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10 Best Places to Visit in Gabon


Travel to : Gabon !!!

best places to visit in Gabon !
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Gabon Travel Video

Gabon Travel - Gabon is a country in Western Central Africa. It lies on the Equator, on the Atlantic Ocean coast, between the Republic of the Congo to the south and east, Equatorial Guinea to the northwest and Cameroon to the north.

A small population, as well as oil and mineral reserves have helped Gabon become one of Africas wealthier countries. The country has generally been able to maintain and conserve its pristine rain forest and rich biodiversity.

The earliest inhabitants of the area were Pygmy peoples. They were largely replaced and absorbed by Bantu tribes as they migrated.

In the 15th century, the first Europeans arrived. The nations present name originates from Gabão, Portuguese for cloak, which is roughly the shape of the estuary of the Komo River close to the capital of Libreville. French explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza led his first mission to the Gabon-Congo area in 1875. He founded the town of Franceville, and was later colonial governor. Several Bantu groups lived in the area that is now Gabon when France officially occupied it in 1885.

In 1910, Gabon became one of the four territories of French Equatorial Africa, a federation that survived until 1959. These territories became independent on 17 August 1960.

Since independence, Gabon has been one of the more stable African countries. Autocratic President Omar Bongo was in power from 1967 until his death in 2009. Gabon introduced a multi-party system and a new constitution in the early 1990s that allowed for a more transparent electoral process and for reforms of governmental institutions. A small population, abundant natural resources, and considerable foreign support have helped make Gabon one of the more prosperous sub-Saharan African countries. Despite being made up of more than 40 ethnic groups, Gabon has escaped the strife afflicting other West African states.

Enjoy Your Gabon Travel!

Gabon from above!

Filmed in Gabon in December 2014 and January 2015 in places such as :
- Ivindo National Park
- Pongara National Park
- Santa Clara Cape
- Forest around Ovan

Taken from DJI Phantom 2 V2, with Zenmuse H3-3d and GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

Come visit Gabon!

cities of Gabon , Libreville

cities of Gabon , Libreville

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Gabon Attractions 1

Gabon Attractions 1
Loango National Park

Popular Hotels In Gabon

Lotus Bleu Hotel

Hotel Le Dorian

Sunset Beach Hotel

Okoume Palace InterContinental

Palais Presidentiel

L'Eglise St-Michel Libreville

Reserve de la Lope

Libreville, the best places / Либревиль, Габон (Африка), красивейшие места

Beautiful places of Libreville.

10 Best Travel Destinations in Angola

Best Places Channel | Angola Top and Best Destinations.

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Amazing Destinations in Angola.
Best places to visit in Angola.
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Best places to visit in Angola.
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Top 10 place to visit in Angola.
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Amazing places in Angola.

Angola is a Southern African nation whose varied terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers and Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia. The country's colonial history is reflected in its Portuguese-influenced cuisine and its landmarks including Fortaleza de São Miguel, a fortress built by the Portuguese in 1576 to defend the capital, Luanda.

Cameia National Park.
Fortress of São Miguel.
Ilha do Mussulo.
Iona National Park.
Kalandula Falls.
Luanda Bay.
Miradouro da Lua.
Mupa National Park.
Playa Morena.
Ruacana Falls.

#Amazing DestinationsinAngola.

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Pointe Denis Beach - Gabon

Located in front of Libreville , the Denis Pointe is known for its beautiful beaches. It is located in the department of Komo-Océan , Estuaire Province , Gabon .

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5. Mackinac Island
Quaint little churches and harbors dotted with beautiful sailboats are just some of the charming diversions this little island has to offer visitors. Remember, cars aren’t allowed on Mackinac Island.

6. Amelia Island
It’s a face of Florida that you’ve never seen before. The historic little towns will keep you captivated while the scenery of Amelia Island State Park is sure to inspire you like few other places on the planet.

7. Martha’s Vineyard
The beautiful island is home to a variety of natural wonders, like sand dunes and wide beaches. You can also find dozens of sailboats along the iconic Martha’s Vineyard harbor.

8. Kauai
Kauai is perfect for travelers who want to divide their time between the beaches and gorgeous rainforests filled with exotic animals of every stripe. The extremely inviting island is a great counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of Maui.

9. San Juan Island
Washington state’s San Juan Island is a veritable hodge podge of artists, craftsmen, and those people who are simply searching for a respite from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life.

10. Chincoteague Island
It's home to some of the last remaining wild horses in North America. Mustangs are just the beginning of the wildlife diversity offered by this small island off the coast of Virginia.

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Angola Best Places To Travel | Angola Tourism By WorldPedia

Angola Best Places To Travel | Angola Tourism By WorldPedia

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Tourism Gabon

Elephant in Loango National Park (Gabon).



Espero que les guste



Cameroon trip 2016 TROPIMUNDO

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[0:30 - 0:42] : Limbe
[0:42 - 0:46] : Mount Ethinde
[0:49 - 1:03] : Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls
[1:06 - 1:59] : Benoue National park
[2:06 - 2:35] : Mount Cameroon
[2:35 - 3:04] : Mount Oku
[3:04 - 3:08] : Kribi
[3:08 - 3:17] : Campo Ma'an National Park
[3:17 - 3:43] : Korup National Park

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Benoue National park:

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Travel to : Guinea Bissau !!!

Best places to visit Guinea Bissau !

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