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back in the '70s and '80s - Riga


Riga in 1929 Color Footage


Kā Latvija, Rīga izskatījās 1950-60. gados. РИГА ЛАТВИЯ Окунись в прошлое! ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ ПО ЛАТВИИ

#Letonia y #QuéverenLetonia, uno de los #paísesbálticos
Kā Latvija, Rīga izskatījās 1950-60. gados. RIGA LATVIJA РИГА ЛАТВИЯ
Окунись в прошлое!

????????Латвия. Рига. 1982г. История в открытках.[Latvian. Riga, 1982g. History in postcards.]

В это видео попали открытки из набора 1982 года, а так же карманный календарь1985 года. Названия соответствуют оригиналам на открытках.
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BBC Travel Show - Riga's soviet past (week 10)


Ильгюциемс район города Риги / Латвия Балтика Рига / Baltic region of Riga / Riga Iļģuciems 4k

История, легенда и достопримечательности района Ильгуциемс. Как сегодня выглядит рижский район Латвии - Ильгуциемс. Рассказываем о самой высокой точке города Риги и также исторические кадры.

Визит императора Николая II в Ригу / Nicholas II visits Riga - 1910

Дореволюционная Россия на фотографиях
Визит императора Николая II в Ригу
1910 год

Pre-revolutionary Russia in photographs
State visit by Emperor Nicholas II to Riga

Imperial March of the Life-Guards, 4th Rifle Brigade
and God save the Tsar

Nicholas II's visit with the Imperial family to Riga in July 1910 and lasted three days - from 3 to 5 July.
The Imperial Family, led by Emperor arrived at the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the capture of Riga by Russian troops, thus joining them to the Russian Empire.
The highlight of the visit was the grand opening and consecration of the monument to Peter I on the Alexander Boulevard in Riga.

Padomju Rīga / Soviet Riga / Советская Рига


Riga 1937

Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive Street scenes in Riga

Riga multiple-unit trams & multiple-unit trolleybuses.

These images come from a short trip I made to Riga, which is the capital city of Latvia, in a bitterly cold and cloudy April 1998.

Although the operation of multiple unit trains and trams (aka: light rail) where the trailing units are powered is a well-known aspect of steel wheel transports, it is much rarer with rubber-tyred transports.

However before the advent of articulated buses the use of coupled or multiple-unit trolleybuses was practised in many cities in what used to be known as the Soviet Union.

For multiple-unit operation the front vehicle does not use its trolleypoles and is both physically and electrically connected to the rear vehicle. The coupling between them works by means of a drawbar which is connected to the steering arm of the rear bus - so that it just follows the driving one. Effectively therefore the principle is very similar to a road vehicle pulling a trailer - except that here both vehicles are powered.

Once coupled the twin-set combinations would normally remain coupled (unless the workshops disconnected them). So the rear vehicle would not normally drive 'solo'. As is clearly seen in this film, for reasons of safety pedestrians are prevented from walking between the two vehicles by means of flexible gates.

Riga no longer uses multiple-unit trolleybuses as they now prefer articulated trolleybuses. As far as the former Soviet Union is concerned, it is believed that maybe just one or two cities in The Ukraine still use multiple-unit trolleybuses.

This film shows trams first and then trolleybuses. It comprises of both still images and video. Everything was hand held and is of the 'snapshot' variety, as I was not sure whether I should have been filming at all. At one time I had been stopped from filming the trams, so I had to be very careful. Nowadays I regret not having filmed more, but that is the way of life, I suppose. Im just thankful I went and saw / filmed anything at all.

More information and photographs of the trolleybuses can be found at this link...

???????? Inside KGB PRISON CELLS in RIGA | Latvia's SHOCKING Past | RIGA TRAVEL 2020 in 4K!

???????? RIGA, LATVIA - Welcome to Riga, Latvia! This video is Part 2 of my 4 part 2020 Latvia Travel series which also includes a trip to Tallinn, Estonia! In this series, we are checking out some of the history of Riga and some of the things to do in Riga, including the beautiful art nouveau Riga Old Town, Riga Central Market, and much more.

In this video, we visit the Freedom Monument in Riga and discuss the history of power struggles, occupation and independence in Latvia, an addition to visiting the harrowing and heartbreaking Corner House (KGB Headquarters), a building which once housed the Cheka (otherwise known as the KGB, the secret police of the USSR during the time of the Soviet Union until it's breakdown in 1991).

If you're planning a Riga trip in 2021 to explore Riga history or Soviet Union history, I would 100% recommend visiting the Corner House. Obviously, it's not for the faint-hearted, but it is an incredibly interesting building to learn about the history of Riga. It really puts things into perspective.

KGB Museum -

Note that this was the first video I filmed using a new phone so I had some teething troubles with wind and microphone issues. You can turn on the subtitles if the wind is annoying. There is one scene where the sound only works in the left ear if you are using headphones so make sure you have both headphones in. It's not an issue from the next video.

MUSIC - (all Epidemic Sound)
Kirkjufell - Mochas (Intro)
Caught in a Motion - Maiwan (Street montage)
Waikiki - Chill Cole (Next time)

00:00 - Intro/Recap
01:28 - Cold December Morning
02:52 - Street Montage/On Our Way
04:12 - It's Like Paris
05:00 - Freedom
06:44 - Six Foot Tall
07:33 - Mass Deportations
08:44 - Corner House KGB
09:45 - KGB Exhibition
10:44 - KGB Tour
12:00 - Inside the Cells
13:34 - Execution Room
15:29 - Next Time & Patreon

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Padomju Rīga / Советская Рига / Soviet Riga

Music Eolika - Noktirne

Рига 1970-х в к/ф Совесть (1974) / 1970s Riga in the film Conscience

Кадры с видами Риги 1970-х годов в художественном фильме Совесть, 1974 год.

Совесть. Художественный фильм.
Творческое объединение Экран
Гостелерадио СССР, 1974 год.

Полностью фильм можно посмотрть по ссылке:

Riga, a back to time


Rīga/ Рига in early 20th century photographs

Рига sākumā divdesmitā gadsimta fotogrāfijām

Riga in Pre-revolutionary photographs

Рига в фотографиях начала двадцатого века

1.Little Ballade in D flat minor
2. Waltz in E flat major
Both pieces by Anton Arensky
Played here by Anatoly Sheludyakov

Here I present an interesting album of photographs of the ancient city of Riga, the capital and largest city in the Baltic State of Latvia....

Riga has a long and varied history. Founded in 1201, the city had been a trading port for hundreds of years. Situated upriver from the mouth of the Daugava River, on a sheltered natural harbour. Riga began to develop as a centre of Viking trade during the early Middle Ages. In 1282, Riga became a member of the Hanseatic League giving it economic and politcal stability until the Polish-Swedish Wars between 1621-1625 when the city came under the rule of Sweden
When these photographs were taken, Riga was part of the Russian Empire in 1710 following the Russian Victory over Sweden in the Great Northern War. During these years under Russian rule, Riga developed as an important industrial port and was, by 1900, the third largest city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.....

????????Латвия. Рига. 1986г. История в открытках.[Latvian. Riga, 1986. History in postcards.]

В это видео попали открытки из набора 1986 года.
Названия соответствуют оригиналам на открытках.
Приятного просмотра!

Traveling Back in Time to The Medieval City - Riga, Lativa! E:05

Travel and explore Riga, Latvia while stepping back in time to see this preserved medieval city! Explore the Saint Peter's Church, House of the Blackheads, The nightlife, and the amazing food while backpacking and traveling Europe! Thanks for watching, Like, Comment and Subscribe for more!

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Riga Market 80s

Rīga - Valmiera 107 km

????????Латвия. Рига. 1964г. История в открытках.[Latvian. Riga, 1964. History in postcards.]

В это видео попали открытки из набора предположительно 1964 года, а так же карманные календари1985 года из серий . Названия соответствуют оригиналам на открытках.
Приятного просмотра!

1991 g barikades Riga



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