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nice paris, france | 2019


Nice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

When you plan a trip to Nice, France, you’re in good company: This city has been a tourist destination since at least the 18th century. The European aristocracy often spent their winters in the pleasant climate, with a sunset walk on the shoreline being the highlight of each day.

You can walk in their footsteps—literally—with a stroll down the Promenade des Anglais, which roughly translates to Walkway of the English. On a tour of Nice, you’ll enjoy the mixture of French and Italian culture that permeates the city’s architecture, public art, and yes, the food. Bon appetit!

The residents of Nice love the outdoors, and you will, too, as you explore the Place Massena—the city’s main square, where you can enjoy a snack at a café or do some shopping in its many boutiques. Any Nice sightseeing requires exploration of one of the many open-air markets, where you can pick up fresh produce, local artwork, and French pastries that will leave you wondering why you waited so long to visit.

Cap a perfect day in Nice with a dip in the ocean and a walk along the seashore, watching the sun disappear into the sea.

What are you going to eat while in Nice?

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Air France Airbus A321, Paris to Nice [FULL FLIGHT REPORT] AF6200

This time, it was not me who filmed, but my wife ! i wasn't on board
She was on a proffessional trip
Camera : Iphone XS
Nice côte d’Azur (NCE)

[Flight Report] AIR FRANCE | Paris ✈ Nice | Airbus A321 | Economy

AF6228 - 11/2010

TRAVEL GUIDE: Top Things to Do in Nice, France

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Bonjour! Welcome to France. In this video, I explore the 5th largest city in France....Nice! If you love great food, nightlife, shopping, beaches and art, add Nice, France to your list of must-visit destinations. This is a short travel guide to Nice, France. Enjoy!

Rendez Vous en France:


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Visit France - The Top 10 Towns in France

Thinking of visiting France? It is the most popular tourist destination in Europe and for very good reason. But where to go in France? That is a tough question. Here we go through our list of the top 10 towns to visit in France (and there are a lot more than 10 towns).
Filmed in Rouen, France
Copyright Mark Wolters 2012

Air France Airbus A320-200, Nice to Paris [FULL FLIGHT REPORT] AF6227

This time, it was not me who filmed, but my wife ! i wasn't on board
She was on a proffessional trip

Nice côte d’Azur (NCE)

French Food Tour - 5 Dishes to Try in Paris, France! (Americans Try French Food)

French Food Tour - 5 Dishes to Try in Paris, France! We might be Americans, but we're huge fans of the French culture 🇫🇷 So we're super excited to spend the day trying some popular dishes here in Paris, France! Enjoy 😍

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Here are all the dishes we tried and their prices:

€ 9.50 Crepes @ Chez Alain Miam Miam -

€ 18 (for 7) Macarons @ Pierre Hermé -

€ 1.90 Croissant @ Maison Grégoire -

€ 20 Steak tartare // € 9 Onion Soup @ Les Philosophes -

Other things to eat:

Baguettes @ La Parisienne -
Steak frite @ Relais de l'Entrecôte -
Anything at Marché des Enfants Rouges -

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Visit Paris - What to Know Before You Visit Paris, France

Read the Blog to Learn More:
What should you know before you visit Paris? Here we cover where to stay in Paris, what to eat in Paris, hot to get around the city with public transportation, when are the best times to visit Paris, the best sights to see in Paris. Basically everything you would want to know about Paris as a tourist, travelers or first time visitor to the French capital.
What you should know before you visit Paris, France
Filmed in Paris, France
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

Read the Blog Version Here

10 Shocks of Visiting Paris

10 Shocks of Visiting France

5 Tips for Visiting Paris

Basic French Phrases for Tourists

5 Honest Travel Tips for France

Is Paris Safe?

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Paris Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Paris, the capital of France, attracts 42 million visitors a year.

You can start your Paris tour on the metro, on foot, or with a taxi or bicycle; the city is easily navigable on all fronts. Visit the Arc de Triomphe in the center of the city and marvel at its graceful lines and commanding presence. Built between 1806 and 1836, the Arc is one of a number of historical arches and landmarks peppering Paris.

If your Paris sightseeing includes purchasing souvenirs, head to the Champs-Élysées, home of boutique shopping, numerous restaurants, and many bars, along with a theatre and other entertaining venues. Learn about culture and creativity at the Louvre, a 14th-century palace turned art museum, and check in on the Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile. Notre Dame Cathedral cannot be missed, as this imposing Gothic structure has stood since 1345.

Speaking of imposing, the Eiffel Tower is most frequently used to represent Paris. Stroll beneath it to get a good idea of its height, or travel to the top for a stunning view of the City of Light.

Visit our Paris travel guide page for more information or to plan your next vacation!


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PARIS: Top 4 places to eat with French Guy Cooking


Yo people in my 2nd Vlog I go to Paris to my favourite destinations for coffee, lunch, dinner and produce. I meet up with my brother French Guy Cooking and I go behind the scenes at his studio. Hope you enjoy the film and thank you as always for your support.

Ive spent most of Jan and Feb learning to edit and shoot for myself. Will always provide you with Food Busks on Tuesdays and Im gonna release additional vids going forward. Please give me feedback on this vlog to help me give you the best videos I can. Im learning all the time on the vlog front so your encouragement, suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated.

Increase the peace

JQ x

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The places I go to

I stayed at the Hoxton hotel, which was brilliant.

Want to find great coffee where ever you go?

10 Best Places to Visit in France

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10 Best Places to Visit in France.
For more than two decades, France has reigned as the world’s most popular tourist destination, receiving 82 million foreign tourists annual. People from all over the world are drawn to France’s sophisticated culture, dazzling landmarks, exquisite cuisine, fine wines, romantic chateaux and picturesque countryside. An overview of the best places to visit in France:
10. Marseille
9. Lyon
8. Strasbourg
7. Arles
6. Biarritz
5. Loire Valley
4. Bordeaux
3. Mont Saint-Michel
2. French Riviera
1. Paris
Music: NCS

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TOP 10 Things to Do in PARIS in 2019 | France Travel Guide

In this video we’ll show you 10 best things to do in Paris, France.
🌎 Google maps TOP 10 PARIS:

Here are our top 10 picks:

Artists such as Picasso or Van Gogh found inspiration in beautiful streets and atmosphere of Montmartre. Don’t miss Sacré-Cœur basilica with amazing views of Paris, Moulin Rouge, etc.

#2: 1:15 NOTRE-DAME
This famous medieval gothic cathedral from 13th century is located on the island Île de la Cité. Visit also Conciergerie, a former medieval royal palace and a prison during French Revolution.

The ossuary known as the catacombs date back to the 18th century when the remains of over six million people were moved into underground tunnel network of former stone mines to reduce the growing number of cemeteries in Paris.

It is one of the most recognized world attractions and most-visited paid monument in the world. It was constructed in 1889 by the company owned by the engineer Gustaf Eiffel as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair. Including the tip, Eiffel Tower is 1,063 ft (324 m) tall and is the tallest structure in Paris.

#5: 3:48 MUSEUMS
Paris is home to over 100 museums. Some of the most popular are Louvre with Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Les Invalides including the tomb of Napoleon, Pompidou Centre, Musée d'Orsay and others.
List of interesting museums:

The Avenue is a 1.2-mile-long (1,9 km) street located in the center of Paris and is considered to be one of the most recognizable avenues in the world. It features numerous luxury shops, theaters and cafés. At Champs-Élysées ends with Arc de Triomphe.

Luxembourg Gardens, Bois de Vincennes, etc.
Paris is full of beautiful city parks and gardens, for example, Tuileries Garden, Luxembourg Gardens, Bois de Vincennes and others.
List of interesting parks & gardens:

Established in 1804 is the largest cemetery (110 acres, 44 ha) in Paris and is supposed to be the most visited cemetery in the world. The cemetery is a resting place of numerous world-famous figures including Jim Morrison, Édith Piaf, Balzac and Oscar Wilde.

#9: 7:04 LA DEFENSE
It is Europe's largest business district containing many of Paris tallest buildings and a large shopping mall with numerous restaurants and movie theaters. La Défense features an impressive modern architectural masterpiece La Grande Arche

#10: 7:42 VERSAILLES
It is an impressive royal residence of the king of France and Château de Versailles is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There are other things to see in Paris. 😃 Share in the comments below.

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Aerial view of Paris, showing the Eiffel Tower:
Champs-Élysées, Félix Benoist:
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Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa:
Arc de Triomphe. Postcard:
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The signing of the peace treaty of Versailles:
Jean-Baptiste, The Château de Vincennes:
Portrait photograph of Pablo Picasso:
Vincent van Gogh - Self-portrait:
Treaty of Paris by Benjamin West:
Victor Hugo-Hunchback:
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Nice, France: Beaches, Pasta, and Perfume

More info about travel to Nice: Nice is an enjoyable, big-city highlight of the Riviera. Its traffic-free old city mixes Italian and French flavors to create a spicy Mediterranean dressing.

At you'll find money-saving travel tips, small-group tours, guidebooks, TV shows, radio programs, podcasts, and more on this destination.

nice + paris, france | 2019

first travel of the year! we explore nice and paris.


I ventured south from Paris to Nice, France. The climate change is probably why I've finally got sick after traveling for so long.

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✅Paris Hotels: Best Hotels in Paris (2019)[Under $100]

Paris Hotels: Best Hotels In Paris 2019, Under $100. Paris hotels links ⬇️
✅1. B&B Hôtel Paris - Hotel in Paris:
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✅2. Urban Bivouac - Hotel in Paris:
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✅3. Hotel du Chemin Vert - Hotel in Paris:
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✅4. Résidence Capitaine Paoli - Hotel in Paris:
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✅5. Hotel Verlain - Hotels in Paris:
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To save you both time and money, we’ve narrowed down to some of the Best Hotels In Paris (France) Under $100 for you.
Check out an in-depth review of the Best Hotels In Paris in 2019.

In this video, we make new research on the top Best Hotels In Paris Under $100 in 2019.
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Hotel In Paris
Hotels In Paris
Best Hotels In Paris

10 best places to see in Paris

Visiting Paris could be an overwhelming experience. But with our Paris top 10 attractions video guide, you will know which place you must visit. Get a taste of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triumph, Siene, Moulin Rouge, Lido, Crasy Horse, Eurodisney and many other places you must see in your next vacation in the city of lights.


Located 35 minutes from Paris by car, La Vallé Village Shopping Outlet is open 7 days a week (with some exceptions) and its fashion boutiques offer reductions of at least 33% off retail prices. Some of the many French and international brands you will find in the Village are: Armani, Calvin Klein Jeans, Diane Von Furstenberg, Diesel, Gérard Darel, Guess, Jimmy Choo, Joseph, Longchamp, Paul & Joe, Paul Smith, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sandro, Sonia Rykiel, Superdry, The Kooples, Tod’s, UGG, Ventilo. You will love strolling down the pedestrian streets and shopping for several hours in peace and tranquility.
You can take full advantage of your time to discover this incredible place where you will find prestigious fashion brands, offering collections from previous years, renowned pastry shops such as LaDurée , Amorino or Fifi La Praline where you can stop for a tasty treat, as well as several restaurants where you can have something to eat during your day of shopping

Air France ECONOMY Class: Nice to Paris Orly

Full Review:

airbus A321 and arriving in south paris. Not much to say but otherwise enjoy. oh sorry about the limited view. I didnt get a window seat here but my seat was next to a window seat so i still got some pretty good shots.

Paris - Getting Around | Trains, Transit/Metro, Walking, Buses | France Travel Couple

Low cost, but high on experience, ways we got around Paris with no car!

0:31 RER Trains in Paris - Map, Buying a ticket for Train from CDG Airport, Inside Look
3:27 Walking Around Paris
6:25 Buses - Do you need them?
7:19 Metro in Paris - Buying a ticket, Metro station, Inside Look

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Thanks for watching! ...from the France Travel Couple

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