10 Best Places to Visit in Comoros

21 Houses You Won't Believe Exist

Amazing houses from around the world that you wont believe until you see like the most narrow apartment and the house w/ glass walls.

Top 10 Things to do in Hong Kong - HD

Hong Kong - Top 10

Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient. Situated on the Pearl River Delta, this former British colony offers tradition, modernity, entertainment, and so much more. From concrete jungle to tropical beaches, Hong Kong has something for everyone. If you're planning a vacation, Hong Kong just might be the perfect travel destination. We've compiled a list of our favorite 10 things to do. All of the items on our list are either free or less than US$ 5 - so you'll usually just have to pay for transportation. We had a hard time picking and organizing just top ten things to do. We based our top ten list on affordability, authenticity, and awesomeness.

10.Tian Tan Buddha 天壇大佛 & Po Lin Monastery 寶蓮禪寺 0:53
Entrance Fee : Free
Transportation from Tung Chung MTR :
Ngong Ping Cable Car (round-trip) = HK$168 |
Bus 23 =HK$17.2

9. Hong Kong Museum of History 香港歷史博物館 1:26
Entrance Fee : HK$10 | Free on Wednesdays
Transportation : Take Exit F at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station |

8. Wan Chai Street Market 灣仔街市 1:55
Price : Free
Transportation : Take Exit A3 at Wan Chai MTR Station

7. Hong Kong Park 香港公園 2:53
Price : Free
Transportation : Take Exit C1 at Admirality MTR Station

6. Eat t吃飯 3:57
Transportation : Follow your nose

5. Happy Valley Racecourse 跑馬地馬場 4:54
Entrance Fee : HK$10
Transportation : Take the tram (Ding Ding) to Happy Valley or take exit A from Causeway Bay and walk 20 minutes

4. Star Ferry 天星小輪 & Victoria Harbour 維多利亞港 5:55
Price : HK$2-3.4
Transportation : Central MTR Exit A | Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Exit L6 | Wan Chai MTR Exit A1

3. Tai O Village 大澳 6:45
Price : Free | Pink Dolphin Boat = HK$25
Transportation : Take MTR to Tung Chung then take Bus 11 to Tai O

2. Ride the Ding Ding搭叮叮 8:55
Price : HK$2.3
Run from 5:30 am - 12:30 am daily

1. Victoria Peak太平山 10:01
Price : Free
Transportation :
Tramway from Central Exit J2 (Adult round-trip HK$40 ; one-way HK$28 / Children round-trip HK$18; one-way HK$11) Be advised : The line is usually very long
Bus 15 from Exchange Square Bus Terminus, Central MTR Station Exit D ($HK9.8)

** Public Transportation (i.e. bus, tram, mtr) ticket prices are for adults. Child tickets are half the price.

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10 Best Places to Visit in England

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10 Best Places to Visit in England.
England is a great place to visit, whether travelers are making their first or umpteenth trip abroad. That’s partly because the language barrier isn’t there for English speakers, though one can hear languages from throughout the world spoken here. First-time visitors may just want to hit the highlights in England, such as Westminster Abbey or shopping at Knightsbridge in London and perhaps visit a university town or Stonehenge. Return visitors might opt for hiking on the moors, investigating the nooks and crannies of picturesque villages, or digging into their English heritage. The best places to visit in England truly offer something for everyone.
10. Brighton
9. Lake District
8. St Ives
7. Bath
6. Cambridge
5. Jurassic Coast
4. Oxford
3. York
2. Stonehenge & Avebury
1. London

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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017

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Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World 2017.

It is in the nature of every person of the world that they want to live in the happy and peaceful places, so peace in any country is measured by Global Peace Index and GPI will absolutely help people before travel in any part of the world.
So in this context, Global Peace Index report from the Institute of Economics and Peace which is able to show the comparative level of peace in 162 countries because they prepare list of 162 countries with their GPI level every year.
They rank countries on the basis of different indicators including absence of war, schooling, relations with neighboring states, contributions in keeping peace level of United Nation, level of violent crime and many others.
10: Slovenia
9: Japan
8: Canada
7: Switzerland
6: Czech Republic
5: Portugal
4: New Zealand
3: Austria
2: Denmark
1: Iceland

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Belize Adventure

We tackled the muddy roads, steep stairs, deep caves, and coral reefs of San Ignacio, Caracol, Caves Branch, Caye Caulker, and Ambergris Caye.

Music by Dexter Britain: dexterbritain.co.uk

Seven Things To Do In Slovenia, Including Slap Kozjak Waterfall, Soča River, Vintgar Gorge

We spent 5 nights in Lubljana, Slovenia, and so far its the most impressive and underrated country we have been to in all of Europe. Although we stayed in Lubljana, the capital of Slovenia, it is a rather quiet capital city and the perfect jumping off point. Every day we would drive about 1-2 hours to visit sights such as Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Soča River, Vintgar Gorge and the beautiful Slap Kozjak Waterfall.

Check out our top Seven Things To Do In Slovenia to get an idea of the beauty of this country and some off the beaten path places to visit.

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10 Best Places to Visit in India

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10 Best Places to Visit in India.
India is an enormous and diverse destination. Bordered by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar, not to mention the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, means that there are many different sides to the country. More than 20 official languages, multiple religions and a variety of cuisines exist within India’s borders. To truly experience the breadth of Indian culture and history, travel is key. Head to as many of these best places to visit in Indias as your itinerary allows.
10: Mysore
9: Amritsar
8: Ladakh
7: Goa Beaches
6: Delhi
5: Ellora & Ajanta Caves
4: Varanasi
3: Kerala
2: Agra
1: Rajasthan

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Hungary Travel | 10 Best Places to Visit in Hungary

10 Best Places to Visit in Hungary

While Hungary is famous for its goulash and paprika (which, by the way, originated in the New World), it’s known for much more than that, including world-class fine wines and its pear liqueur, an orange-colored sweet dessert treat, sometimes known as palinka.
Visitors to Hungary quickly learn it is a land of many cultures, having been ruled over by the Romans, Ottomans, Mongols, Magyars, Czechs and the Soviets. Remains of Roman fortifications can be found as can utterly spectacular buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Hungary also is the land of the beautiful blue Danube River; no trip here would be complete without a boat ride on it. An overview of the best places to visit in Hungary:
10. Gyor
9. Hortobagy National Park
8. Debrecen
7. Heviz
6. Aggtelek National Park
5. Pecs
4. Sopron
3. Eger
2. Lake Balaton
1. Budapest

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10 Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica - Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica Travel Guide and Tips: Here are the Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica and Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica.

Copyright: Video created by BynnDu

Thank For Creative Commons of Authors:

Music: As I Figure
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Creative Commons Photos in Flickr.

Photos Credited:

10. Tamarindo
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9. Chirripo National Park
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8. Jaco
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7. San Jose
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6. Rincon de la Vieja National Park
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5. Corcovado National Park
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4. Tortuguero National Park
Global Water Forum: flickr.com/photos/globalwaterforum/19674192671
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3. Arenal Volcano National Park
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2. Manuel Antonio National Park
Martin Garrido: flickr.com/photos/martingarri/5599554848
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1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Mike Goren: flickr.com/photos/celebdu/1491277225
Clifton Beard: flickr.com/photos/11444813@N03/3697705137

Travel Philippines | 10 Top Tourist Attractions in the Philippines

Travel Philippines | 10 Top Tourist Attractions in the Philippines

Located at the very eastern edge of Asia, the Philippines are home to more than 7,000 islands, which are inhabited by friendly locals and many indigenous tribes. From pristine beaches and marvelous natural wonders to interesting historic sites and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the Philippines pack many exciting things to see and do. Check out the following top tourist attractions in the Philippines.
10. Tubbataha Reef
9. San Agustin Church, Manila
8. Mayon Volcano
7. Malapascua Island
6. Puerto Galera
5. Puerto Princesa Underground River
4. Donsol
3. Chocolate Hills
2. Boracay
1. Banaue Rice Terraces
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10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal - Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal Travel Guide and Tips: Here are the Best Places to Visit in Nepal and Tourist Attractions in Nepal.

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10. Lumbini
David Lowry: flickr.com/photos/iamdavidlowry/4457332794
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9. Janakpur
Abhishek Singh: flickr.com/photos/aksinc/5407845008
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8. Khumbu
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7. Nagarkot
Neil Young: flickr.com/photos/cnneil/8360637463
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6. Chitwan National Park
Maureen Barlin: flickr.com/photos/maureen_barlin/22669489574
Maureen Barlin: flickr.com/photos/maureen_barlin/23004031900
5. Pokhara
Aakash Gautam: flickr.com/photos/aakashgautam/7172187661
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4. Patan
Annette Bouvain: flickr.com/photos/70672543@N00/8260405037
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3. Annapurna Circuit
Stefan Kellner: flickr.com/photos/skellner/5487042158
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2. Bhaktapur
neiljs: flickr.com/photos/neiljs/3922421144
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1. Kathmandu
Matt Westoby: flickr.com/photos/mattwestoby/5226632924
Ricardo Hurtubia: flickr.com/photos/hurtubia/5419468994

Top 5 Things to do in the British Virgin Islands

Teri travels to the British Virgin Islands to explore the top things to do including sailing, diving, island hopping, indulging in spa treatments, and visiting the world famous Baths. Teri later visits the Bomba Shack on Tortola and talks with it's legendary owner, Bomba.



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Top 10 Smallest Countries In The World

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Top 10 Smallest Countries In The World.
With over 200 countries in the world, it's easy to think the word country equates to a massive land area with large numbers of people. Some nations are so small that cities within other nations are giants compared to them. Mostly found in Europe, the Carribean, and the Pacific, there are many countries in the world with an area of less than 400 square kilometers.
With their own governments and own culture, these small countries are some of the richest, most remote, and most intriguing places in the world. Let's take a look at top 10 smallest countries in the world today:
10: Grenada, 344 km².
9: Malta, 316 km².
8: Maldives, 300 km².
7: Saint Kitts and Nevis, 261 km².
6: Liechtenstein, 160 km².
5: San Marino, 61 km².
4: Tuvalu, 26 km².
3: Nauru, 21 km².
2: Monaco, 2 km².
1: Vatican, 0.44 km².
Music: NCS
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10 Most Amazing Destinations in Southern Italy

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10 Most Amazing Destinations in Southern Italy.

The Mezzogiorno, or “midday” region of Italy refers to the Southern section of this historically and artistically important nation. The area boasts some of the oldest cities in Italy, as well as a number of important sites from what was once part of Ancient Greece. The historical importance of the area draws some tourists, while others flock here for the warm Mediterranean climate and island life. Here is a look at some of the top destinations in Southern Italy.
10. Maratea
9. Sorrento
8. Paestum
7. Alberobello
6. Tropea
5. Sassi di Matera
4. Naples
3. Capri
2. Pompeii & Herculaneum
1. Amalfi Coast
Music: NCS

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The Top 10 Must See Cities In Asia

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The Top 10 Must See Cities In Asia.
1: Bangkok
2: Tokyo
3: Beijing
4: Shanghai
5: Hong Kong
6: Kyoto
7: Mumbai
8: Macau
9: Singapore
10: Kuala Lumpur

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Allyson and I went to the US Virgin Islands and wanted to give you some basic tips, after having a few cocktails... After all we're just JTTHAGT!

DOs and DON'Ts I've thought of since filming:
- DO go to the British Virgin Islands while you're there. DON'T forget your passport!
- DO prepare for the rain - it might rain any time. DON'T let it deter you from having fun or doing what you want - it will most likely clear up again soon.
- DO try renting a car and exploring. DON'T forget that people drive on the left side of the road!

My Virgin Islands packing video:

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Where else you can find me:
SNAPCHAT - mari.johnson

Californian in a constant state of wanderlust, currently traveling the world. I’m here to share my adventures and give you tips about travel, culture, language, and life.

16 Unbelievably Beautiful Abandoned Places

Have you ever explored an abandoned place? We have gathered a list of 16 unbelievable abandoned places you will be sure to visit!

16 Most beautiful Abandoned Places

10 - Not something from a Sci Fi movie…
This was actually the HQ for the Communist Party in Bulgaria. It looks like a giant flying saucer, and was created by the communist regime as a meeting place. It was active from 1981 to 1991, and then fell into disrepair when the fall of the Soviet Union took place. Apparently they are looking into restoring it.

9 - Old places have soul…
And this exquisite abandoned railway station oozes soul. Its location is the former Russian territory known as Abkhazia. It was deserted in the 90’s, more than likely due to blockades imposed by Russia. This type of architecture is known as Stalinist Gothic or Socialist Classicism.

8 - Only memories left behind...
This is the Gouqi Island, which forms part of a group of nearly 400 islands called the Shengsi Islands in China. At one stage it was a super busy fishing village, but with the developments of secondary and tertiary industries, many of these little fishing villages didn’t last too much longer, and people left seeking work elsewhere.

7 - Hauntingly Beautiful…
Sadly, the stories of what went on inside the Beelitz -Heilstaten hospital are not as hauntingly beautiful as some of the architecture seen in this building. This hospital once had Hitler recovering there for a bit. It saw thousands of TB patients heading through the doors, had murders take place inside, accidental deaths and I’m sure many other atrocities.
The Sanatorium is in Brandenburg in Germany, and sees many people breaking in just to capture some of the beauty that the actual building hosts.

6 - A romantic tale…
There doesn’t seem to be an exact story as to how the Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium came into being, but it’s a breathtaking sight. The cars are surrounded by plants and branches and vines are growing through the vehicles. Reporters say the cars were left in haste, but the romanticized story attached to them is that the cars belonged to US Soldiers, who left them behind when the war finished and they returned home.

5 - Going back in time…
This makes me feel like I am right there at this blade mill in France. Not much is given about this exact blade mill, but the sharpening of blades, scythes, sickles, knives and swords took place there. Apparently many grinders died very young due to grinders disease, which is a lung disease more than likely from inhaling the dust when the grinding took place.

4 - No trespassing allowed…
It’s all because of one brave girl that we have access to these beautiful images of an abandoned rocket factory in Russia. We only know her as Lana, and she broke into the factory, situated just outside Moscow. As you can imagine, Russian authorities weren’t happy at all, and even posted threatening letters on her website. So a big thank you Lana, for showing us what it looks like on the inside!

3 - A personal journey…
This 27-meter-deep well is found in Sintra and is known as the Initiation Well. It’s meant to be lead one on a journey of self-discovery and rebirth. You’re either going into the darkness or coming out into the light. Also could be deemed as death and birth.
It was owned by a well-known freemason, who used the wells (there are 2 of them) for ceremonial purposes. They were never used to draw water, and every part of the wells is symbolic in some way.

2 - Ghost Town…
Or rather Ghost Subway… this is stunning, the City Hall Subway Station in New York, and was supposed to the showpiece when it came to subway stations. However, a mere 41 years after opening – it was actually closed down. For some reason, traffic at that station saw a rapid decline, and then with the onset of the Great Depression and then WW2, the station wasn’t used at all… so it was shut down. It received landmark status in 1979, and there plans in the pipeline a few years ago to bring it back to life.

1 - History created…
This breathtaking Crystal Mill is from 1892, and is actually a decompressor station. Constructed in 1893, it was used as a power plant. This Mill is said to be one of the most photographed sites in Colorado in the US, and has a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND City Guide | Kiwi Vacation Travel Vlog

Auckland, New Zealand is a metropolitan city in the North Island inhabited by people that are meant to live on the countryside. In fact, the city part of Auckland feels out of place! It doesn't make this place any less beautiful though. If only passing through for 24 hours like myself, you will easily enjoy this quaint city and realize that this place is meant to be countryside! Join me as I visit the sky tower and try out an Ostrich Burger. Find out tips along the way and explore this city which has the most per capita of boats in the world!

This is my final vlog of the Australia/New Zealand series so stay tuned for more!

American Cities are next!! Enjoy this final Kiwi city and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT and LIKE LIKE LIKE!

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Misc References:
Triangle Green Screen Transition by Gabrielle Marie

Slovenia Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Slovenia? Check out our Slovenia Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Slovenia.

Top Places to visit in Slovenia:
Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, Škocjan Caves, Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj, Triple Bridge, Tivoli Park, Julian Alps, Vršič Pass, Bled Castle, Triglav, Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, Trenta Valley, Mangart, Volčji Potok Arboretum

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USA Travel | 10 Top Tourist Attractions in Florida

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Florida

Known as “The Sunshine State”, Florida is heavily focused on the tourist trade. The beaches are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Florida, along with some of the world’s best known theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. However some of the state’s best secrets are in secluded locations away from tourist areas and well worth seeing. Regardless of preference Florida has something to offer for any kind of traveler.
10. Amelia Island
9. Castillo de San Marcos
8. Universal Orlando Resort
7. Fort Lauderdale Beach
6. Kennedy Space Center
5. Walt Disney World
4. Key West
3. Everglades
2. South Beach
1. Overseas Highway

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