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10 Best Places to Visit in Estonia


Top 10 Places To Visit in Estonia | Estonia Travel Guide | Top Ten Estonia Tourism Attraction

Top 10 Places To Visit in Estonia | Estonia Travel Guide | Top Ten Estonia Tourism Attraction

1. Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia's capital at the Baltic Sea, is the u . s . a .'s social attention. It holds its walled, cobblestoned old city, home to bistros and stores, and furthermore Kiek in de köokay, a 15th century protective tower. Its Gothic town hall, worked in the 13th century
likewise, with a 64m-high tower, sits in vital Tallinn's principal rectangular. St. Nicholas Church is a thirteenth century reason of enthusiasm indicating spiritual craftsmanship.

2. Parnu

Pärnu is the fourth-best town in Estonia. organized in southwestern Estonia at the financial institution of Pärnu Bay, a narrows of the Gulf of Livonia in the Baltic Sea. it is an exquisite summer time occasion inn with numerous hotels, eating places, and huge beaches. Wikipedia

3. Otepaa

Otepää is a metropolis in Valga County, southern Estonia, it's far the executive point of convergence of Otepää Parish. city has a people of two,189. Otepää is a major snowboarding hotel, pervasively known as the winter capital of Estonia. Wikipedia

4. Saaremaa Island

Saaremaa is the finest island in Estonia, measuring 2,673 km². The essential island of Saare County, it's miles arranged within the Baltic Sea, south of Hiiumaa island, and has an area with the West Estonian Archipelago. Wikipedia

5. Narva

Narva is the 1/3 best town in Estonia. it is organized on the jap absurd motivation in the back of Estonia, at the Russian periphery,
on the Narva River which channels Lake Peipus. Wikipedia

6. Hiiumaa Island

Hiiumaa is the second one finest island in Estonia. it is in the Baltic Sea, north of the island of Saaremaa, part of the West Estonian archipelago. Its best city is kärdla. Wikipedia

7. Tartu

Tartu is the second greatest town of Estonia, taking after Estonia's political and coins related capital Tallinn. Wikipedia

8. Tuhala

Tuhala is a city in Kose Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia. Tuhala is quality regarded for its Witch's properly. starting at 2011 Census, the agreement's people was 105. it's far assumed that settlement in Tuhala backpedals around three,000 years. Wikipedia

9. Kuressaare

Kuressaare, usually referred to as Arensburg, is a city and a locale on Saaremaa island in Estonia. it is the capital of Saare County
likewise, the westernmost town in Estonia. The masses, as verified by way of the 2011 enrollment, turned into 13,166. Wikipedia

10. Viljandi

Viljandi is a metropolis and region in southern Estonia with a masses of 17,473 in 2013. it's miles the capital of Viljandi County. The city changed into at the beginning indicated in 1283, subsequent to being accredited its metropolis authorize through Wilhelm von Endorpe. Wikipedia

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Estonia Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Estonia? Check out our Estonia Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Estonia.

Top Places to visit in Estonia:
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn, Raekoja plats, Tallinn, Tallinn TV Tower, Toompea, Lahemaa National Park, Kumu Museum, Tallinn, Tallinn Town Hall, Estonian Open Air Museum, Kadriorg Palace, St Mary's Cathedral, Tallinn, Estonian Maritime Museum, Pühtitsa Convent, Hermann Castle, Kõpu Lighthouse, Haapsalu Castle

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Tallinn, Estonia Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. Tallinn is situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, in north-western Estonia. Tallinn's Old Town is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is ranked as a global city and has been listed among the top 10 digital cities in the world. The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011.
The most important places to visit in Tallinn: Kiek in de Kök, Estonian History Museum - Great Guild Hall, Oleviste Church (St. Olav's Church) and Tower, Estonian Maritime Museum, Bastion Tunnels, Holy Spirit Church Holy Spirit Church, Niguliste Museum (St. Nicholas' Church) and many more.
This video offers a lot of tips to help you plan the perfect vacation. If you want to save time and money, the most important Tallinn travel tip is to compare prices before booking a hotel room or a flight. You can do this for free on a site that searches through hundreds of other travel websites in real time for the best travel deals available.

Visit Estonia - What You Should Know Before You Visit Estonia

Read the Blog to Learn More about Estonia:

Estonia, the Baltic Gem is a great little country to visit with beautiful lakes, islands and shoreline, not to mention some wonderful historic cities like Tallinn, the Capital or Tartu the university town or Parnu. This videos gives you an idea of some of the things you should know before you visit Estonia.
Filmed in Tallinn, Estonia
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10 Things NOT to Do in Estonia

Get more Tips here!

From its historical museums to the medieval castles in the capital of Tallinn, you will find a lot of reasons why you should plan a visit, but here are 10 things to keep in mind when traveling to this Northern Europe country.

1. Don’t Get Easily Offended
Estonians have a great sense of humor, but they tend to be more dry and sar-castic when it comes to cracking a joke. If you find yourself the target of an off-hand pun, take it as a compliment and learn to laugh at yourself.

2. Don’t Talk About History
In the 1940s, Estonian Jews were massacred by German police units and Es-tonian auxiliaries by the thousands. These events may have occurred decades ago, but the memories of the death and destruction are still fresh in their minds.

3. Don’t Forget to Wear Reflectors
If you plan on renting a bike and going for a ride after dark, small reflectors are required during the winter months. If you’re caught riding around without them, you’ll be subjected to a fine ranging from $50 to $500 USD.

4. Don’t Ignore Drink Prices
When ordering a drink in a bar, play close attention to the drink prices. Many people have noticed that some bartenders mark up the price of liquor for for-eign tourists.

5. Don’t Keep Your Shoes On
If you happen to meet a kind Estonian who invites you to their home, respect is required at all times. They also expect you to take off your shoes when you step inside, so make sure you’re wearing some presentable socks!

6. Don’t Expect Friendliness Right Away
Many people define Estonians as cold and standoffish. You’ll probably feel a bit of tension, but it won’t last long. When they become more comfortable with you, their demeanor and communication will lighten up drastically.

7. Don’t Travel Without Insect Repellent
Tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme-disease is widespread, especially in the parks in Tallinn. Bites from ticks and other insects are more common in forest-ed areas, so be sure to protect yourself before venturing out into nature.

8. Don’t Expect Help When Traveling With Kids
Estonia is definitely a children-friendly destination, but public transportation isn’t equipped to provide assistance for those with strollers, and a lot of the streets in Old Town are cobbled roads, making it difficult to push strollers with ease.

9. Don’t Use Your Cell Phone While Driving
Talking on your cell phone while driving is prohibited, but you can use a hands-free system, of course. Seat belts are always required, and your head-lights must be turned on at all times – whether it’s daytime or nighttime.

10. Don’t Ask Them to Speak Russian
Many people assume Estonians speak Russian since the neighboring country is close by. But they have their own language, Estonian, which they’re really proud of. However, many Estonians prefer to speak English.

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Visit Tallinn Estonia Top Things To Do

Thanks for viewing my Tallinn, Estonia top things to do video. Enjoy this famous Baltic country. Include old town square, Viru Gate, Tallinn Music festival, Cathedrals, Bastion tower, St Nicholas church, Estonia dumplings, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, master's courtyard.

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Tallinn , the capital of Estonia, lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, only 70 km (43 mi) south of Helsinki. At the historical and medieval heart of the city is the hill of Toompea, covered in cobbled streets and filled with medieval houses and alleyways. The lower town spreads out from the foot of the hill, still protected by the remnants of a city wall. Around the city wall is a series of well-maintained green parks, great for strolling.

Medieval Old Town. Excellently preserved, built in the 15-17th centuries. This compact area is best explored on foot.

View to the Tallinn old town
Viru Gate, (Entrance to Viru Street). This section of town is known as All-Linn or Lower Town, as it's where the merchants and artisans of old Tallinn lived. Today, Viru is still Tallinn's trendiest shopping street and the entire All-Linn is the busiest (and most touristy) bit of Tallinn.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. a classic onion-domed 19th-century Russian Orthodox church that has become a touristy symbol of the city, to the annoyance of some who regard it as a symbol of oppression. It was almost demolished in 1924 during Estonia's first brief spell of independence, but the Soviets left it to moulder and it has been restored to its former glory.

Kerli recommends: TOP10 in Tallinn

Find out how Kerli turned a new page in her life by embracing the wilderness and ancient beliefs of her homeland:

Things to do in TALLINN - Places to Visit in Tallinn | Only in Europe

Tallinn (Things to do in Tallinn - Places to Visit in Tallinn)
Capital of Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia’s capital on the Baltic Sea, is the country’s cultural hub. It retains its walled, cobblestoned Old Town, home to cafes and shops.

TALLINN Top 50 Tourist Places | Tallinn Tourism

TALLINN Tourist Places - Tallinn, Estonia, Europe

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Things to do in ESTONIA - Places to Visit in Estonia | Only in Europe

Estonia (Things to do in Estonia - Places to Visit in Estonia)
Country in Europe
Estonia, a country in Northern Europe, borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. Including more than 1,500 islands.

ESTONIA Top 50 Tourist Places | Estonia Tourism

ESTONIA Tourist Places - Estonia, Europe

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Visa FREE countries for Indians | Top 10 countries where Indians can Travel without Visa (2018)

Do you know there are many countries where Indians can travel without a Visa? In this video, we talk about those countries where Indian passport holders can enter those counties without a visa. The main reason for it is because of the policy of that country towards and India. The list of countries mentioned in this video requires no passport for Indian citizens. We also have listed some places which are little danger to travel and up to how many days the travel visa is applied. Even though some amount may be paid to those countries travel agencies but is completely VISA FREE.
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There are some other countries where there are free visa that include Fiji,Dominica,Ecuador, El Salvador,Grenada, Macao ,Maldives,Mauritius,Palestinian Territories,Saint Kitts & Nevis
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Top 10 Things to do in Estonia

Stroll along the rocky beaches or spending a day in thick forest, which thing fascinates you in Estonia!

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Top attractions and the best things to do in Tallinn, Estonia travel guide

After taking a ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland we arrived in Estonia where we showcase some of the top attractions and best things to do in Tallinn travel guide. So today we find ourselves in Tallinn, Estonia. We took the ferry over from Helsinki and it was a two hour ride and now we're in a completely new country. Just like that. If ever there was just a city just to randomly wander around it is certainly Tallinn.
And now we're in Sweden! No, just kidding. We're still in Tallinn.

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So I am loving Tallinn, Estonia. I think this is actually my fifth time in Europe but this maybe my favorite city ever. It's just very medieval, very charming, really cute and the food. The feast that we had just now was amazing. That just put the city up to the very top.

So it is now nine o'clock. It is still daylight out but it is the end of our day. It's time to go catch our ferry back to Helsinki, so we are saying goodbye to Tallinn and I am very sad to be leaving. I thought it was such a great city to visit.

This is part of our Travel in Estonia series. We're making a series of videos showcasing Estonian culture, Estonian arts, Estonian foods, Estonian religion and Estonian people.

Proudly presented by: , , &

All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

This video features the song 'Phat Sketch' from Kevin Macleod available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.

The Beauty Of Estonia – by Drone | Estland Drohnenflug | Estonia Aerial | Drohne Estland

Estonia has so much to offer! On our journey we made this exciting Drone Flight to give you an impression of the beautiful landscape of Estonia (Estland). We started in Tallinn and made a road trip to Prangli Island, Soomaa Nationalpark, Jägala Waterfall, Rakvere and Lahemaa Nationalpark. Then back to Tallinn and home to Germany.

Scenes: Soomaa Nationalpark, Prangli Island, Jägala Waterfall, Rakvere Castle, Halliste River, Kuresoo Bog, Lahemaa Nationalpark

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3 Days in Tallinn: Trip to Estonia

On my Europe trip earlier this year I spent 3 days in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia.

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Tallinn is a lovely Baltic city and a great place to start if you're hoping to explore the Baltics. It's affordable, offers plenty of do for visitors, and it's an easy ferry from Helsinki or a quick bus to Riga.

The well-preserved Old Town is picturesque and from the hill you're able to take advantage of 360-degree panoramic views of Tallinn down below.

Despite being a fairly budget-friendly travel destination Tallinn still isn't a popular city on the tourist route in North-Eastern Europe. This means you'll find more Europeans walking around the city versus North Americans. This helps to keep prices relatively low as well as giving English-speakers a fairly off-the-beaten-path experience.

I only had 3 days in Tallinn although I can't wait to return and spend more time exploring the city!

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Best Tourist Attractions Places To Travel In Estonia | Tallinn Old Town Destination Spot

Top Tourist Attractions Places To Travel In Estonia | Tallinn Old Town Destination Spot - Tourism in Estonia


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Built up from the 13th to 16th centuries, when Tallinn was a thriving member of the Hanseatic trade league, this enclosed neighbourhood of colourful, gabled houses, half-hidden courtyards and grandiose churches is, quite rightly, the city's biggest tourist draw.
It’s small, compact, and very easily explored on foot.
Tallinn’s Old Town is divided into two areas – the lower town and the upper town.
Those two towns were once separated by gates, almost like two different cities.
Nowadays, the combination of the upper town on the high limestone hill and the lower town at its foot form an expressive skyline that is visible from a great distance both from land and sea.
The lower town is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.
Probably the biggest tourist attraction here, in the heart of Old Town, is Town Hall Square with the Town Hall and its tower.
There has been a Town Hall in Tallinn since at least 1322 and a town square next to it ever since.
On Town Hall Square you will also find the Europe’s oldest continuously-operating pharmacy.
Today it operates as a museum and modern pharmacy.
Major sights of the lower town also include the city wall and its towers.
Originally the almost 4 km-long limestone wall came with 8 gates and 46 towers, today about half of the wall and towers are still standing.
Some of the towers are open to the public, offering a chance to climb up, and possibly even visit a museum inside!
Visitors who are not afraid of heights may go and walk on the town wall and admire the view from the top.
Besides the towers, Tallinn has more than 20 churches, most of them situated in the Old Town.
Be sure to visit Tallinn’s spectacular medieval churches like St. Olav’s, St. Nicholas’, and the Holy Spirit Church, as those are truly magnificent pieces of architecture.
The upper town, Toompea, has always been the seat of power.
The major attractions here are the viewing platforms, Toompea Castle (housing the Estonian Parliament, the Riigikogu), and two churches – St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin, more commonly called Dome Church (Toomkirik in Estonian).


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►Old Town Of Tallinn Destination Spot | Top Famous Tourist Attractions Places To Visit In Estonia - Tourism in Estonia:

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Top 10 Cities in Scandinavia & Baltic Europe - Visit North Europe

Thinking of heading to northern Europe, Scandinavia, or the Baltic countries? Well here are our Top 10 Towns and Cities in Northern Europe.
1. Stockholm, Sweden
2. Oslo, Norway
3. Tallin, Estonia
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
5. Vilnius, Lithuania
6. Riga, Latvia
7. Helsinki, Finland
8. Bergen, Norway
9. Lapland, Sweden/Finland/Norway
10. St. Petersburg, Russia
Filmed in Helsinki, Finland
Copyright Mark Wolters 2013

Top 10 Best Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

In this video our travel specialists have listed some of the best things to do in Tallinn . We have tried to do some extensive research before giving the listing of Things To Do in Tallinn .

If you want Things to do List in some other area, feel free to ask us in comment box, we will try to make the video of that region also.

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List of Best Things to do in Tallinn

Tallinn Old Town
Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour
Toompea Hill
Viewing Point Kohtuotsa
Estonian Health Care Museum
Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood
Town Hall Square
Kadriorg Park
Patkuli Viewing Platform
Estonian Open Air Museum


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Nightlife in Tallinn

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Top 10 Best Things to do in Parnu, Estonia

Parnu Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top 10 things you have to do in Parnu. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Parnu for You. Discover Parnu as per the Traveler Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Parnu.

This Video has covered top 10 Best Things to do in Parnu.

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List of Best Things to do in Parnu, Estonia
Prison Escape
Parnu Beach Promenade
Tervise Paradiis Water Park
Parnu Beach Playground
Parnu Visitor Centre
The Parnu Jetty
Statue of Raimond Valgre
Parnu Museum
Tallinn Gate


Best places to visit in Parnu
Best things to do in Parnu
Parnu with Kids
Parnu Attractions
Tourist attraction in Parnu
Traveller Resources Parnu
Fun things to do in Parnu
Must see place in Parnu
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Travel Parnu
Discover Parnu
Parnu Travel Guide
Parnu Activities for Tourists
Fun in Parnu
Shopping in Parnu
Nightlife in Parnu

TALLINN CITY GUIDE - Delicious Pancakes, Insane Views of Old Town & Epic Swing Fail!

Tallinn City Guide - Today we're exploring Tallinn, which has one of the most well preserved medieval cities in all of Europe! The food is delicious and the sights are epic. If you haven't added Tallinn to you bucket list, do it right now!

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Top 10 Best Things to do in Tartu , Estonia

Tartu Travel Guide. MUST WATCH. Top 10 things you have to do in Tartu. We have sorted Tourist Attractions in Luxembourg City for You. Discover Tartu as per the Traveller Resources given by our Travel Specialists. You will not miss any fun thing to do in Isle of Skye.

This Video has covered top 10 Best Things to do in Tartu.

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List of Best Things to do in Tartu

Printing and Paper Museum
AHHAA Science Centre
Tartu Toy Museum
Tartu University Botanical Garden
Tartu Town Hall Square
Tartu Old City
Estonian National Museum
The Kissing Students fountain
Tartu University
St. John's Church


Best places to visit in Tartu
Best things to do in Tartu
Tartu with Kids
Tartu Attractions
Tourist attraction in Tartu
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Fun things to do in Tartu
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Tartu Travel Guide
Tartu Activities for Tourists
Fun in Tartu
Shopping in Tartu
Nightlife in Tartu



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