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10 Best Places to Visit in Timor-Leste


TOP 10 Places to visit in Timor Leste

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10. Same, East Timor
Same is a city in the Same Subdistrict in the interior of East Timor, 81 kilometres south of Dili, the national capital. Same has a population of 7,413 and is the capital of Manufahi District, which was known as Same District in Portuguese Timor.

9. Jaco Island
Jaco Island, sometimes spelt Jako, is an uninhabited island in East Timor, a country occupying the eastern end of the island of Timor in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Wallacea. It lies within Nino Konis Santana National Park.

8. Mount Matebian
Matebian or Matebean is the third highest mountain in Timor Leste, after Ramelau.

7. Lake Ira Lalaro
Lake Ira Lalaro is a waterway in Mehara, Subdistrict Tutuala, Lautém District of East Timor. It is the largest freshwater lake on the island of Timor, and the largest lake in the country of East Timor. 

6. Maubisse
Maubisse is a historic town in the hills 70 km south of Dili, in Ainaro District, East Timor. It is a popular tourist destination and a weekend visiting spot for people from the capital. The suco has 6,229 inhabitants.

5. Lautem
Lautém is one of the districts of East Timor, on the eastern end of the island of Timor. It has a population of 64,135 and an area of 1,813 km². Its capital is Lospalos, which lies 248 km east of the national capital, Dili.

4. Suai
Suai is a city in East Timor, in Suai Subdistrict. It has a population of 9,866 and is located 138 kilometres to the southwest of Dili, the national capital. Suai is the capital of the Cova Lima District, which is in the southwest of the country.

3. Baucau
Baucau is the second-largest city in East Timor, after Dili, the capital, which lies 122 km east of Dili. Baucau has about 16,000 inhabitants, and is the capital of Baucau, located in the eastern part of the country.

2. Atauro Island
Atauro Island is a small island situated 25 km north of Dili, East Timor, on the extinct Wetar segment of the volcanic Inner Banda Arc, between the Indonesian islands of Alor and Wetar.

1. Jesus Backside Beach, Dili
The beach is free and open for anyone. You don’t need to book a tour or pay for anything; you go there and enjoy its untamed beauty.The surrounding mountains highlighted by sneaking sun behind the eruption of clouds, the endless green-blue ocean water, the pieces of tree trunks and branches offering a contrasting beauty against the white sand- this has to be the most amazing place in the whole of Dili.

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Dili, East Timor - Travel Around The World | Top best places to visit in Dili

Top best places to visit in Dili, East Timor
Dili lies on the northern coast of Timor Island, the easternmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Dili is the largest city, chief port and commercial center of East Timor and also is the newest Asian capital.

Although there are not many tourist attractions in town but there are some interesting buildings like:
The Government Palace,

The Presidential Palace,

And the headquarter of the Ministry of Defense.

The most characteristic landmark is the Statue of Jesus that is constructed on a headland to the east of town.
The statue is about 27m tall and stands on a globe of earth and the view from across the bay is spectacular.
Of similar type but less famous is the Statue of John Paul II, located on the western side of the city.

Among the few places of worship, two are note worthy:
Motael Church
And An Nur Mosque.

East Timor is a developing country. It’s not cheap and there is much to be done.
Dili is a safe, charming, lazy little coastal city surrounded by wild nature.
And like in every other seaside city it has:
Several Nice Beaches;
Parks and Monuments;
A Small Port;
A Lighthouse;
A Promenade, a popular hangout for the young;
And the National Stadium.

In Dili you can find fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.

But most of all a lot of nice people!


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Best places to visit in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste, or East Timor, a Southeast Asian nation occupying half the island of Timor, is ringed by coral reefs teeming with marine life. East Timor is an exciting destination renowned for its rich culture and beautiful beaches that have yet to be tarnished by tourists.
To know more about Timor-Leste tourist destinations checkout this article

A Tourist's Guide to Dili, East Timor/Timor Leste

How to spend 24-hours in Dili, capital of one of the newest countries in the world.

After a short hop aboard Nam Air from Bali, I land in sleepy Dili. The Hotel Timor is a good base to explore the city on foot, where I see the Presidential Palace, the Santa Cruz Massacre Memorial, the port area and a church. I see lots of great statues along the way, too.

Then I catch a taxi to the Christ monument, and make it to the top to admire the view. After a brief stop by Dili Lighthouse, I end my day in Timor Plaza, where I enjoy a cooling beer in a rooftop restaurant.

Discovering Timor-Leste - Lonely Planet travel video

From its ruggedly beautiful landscapes to its centuries-old traditions, Timor-Leste offers one of the world’s last great off-the-beaten-track adventures. Here Lonely Planet Pathfinders, Tayla and Ben, give us a glimpse of this little visited corner of the world.

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How to Travel Timor Leste - Road Trip with Scooter

EP34. A country few have been to, Timor Leste sure is an existing place and my country number 53. The only good way to explore this country is by motor bike. For 4 days I am the only foreigner, a very special experience.

Instagram: twab17

The World And Beyond is a travel vlog where I travel the whole world as a backpacker and film it all.

Christo Rei of Dili -Timor Leste ||Travel Vlog|| Melly Mo

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Location : Christo Rei of Dili - Timor Leste/ East Timor

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Top 10 Largest Cities or Towns of East Timor

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1) Dili
2) Same
3) Suai
4) Liquica
5) Aileu
6) Baucau
7) Lautem
8) Ainaro
9) Gleno
10) Bobonaro

East Timor, officially the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, is a country in Southeast Asia. It comprises the eastern half of the island of Timor, the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Oecusse, an exclave on the northwestern side of the island, within Indonesian West Timor. The country's size is about 15,410 km2 (5,400 sq mi).

East Timor was colonised by Portugal in the 16th century, and was known as Portuguese Timor until Portugal's decolonisation of the country. In late 1975, East Timor declared its independence but later that year was invaded and occupied by Indonesia and was declared Indonesia's 27th province the following year. In 1999, following the United Nations-sponsored act of self-determination, Indonesia relinquished control of the territory, and East Timor became the first new sovereign state of the 21st century on May 20, 2002. After independence, East Timor became a member of the United Nations and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. It is one of only two predominantly Roman Catholic countries in Asia, the other being the Philippines.

East Timor has a lower-middle-income economy. About 37.4% of the country's population lives below the international poverty line – which means living on less than U.S. $1.25 per day – and about 50% of the population is illiterate. It continues to suffer the aftereffects of a decades-long struggle for independence against Indonesian occupation, which severely damaged the country's infrastructure and killed at least a hundred thousand people. The country is placed 134th on the Human Development Index (HDI). Nonetheless, East Timor is expected to have the sixth-largest percentage growth in GDP in the world for 2013.

Timor derives from timur, the word for east in Indonesian and Malay, which became Timor in Portuguese and entered English as Portuguese Timor. Leste is the Portuguese word for east, resulting in Timor-Leste (East-East). In Tetum the name is Timór Lorosa'e, from Lorosa'e (lit rising sun) the word for east in that language.

The official names under the Constitution are República Democrática de Timor-Leste in Portuguese and Repúblika Demokrátika Timor-Leste in Tetum.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) official short form in English and all other languages is Timor-Leste (codes: TLS & TL), which has been adopted by the United Nations, the European Union,[13] and the national standards organisations of France (AFNOR), the United States (ANSI), United Kingdom (BSI), Germany (DIN), and Sweden (SIS) all diplomatic missions to the country by protocol and the CIA World Factbook


Climbing Matebian 2316 m. (Matebean Mane), Baguia - second highest mountain in Timor Leste.

It's a sacred mountain for locals and very important for the whole nation because during the Indonesian occupation Timorese insurgents fighting against the Indonesian government were hiding in these mountains under the command of the current president of the country Taur Matan Ruak.
The tour guide was a scam. Charged me 40$ which is crazy for Timor, considering that I paid 15$ for climbing Ramelau, it is a low rainy season and the last tourists he saw were in October. Well this fucker doesn't deserve to have more tourists. And his English is at zero level.
On the way back the guide threw away an empty plastic water bottle straight in the grass. If this is such a sacred mountain, then have some respect. Disgusting. Don't use this guide.
The weather was very kind to me again and in the middle of the rainy season gave me a clear sunny day! This climb turned out to be much more difficult than I expected. On the way up I had 2 or 3 times of weakness when I wanted to turn back.
Oh! And there's sooo much mint growing on the slopes. The whole mountain literally smells minty and you breathe in this fantastic air.
This mountain is much farther from Dili than Ramelau, more hardly accessible with no proper accommodation nearby. They proposed me to stay in the village near Matebean, but the houses there have neither bathrooms nor toilets. Very basic conditions. I also didn't want to stay for the night there because local young guys showed me cut throat moves with their hands when they saw me arrive. Fuck those stupid villagers.
The best and only option remains in Baguia, where you have a chance to get a simple but cozy room at the church. Just go to church and ask for Mana Martina (works at the church) who alone does more for the tourism development than all the local communities, guides and authorities taken together. The most welcoming lady.

One Day in Timor Leste

The best places in Timor-Leste. One day in 3 minutes,

Jaco/Jako Island in Timor Leste - snorkelling in uninhabited paradise.

So this was the long awaited end of my Motorbike South Coast Tour. A great reward for this crazy exhausting but unforgettable trip. The island is tiny and cute but the road from Tutuala to the beach with boats is the worst in Timor. Only 4WD cars can pass. My motorbike withstood the challenge and took me up and down that ugly trail.
I am not the biggest fan of desert islands because they are all the same and I've seen quite a few of them. I find them all quite boring for a long stay because there is nothing to do but swim and fish. I tried to hike across Jaco but there are no trails and I quickly got lost and panicked which forced me to turn back. I snorkelled for about 2 hours and went back to Tutuala.
While the island is nice it not any different from many thousands of islands around Asia in Thai, Cambo, Viet which are in addition much more easily accessible.
So I would say it's not worth a special visit but if you find yourself somewhere in Lautem district you can give it a try.
Oh, and the prices are disgusting for transport and accommodation. The boat commute to the island is 10$ and it's like 700m. It's more expensive than to Atauro. Locals are obviously corrupted by the few tourists that come here and became greedy. Very simple and basic bungalos at the beach with toilet outside are like 20$ which is ridiculous cause it's not even on Jaco. In Cambodia I stayed in a bungalo on an paradisiac island for 5$ a night with a shower and toilet INSIDE.
I ended up staying in Pousada de Tutuala for 15$ a night for a tiny room with a floor bed no furniture. Other rooms were also super expensive considering their more than average comfort.
With the current situation I don't see any perspectives for Timorese tourism industry to win the competition for customers with other destinations like Bali, Thai and Cambo. The service is not worth the money locals ask here and you always feel a bit disappointed.
I for one have no intention to visit Jaco again. I saw it once, got mostly disappointed and will never come back.
My advice: if you have about 2-4 weeks of vacation and are entertaining different options - look closely at Thailand or Cambodia, they're as exotic and lovely as Timor, have got fantastic diving spots, but are cheaper with better service.
p.s. Timorese Ministry of Tourism must resign. They are a bunch of lazy old farts.

Community-Based Tourism in Timor-Leste

Community-Based Tourism is a concept of an alternative organisation of tourism that is based on principles of community ownership and empowerment. This video reviews community-based tourism in Timor-Leste.
Further reading:
Tolkach, D., & King, B. (2015). Strengthening Community-Based Tourism in a new resource-based island nation: Why and how?. Tourism Management, 48, 386-398.

Amazing motobike trip in Timor Leste: Mota Loes - Balibo Fort - Batugade - Indonesian border

Another great weekend around Timor Leste full of discoveries and great moments to remember. Although very tiny, Timor Leste has plenty of places to see at the weekend.
The 2 biggest problems for tourism development now are - lack of good transportation and crazy prices for accommodation. The hotel in Balibo fort, which is not even a 3***, offers rooms for 90-130$. For Asia it's absolutely unreasonable and that's why the hotel is empty all of the time. A local poorly looking guest house in Batugade was 25$ a night which is ridiculous as well. It doesn't help tourism development and it doesn't contribute to local communities.

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Timor-Leste: developing tourism in a new country

This video overviews Timor-Leste, a half-island nation between Indonesia and Australia, and its fledgling tourism development.

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VisitEastTimor - Eyes Over Timor-Leste #1 would like to present you our first flight with dji phantom drone in Timor-Leste showing you the beauty of this paradisiacal tourist destination.
Thanks to UL-BELA, Lda for the partnership.

Top 10 Cities of Portugal

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1) Agualva
2) Almada
3) Amadora
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6) Funchal
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8) Porto
9) Setúbal
10) Vila Nova de Gaia

Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic (Portuguese: República Portuguesa), is a unitary semi-presidential republic. It is located in South-Western Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula, and it is the westernmost country of mainland Europe, being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. Aside from continental Portugal, the Portuguese Republic holds sovereignty over the Atlantic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira, which are autonomous regions of Portugal. The country is named after its second largest city, Porto, whose Latin name was Portus Cale.[12]
The land within the borders of the current Portuguese Republic has been continually fought over and settled since prehistoric times. After a period of Roman rule followed by Visigothic and Suebian domination, in the 8th century most of the Iberian Peninsula was conquered by Moorish invaders. During the Catholic Church oriented Reconquista, Portugal established itself as an independent kingdom from Galicia in 1139.[13] In the 15th and 16th centuries, as the result of pioneering the Age of Discovery, Portugal expanded western influence and established the first global empire,[14] becoming one of the world's major economic, political and military powers, and ultimately dividing the world with Spain.
The Portuguese Empire was the longest-lived of the modern European colonial empires, spanning almost 600 years, from the capture of Ceuta in 1415 to the handover of Macau to China in 1999 (de facto) or the granting of sovereignty to East Timor in 2002 (de jure). The empire spread throughout a vast number of territories that are now part of 53 different sovereign states, leaving a legacy of over 240 million Portuguese speakers today (making it the sixth most spoken first language) and a number of Portuguese-based creoles. Portugal's international status was greatly reduced during the 19th century, especially following the Independence of Brazil, its largest colony. After the 1910 revolution deposed the monarchy, the democratic but unstable Portuguese First Republic was established, itself being superseded by the Estado Novo right-wing authoritarian regime. Democracy was restored after the Portuguese Colonial War and the Carnation Revolution in 1974. The revolution in 1974 also resulted in the independence of Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Timor-Leste, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau in 1975.
Portugal is considered a developed country with an advanced economy and high living standards, listed with the nineteenth-highest quality of life index rating in the world as of 2005. It's one of the world's most globalized and peaceful nations.[15] It is a member of the United Nations, European Union, Eurozone, OECD, NATO, WTO, Schengen Area, and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. On 31 May 2010, Portugal became the sixth country in Europe and the eighth country in the world to legally recognize same-sex marriage on the national level. The law came into force on 5 June 2010. Source:

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Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments (Dili, East Timor)

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Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments (Timor Plaza, Level 5, Rua Presidente Nicolau Lobato - Comoro, Dili, East Timor)
This is the 1st most-booked 4-star hotel in Dili.
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Located within a shopping centre, Timor Plaza Hotel is within metres of many shopping options. It is 3 km from Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport. Free parking is provided.
The tour desk books city and coastal tours. Each Friday and Saturday night, guests can relax with a drink and watch live music.
All air-conditioned accommodation offers a dining setting, a sofa, a desk and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Some accommodation offers a kitchenette or patio.
At Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments you will find a 24-hour front desk, a terrace and luggage storage. The onsite restaurant offers international cuisine with an Asian twist.
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