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❤️ USA Capital Downtown ❤️ (Telugu Vlogs)


❤️ How To Study MS in USA? ❤️ (Telugu Vlogs) ❤️

In this Telugu Vlogs From USA, I interviewed an MS (Masters) student who did his master's (Mtech) in American University. We discussed what exams to write like GRE, Tofel, IELS, what is the minimum education qualification, different fee for exams, where to take training, how to prepare, how to choose university, how students of different branches like civil, mechanical, electrical students are qualified.

✈️✈️ How to Go to USA ? ✈️✈️
(10 రకాల వీసాలు)


❤️ How To Study MS in USA? ❤️

In this Telugu Vlogs From USA video, I explained how Indian students can venture into America for studying Masters/Mtech/MS degree. I interviewed a student who studied here about how to prepare financially, visa interview, visa appointment, documents for visa, flight ticket price, port of entry processes, landing, how to get help to find apartments and get settled. We also discussed how an OPT work permit works, and how to find a first job after completion of a Master degree.

Contact Dheeraj at following for any further help.
Instagram: Dheeraj Tittu

❤️ MY STORY ❤️ ( నా అమెరికా కథ ) ❤️

❤️ How To Get H-1B Job in USA? ❤️ (అమెరికాలో ఉద్యోగం తెచ్చుకోవడం ఎలా ) ★★★★►


❤️ How Different is Battery Car ❤️ (Tesla Tour) ❤️

This is Telugu Vlogs From USA, reviewing how different is battery car from traditional petrol/gas car, price, what are controls, how they work, seating, cameras, self drive, how to charge, glass top, how to buy the car, how much deposit to make, what operations can be done from phone, views of frunk, trun, advantages and disadvantages of car.

❤️ జీవితంలో మొదటి సారి ❤️

❤️ అమెరికాలో సరదాగ కుటుంబంతో ❤️


Dubai Mall | The World’s Largest Mall | Weekend Shopping

The Dubai Mall is a shopping mall in Dubai. It is the largest mall in the world by total land area, and the 26th-largest shopping mall in the world by gross leasable area, tying with West Edmonton Mall and Fashion Island —both of which are older than it. It has a total retail floor area of 502,000 square metres.

My Camera US Store
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BANFF Alberta Canada Travel

#Banff #Alberta #Lvfree
BANFF Alberta Canada Travel
Banff is a resort town in the province of Alberta located within Banff National Park. The peaks of Mount Rundle and Mount Cascade, part of the Rocky Mountains, dominate its skyline. On Banff Avenue, the main thoroughfare, boutiques and restaurants mix with château style hotels and souvenir shops. This video is 4K Virtual Walking Tour through Banff downtown on Banff Avenue. We visited Banff Christmas shop and other Banff town attractions. Walking in Banff village became even more enjoyable since major part of Banff avenue became pedestrian zone again this Summer 2021. More space is available to explore shops, restaurants and Banff attractions. Also, we explore other Banff point of interest and things to see such as Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, Bow Falls, Banff Gondola and Banff Sulphur Mountain.
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Kuala Lumpur - City Video Guide

This video for Kuala Lumpur is one of our older productions, but we wanted to share it with you to get some feedback on how these older clips compare to the more recent travel guides we’ve shot. Below are some links to those recent videos. Feel free to compare with this clip and comment below to let us know which ones you prefer, and what else you’d love to see from Expedia on YouTube!

St. Petersburg



When you visit Kuala Lumpur, you’re immersing yourself in the glowing centerpiece of Malaysia.

The instant you step off your plane, you’ll realize you aren’t in just any city. Kuala Lumpur boasts a rich history that is gradually giving way to a futuristic metropolis. Gigantic skyscrapers dwarf colonial-era buildings in the downtown, and in the hills there are tranquil temples devoted to the worship of old gods. All of these buildings are impeccably maintained, allowing you to seemingly venture from one era to the next in the span of a single day.

You love a good bargain, and so do the residents of Kuala Lumpur. Satiate your desire to shop with a trip to Bukit Bintang, a shopping mecca full of color and adventure. Boutique stores, extravagant upscale shops, and streetside vendors are here to satisfy your every shopping whim. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory or a piece of furniture you can place in the dining room, you’ll find it here.

Any Kuala Lumpur sightseeing will end up at the Petronas Twin Towers, located in the center of the city. These towers stand over a thousand feet high and straddle a massive shopping center and a large park. Here you can enjoy the lunch you bought at a street vendor, or just rest in the grass and stare up at the giant buildings. At night, the Petronas Towers come alive as thousands of lights wink on, making them visible for miles around. You’ll never look at office buildings the same way again.

Come to Kuala Lumpur for the luxurious offerings and beautiful scenery; stick around for the shopping and its wonderful citizens. Your adventure is waiting!

What are you looking for in Kuala Lumpur?

Visit our Kuala Lumpur travel guide for more information or to plan your next vacation!


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0:00 - Kuala Lumpur
1:06 - Bukit Bintang
1:34 - Jalan Petaling Street
2:08 - Petronas Twin Towers

Sikkim Tourism video , India | Travelling through North East India

Nathula Pass is closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Sikkim is an outstanding Tourism destination of North East India. In this video you will see North East India food, we enjoyed in Sikkim.

After watching this video you will get good knowledge of:
Sikkim Tourist places & Sikkim Places to visit.

We have done a 11 day tour of all the 4 districts of Sikkim, which has been published as a day wise journey.

This is a journey of North East Indian food, Culture, customs, Tourism destinations and everything you wanted to know about How to travel to Sikkim.

This Episode is Summary of all the 10 Episodes done by visa2explore team.

This episode of Sikkim, North East India tourism covers:

Day wise Itinerary planning to all the 4 districts - Starting from East Sikkim to North then South and then West Sikkim.

You will also get relevant information on mode of transport with costs.

Just in case if you are looking for a travel agent or someone who can help you plan your sikkim tour, you can connect with etripto. Though i have not used their services but i go this as a reference:

Total cost that you may end up spending on your Sikkim tour.

Do's and Don't of the tour.

Important tips on best time to travel, season, places to stay, local food, Travel safe etc.

Sikkim tour FAQ: Including information for foreigners travel permit.

To sum it up, Sikkim is the most beautiful tourist destination of North East India.

If you have traveled to North East Indian food and have some experiences of local food, do share that with us in comments below.

thanks for your time, I would look forward to your comments.

Wondrous Veluwemeer Aqueduct Water Bridge | Drone | Netherlands

Architectural engineers have created some amazing structures in this world but the Veluwemeer Aqueduct in the Netherlands is truly the best. Most aqueducts are basically bridges that are built above water. But the Veluwemeer Aqueduct is a bridge for the passing ships while those driving in cars go through a tunnel underneath the bridge. In other words, it is an underwater tunnel where the ships sail on the top and the cars travel underneath it. That way traffic jams can be avoided because cars no longer have to wait for boats to pass by anymore. - The Mind Circle

15 Tips for First-Time Travellers to Japan |

In this video we list some of our most useful tips for first-time visitors to Japan, specifically those landing at Narita Airport and then travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto. From picking up rail passes, to transportation options, to booking bullet train tickets via a smartphone, hopefully there are a few tips for everyone.

- Video Credits -
Narrator: Sam Evans
Videographers: Andrew Marston & Charles Sabas
Producers: Sam Evans, Stefan Schauwecker & Export Japan

Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

???? WATCH: Top 15 Istanbul

Welcome to Singapore, one of the smallest countries in the world. Singapore is an island state located off the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula in Southeast Asia.

Besides being the world’s 2nd wealthiest country (second only to Qatar), Singapore is extremely clean and safe, boasting superior air quality and of course tons of great things to see, do and eat!

Welcome to Gardens by the Bay one of the most amazing and botanical gardens in the world. A few things you can see here is the flower dome, the cloud forest, several gardens and the supertrees.

The Supertrees are living and breathing sculptures rising above the gardens. For epic views, head up to the top of these supertrees and stroll along the 22-meter-high aerial walkway known as the Skyway to experience the Marina Bay area from a bird’s eye view.

Next up we visit China Town! It's a great place to do some souvenir shopping, eat some local Chinese food and walk around.

One of the highlights about visiting Singapore is to eat at a hawker center. This is a huge food court full of stalls. You need to eat Indian, Malaysian and Chinese. It's very inexpensive!

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of Asia’s most iconic buildings and home to the world’s most renowned infinity pool. To visit the pool you must be a guest of the hotel, but you can experience incredible views from the Skypark observation deck or from one of the 57th floor restaurants.

Welcome to the Singapore Zoo! It was founded in 1973, we take a quick tour through the zoo to see the asian animals. Singapore Zoo was the first zoo in the world to have free roaming orangutans.

The River Safari is located right next to the Singapore Zoo. It’s a fascinating journey through some of the world’s largest river systems like the Nile and the Mississippi. I was especially excited to visit the Giant Panda Forest.

We are inside Thian Hock Keng Temple. It was constructed in the 1840s using the best materials from China at the time. In 1973 it was declared a national monument. Admission is free!

Orchard Road is a major tourist attraction, and when you look around it’s easy to see why. This is where you come for some serious retail therapy, and with more than 10 shopping centers, there is plenty to choose from. The 20-storey Paragon is perhaps the most famous along the strip, with stores like Gucci, Prada and Burberry. It boasts over 200 stores in all.

The Singapore Flyer is the worlds largest observation wheel. This ferris wheel has 28 capsules, each fits 28 people and it takes 28 minutes to do a complete rotation.

Little India is where the Indian community settled in over 200 years ago. Now a days it is a commercial district. They have converted these shop houses into restaurants, shops, jewelry stores and offices. It's a great place to buy gold and try indian food!

Singapore’s Changi Airport is second to none! You may actually want to have a layover here because of how many things there are to do – from a butterfly garden, to shopping and dining, relaxation areas, movie theatre, art installations, a swimming pool, and much much more.

Changi is my favorite airport in the world!

There you have my top 10 places to visit in Singapore! What are your favorite spots? Leave a comment below!


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I focus a great deal on food and historic sites, as you probably have seen! I love to experience the different flavors that each destination has to offer, whether it’s casual Street food or gourmet restaurant dining. I’m also passionate about learning the local history and culture.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore


KUWAIT - Small Country, Big Heart / الكويت بلد صغير بقلب كبير |

A tourism based video taking a look at one of the smallest yet most welcoming and friendly countries in the world. As Ban Ki Moon said on the 9th of September 2014 Kuwait may be small in size, but she has a big and compassionate heart

This video was produced by QCPTV for the Kuwait Airways Corporation In-Flight Entertainment System, to find out more about our production work please visit or email All rights reserved by QCPTV.

Director: Lawrence J. Ireton
Creative Director: Nathalie Veys
Cinematographer's: Javier Morgade & Aitor Lekue
Camera Assistant: Guille M. Diez
Post-Production: Javier Morgade



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