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10 Best Places to Visit in Norfolk Island


Norfolk Island Tourist Attractions: 14 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Norfolk Island? Check out our Norfolk Island Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Norfolk Island.

Top Places to visit in Norfolk Island:
Emily Bay, St. Barnabas Church, Old Kingston Town, Captain Cook's Monument, Puppy's Point, Norfolk Island National Park, Anson Bay, Kingston Pier, No 10 Quality Row, Norfolk Island Cemetary, Pitcairn Settlers Village, Bounty Folk Museum, Bloody Bridge, Ball Bay, Crystal Pool

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TOP 10 Places to Visit in Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island, a tiny Australian island in the South Pacific Ocean, is defined by pine trees and jagged cliffs. Sandy beaches include Emily Bay, with reef-protected waters. Norfolk Island National Park offers views over palm forests from Mt. Pitt. In the capital Kingston, the Norfolk Island Museum traces the island's colourful past. The Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area has a ruined British penal colony.

10. Norfolk Island Cemetary
09. No 10 Quality Row
08. Kingston Pier
07. Anson Bay
06. Norfolk Island National Park
05. Puppy's Point
04. Captain Cook's Monument
03. Old Kingston Town
02. St. Barnabas Church
01. Emily Bay

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Top 10 Popular Destinations in Norfolk Island - Island Country

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1) Kingston (official capital)
2) Anson Bay
3) Bumboras
4) Burnt Pine (largest town, with airport nearby)
5) Cascade
6) Longridge
7) Middlegate
8) Rocky Point
9) Steeles Point
10) Emily Bay


Best Place On Earth... Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island invites you to live and invest in our beautiful island.



Top Tourist Attractions in Norfolk: Travel Guide Virginia

Top Tourist Attractions and Beautiful Place in Norfolk: Travel Guide Virginia
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360° of Wonder Norfolk Island

Take a journey to latitude 29 degrees south and longitude 167 degrees east where you will discover 360 degrees of wonder.....There's More to Norfolk Island

Australia's Remote Islands (2013) Ep 3 Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific ocean between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. With pristine views 360 degrees all round. It is a self-governing island and has a fascinating history of convicts and mutineers. Along with a quirky style of Government. Many of its people are direct descendents of Fletcher Christian and his bounty mutineers. A proud people, they have their own language and culture and celebrate their traditions on the annual Bounty Day.

Norfolk Island Tourism - 360 degrees of Discovery

Less than 3 hours flying from Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland, the island boasts a pristine environment with beautiful beaches, a rugged coastline, World Heritage convict site and National Parks and Reserves dotted with the iconic Norfolk Island pines.

Offering a myriad of sights and activities, culinary delights with food bursting with flavour, friendly local people and a sub-tropical climate, Norfolk Island is the perfect holiday choice for visitors of all ages.

Captain Cook described Norfolk Island as ‘paradise’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Yorlyi come look orn Come and have a look

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Norfolk Island, visit, live and invest.

A snapshot of Norfolk Island's diverse heritage, culture, nature and lifestyle, a great place to visit, fantastic place to live.

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Kingston, Norfolk Island, South Pacific March 2006

Kingston is the historic settlement on Norfolk Island that is home to what was a pretty awful prison!

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Beautiful Norfolk Island


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Australian Wonders | Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island the South Pacific's best-kept secret is one of the most beautiful and historic islands on earth.

A heritage of brutal penal settlements is a fascinating backdrop to the serene natural beauty of the island.

Spend time with the locals and indulge in some memorable dining events or simply take in the stunning panoramic views of the island renowned for its thriving marine life and colourful coral reef.

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