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10 Best Places to Visit in Kenya


Top 10 Places to Visit in Nairobi

Top 10 Places to visit in Nairobi -

Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya. It is referred to as “The Safari Capital of the world” or as “the Green City in the Sun”. It was founded in 1899 as a railway camp. It has an elevation of almost 1800m.

1 Nairobi national park: It is very close to the city and it is home to many species like: Lions, Rhinos, Zebras, Hippos, Cheetahs and more.

2 Giraffe Center. The visitors can get a lot of information about them and they can feed them from a special platform. (photo from Kurt Thomas Hunt

3 David Sheldrick wildlife trust: Orphan elephant rescue program at the main gates of the Nairobi national park.
(photo by Ninara

4 Karura forest: Home to 200 species of birds. Over 50 km of trails for walking, running or biking.
(photo by Ninaras, Helsinki, Finland

5 Nairobi National museum: An opportunity to learn about Kenya’s history and culture. The exhibits include more than 900 stuffed birds and mammals (photo by Toppazz

6 Karen Blixen museum: The former house of the author of “Out of Africa” (photo by Alexander Leisser

7 Ngong hills: Popular weekend destination for picnics and walks.
(photo by Ninara

8 Kenyatta International Conference Centre: 28 floor tower next to a large amphitheater. It is used for conferences, meetings, and exhibitions (photo by Jorge Lascar

9 Nairobi mamba village: Crocodile Farm with many recreational activities
(photo by “Imaginextra”

10 Bomas of Kenya: A living museum of the tribes of Kenya with dances, songs and more. Visitors can learn about the culture of each tribe. (photo by “fetchstix”

1st Photo of Nairobi: photo by Quadell

Last photo: Uhuru Park Panorama: photo by Arthur Buliva

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Kenya Tourist Attractions: 10 Best Places To Visit

Planning to visit Kenya? Check out our Kenya Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in the Kenya.

Places to visit in Kenya:
Nairobi National Park, Malindi, Mount Kenya, Samburu National Reserve, Hell's Gate National Park, Lamu Island, Tsavo National Park, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve

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Best Things To Do in Kenya!

The most epic Kenya trip - we adopted a baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, fed giraffes at Giraffe Manor and went on a hot air balloon safari!


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Top fun places to visit in Kenya

Thinking about visiting Kenya? I will help you discover this fantastic travel gem filled with abundant natural beauty, wildlife, rich culture, beautiful beaches and aquatic life

10 Best Travel Destinations in Kenya

Best Places Channel | Kenya Top and Best Destinations.

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Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. It encompasses savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It's also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania's 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park.
Diani Beach.
Brooks Falls.
Hell's Gate National Park.
Karen Blixen Museum.
Lake Nakuru.
Mount Kenya.
Nairobi National Park.
Nairobi Safari Walk.
Samburu National Reserve.
Tsavo East National Park.

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15 things not to miss in Kenya

From the gorgeous Indian Ocean-lapped beaches to the Maasai Mara, here are fifteen things you shouldn't miss on a trip to Kenya.


Hi rafiki! In this video I explored all that Nairobi has to offer, The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Centre, The Railway Museum, and Panari Ice Skating Rink. Hope you enjoy the things to do in Nairobi list.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

The Giraffe Centre:

The Railway Museum:

Panari Ice Skating Rink:



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Top 10 Cities Kenya by population

List of cities and towns in Kenya by population

10 TOP RATED - Tourist Attractions in Mombasa, Kenya Africa

10 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Mombasa Kenya

1. Fort Jesus - beautiful place rich with culture and the architecture there is amazing. The old ruins stir up a sense of authenticity.

2. Haller Park - Awesome connect with nature. Swaying trees, swimming crocs, giant tortoise, hippos lurking below the meniscus, giant palms, unending trails... Just visit it!

3. Mombasa Marine National Park - you can see alot of diffrent kind of fishs and sea animals coralreefs, you can go by a glas bottem boat for snorkling or diving or just sit inside the boat and watch the fishes the under water wolrd is really beautyfull wounderfull amazing awesome

4. North Coast Beaches - a little livelier than the south coast and the resorts are closer to the airport and Mombasa City.

5. Old Town - The history of Mombasa is amazing, beautiful, detailed, and well preserved that shows the true authenticity of the island. It was a great walk through the town but would highly recommend a guide.

6. South Coast Beaches - The water is crystal clear and warm.

7. Mombasa Tusks - A famous landmark in the city, constructed of aluminum, the tusks mark the entrance to the heart of town where visitors will find most of the banks, shops, and markets.

8. Mamba Village Centre - Excellent getaway place in mombasa

9. Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre - A nice cultural place, that gives you a good feel of the coastal region of kenya. From craftsman to dancers to African clothing and art you can purchase. It also supports the local community.

10. Mombasa Go-Kart - Great place to race and just have a good time! They have a restaurant and a well stocked bar too.

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10 Things NOT to Do on a Kenyan Safari

Get more Tips here!

A Kenyan safari is a bucket-list experience, but it’s a serious undertaking that should be approached with care and caution. If you are planning to visit Kenya and its untamed landscapes, be sure to keep the following safari tips in mind.

1. Don’t Leave the Vehicle
While that sleeping lion might seem yards and yards away, don’t attempt to get a good close-up by leaving the safety of your vehicle. You would be risking your life. Maintaining a healthy respect for these beasts may be the only thing that prevents you from becoming a snack on the savanna.

2. Don’t Shoot Unless it’s with a Camera
No magnificent creature should be fodder for trophy hunters. Sport hunting was banned in Kenya back in 1977, but wealthy tourists sometimes get around the red tape. Don’t be that douchebag. Photo safaris are the way to go.

3. Don’t Forget the Meds
All Kenyan game parks are in the malaria zone. Medications are not 100% effective, so you should use insect repellent and sleep under nets for a mosquito-free setting. Don’t take chances with mosquitoes. No animal kills more humans than this tiny buzzing beast.

4. Don’t Visit Garissa County
Kenya has gotten ugly recently. Atrocities aren’t necessarily directed at safari tourists, but nobody wants to get caught in the crossfire. Do your research before booking a trip to the hot zones.

5. Don’t Facebook
Selfies and wild animals do not mix. You don’t really want to spend your safari adventure staring at a cell phone screen, do you? Be present for every wondrous moment.

6. Don’t Smoke in Public
Since 2008, you’re not legally permitted to smoke in restaurants, shopping malls,theaters, hotel lobbies and grounds, even in rural lodges. You can be fined 50,000 to three million Kenya shillings or face six months to three years imprisonment.

7. Don’t Offend the Locals
You can expect to encounter customs and practices that are completely foreign to you. Do your best not to grimace or complain to the locals about their customs, lifestyle or the foods they eat. Embrace the opportunity to open your mind to cultural differences.

8. Don’t Litter
Don’t toss your used Kleenex out the car window. The wilderness tends to be a sacred place for your guides so don’t offend them. Be respectful and always bring your litter back to camp with you to dispose of it appropriately.

9. Don’t Throw Food to the Animals
You should not offer food to any animals. It’s not good for any of the animals on the safari to learn to equate food with humans. Even though you just want to be friendly and connect with them, keep your food to yourself.

10. Don’t Take the Experience for Granted
By maintaining your sense of awe, you’ll get more out of your vacation, becoming one of the most amazing travel experiences of your lifetime. While you might be sweaty and miss the comforts of home, don’t lose your sense of wonder while traveling in Kenya.

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10 Cheapest Countries in the World

Think travel is expensive? Think again! ... Here are the top 10 cheapest countries in the world from my experiences!!

El Salvador

Do you have any other countries to add to this list? Comment below!

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12 Best Tourist Attractions in Kenya Africa

12 Top Rated - Best Tourist Attractions in Kenya Africa

1. Maasai Mara National Reserve - One of the most popular game reserves in Africa
2. Amboseli National Reserve - There are dry areas that resemble deserts, especially in the dry season. Then there are marshes and tropical landscapes, with plenty of acacia trees in the park. The backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro is amazing, although you can't be guaranteed visibility at all times.
3. Tsavo National Park - Tsavo East is huge and if you have an excellent guide, can be a magical experience. There's a huge difference between watching a nature channel and seeing all these amazing animals in front of you.
4. Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National Reserves
5. Lake Nakuru National Park - If you want a chance to see both the white and black Rhinos, Lake Nakuru is your best. There is also a large population of baboons here and they are hilarious trouble makers.
6. Lamu - A small town on Lamu Island, which in turn is a part of the Lamu Archipelago in Kenya.
7. Lake Naivasha - Great lake, great nature, great hippos and birds colonies!
8. Nairobi - the capital and largest city of Kenya
9. Mombasa - a city on the coast of Kenya. It is the country's second-largest city, after the capital Nairobi
10. Malindi (once known as Melinde) - a town on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya.
11. Mount Kenya National Park - With the beauty of sceneries, one can afford to have a good holiday
12. Hell's Gate National Park - Hells Gate is a beautiful getaway from Nairobi.

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15 TOP RATED - Tourist Attractions in Indonesia


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12 Top Rated - Best Tourist Attractions in Kenya Africa

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Kenya

top 10 Tourist attraction in kenya
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The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa - Coastal East African Food, Kenya!

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Mombasa is a beautiful city located in Kenya, on the east coast of Africa. It’s a melting pot of a city, full of culture and delicious food. In this video, I met up with Farhana and Samil, both from Mombasa, and both love to eat.

Lighthouse - First place we headed on this Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa is along the coast called Mama Ngina drive, or Lighthouse. You’ll find an abundance of small snacks along the road with a view over the cliffs of the Indian ocean. Probably my favorite street food was the fried cassava chips, which are fried fresh, put into bags, then seasoned with salt, chili powder, and lime juice.

Here are the main street food snacks we had:
Coconut, heart of palm, cassava - 340 KES ($3.33) total
Cassava chips
Roasted and fried cassava
Sweet potato, corn, many things

Next we headed into the heart of Mombasa to eat from a roadside shop selling a mixture of bhajias, fried potatoes, and fried chilies. This is legendary street food in Mombasa! When you order she puts all the fried things onto a plate and douses them in coconut chutney and hot sauce. The combination is delicious, and my favorite item was the fried chilies.
Bhajia plate combo - 90 KES ($0.88)

Azad Ice Cream - We then had sugarcane juice, a Mombasa Kenyan favorite. They added sugarcane, plus ginger and lime.

Damascus Shawarma - 200 KES ($1.96) - One of the popular food trucks in Mombasa is Damascus shawarma. It was pretty good.

Abbasi Darbar - To finish off this Kenyan food tour of Mombasa, we ended with a mega meat feast at Abbasi Darbar, a great place to fulfill all your meat needs. We ordered most of what they offer on the menu. Everything was delicious, but I think the winner for me was the spring chicken tikka.
Total price - 1,900 KES ($18.64)

Again, thank you for Farhana for taking me on this amazing Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa, Kenya. Be sure to check out her channel here:


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10 Attractions in Kenya that you didn't Know About

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Top Tourist places in Kenya

The reason i made this video is to show people that apart from the negative things that happen in Kenya, we still have other advantages. This will only take some minutes of your time... Enjoy!!!!
Music Safari Band.

Kenya: Top 10 Tourist Attractions - Video Travel Guide

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Top 10 Tourist attractions in Kenya.

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Awesome Places To Visit In Nairobi, Kenya

These are the best destinations in Nairobi City, If you are visiting Nairobi for the first time or you are a resident who just wants to have some fun in Nairobi I recommend them.



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