10 Best Places to Visit in Jamaica

Top 10 Things to do in Jamaica

Here are the top 10 Things to do in Jamaica. Hope you Enjoy! Tell me witch one you liked the most in the comments down below.

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Top 14 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

This video explain about top tourist attractions in Jamaica. Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea, comprising the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles. Negril Beach, Martha Brae River, Doctor's Cave Beach are best places to visit in Jamaica. You can visit these attractions when you are on vacation in Jamaica.

photo credit:
Dolphin Cove by kemorgan65
Blue Hole, Ocho Rios by Jeremy Finke
Dunn's River Falls by Chris Ford
YS Falls by Bob Thomas
Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica by verifex
Black River Safari by Gail Frederick
Rio Grande River by Kevin
Port Antonio by wayne marshall
Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park by Liam Byrnes
Bob Marley Museum by Kent MacElwee
Martha Brae River by Cesar
Rose Hall Great House by Urban Walnut en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rose_Hall_(Jamaica).jpg
Doctor's Cave Beach by winryder
Negril Beach by Chris Ford

10 Things NOT To Do In Jamaica

Get more Tips here!
When you book your trip to Jamaica, the odds are good that you’re headed for a spirited, but relaxing island vacation. But there's much more to Jamaica than great music and gorgeous weather. So follow these tips to keep safe and have fun while visiting Jamaica.

1. Don’t Forget About the State Department
You should know before you travel that both s*xual as*ault and armed r*bbery are common throughout the nation, in some cases even inside gated resorts.

2. Don’t Expect Help From the Cops
The Jamaican police force is universally underpaid and understaffed. Their attention is mostly focused on more serious crime so a tourist’s stolen camera doesn’t rank high on their list of priorities.

3. Don’t Try to Get Around Without a Driver
In Jamaica, they drive on the wrong, -well, left side of the road. It can be a little perplexing, but for a small fee you can hire a driver for the day to help you get around efficiently and safely.

4. Don’t Backpack Through Jamaica
People who backpack through Jamaica essentially put a target on their back, attracting the worst of the island’s criminal element. Your best bet is to spend most of your time in highly populated areas.

5. Do Your Research
Where you spend your vacation will determine what there is to do. Love the nightlife? Then, Negril has tons of thriving hot spots. Taking your family for some fun in the sun? Montego Bay is full of family friendly resorts. Want to experience Jamaica’s inland paradise? Check out Ocho Rios.

6. Don’t Look at the Merchants
When you’re browsing at shops on the island avoid direct eye contact with the merchants. They will take it as a sign that you’re interested in buying but if you’re just looking, keep your eyes on the merchandise and not on the owner.

7. Don’t Use American Dollars
While good, old-fashioned greenbacks are welcome on the island, you should consider using the Jamaican dollar. You’ll find that you don’t have to worry about exchange rates and the locals will appreciate it.

8. Don’t Get Uptight
The entire country is filled with people who are looking on the bright side, and while they’re eager to please, they’re not in any big hurry. So, you shouldn’t be, either. No one wants to hang around with a grumpy tourist.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Explore
There is one heck of a lot more to the island of Jamaica than just lounging on its world class beaches. There are a lot of great shopping spots and natural beauty like Dunn’s River Falls.

10. Don’t Worry About Finding a Good Beach
The best part about Jamaica is that no matter where you book your reservations Jamaica will have a pristine stretch of golden sand waiting for you. Don’t spend a ton of time trying to find “the right beach.” They’re pretty much all that beach.

Where do you want to know what NOT To Do in next?
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10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean

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10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean.
Caribbean getaways are a regular part of the good life for many. The beaches and sumptuous climate are the kind of delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries and be reminded that we are all children of the sun. But as familiar as many Caribbean Islands are in hospitality, grilled fish and music vibz, each Island-nation has its own distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore.
The following are ten of the best Caribbean Island destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list.
1. Aruba
2. St Lucia
3. Bermuda
4. Barbados
5. Turks & Caicos
6. St Maarten
7. St Barts
8. US Virgin Islands
9. Anguilla
10. Jamaica
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Jamaica Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Planning to visit Jamaica? Check out our Jamaica Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in Jamaica.

Top Places to visit in Jamaica:
Dunn's River Falls, White Witch of Rose Hall, Dolphin Cove, Blue Mountains, Martha Brae River, Doctor's Cave Beach Club, Bob Marley Museum, Mayfield Falls, Rio Grande, Devon House, Green Grotto Caves, Greenwood Great House, Long Bay Beach, James Bond Beach, National Gallery of Jamaica,

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Best Beaches in Jamaica : YOUR Top 10 best Jamaica beaches

What are the best Jamaica beaches? Travelers review and rate the beaches on various travel websites, and we compiled the data to rank them. Check the most popular and the best rated Jamaica beaches .
Remember : this is not MY top 10 but YOURS. If you disagree with it, vote for your favorite places on travel websites to change the rankings.
Have fun !

Main beaches in Jamaica we considered:
Seven Mile Beach (Negril)
Bloody Bay (Negril)
Frenchman's Cove (Port Antonio)
Doctor's Cave Beach (Montego Bay)
Ocho Rios Bay Beach (Ocho Rios)
Winnifred Beach (Port Antonio)
Half Moon Beach (Negril)
Blue Waters Beach Club (Falmouth)
Red Stripe Beach (Falmouth)
Boston Beach (Port Antonio)
Fort Clarence Beach (Kingston)
Bamboo Beach (Ocho Rios)
James Bond Beach (Ocho Rios)
Cornwall Beach (Montego Bay)
Sharkies Beach (Runaway Bay)
Treasure Beach
Hellshire Beach (Portmore)
Jamaica Grande Beach (Ocho Rios)
Burwood Beach (Falmouth)
Mahogany Beach (Ocho Rios)
San San Beach (Port Antonio)
Silver Sands Public Beach (Duncans)
Pearly Beach (Ocho Rios)
Bluefields Beach (Bluefields)
Jacob Taylor Beach, Fishing Village, Craft Market (Falmouth)
Navy Island (Port Antonio)
Bluefields Beach Park (Bluefields)
Long Bay Beach Park (Negril)
Walter Fletcher Beach (Montego Bay)
Local Pathway (Kingston)

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Best Jamaica beaches Video :
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[UPDATE 2017] Best Place in Jamaica For Travel Destination

This is a video about Best Place In Jamaica, contain 7 best place in Jamaica and 7 best destination in Jamaica for tourist. Our Version of the best destination in Jamaica to tourism visits also named as a Top 5 place in Jamaica, top 7 place in Cebu, top 10 Place In Jamaica and best 5 place in Jamaica, best 7 place in Jamaica and best 10 Place In Jamaica, Thailand in other version.

Jamaica is located in Africa.

Best place in Jamaica:
1. Dunn River Falls
2. Dolphin Cove Jamaica
3. The Bob Marley Museum
4. Doctor's Cave Beach
5. The Blue Mountains
6. Mayfields Falls
7. The Green Grotto Caves

This is some reasons why you should be visiting Jamaica:
Jamaica is the best place to visit in Africa for holiday, to celebrate new years, for honeymoon, for vacation with family and friends, and many more reasons.

The information in this video maybe innacurrate or maybe hasn't enough explanation. That's why we have Google! :)

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

1. Kingston City
2. Bob Marley Museum
3. Natural History Museum
4. Hope Gardens, Jamaica
5. Doctor's Cave Beach
6. Rose Hall Great House
7. Negril Beach
8. Martha Brae River
9. Black River Safari Boat Tour
10. Dunn's River Falls

Know more about these places here:

10 Top Tourist Attractions Places To Visit In Jamaica | Best Tourist Destinations To Travel

10 Top Tourist Attractions Places To Visit In Jamaica | Best Tourist Destinations To Travel.


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MUST SEE WATERFALLS IN JAMAICA PART 1 - Travel Guide Video Slideshow with music

Must see waterfalls in Jamaica Part 1 travel guide video slideshow with music has captured 17 waterfalls on this first video which includes Dunn's River Falls. Our fascination with waterfall photography has made us realize that there are more waterfalls on the island that are key Jamaica tourist attractions and we intend to record them and create waterfall video slide shows to share with the rest of the world. Caribbean waterfalls can favorably compare with the best waterfalls in other parts of the world. As a photographer I believe it is also my duty to promote my country as a tourist destination as most of the waterfalls are in close proximity to Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Port Antonio and Kingston. The other waterfalls captured in this video are as follows: YS Falls, Reggae Falls, Mayfield Falls, Bowden Falls, Cane River Falls, Nanny Falls, Tacky Falls, Kwame Falls, Konoko Falls, Mahoe Falls, Blue Hole Falls or Secret Falls, Turtle River Falls, Mahoe River Falls, Penfield Falls, Reach Falls and Avocat Falls.

In this video slide show we have named each one, given you their geographical location and shown you their environmental pathway. Some of the waterfalls like Dunn’s River Falls are commercialized but many remain in their natural rustic state and are unknown waterfalls to most Jamaicans. It is a thrilling adventure to negotiate the terrain to reach them. Locally many of them are referred to as hidden waterfalls or secret waterfalls. These waterfalls are ideal for a vacation, family fun, meditation, a waterfall wedding or just somewhere to simply sleep in peace. The locations are simply the best. I know that when I start working on Part 2 I will take a videographer with me to record the amazing sounds, movement and relaxation that one would expect to experience in the environs of waterfalls and rivers.

I must point out that some of our waterfalls are named after National Heroes, freedom fighters and important events in our history. Bob Marley and Usain Bolt country has a lot to offer visitors. Do not forget that all our rivers end up at a beautiful beach and there are many scattered all over our island.

I wish to thank my dear wife Angela for her support, encouragement and company on many of these photographic expeditions. Also my photographic business associate Marie Baillie for her editing consultation. I am grateful to my lifelong talented friend Wayne Armond who contributed tracks from his ‘Always something there to remind me’ reggae album which is distributed by Zojak International and can be downloaded from ITunes and Amazon. waynearmond@gmail.com
Finally I am blessed to have a talented son Sean Taylor who produced this video- Contact seanetaylor@gmail.com

BruceT Photography is a multi-disciplined team of photographers but we have a special fondness for environmental photography. We cover weddings, public and private events in the numerous Jamaican beauty spots all over the island. Our passion for our craft is appreciated by all our clients.

Contact us at: brucetay@flowja.com

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10 Best All Inclusive Hotels / Resorts In Jamaica - 🇯🇲

10 Best All Inclusive Hotels / Resorts In Jamaica 🇯🇲

What is your favorite hotel/resort? Leave a comment!
If you want someone to take you around the Island, if it is your first or if you want a local friend, I could make myself available to assist you personally myself as I have done countless times for my families and friends that are abroad.

For more info, contact on:
Email: winston23.ws@gmail.com
Mobile : +1(876) 793-5078


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the most beautiful places in Jamaica

Best vacation in Jamaica!beautiful places!

Jamaica all inclusive resorts: Traveler's Top 10 best all inclusive Jamaica

What are the best Jamaica all inclusive? Travelers review and rate the resorts. This is the Top 10 best all inclusive Jamaica as voted by them

Jamaica all inclusive resorts analysed in this poll:
Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa
Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay
Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort Montego Bay
Secrets St James Montego Bay
Royalton White Sands All Inclusive
Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall
Melia Braco Village
Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa
Map Hotel Details
Sandy Haven Resort ex For Real
Terra Nova
Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa
Starlight Chalet & Health Spa
Jamaica Pegasus
Half Moon Resort
Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall
Jamaica Palace
Round Hill & Villas
Map Hotel Details
Idlers' Rest Beach
Moxons Beach Club
Jewel Paradise Cove Beach Resort & Spa, Curio Collection by Hilton
Rhodes Beach Resort Negril
Beaches Negril
Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica
ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios
Jewel Runaway Bay Beach & Golf - All Inclusive
Riu Montego Bay
Riu Palace Tropical Bay
ClubHotel Riu Negril
Coyaba Resort
Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa
Jamaica Inn
Couples Negril
Iberostar Rose Hall Beach
Royal Decameron Montego Beach
Sandals Montego Bay
The Jewel Dunns River Resort & Spa
Couples Swept Away
Iberostar Rose Hall Suites
The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort
Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club
Mockingbird Hill
Iberostar Grand Rose Hall
Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa
Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton
Couples Tower Isle
The Caves
Couples Sans Souci
Riu Palace Jamaica
Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort
Goldeneye Jamaica
Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island
Sandals Royal Plantation
Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort & Spa - Ex Renaissance Jamaica Grande
Hermosa Street, Pineapple
Jah Freedom
Grand Lido Negril ex. Breezes Grand Resort & Spa
Moon Dance Cliffs
Maranatha Villa
Moon Dance Villas
Sandals Inn
Choose To Be Happy!
Yard Style
Beaches Sandy Bay
Golden Eye
Paradise L Horizon
Widcombe House
Tryall Club
Paradise Dreamcastle Villa
Paradise Birds Eye View

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12 Fun and Unique Things to do in Jamaica | 4k DJI Osmo and Mavic Pro

Explore 12 incredible things to do in Jamaica.
Beautiful 4k drone and osmo footage of Southern Jamaica
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Shot with Sony System Cameras, DJI Osmo, DJI Mavic Pro and more
► Equipment Used
↠ Main Camera - Sony Camera
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↠ GoPro hero 5 session-
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↠ SD Cards -

Travel to Jamaica and see the real part of the island with Dave and Deb in their latest travel vlog. We take you off the resort to the south part of the island where the locals farm, fish and live life.
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See the unique things to do in Jamaica that you have never heard about. Take a cooking class at Jakes, dolphin watch with Captain Joseph, go to the middle of the sea for a drink at the Pelican Bar and stay at locally owned Jakes Resort.

Dave and Deb of The Planet D explore Jamaica and feel the vibe of the Caribbean's third largest island. Relax in the land of alright.
Read more and see the photos: 11 Reasons why couples love Jamaica.

For more information on things to do in Jamaica visit the Jamaican Tourism website:
VisitJamaica YouTube: MyJamaicaJTB:

Guided tours of Jamaica or car rentals can be booked through Island Routes Jamaica:
For independent travel book rental cars at Enterprise Jamaica in Montego Bay Airport.
St. Elizabeth is a 2-hour drive from Montego Bay.
Many excursions can be booked through Jakes Resort visit their website for details:
Jakes Resort and Riu Palace are both excellent but very different experiences for a honeymoon in Jamaica. Here is the link to Riu Palace Resort:
Bamboo Rafting can bee booked through Riu Palace, Island Routes or you can go directly to Martha Brae River:

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COOL Things To Do in JAMAICA

Want to find out the best things to do in Jamaica and the top places to stay? Find out in our Jamaica vlog and head to the blog to read our Ultimate Guide to Jamaica here:

Drool over the best Jamaican food in our guide here:

Uncover the best excursions and things to see in Ocho Rios here:

Explore Portland, Jamaica - a true hidden gem here:

With thanks to the Jamaica Tourist Board - JTB

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Top Tourist Attractions In Jamaica

Top Tourist Attractions In Jamaica
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12 Reasons Why Jamaica is One of the World's Best Destinations

Jamaica Vacation Video

Negril, Jamaica vacation at the Rock House

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bahamas | Traveler's choice Top 10 Best All Inclusive Bahamas

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bahamas | Bahamas all inclusive: Traveler's choice Top 10 Best All Inclusive Bahamas

1. Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis Paradise Island is the Caribbean's top journey resort. find water parks, best devouring, playing club gaming and more prominent at this Bahamas inn.

2. Nassau

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. It lies on the island of most recent fortune, with neighboring Paradise Island open by method for Nassau Harbor ranges. A popular voyage send thwart, the city has a rough scene and is noted for shorelines and furthermore its toward the ocean coral reefs, standard for diving and snorkeling. It holds a sizable part of its average pastel-shaded British pioneer frameworks, like the pink-tinted specialists living arrangement.

3. Harbor Island

Harbor Island is an island and legitimate area inside the Bahamas and is situated off the top east shore of Eleuthera Island. It has a populace of one,762. Wikipedia

4. remarkable Bahama

top notch Bahama is the northernmost island of the Bahamas archipelago inside the Atlantic Ocean. it is recognized for its seashores, reef-lined sounds and mangrove marshes, and its total lodging and fairways. Freeport, the biggest city, is close outstanding shores like Xanadu, what is additional, its worldwide Bazaar offers commitment loosened obtaining. Port Lucaya grandstands Bahamian tune and straw works of art at its Port Lucaya commercial center.

5. Andros Island

Andros Island is an archipelago inside the Bahamas, the greatest of the 26 involved Bahamian Islands. Politically considered a singular island, Andros through and through has a region more prominent conspicuous than the various seven hundred Bahamian islands solidified. Wikipedia

6. Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay, is a bundle arrangement of land related with splendid Abaco Island inside the Bahamas. It has a populace of one,187. appropriate here you will find motels, townhouses, homes, and private homes, severa for rent. Wikipedia

7. Elbow Cay

Elbow Cay is an eight-mile-long cay in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. as a matter of first importance populated through British fans getting away from the of late detached u.s. of the us in 1785, it has made due on calculating, watercraft building, and safeguard. Wikipedia

8. green Turtle Cay

green Turtle Cay is one of the issue islands off region fabulous Abaco The Bahamas. it's miles contemplated a couple segment of the Abaco Out Islands and is three miles in length and ½ mile broad. It transformed into named after the once bountiful green turtles that had the area. Wikipedia

9. Bimini

Bimini/ˈbɪmᵻniː/is the westernmost region of the Bahamas and includes a chain of islands arranged cycle eighty kilometers due east of Miami. Wikipedia

10. huge apple

ny is an island inside the Bahamas that is part by means of the Tropic of generally tumors. Its capital is Clarence city. manhattan is one of the locales of the Bahamas and is alluded to as the most extreme pleasant island inside the Bahamas. Wikipedialis.

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