Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands.
No visit to Holland is complete without a visit to the capital city, Amsterdam; however, there are so many more thrilling sites to see in the Netherlands. From the classic windmills and magnificent fields of flowers to historic town centers laden with museums and sights, Holland has much to offer visitors. These places to visit in the Netherlands are not to be missed, and most are easily accessible.
10. Gouda
9. Rotterdam
8. Groningen
7. Haarlem
6. Utrecht
5. Maastricht
4. The Hague
3. Delft
2. Leiden
1. Amsterdam
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What to pack for Costa Rica! The Essential Tips (Please Listen in Stereo!)

Please listen with Stereo Speakers - Mono audio is cut off...
What to Pack for Costa Rica? Frog TV brings you the updated essential packing list! Click Here for more Top Tips:

Adam covers the most important items to bring on your vacation to the tropics, as well as suggesting some interesting extras that are very helpful indeed.
If you have a problem hearing all the video try using headphones!

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স্টার জলসার জনপ্রিয় যে ৬ তারকা বাস্তবে স্বামী স্ত্রী। যা আগে জানতেন না।Real Husband & Wife lpart 3

স্টার জলসার জনপ্রিয় যে ৬ তারকা বাস্তবে স্বামী স্ত্রী। যা আগে জানতেন না। Real Husband & Wife of Star Jalsha Serial

ভিডিওটি ভালো লাগলে অবশ্যই লাইক দিন ও সবাইকে জানিয়ে দিতে Facebook Share শেয়ার করুন। এবং পরবর্তীতে কোন বিষয়ের উপর ভিডিও দেখতে চান কমেন্ট করে জানান আমাদেরকে। ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে

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New Zealand South Island road trip - 4K

15-day self-drive bucket list tour exploring the incredible South Island of New Zealand.


Botanical Garden -

Arthur’s Pass -

Lake Rotoiti -

Wine tasting in Nelson, Centre of New Zealand -

Centre of New Zealand -

Hokitika -

Abel Tasman National Park -

Franz Josef Across Country Quad Biking -

Franz Josef Glacier Hike -

Queenstown -

Queenstown Skyline luge - (Audio removed due to copyright claim - apologies)

Queenstown Minus 5 Ice Bar - (Audio removed due to copyright claim - apologies)

Queenstown Lake Wakatipu -

Milford sound -

Doubtful Sound -

Lake Pukaki -

Lake Tekapo -

Lake Tekapo star time lapse -

Mount Cook -

Shot on GoPro Hero 5 and Panasonic FZ1000 4k 25p Cinelike D

Edited in Final Cut Pro on Mac

Music credit:
So Far Away - Riot

Eureka - Huma-Huma

Smile Quiet Looking Up - Puddle of Infinity

Had She Stayed - Puddle of Infinity

The Sea Beneath Our Feet - Puddle of Infinity

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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017

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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017.

It is in the nature of every person of the world that they want to live in the happy and peaceful places, so peace in any country is measured by Global Peace Index and GPI will absolutely help people before travel in any part of the world.
So in this context, Global Peace Index report from the Institute of Economics and Peace which is able to show the comparative level of peace in 162 countries because they prepare list of 162 countries with their GPI level every year.
They rank countries on the basis of different indicators including absence of war, schooling, relations with neighboring states, contributions in keeping peace level of United Nation, level of violent crime and many others.
10: Slovenia
9: Japan
8: Canada
7: Switzerland
6: Czech Republic
5: Portugal
4: New Zealand
3: Austria
2: Denmark
1: Iceland

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Extreme Chinese Street Food - JACUZZI CHICKEN and Market Tour in Kunming! | Yunnan, China Day 4

This Day 4 of this 4-part video Chinese food tour of Yunnan. Watch it all here:
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Thanks to Frank and Jerry of Zouba Tours: for taking me around. I paid for this tour, but they did a great job and I would recommend them.

Kunming, Yunnan, China - Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan province China. So I was excited to explore the local market in Kunming and eat as much street food as possible!

Here are all the Chinese street food dishes we ate throughout the market:

Rice pudding - 5 RMB ($0.76) - This was slightly fermented, and sweet, like a rice alcohol pudding. It was pretty good, but quite sweet, so I couldn’t eat that much of it.

Dumpling - 1 RMB ($0.15) - I saw these dumplings sizzling and hissing and there was no way I could walk by without trying one. Stuffed inside were leek and egg. They were a little on the oily side, but delicious.

Whole duck - 20 RMB ($3.03) - Yunnan is famous for roast duck, and there’s a version that’s comparable even to Beijing style. Style I was excited to find a stall that at the market that specialize in Yunnanese roast duck. It was delicious and the owners were very friendly as well.

Pickled pears - 5 RMB ($0.76) - This was an interesting snack, and supposed to be very healthy and good for digestion.

Drink - 2 RMB ($0.30) - This drink was incredible sweet, but refreshing.

Tofu Noodles - 5.5 RMB ($0.83) - Another extremely popular Chinese street food snack at the market was tofu noodles - I’ve had tofu and noodles, but not really mixed before. It was a little plain and starchy, but from all the sauces, it was taty.
Rice balls - 5 RMB ($0.76) - We also tried sesame rice balls which were delicious.

Jacuzzi braised ½ chicken - 15 RMB ($2.27) - This was one of the highlights of the market for me, mainly because the owner was so friendly and his giant jacuzzi of boiling chickens was amazing to see! The chicken was a little bony, but flavorful.

Yellow soybean porridge - 3.5 RMB ($0.53) - As we were leaving the market, we stopped for one last bowl of soybean porridge to eat with youtiau, Chinese donuts. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, but it was delicious. It was very warming and hearty.

Finally to complete this Chinese street food tour in Kunming, Jerry and I, along with his family ate Chinese Yunnanese bbq. It was tasty and a great way to end this amazing day of street food.

Special thanks to Zouba Tours ( for arranging everything in this video. I paid for this tour, but I think they did a great job, and I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the tour.

That completes Day 4 of this Chinese food tour of Yunnan. If you haven’t already, watch the full series here:

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Traveling for street food in China and Chinese cuisine is always amazing! We traveled DEEP in Yunnan for amazing street food and to make this street food vlog in 2017! This is some of the best street food around the world! Here in Yunnan, on the ancient tea horse road in Shaxi, you can find some incredible street food delicacies.

First off, we started bright and early for some amazing breakfast street food in China. We adventured onto the street to make this street food video and found some of the BEST snacks from the Yi and bai people of Yunnan, China. This truly is some of the most UNIQUE street food in China, starting out right away with BREAKFAST! The local street food recipes were incredible!

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We tasted a few amazing dishes, bright and early!

First up, for breakfast, we found a lady selling this incredible milk cheese, kind of like curdled milk, right on the street. You can eat it plain or you can order it fried for breakfast with a lot of sugar. We ended up trying both.

Then, we walked down the street and had a nice and hearty and healthy lunch soup, and rice as well. Super tasty and delicious!

Then we went for a walk and found some street huajuan rolls stuffed with fermented tofu, very strong and pungent!

All of this was found during the weekly farmers market on the street in Shaxi every friday! If you come to Yunnan in Southern China, come to Shaxi on a friday to visit one of the most amazing street markets! You have to come check it out!

After that, we went for a lunch and tasted classic bai cuisine, including local Matsutake mushrooms and amazing salted pork, which kind of tasted like pastrami! So delicious!!

My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious .

I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge.

Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below!

Please make sure to subscribe, it's the best way to keep my videos in your feed, and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video, thanks, I appreciate it! You could also share the video too if you liked it, that would be awesome.

AMAZING Greek Food Tour and Top Things To Do in Athens, Greece!

Check out this amazing Greek food and attractions in Athens, Greece!
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Today was an amazing day of traveling in Athens, Greece. We ate some incredibly delicious Greek food and saw some of the most famous attractions, including the Acropolis (Parthenon) in Athens.

Here’s what you’ll find in this video:

Diporto Restaurant - This is an amazing hidden gem of a restaurant serving traditional Greek food in a downstairs basement tavern. They only have a few dishes per day, and you order whatever they have - everything is delicious.
Total price - 25 EUR for everything

Souvlaki Lefteris o Politis - This is another famous souvlaki, Greek street food, hole in the wall that I was excited to try because they are known for their spicy souvlaki. It was awesomely delicious and something you shouldn't miss if you love Greek food.
Price - 1.90 EUR per piece

Plaka Neighborhood - In the afternoon, I walked around the Plaka Neighborhood for a while and also saw the National Garden.

Panathenaic Stadium - In order to fulfill my inner Olympian, I entered into the Panathenaic Stadium, walked around this amazing marble stadium, and took a victory lap. It was awesome, it’s a must see when you’re in Athens.
Entrance price - 5 EUR

Dio Dekares i Oka Restaurant - We had an early Greek food dinner at Dio Dekares i Oka Restaurant that serves home-style Greek food. The lamb with dill and celery was the highlight dish for me.
Total price - 33 EUR for everything

Acropolis of Athens - There’s no doubt that the Acropolis of Athens, which includes the Parthenon is the most famous attraction to see in Athens. It was at the center of Athens and the center of Western civilization at its peak. It’s an amazing sight to see, even though it’s high damaged. But it’s truly breathtaking to admire the columns.
Combined attractions ticket - 30 EUR

Hope you enjoyed this Athens travel guide tour, with amazing Greek food and some must see attractions. Thank you for watching.

Thank you for watching this Greek food tour of Athens!

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Visit Sao Paulo - The DON'Ts of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil, whether for work or play can be extremely rewarding with amazing museums and shopping, but there are a few things you should not do when you go to Sao Paulo. This video covers the Don'ts of Visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Filmed in Sao Paulo State, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
1. Don't expect to get anywhere quickly in Sao Paulo. With so many people, cars and craziness it will take you longer than what google says it will to get anywhere.
2. Don't skip the Mercado Municipal! This Sao Paulo tradition is amazing. From amazing fruit to the best bologna or sorry Mortadella sandwich you ever ate.
3. Don't skip out on eating non-Brazilian food while in Sao Paulo. There are tons of amazing places, foods, restaurants and styles for you to enjoy!
4. Don't lose your wits. Pay attention! Sao Paulo has a reputation for crime for a reason.
5. Don't expect a beach vacation. Sao Paulo is not a Brazilian beach city, it is a cultural, shopping, museum, business hub for South America.
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