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Guatemala Travel Video Guide

Guatemala Travel Video Guide - Guatemala has a rich and distinctive culture from the long mix of elements from Spain and the native Maya people. This diverse history and the natural beauty of the land have created a destination rich in interesting and scenic sites.

Spanning a mountainous slice of Central America immediately south of Mexico, Guatemala is loaded with incredible natural, historical and cultural appeal. As the birthplace and heartland of the ancient Maya, the country is in many ways defined by the legacy of this early civilization. Their rainforest cities were abandoned centuries ago, but Maya people continue to thrive in the Guatemalan highlands, where traditions and religious rituals, mingled with Catholic practices, endure to form the richest and most distinctive indigenous identity in the hemisphere.

Guatemala today is very much a synthesis of Maya and colonial traditions, fused with the omnipresent influences of twenty-first century Latin and North American culture. Baroque churches dating back to the Spanish Conquest coexist with pagan temples that have been sites of worship for millennia. Highland street markets prosper alongside vast glitzy shopping malls, and pre-Columbian festival dances are performed by teenage hip-hop fans.

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Costa Rica Travel Tips & Pics

I just got back from Costa Rica and wanted to share some things I learned along the way. if you have any questions leave them below!
I forgot to add that most people there do speak English in the tou



Jason and Aracely Travel - 2 Backpackers take a hiking tour to the waterfalls and turquoise pools of Semuc Champey, deep in the Guatemala jungle in this adventure travel video.

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Top Costa Rica Travel Tips - Essential for your Costa Rica Vacation

The Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips is the focus of this Frog TV video. These are the top questions we get asked all the time by our clients before booking a vacation to Costa Rica. So Adam Baker answers them for you right here! Check it out & if you have some MORE questions you would like answering please post them int he comments box below!

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Costa Rica Vacations
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10 Best Places to Visit in Israel - Israel Travel guide

10 Best Places to Visit in Israel and Tourist Attractions in Israel - Israel Travel Guide and Tips.

Copyright: Video created by BynnDu

Thank For Creative Commons of Authors:

Music: YouTube Audio Library
Title: Pluto
Artists: Topher Mohr and Alex Elena.

Creative Commons Photos:
10. Ramon Crater
Joanna Penn: flickr.com/photos/38314728@N08/30823770186
Eduard Marmet: flickr.com/photos/143134673@N07/33703181423
9. Nazareth
hectorlo: flickr.com/photos/hectorlo/16981905521
hectorlo: flickr.com/photos/hectorlo/16982835135
8. Caesarea
Konrad Summers: flickr.com/photos/tkksummers/25583092140
Konrad Summers: flickr.com/photos/tkksummers/25255957113
7. Haifa
Xiquinho Silva: flickr.com/photos/xiquinho/16315627166
Xiquinho Silva: flickr.com/photos/xiquinho/16440110731
6. Sea of Galilee
Dan Lundberg: flickr.com/photos/9508280@N07/5540425388
amira_a: flickr.com/photos/amira_a/7757814304
5. Tel Aviv
Xiquinho Silva: flickr.com/photos/xiquinho/16065074720
Xiquinho Silva: flickr.com/photos/xiquinho/16065077490
4. Eilat
Xiquinho Silva: flickr.com/photos/xiquinho/29125349125
Xiquinho Silva: flickr.com/photos/7138083@N04/29048314701
3. Dead Sea
David Jones: flickr.com/photos/dgjones/5834939027
David Jones: flickr.com/photos/dgjones/5834944519
2. Masada
Godot13: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Israel-2013-Aerial_18-Masada.jpg
Piotr Rokita: flickr.com/photos/129412214@N05/31585108004
1. Jerusalem
Kyle Taylor: flickr.com/photos/kyletaylor/4261724786
Asim Bharwani: flickr.com/photos/modenadude/5191083584

Top 10 Beach Cities of the World

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Top 10 Beach Cities of the World.
A beach is one of the most go-to destinations of children and adults alike. It is typical scenery to see people crowding in the seashore every summer. When the sun is up, expect numbers of visitors sprawling at the beach with their sun blocks and gears on.
Life’s a beach! To some, beach is no fun compared to hiking, trekking and skydiving. But to many, life in the beach is full of adventure. From sea adventures like snorkeling to surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, and motor boating, the beach could also offer land adventures like beach volleyball, beach mini golf, Frisbee and many more.
When you are tired of the usual city life with high-rise buildings and air pollution, if you want to cool off and unwind from the stressful work, run off to the beach. Pack your swimming gears and go straight off to the inviting crystal-clear emerald water and have a swim. Go ahead, relax, enjoy and unwind only after you spot the perfect destination in the list of the top ten beach cities in the world, according to the National Geographic.
10: Vancouver, British Columbia
9: Tel Aviv, Israel
8: Sydney, Australia
7: Santa Monica, California
6: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
5: Miami Beach, Florida
4: Nice, France
3: Honolulu, Hawaii
2: Cape Town, South Africa
1: Barcelona, Spain
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Morocco Travel Guide 2016

Morocco Travel Guide 2016, Morocco Tourism & Vacations 2016, Morocco Trip 2016
Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide
Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It has borders with Western Sahara to the south, Algeria to the east and the Spanish North African territories of Ceuta and Melilla on the Mediterranean coast in the north. It is just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Gibraltar.

See in Morocco
At just a few hours from the main European cities, Morocco has everything to overwhelm you with the amazing colors, smells and sounds of Islamic Africa. Imagine bustling souqs and spice markets, stunning mosques, white-washed sea side towns and medieval city centres. With panoramic views varying from snow-covered peaks in the High Atlas to the endless sand dunes of the Sahara, no-one ever has to be bored in this beautiful country.

Movie-famous Casablanca might be the most famous of Moroccan cities and is home to the huge Hassan II mosque, the second largest mosque in the world with only the Grand Mosque of Mecca surpassing it. Many travellers quickly leave this vibrant and modernist metropolis on a search for a more traditional Moroccan experience, but admiring the impressive colonial architecture, Hispano-Moorish and art-deco outlook of the city centre is actually time well spent. Marrakesh, known as the Red City and probably the most prominent former imperial capital, will leave you with memories to cherish for life. Spend your days wandering through the lively souqs, admiring the old gates and defensive walls, see the Saadian Tombs, the remnants of the El Badi Palace and visit the Koutoubia Mosque with its 12th century minaret. However, when evening falls make sure to head back to Jamaa el-Fnaa, the largest square in Africa, as it fills up with steam-producing food stalls. Indulge in the bustling activity there, listen to Arabic story tellers, watch magicians and Chleuh dancers. Fez, once Morocco's capital, is another gorgeous imperial city. Get lost in its lovely labyrinth of narrow Medieval streets, enjoy its huge medina, see the beautiful city gates, the ancient University of Al-Karaouine and the Bou Inania Madrasa. Also, make sure to visit a traditional leather tanning factory. The city of Meknes is often called the Versailles of Morocco for its beauty. Its lovely Spanish-Moorish style centre is surrounded by tall city walls with impressive gates and you'll be able to see the 17th century blend of European and Islamic cultures even today.

For a more laid-back experience of city life, catch a sea breeze at Asilah or lovely Essaouira. The blue-washed town of Chefchaouen is an old time travellers' favourite and a great starting point to explore the impressive High Atlas Mountains. Climb Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in North-Africa, passing lovely adobe villages and exploring the gorgeous Ourika and Amizmiz valleys on the way. The stunning panoramic view from the top will make it worth every bit of your effort to get there. Other praised hiking routes lead through the beautiful Ameln Valley in the Anti-Atlas and the wooded Rif Mountains in the very north.

Hop on a camel back for a trip through the golden Sahara sand dunes at Erg Chebbi, near Merzouga. Spend the night in a desert tent, under the incredibly starred sky. The Sahara is also accessible near the town of Zagora; it's easier to get to from Marrakech but doesn't have the imposing dunes of Erg Chebbi. Somewhat less easy to reach but therefor also less crowded are the dunes of Erg Chigaga near M'hamid. On your way to the desert, make sure not to miss the stunning Todra gorge near Tinghir. The ancient fortified city of Aït-Benhaddou is another must-see sight. Although rainstorms damage the mud-brick kasbahs time and again, this mostly abandoned village remains an impressive sight and has been the decor for a range of movies, including Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator.

Do in Morocco
There are two types of Hammam (steam baths) across Morocco.

The first is the tourist hammam, where you can go and be pampered and scrubbed by an experienced staff member. As these are promoted only to tourists they are the more expensive option with pricing usually around DH 150 for a hammam. They can not be technically referred to as a proper hammam, but they are nonetheless enjoyable, especially for the timid. Your hotel can recommend a good one.

The second option is to visit a popular Hammam. Popular hammams are the places where the locals go. Ask the staff at your hotel where they would go.

10 Best Places To Visit In Asia

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10 Best Places To Visit In Asia.
Being the largest continent on Earth, Asia has limitless number of wonderful and unique things to do and see for its travelers. If you regard yourself as an avid traveler, you have to visit some of the best places to visit in Asia. If you are yet to decide which Asian countries to cover in your Asia trip, this article should help you decide. Following are 10 best places to visit in Asia:
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Costa Rica Travel Guide

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Watch my Top 5 Central America City Guides below and get ready to travel the world with me!

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// LINKS & INFO //
#1 San Salvador City Tour -- Explore El Salvador's capital, a picturesque city where nature and culture beautifully collide / Explora la capital de El Salvador, una ciudad pintoresca donde la naturaleza y la cultura se unen de forma maravillosa:

#2 Mahahual Tour -- Enjoy paradise on earth in Mahahual, one of the Mayan Riviera's greatest destinations and best-kept secrets / Disfruta el paraíso en la tierra en Mahahual, uno de los destinos secretos más bellos de la Riviera Maya:

#3 Atitlán Tour -- Get ready to dive in one of Central America's most beautiful lakes, and one of the most visited destinations in Guatemala / Sumérgete en uno de los lagos más bellos de Centroamérica, y uno de los destinos más populares de Guatemela:

#4 Chichen Itzá Tour -- Experience the magic and legends surrounding Mayan culture and their sacred temples / Vive la magia y leyendas que rodean a la cultura Maya y sus templos sagrados:

#5 San Cristobal de las Casas Tour -- A beautiful Mexican city founded in the 16th century that retains the charm of colonial towns and the vibrant life of modern cities / Una hermosa ciudad mexicana fundada en el siglo XVI que retiene un encanto colonial:


25 Best Places to Visit in Central America - Central America Travel Guide

Central America Travel Guide: 25 Best Places to Visit in Central America.

List of Contries in Central America: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama.

Copyright: ALDH2009

25. Tortuguero National Park
Global Water Forum: flickr.com/photos/globalwaterforum/19674192671
Vincent Poulissen: flickr.com/photos/vincentraal/1251427707
24. Ometepe Island
Milei.vencel: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ometepe,_Nicaragua.jpg
Adalberto Hernandez Vega: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Volc%C3%A1n_Concepci%C3%B3n_-_Isla_Ometepe,_Nicaragua.jpg
23. Semuc champey
Christopher Crouzet: flickr.com/photos/christophercrouzet/11780523626
Mickaël T.: flickr.com/photos/mickaeltr/7114715513
22. Santa Ana Volcano
Christopher Porter: flickr.com/photos/canadianveggie/12701711234
Christopher Porter: flickr.com/photos/canadianveggie/12701043195
21. Panama Canal
Robbie: flickr.com/photos/photo_art/16243784838
pete: flickr.com/photos/wirralwater/3304595702
20. Manuel Antonio National Park
SheepRUs: flickr.com/photos/sheeprus/6137455782
David Ingram: flickr.com/photos/dingatx/7886997446
19. Caracol
rharrison: flickr.com/photos/rharrison/1163771975
Nathan LeClair: flickr.com/photos/nathansnostalgia/167936351
18. Joya de Ceren
Mariordo: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ES_Joya_Ceren_05_2012_Estructura_9_Area_2_Tamazcal_wide_angle_1479.JPG
Christine and John Fournier: flickr.com/photos/christine4nier/2927609505
17. El Tunco
descubriendoelmundo: flickr.com/photos/descubriendo-el-mundo/16234862865
Destinos Nauticos: flickr.com/photos/97708024@N06/9288102682
16. Ambergris Caye
Areed145: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:San_Pedro_Beach.jpg
Rachel Smith: flickr.com/photos/ninmah/3865593032
15. Arenal Volcano
Ralph Kränzlein: flickr.com/photos/rakra42/24147861435
Rose Davies: flickr.com/photos/rosedavies/3053166682
14. Copan
Simon Helle Nielsen: flickr.com/photos/simonhn/1351571845
Erik Duinkerken: flickr.com/photos/erikduinkerken/2746629262
13. Bocas del Toro
Tobias Eder: flickr.com/photos/tobias_eder/4387244642
Edwin Rios: flickr.com/photos/arkeldiary/25185634589
12. Granada, Nicaragua
inga: flickr.com/photos/ingalatvia/8443102720
descubriendoelmundo: flickr.com/photos/descubriendo-el-mundo/16253527789
11. Ruta de las Flores
Christopher Porter: flickr.com/photos/canadianveggie/12700316913
Celine Massa: flickr.com/photos/8755224@N07/4268925885
10. Leon, Nicaragua
Garrett Ziegler: flickr.com/photos/garrettziegler/7354766542
Garrett Ziegler: flickr.com/photos/garrettziegler/7354720590
9. Antigua Guatemala
hectorlo: flickr.com/photos/hectorlo/12429283103
John Fitzpatrick: flickr.com/photos/jfitz2nyc/15749891137
8. Caye Caulker
f. ermert: flickr.com/photos/132646954@N02/20688702730
f. ermert: flickr.com/photos/132646954@N02/21401259271
7. Lake Atitlan
Amanda Segur: flickr.com/photos/lukyclover/5570062995
Amanda Segur: flickr.com/photos/lukyclover/5570652330
6. San Blas Islands
Thibault Houspic: flickr.com/photos/thibaulthouspic/8348076892
Alexander Schimmeck: flickr.com/photos/alschim/13867169585
5. Panama City
Tatiana Travelways: flickr.com/photos/travelways/8857153379
Karsun Designs: flickr.com/photos/karsund/8400497905
4. Roatan
VoY_TeC: flickr.com/photos/voytec/3205672465
Lowell Hendrix: flickr.com/photos/ldhendrix/5654107461
3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Mike Goren: flickr.com/photos/celebdu/1491277225
Peter Hook: flickr.com/photos/23687039@N06/9199496992
2. Belize Barrier Reef
USGS: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Great_Blue_Hole.jpg
Murky1: flickr.com/photos/73806619@N00/5339390647
1. Tikal
Nicole Evans: flickr.com/photos/135521798@N06/23905807331
Steven Newton: flickr.com/photos/26298797@N07/4493162904

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Awe-inspiring scenery, vibrant cities and a welcoming atmosphere all make Canada a popular tourist destination. As the largest country in North America, Canada is a vast land encompassing majestic mountains, spectacular coastlines, virgin forests, spacious prairies and Arctic tundra. While much of the nation is of British and French descent, Canada is home to a mosaic of multicultural communities. An overview of the best places to visit in Canada:
10. Calgary
9. Ottawa
8. Whistler
7. Vancouver Island
6. Quebec City
5. Toronto
4. Montreal
3. Niagara Falls
2. Banff National Park
1. Vancouver

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Bora Bora Vavau 4X4 Adventures

Experience Bora Bora with Vavau 4X4 adventures!

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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

10 Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

The Top 10 Cheap Travel Destinations in Asia

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The Top 10 Cheap Travel Destinations in Asia.

Asia’s always been a prime destination for gap year students and adventurers thanks to the thriving backpacker culture and cheap lifestyle. Cities like Bangkok and Hanoi have long been recognized as places where the dollar becomes positively acrobatic in its ability to stretch its value, but it seems that nowadays, travelers can travel more and spend less with some basic informal planning. All across Asia, quality doesn’t necessarily come at a price, making it easy to really enjoy the adventure.
10. Taipei, Taiwan
9. Penang, Malaysia
8. Bohol, The Philippines
7. Sri Lanka
6. Chiang Mai, Thailand
5. Sihanoukville, Cambodia
4. Bagan, Myanmar
3. Sapa, Vietnam
2. Vientiane, Laos
1. Pokhara, Nepal

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Exploring the Belize Islands: Ambergris Caye & Caye Caulker

My journey from Ambergris Caye, Belize to the nearby island of Caye Caulker.
Feel like reading something fun, adventurous and inspiring? Following My Thumb by Gabriel Morris features 26 adventure travel stories from around the world:
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of Following My Thumb, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.

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Exploring the Belize Islands: Ambergris Caye & Caye Caulker

[ Turkey Travel ] 10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey
With cities steeped in history, beaches, and beautiful countryside, a visit to Turkey promises an enchanted vacation. Diverse offerings such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the luxury beach resorts along the Aegean Sea will enthrall and captivate even the most jaded traveler. Istanbul, once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, features prominently in most travel plans but there are many more great destinations. An overview of the best places to visit in Turkey.
10. Ankara
9. Mardin
8. Konya
7. Antalya
6. Marmaris
5. Side
4. Bodrum
3. Ephesus
2. Cappadocia
1. Istanbul

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Travel Tip to SAVE Your Life in Costa Rica

We are a full service travel agency with tons of info Hey guys, BAD things can happen in Costa Rica, no doubt. Just like about anywhere else on the planet. But if you could just remember what you already know when you travel around Costa Rica, it just might save your life. Here's a reminder.

Costa Rica - Top 10 of things to do

I denne video, som viser top 10 highlights i Costa Rica, får du et indblik i hvilke fantastiske oplevelser Costa Rica har at tilbyde. Prøv Zip Lining, shop på lokale markedet, rid på hesteryg gennem Costa Ricas smukke naturområder og lær spansk på en lokal sprogskole.Find inspiration: Læs mere om Costa Rica ( inspiration: Se sprogkurser i Costa Rica ( inspiration: Se ture og aktiviteter i Costa Rica (


These are my best tips for having a travelling adventure backpacking in Costa Rica. That doesn’t have to mean “budget Costa Rica,” but if you’re travelling the Gringo Trail that probably means a tight - gap year - budget, right?

I cover the Gringo Trail in Costa Rica from Montezuma, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, La Fortuna, Arenal, to Monteverde, Tortuguero and Manuel Antonio, including hostels, hiking, surfing, activities, and the best hot spots. Or maybe you’re just looking to trek Costa Rica.

This video’s not meant to be a definitive Costa Rica travel guide, or even an exhaustive list of Costa Rica sights, sounds and destinations. It’s just my advice if you want to travel to Costa Rica based on my own experience. (Which was part of a general backpacking adventure covering Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize - all of Central America really except El Salvador!)

If you’re backpacking or even just vacationing in Central or Latin America, let me know, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a pic or message. Us Costa Rica backpackers have got to stick together.




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EMAIL: Business enquiries only please - backpackingbananas@zigguratxyz.com

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Canon 600D

Introduction to Belize

A revamp of Belize Tourism Board's(BTB) Be One With Belize video.

Special Thanks to Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. for allowing us to borrow some clips in an effort to market Belize and all its natural, wonder to the world.