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10 Best Places to Visit in Saint Pierre and Miquelon


Saint Pierre and Miquelon Tourism Video Drone and Pictures

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Saint Pierre And Miquelon Tourism Promotion


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About Saint Pierre and Miquelon:

Like any other country, Saint Pierre and Miquelon has a unique sights which makes this country unique travel destination in the world! We sincerely hope this wonderful video will help people to recognize beauty of this country and encourage them to explore as much as possible.
Selecting and watching this video is just beginning of your journey.
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Road to 150: The Best Things To Do In Newfoundland

Special Note: We just released the Canada Saver Card, a physical discount card that gets you discounts at a variety of attractions, adventures, and activities across Canada! From helicopter tours to rafting, fishing, museums, and horseback rides, save money on all of them for less than $30! -

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Newfoundland!

Newfoundland was our first province on the Road to 150 project. We experienced icebergs, fjords, the Earth's mantle, whales, kitchen parties, and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. But most of all, we fell in the love with people, which is a big part of what makes Newfoundland so special.

Canada's Road to 150 is a 150-day Canada-wide multimedia road trip celebrating Canada's 150th birthday by exploring the uniqueness of this country provincially and collectively while answering the question; What makes Canada special?

We will drive to and through every driveable province and territory, showcasing Canada's natural beauty and regional attractions while interviewing Canadians of all cultures and backgrounds, including local celebrities, immigrants, refugees, and everyday rural and urban Canadians. Our aim is to dig deep into what makes Canada such an incredibly inspiring country while showing off the best of Canada's tourism to Canadians and to the world.


Matt's other YouTube channel:
Instagram: @MatthewGBailey and @MustDoCanada
Facebook: @MustDoCanada
Twitter: @MatthewGBailey

KARLA BAILEY: Host/Co-Producer

Instagram @glamourbohemio


Travel videos YouTube Channel:
Instagram - @justinbrunelle
Facebook - MILE30 Adventures
Twitter - @MILE30Adventure

Series Production Company: Moving Artistry Productions

Also, special thanks to Kody Davidson from who is the king of data, helping is back up all of our footage from his home base!

For a list of the companies that helped with this project in Newfoundland, visit -

Big thanks to Best Western International for helping to sponsor such an incredible journey as well as our smaller local sponsors such as the Luxus Hotel in St. Johns, Artisan Inn in Trinity, Iceberg Quest, O'Brien's Tours, Cod Sounds, Boyle Walking Tour, So-Full Walking Tour, Christian's Pub, O'Reilly's Pub, Bonavista Social House, Port Rexton Brewery, All Season's Bed & Breakfast in Twillingate, Annie's Restaurant, Sheppard's Bed & Breakfast, Blackawten boat tours, and Seaside restaurant.

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Offbeat Canadian Destinations

Off the Beaten Path Canadian Destinations - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Off the Beaten Path Canadian Destinations

Canada is a very large country and there are many large cities to explore and places off the beaten path within the cities, but I'm going to take you outside the cities.

My favorite place off the beaten path in Canada is without doubt, the North shore of Lake Superior. The north shore of Superior is full of legends and stories as well as natural beauty. A great place to hike and a great place to relax.

Another place I love is the Bay of Fundy, which is part of Nova Scotia as well as New Brunswick. If you circumnavigate the Bay of Fundy, which you can because there's a ferry between Digby and St. John - you have fine food, you can go whale watching, you can walk on the floor of the ocean and you can ride the tidal bore which is wilder than rafting, white water rafting. So it's a very fun place.

Another place in the East, is Gros Moor National Park in Newfoundland. This is a forgotten area of Canada that just too many people do not get to, but it's beauty rivals the Rockies it's stunningly gorgeous, and while in Newfoundland if you can, hop over to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and you're going to France by taking a ferry. It's just a short little ferry.

Going to the west coast, Tofino is just a wonderful place, wonderful beaches in Tofino. It's not quite off the beaten path because it's been discovered a little bit more but it's definitely worth the trip.

And then one very long path that everyone should take at least once is a drive across the Prairies. The Prairies are beautiful in their own way, they're known as big sky country and it's just gorgeous. Really it should be explored and enjoyed.

Itinerary: 8 Days in Newfoundland, Canada

Here's my itinerary for spending 8 days in Newfoundland, Canada! For more tips and detailed information on the places I visited, check out these blog posts:

Itinerary: 8 Days in Newfoundland:

Tips for Driving in Newfoundland:

Planning Your Visit to Signal Hill:

Things to do in St. John's, Newfoundland:

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve Boat Tour:

Spotting Icebergs in Newfoundland:

Cape Spear: The Easternmost Point in North America:

Things to Do in Gros Morne National Park:

Western Brook Pond Boat Tour:

L'Anse Aux Meadows: Viking Settlement in Canada:

The Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park:

5 Things to Do in Bonavista, Newfoundland:

Elliston: The Best Spot for Puffin Watching in Newfoundland:

Music credits:
Easy Lemon Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Explorez Terre-Neuve et Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon - Vidéo Ulysse

L'auteure Frédérique Sauvée, qui a parcouru les magnifiques territoires de Terre-Neuve, du Labrador et de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, vous présente le contenu de son guide ( l'un des seuls sur le marché à couvrir ces destinations dans la langue de Molière.

Explorez Terre-Neuve et Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon ( le guide idéal pour planifier un voyage dans ces magnifiques territoires encore à l'abri des foules, qui ne manqueront pas de vous séduire.

motorcycle adventure best kept secret!!

Three motorcycle adventure buddies riding the best kept secret.
Trans Labrador, Newfoundland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and the Cabot trail Nova Scotia.Best 7256 km adventure ride of our lives.......

A Corner of France in North America

Discover St. Pierre, the first French overseas territory in the world and a small cultural outpost that lives on in Canada. Video by Ross Weinberg.

Wallis and Futuna Tour Guide | Vacances à Wallis-et-Futuna Travel Gears

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Wallis and Futuna, officially the Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands, is a French island collectivity in the South Pacific between Tuvalu to the northwest, Fiji to the southwest, Tonga to the southeast, Samoa to the east, and Tokelau to the northeast. Though both French and Polynesian, Wallis and Futuna is distinct from the entity known as French Polynesia.

Its land area is 142.42 km2 (54.99 sq mi) with a population of about 12,000. Mata-Utu is the capital and biggest city. The territory is made up of three main volcanic tropical islands along with a number of tiny islets, and is split into two island groups that lie about 260 km (160 mi) apart, namely the Wallis Islands (Uvea) in the northeast, and the Hoorn Islands (also known as the Futuna Islands) in the southwest, including Futuna Island proper and the mostly uninhabited Alofi Island.

The overwhelming majority (99%) of the people in Wallis and Futuna are Catholics, served by their own Roman Catholic Diocese of Wallis and Futuna. The culture of Wallis and Futuna is Polynesian, and is very similar to the cultures of its neighbouring nations Samoa and Tonga. The Wallisian and Futunan cultures share very similar components in language, dance, cuisine and modes of celebration.

Fishing and agriculture are the traditional practices and most people live in traditional fate houses in an oval shape made of thatch.

Basilica of St. Peter Channel in Poi – Futuna. Unusual, impressive church building with stepped tower, built in 1986. Built to commemorate a martyr Pierre Channel, who was killed here in 1841.
Lalolalo Lake – Wallis. A round lake - volcanic crater. The lake is surrounded by steep, up to 30 m tall walls. Lake is almost inaccessible due to these walls.
Lanu’tavake – Wallis. A round crater lake, once used as a source of drinking water.
Le Toagatoto (Marais Sanglants) – Wallis. A historical place where a battle between the native people of Wallis and Tongan army took place. This is marsh which, according to the locals, still is haunted. Remnants of stone walls.

Loka Cave – Alofi. A natural grotto where a shrine to St. Bernadette has been established.
Mata-Utu Cathedral – Wallis. Large church building in Neo-Romanesque style, built in 1951 – 1967.
Talietumu (Kolo Noi) – Wallis. Remnants of a fortified Tongan settlement, developed in 1450 AD, the last stronghold of Tongans in Wallis. The settlement is surrounded by a massive stone wall with several entrances. The central structure is rised stone platform – Talietumu, a shrine. It is rised 5 m high and is 80 m long. The complex architecture of the structure has important symbolic meaning.
Tepa Church – Wallis. Imposing church building with semicircular tower.

10 Least Visited Countries in the world

Thanks for watching....
1. Nauru
2. Somalia
3. Tuvalu
4. Kiribati
5. Marshall Islands
6. Equatorial Guinea
7. Turkmenistan
8. Sao Tome and Principe
9. Comoros
10. Afghanistan


Music : Bell Trap,Silent Partner; YouTube Audio Library

A country is a region identified as a distinct entity in political geography. A country may be an independent sovereign state or one that is occupied by another state, as a non-sovereign or formerly sovereign political division, or a geographic region associated with sets of previously independent or differently associated peoples with distinct political characteristics. Regardless of the physical geography, in the modern internationally accepted legal definition as defined by the League of Nations in 1937 and reaffirmed by the United Nations in 1945, a resident of a country is subject to the independent exercise of legal jurisdiction.

Sometimes the word country is used to refer both to sovereign states and to other political entities, while other times it refers only to states. For example, the CIA World Factbook uses the word in its Country name field to refer to a wide variety of dependencies, areas of special sovereignty, uninhabited islands, and other entities in addition to the traditional countries or independent states.

The word country comes from Old French cuntrée, itself derived from Vulgar Latin (terra) contrata (“(land) lying opposite; (land) spread before”), derived from contra (“against, opposite”). It most likely entered English language after the Franco-Norman invasion during the 11th century.

In English the word has increasingly become associated with political divisions, so that one sense, associated with the indefinite article – a country – is now a synonym for state, or a former sovereign state, in the sense of sovereign territory or district, native land. Areas much smaller than a political state may be called by names such as the West Country in England, the Black Country (a heavily industrialized part of England), Constable Country (a part of East Anglia painted by John Constable), the big country (used in various contexts of the American West), coal country (used of parts of the US and elsewhere) and many other terms.

The equivalent terms in French and other Romance languages (pays and variants) have not carried the process of being identified with political sovereign states as far as the English country, instead derived from, pagus, which designated the territory controlled by a medieval count, a title originally granted by the Roman Church. In many European countries the words are used for sub-divisions of the national territory, as in the German Länder, as well as a less formal term for a sovereign state. France has very many pays that are officially recognised at some level, and are either natural regions, like the Pays de Bray, or reflect old political or economic unities, like the Pays de la Loire. At the same time the United States and Brazil are also pays in everyday French speech.

A version of country can be found in the modern French language as contrée, based on the word cuntrée in Old French, that is used similarly to the word pays to define regions and unities, but can also be used to describe a political state in some particular cases. The modern Italian contrada is a word with its meaning varying locally, but usually meaning a ward or similar small division of a town, or a village or hamlet in the countryside.

The term country is frequently used to refer to sovereign states. There is no universal agreement on the number of countries in the world, since a number of states have disputed sovereignty status. There are 206 total states, with 193 states participating in the United Nations, two observer states and 11 other states (if the Cook Islands and Niue are included, although they haven't declared their independence and are in free association with New Zealand). All are defined as states by declarative theory of statehood and constitutive theory of statehood. The latest proclaimed state is South Sudan.

Although not sovereign states, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are referred to as separate countries, which collectively form the sovereign state known as the United Kingdom. The degree of autonomy of non-sovereign countries varies widely. Some are possessions of sovereign states, as several states have overseas dependencies (such as the British Virgin Islands (United Kingdom) and Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)), with citizenry at times identical and at times distinct from their own. Such dependent territories are sometimes listed together with sovereign states on lists of countries, and may be treated as a country of origin in international trade, as Hong Kong is.

Rulers Heere.. Rulers They're

U.N.E. United Nations of Earth
Our Planet 245 United Peoples
1 World 'United We Orbit'

Pub. L. No. 80-357, 61 Stat. 756 (1947)
the district remains under the law and judicial jurisdiction of the United States.

Section 23
The seat of the United Nations shall not be removed from the headquarters district unless the United Nations should so decide.

Ice & Instability NY Times 01.08.08

Iceland Bankrupt NY Times 10.09.08

The song is Here Comes the Nice (A Tribute to The Small Faces: Long Agos And Worlds Apart) by The Buzzcocks

heir combs than ice

Full List of Planet Earth's Countries/Nations:

1 Afghanestan
2 Shqiperia
3 Al Jaza'ir
4 American Samoa
5 Andorra
6 Angola
7 Anguilla
8 Antarctica
9 Antigua and Barbuda
10 Argentina
12 Aruba
13 Ascension
14 Australia
15 Österreich
16 Azarbaycan
17 Bahamas
18 Al Bahrayn
19 Bangladesh
20 Barbados
21 Byelarus
22 Belgique/Belgie
23 Belize
24 Benin
25 Bermuda
26 Bhutan
27 Bolivia
28 Bosna i Hercegovina
29 Botswana
30 Bouvet Island
31 Brasil
32 BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory)
33 Negara Brunei Darussalam
34 Bulgaria
35 Burkina Faso
36 Burundi
37 Kampuchea
38 Cameroon
39 Canada
40 Cabo Verde
41 Cayman Islands
42 Republique Centrafricaine
43 Tchad
44 Chile
45 Zhong Guo
46 Christmas Island
47 Cocos (Keeling) Islands
48 Colombia
49 Comores
50 République du Congo
51 Cook Islands
52 Costa Rica
53 Cote d'Ivoire
54 Hrvatska
55 Cuba
56 Kibris, Kypros
57 Ceska Republika
58 Danmark
59 Djibouti
60 Dominica
61 Dominicana, Republica
62 Ecuador
63 Misr
64 El Salvador
65 Guinea Ecuatorial
66 Hagere Ertra
67 Eesti Vabariik
68 Ityop'iya
69 Islas Malvinas
70 Foroyar
71 Fiji
72 Suomen Tasavalta
73 France
74 Guyane
75 France Métropolitaine
76 Polynésie Française
77 Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises
78 Gabon
79 The Gambia
80 Sak'art'velo
81 Deutschland
82 Ghana
83 Gibraltar
84 Great Britain
85 Ellas or Ellada
86 Kalaallit Nunaat
87 Grenada
88 Guadeloupe
89 Guam
90 Guatemala
91 Guernsey
92 Guinee
93 Guine-Bissau
94 Guyana
95 Haiti
96 Heard and Mc Donald
97 Status Civitatis Vaticanæ
98 Honduras
99 Xianggang
100 Magyarorszag
101 Lyoveldio Island
102 Bharat
103 Indonesia
104 Iran
105 Iraq
106 Éire
107 Isle of Man
108 Yisra'el
109 Italia
110 Jamaica
111 Nippon
112 Jersey
113 Al Urdun
114 Qazaqstan
115 Kenya
116 Kiribati, Kiribas
117 Choson
118 Han-guk
119 Al Kuwayt
120 Kyrgyz Respublikasy
121 Lao
122 Latvija
123 Lubnan
124 Lesotho
125 Liberia
126 Libiyah
127 Liechtenstein
128 Lietuva
129 Luxembourg, Letzebuerg
130 Aomen
131 Madagascar
132 Malawi
133 Malaysia
134 Dhivehi Raajje
135 Mali
136 Malta
137 Marshall Islands
138 Martinique
139 Muritaniyah
140 Mauritius
141 Mayotte
142 Estados Unidos Mexicanos
143 Micronesia
144 Moldova
145 Monaco
146 Mongol Uls
147 Crna Gora
148 Al Maghrib
149 Mocambique
150 Myanma Naingngandaw
151 Namibia
152 Nauru
153 Nepal
154 Nederland/Holland
155 Nederlandse Antillen
156 Aotearoa
157 Niger
158 Nigeria
159 Niue
160 Norfolk Island
161 Northern Mariana Islands
162 Norge
163 Saltanat Uman
164 Pakistan
165 Palestine
166 Belau
167 Filastin
168 Panama
169 Papua Niu Gini
170 Paraguay
171 Peru
172 Pilipinas
173 Pitcairn Island
174 Polska
175 Portugal
176 Puerto Rico
177 Dawlat Qatar
178 Ile de la Réunion
179 Romania
180 Rossiya
181 Rwanda
182 Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis
183 Saint Lucia
184 Saint-Vincent-et-les Grenadines
185 Samoa
186 San Marino
187 Sao Tome e Principe
188 Al Arabiyah as Suudiyah
189 Senegal
190 Srbija
191 Seychelles
192 Sierra Leone
193 Singapore
194 Slovensko
195 Slovenija
196 Solomon Islands
197 Somalia
198 South Africa
199 Géorgie du Sud et les Îles Sandwich du Sud
200 España
201 Sri Lanka
202 Saint Helena
203 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon
204 As-Sudan
205 Suriname
206 Spitzbergen
207 Swaziland
208 Sverige
209 Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera
210 Suriyah
211 T'ai-wan
212 Jumhurii Tojikiston
213 Tanzania
214 Prathet Thai
215 Bod
216 Timor
217 Republique Togolaise
218 Tokelau
219 Tonga
220 Trinidad, Tobago
221 Tunis
222 Turkiye
223 Turkmenistan
224 Turks and Caicos Islands
225 Tuvalu
226 Uganda
227 Ukrayina
228 Al Imarat al Arabiyah al Muttahidah
229 United Kingdom
230 United States
231 U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
232 Republica Oriental del Uruguay
233 Uzbekiston Respublikasi
234 Vanuatu
235 Status Civitatis Vaticanæ
236 Venezuela
237 Viet Nam
238 Îles Vierges Britanniques
239 Virgin Islands
240 Wallis et Futuna
241 Sahara Occidental
242 Al Yaman
243 Zaire
244 Zambia
245 Zimbabwe

Let's Visit Newfoundland!

A video about the Island of Newfoundland!

Randonnée en Toscane - Allibert Trekking

Région d’Italie entre la mer Tyrrhénienne et les Apennins, la Toscane distille un art de vivre au parfum d’Histoire. Villes illustres à l’architecture somptueuse, lumières édéniques baignant ses paysages, la Toscane, berceau du Quattrocento, se découvre entre randonnées historiques, randonnées artistiques et randonnées gastronomiques, toutes excursions propres à initier le voyageur à une douceur de vivre toute latine. Sous le ciel de Toscane, le pas du marcheur se fait léger. Toscane, un art de vivre immémorial !

Allibert Trekking est né il y a 40 ans du désir de trois guides de haute montagne de vivre de leur passion.

Réalisation : Olivier Escallon
® Allibert Trekking, 2017.

Plus de vidéos sur Trek'in TV, la web TV de vos aventures par Allibert Trekking :

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Landmarks of North America

1. Anguilla (UK) - Wallblake House
2. Antigua and Barbuda - St. John's Catherdal Church
3. Aruba (Netherlands) - Royal Plaza
4. Bahamas - Tropical Beaches in Bahamas
5. Barbados - Parliament Building
6. Belize - Blue Hole
7. Bermuda (UK) - Sessions House
8. Bonaire (Netherlands) - Washington Slagbaai National Park
9. British Virgin Islands (UK) - Downtown Roadtown
10. Canada - Parliament Hill
11. Cayman Islands (UK) - Grand Cayman
12. Costa Rica - National Theatre of Costa Rica
13. Cuba - Grand Theater of Havana
14. Curaçao (Netherlands) - Willemstad Harbour
15. Dominica - Downtown Roseau
16. Dominican Republic Republica Dominicano - National Palace, in Santo Domingo
17. El Salvador - Ruinas de San Andres
18. Greenland Kalaallit Nunaat (Denmark) - Statue of Hans Egede in Nuuk
19. Grenada - Downtown St. George's
20. Guadeloupe (France) - Downtown Les Saintes
21. Guatemala - Ruinas de Tikal
22. Haiti - National Palace in Port au Prince
23. Honduras - Dolores Church
24. Jamaica - Secret St. John
25. Martinique (France) - Mt. Pelee
26. Mexico - Pyramid of the Sun
27. Montserrat (UK) - Soufrière Hills
28. Nicaragua - Colonial City of Granada
29. Panama - Panama City Trump Ocean Club
30. Puerto Rico (USA) - Fort San Juan el Morro
31. Saba (Netherlands) - Mt. Scenery
32. Saint Barthelemy (France) - Gustavia Harbour
33. Saint Kitts and Nevis - Southeast Peninsula
34. Saint Lucia - Pitons
35. Saint Martin (France) - Downtown Marigot
36. Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (France) - Pointe aux Canons Lighthouse
37. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Parliamentary Building in Kingston
38. Sint Eustatius (Netherlands) - The Quill
39. Sint Maarten (Netherlands) - Maho Beach
40. Trinidad and Tobago - Stollmeyer's Castle
41. Turks and Caicos Islands (UK) - Grand Turk Lighthouse
42. United States of America - Capitol
43. US Virgin Islands (USA) - St. Thomas Harbour

La place Saint Pierre de Rome


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DIving St Eustatius with Golden Rock Divers

Another one of these gems that keeps coming up off the radar. This time we visited small island of St Eustatius (Statia) situated between St Kitts and St Maarten. Great variety of diving with the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean, awesome visibility, great dive center and lobsters, rays and fish everywhere - A must dive place without a doubt.

Discover Armenia - Tourist Destination

Ара Папян
Аркадий Гукасян
Арман Киракосян
Армен Айвазян
Армен Мовсисян
Армен Тигранян
Армия и разведка Армении в 1918-1920
Армяно-Турецкие Протоколы
Армяно-турецкие отношения
Армянская архитектура
Армянская калиграфия
Армянская кулинария
Армянская музыка
Армянская церковь
Армянские дизайнеры
Армянские орнаменты
Армянский Легион
Армянский алфавит
Армянский вопрос
Армянский тараз
Армянский язык
Армянское кино
Арсен Джульфалакян
Артавазд Пелешян
Артур Абраам
Артур Багдасарян
Архивные материалы
Арцахская (Нагорно-Карабахская) Республи
Аслан Масхадов
Ахмед Давутоглу

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La mythique route 66

La mythique route 66 sur

La route la plus mythique

Dans les années 20, la mythique route 66 traversait une grande partie des Etats-Unis. Elle partait de Chicago et débouchait, 3 500 kilomètres plus loin, sur le Pacifique à Santa Monica près de Los Angeles. Cette voie de communication a permis à des centaines de milliers d'Américains attirés par le soleil de déménager vers l'ouest et le sud-ouest du pays.

De nos jours, seules quelques portions existent encore qui longent souvent l'Interstate 40. Délaissée, la route 66 est un moyen de découvrir une autre Amérique à la fois historique et intemporelle, permet de traverser des villes fantômes, de s'arrêter quelques instants siroter une bière dans un motel, de rencontrer des personnages insolites, et parfois de se retrouver dans un décor de cinéma. En effet, quelques irréductibles comme des motards ou des amateurs d'armes tentent de s'inventer un passé un peu désuet dans une Amérique qui doute d'elle même. Ce documentaire offre au téléspectateur un voyage au coeur d'un pays décalé, vécu et rêvé, celui de l'Amérique de la route 66...

Terranova y Labrador | Provincias y territorios de Canadá

En esta serie de videos de enseñaremos las características principales de las 10 provincias y los 3 territorios de Canadá. Canadá es un país muy extenso y cada una de sus provincias tiene características muy distintas.

Si estás considerando venir a vivir a este país, lo mejor sería que tuvieras una idea sólida de qué provincia o territorio va más con tu estilo de vida y con el futuro que estás planeando para ti y para tu familia.

En este video, te hablaremos sobre Terranova y Labrador. Te enseñaremos los paisajes, te hablaremos del idioma, las etnias y las principales fuentes económicas... en menos de 3 minutos.

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