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10 Best Places to Visit in Saint Barthélemy


St. Barths Top Ten Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel

St Barths Top Ten Things To Do, is a tour of the most popular activities and highlights.
Saint Barthélemy, FWI is also know as St. Barths and considered one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean for the Jet-set crowd and celebrities. But it is a terrific destination for anyone, for fabulous beaches, restaurants and watersports activities.

Top Ten Things To Do on Vacation:
1) Gustavia: capital with shopping, restaurants and mega-yachts
2) St Jean Beach: Eden Rock hotel, beach, al fresco dining
3) Boating: fishing boats to mega-yachts
4) Snorkel & Dive: great for every age
5) Colombier Beach: north island beach with great swimming
6) Watersports: windsurf, paddle boards, jet-ski and more
7) Island Drive: scenic drives to explore island
8) Dining: Fench flovor from al-fresco to fine dining
9) Grand Cul de Sac: beach with Guanahani resort & more
10) Shopping: Duty free shopping with a European flair

Day trips are also available from St Barths (aka St. Barts) to St Maarten, Saba and Antigua. #St. Barths, # Saint Barthélemy

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Saint Barthelemy Tourist Attractions: 10 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Saint Barthelemy? Check out our Saint Barthelemy Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Saint Barthelemy.

Top Places to visit in Saint Barthelemy:
Colombier Beach, Anse du Gouverneur, St. Jean Beach, Grande Saline Beach, Shell Beach, Anse des Flamands, Lorient Beach, Toiny Coast, Grand Cul de Sac Beach, Corossol

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10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean

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10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean.
Caribbean getaways are a regular part of the good life for many. The beaches and sumptuous climate are the kind of delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be reminded that we are all children of the sun. But as familiar as many Caribbean Islands are in hospitality, grilled fish and music vibz, each Island-nation has its own distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore.
The following are ten of the best Caribbean Island destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list.
1. Aruba
2. St Lucia
3. Bermuda
4. Barbados
5. Turks & Caicos
6. St Maarten
7. St Barts
8. US Virgin Islands
9. Anguilla
10. Jamaica
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Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy - 4K Ultra HD

Gustavia is the main town, port and capital of the #caribbean #island of #Saint #Barthélemy / St Barth - #top #amazing #luxury #travel destination. St Barts is known for its white-sand beaches, chic hotels and designer shops. Gustavia, encircling a yacht-filled harbor, combines high-end dining with historical attractions like The Wall House, whose exhibits highlight the island Swedish colonial era. Perched above town is 17th-century Fort Karl, offering views of popular Shell Beach.

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean 2018 | 4K

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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean.
Caribbean getaways are a regular part of the good life for many. The beaches and sumptuous climate are the kind of delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be reminded that we are all children of the sun. But as familiar as many Caribbean Islands are in hospitality, grilled fish and music vibz, each Island-nation has its own distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore.
The following are ten of the best Caribbean Island destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list.
1. Aruba
2. St Lucia
3. Bermuda
4. Barbados
5. Turks & Caicos
6. St Marteen
7. St Barts
8. US Virgin Islands
9. Anguilla
10. Jamaica
Moments by Sappheiros
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St Barths ~ Saint Barthelemy ~ St Barts ~ Best UAV Drone Caribbean ~

More footage of beautiful Sint Barthelemy.
Saint Barthélemy, a volcanic island fully encircled by shallow reefs, has an area of 25 square kilometres (9.7 sq mi) and a population of 9,035 (Jan. 2011 estimate). Its capital is Gustavia, which also contains the main harbor to the island. It is the only Caribbean island which was a Swedish colony for any significant length of time; Guadeloupe was under Swedish rule only briefly at the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Symbolism from the Swedish national arms, the Three Crowns, still appears in the island's coat of arms. The language, cuisine, and culture, however, are distinctly French. The island is a popular tourist destination during the winter holiday season, especially for the rich and famous during the Christmas and new year period.

The landing runway is 2170 feet long, and the approach, from either direction, is often plagued by varying degrees of turbulence. As a result, the French aviation authorities require that a special permit be issued to any pilot who intends to land in St. Barts.

Those planning to land in St Barts will have to land in Grand Case, French St Martin, first, in order to get their qualification. St Barts Control tower (Telephone: 590 590 27 65 33 - Fax: 590 590 27 98 96 ) will tell you how to contact a French instructor for certification. It takes a couple of hours, and includes touch-and-go in both directions. Don't do it on a windy day with a hangover.

The landing fee varies from 8.5 Euros to 12.5 Euros, and parking fee is 5.5 Euros/ night.

There are no mechanic nor fuel on the field. Best nearby place for that is at Grand Case Airport in St. Martin. No fuel is available during their long lunch hour.

When you arrive or depart, you are required to deposit a General Declaration form with the immigration officer at the door and file a flight plan : call (+590) 590 27 65 33 or fax (+590) 590 27 98 96.

Destinations in this video: Saint Barthselemy Caribbean

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Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy travel video April 2017

St Barth, Beautiful Natural Luxury Paradise Place on EARTH in Caribbean

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In this vidéo you can make a tour at St Barts beautiful beaches, playing with a big fish and to see a St Barth landing in Col de la Tourmente one of the shortest airport in world !!

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HUGE Planes VS St. Barths

Today: HUGE Planes At ST. Barths

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île de saint Barthélemy

vidéo prise d'un avion c'est magnifique la suite bientot

Inside St Barths - A Personal Look at My Favorite Place to Visit

Peel back all the glamour and glitz of this famous jet-setter island, and it can be a very charming, local experience. From the food and travel website,

Best Caribbean Island for Honeymoon, St. Barts, France

Saint Barthelemy is an island in the French West Indies. This island also called as St. Barths, St. Barts and St. Barth. First European to discover this island was Christopher Columbus. He named it after his brother Bartolomeo.Capital city of this island is Gustavia. Famous tourist attractions are Saline Beach, St Jean Beach, Colombier Beach, Governor's Beach, Lorient Village and Gustavia city. Best time to visit this Island is December.

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Top 5 St Barths Activities For The Perfect Caribbean Holiday

There is plenty to see and do during a visit to the island paradise of St. Barths, and we are sure you will want to experience all you can during your visit. In this article, we’ll share five of the very best things to try on the island.

1. Explore the Beaches of St. Barths
St. Barths is home to a large number of exquisite beaches – over twenty in all varying sizes and popularity. Even the more popular ones are never heavily crowded, which makes each and every one customizable to your personal taste.

Family travellers should be aware that topless bathing is allowed on all beaches that are open to the public. Some beaches here are better than others for swimming, but don’t worry – the locals are friendly and will be more than happy to guide you to the perfect spot for whatever activity you desire.
2. Take a Boat Tour
Both guided and unguided boat tours are popular activities in St. Barths. The landscape comes with a variety of amazing views from both land and Sea, making the boat tour an experience not to be missed. From catamarans and kayaks to glass-bottom boat tours, schooners and speedboats,
3. Get a Spa Treatment and Massage
A trip to St. Barths is an indulgence in and of itself, so why not complete it with a little bit of pampering at one of the island’s exclusive spas? There are places on the island that offer all manners of spa treatments. If a massage is what you fancy, there a broad range of styles available to fit to every need.
4. Go Snorkelling or Scuba Diving in St. Barths
You’ve gotten a view of the island from both land and Sea – even from the air too, if you’ve decided to take on one of our St. Barths charter flights. To complete the experience and make sure you saw everything there is to see, you also need to take a look underneath the water – by going snorkelling, of course.

A number of scuba rental and touring companies will offer lessons on how to use snorkelling and scuba diving equipment. They can also recommend the best places for every underwater activity.
5. Enjoy World-Class Dining
There are many amazing places to dine. The island has a very sophisticated but down-to-earth restaurant culture, making sure you can find whatever dining experience you prefer. There is a range of restaurants available: from casual four-star quality ones, to quaint harbour-side or casual beach-side eateries. Reservations are a must during peak season.
st Way To Get To St. Barths
Getting to St. Barths is the easiest part of your holiday when you book a charter flight with us. We invite you to have a look at our regular charter flights to St. Barths and encourage you to contact us should you have any questions. Let us help make your Caribbean getaway perfect! We look forward to hearing from you.

Image sources: CherryBlossoms, Access St. Barth, Sport Hotel Ellmau, Tom Beach Hotel.
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Few minutes of our amazing and exciting life in Saint Barts.
3 Years of sun, tropical beaches and luxury experiences...

St Barth Amazing Plane landing and take-off footage

Video recordings St. Barts 15/11/2012
If you are near the this beautiful island, so it is worth a visit.

Beautiful St. Barts - Eden Rock, St. Jean, Nikki Beach in Ultra HD

Saint-Jean is a quartier of Saint Barthélemy usually referred to as St Barths in the Caribbean. It is located in the northern part of the tropical island. It contains one of the best-known beaches on the island and is the center of water sport activity on the island.

0:01 - SBH Saint Barthelemy Airport
0:30 - Eden Rock St Barths
2:42 - St Jean Tropical Beach
4:00 - St Barths views
5:05 - St Jean Shopping Dining area

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Just kicking it with my girlfriend & family in St. Barth's. Full post on my website:


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We stayed at Villa Xanadu which is managed by Eden Rock.

Beaches: Anse de St. Jean, Anse de Lorient, Anse Grand Cul-de-Sac, Anse de Grande Saline, Anse du Gouverneur, Petis Anse de Galet (Shell Beach), Anse de Columbier, Anse de Flamands, Anse des Cayes

Restaurants: Eden Rock (Sandbar & On The Rocks), Le Guanahani (Indigo on the Beach), Cheval Blanc (Isle de France), Santa Fe, Le Piment, JoJo Burger, Bonito, Bagatelle.

Note: The fireworks show was Jeff Gordon's (NASCAR) 10 Year Vowel Renewals.



St Barth from the sky

Flamant, St Jean, Gustavia, Petit & Grand Cul de Sac and Grand Fond & Natural pools

St Barth open

Les images sont plus fortes que les mots!
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St.Barts (St. Barthelemy & St. Barths) Travel Slide Show

The tiny island of St. Barthelemy (known as St. Barts) offers plenty to do -- such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, sailing and fishing -- but most savvy vacationers visit to get away from it all by holing up in villas hidden in the hills. You can find a beachfront room, but seasoned travelers know the best buys are high above the water where the views are spectacular.



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