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Wish - Cars


My cars! I wish!

Parked cars at Siam Paragon

Lyft Surprises Pedestrians with a Remix of Despacito Using Only Car Sounds

To celebrate the biggest music weekend of the year, Lyft showed up in NYC and surprised New Yorkers with our spin on the best music of 2017. Here’s how they reacted when a classic, annoying car alarm sound transformed into an orchestral pop-up performance of 2017's chart-topping Despacito.

NEW! Updated Snow White Dark Ride | Disneyland 2021 | Enchanted Wish

[4K] Snow White's Enchanted Wish is a New updated Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dark ride at Disneyland in California. It opens to park guests on April 30th, 2021. Previously it was known as Snow White's Scary Adventures, now with new scenes and special effects it's a little less scary and more enchanted.

Embark on a magical ride into memorable scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. -

For more info and tickets. please visit their official website:

Ride filmed April 30th, 2021 during Disneyland Grand Reopening.

[4K] Test Track High-Speed Slot Car Dark Ride - Walt Disney World | Epcot Ride 2021

[4K] Test Track is a thrilling high speed slot car dark ride over in Epcot at Walt Disney World. Which Disney slot car ride is your favorite? Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure? Journey to the Center of the Earth at Tokyo DisneySea? or Test Track? Leave your favorite in the comment below.

For more info and tickets, please visit their official website:

Ride filmed February 2021 at Disney Epcot Theme Park.

The World's Biggest Airplane Model Collection is offering up to 25% off retail and free shipping, use code SAMCHUI at checkout!

At such a depressing time like now, with the COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, I have turned to my hobby of die cast model airplane collecting to keep my spirits up!

Earlier this month, I visited my friend Elliot at Gemini Jets HQ in Las Vegas, NV. I take a look at the entire Gemini Jets collection in 1:200 and 1:400 scale on display. These special die-cast model aircraft include a Qantas B787 100th,a Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, a Thai Royal Barge 777-300, a Lufthansa 747-8, a Emirates A380, a British Airways B747 and a KLM B747.

I also look at a model airport set up and the warehouse of Gemini Jets. The 1:200 A380 in Gemini Jets weighs 3.8 lbs, that's a lot of weight for a model airplane!

Are you a model airplane collector? If so, share with me your favourite model airplane.

For more info, please visit

Celebrate 40 Years of Disney and Make-A-Wish With New Short Film | Disney & Make-A-Wish

Following the debut of the popular Wishes Come True Blue color collection, we continue to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of Disney and Make-A-Wish® with a lovable Mickey Mouse plush – which unlocks yet another donation to Make-A-Wish – along with this brand-new animated short!

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NEW Ride! Spider-Man Ride at Disney California Adventure | Avengers Campus | Disneyland resort

[4K] Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure is an Interactive immersive Dark Ride at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in California.

0:00 Intro
0:19 Pre-show
3:09 Loading Area
3:39 Ride Through

Wrangle rogue Spider-Bots run amok during this mayhem-filled mission at Avengers Campus! -

Which ride do you guys prefer? The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Ride in Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando or the Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure at Disney California Adventure? Leave your favorite in the comment below.

For more info and tickets, please visit Disneyland official website:

Ride filmed June 4th, 2021 on the opening day of Marvel Avengers Campus.

I Turned My SUV Into A CAMPER | Easy DIY Platform Build

Come along with me as I build my SUV into a camper!
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The blog post I based a lot of this design on: Thanks Becky, this was so helpful!

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MATERIALS - these are links to the exact products I purchased but anything like these will work. There are tons of ways to build these platforms so get creative and have fun!

- (2) 4' x 8' x .75 plywood sheets
-1.5 wood screws
-30 piano hinge
-Gorilla Glue wood glue
-1 x 2 x 8' board - stolen from my Dad's garage, sorry Dad

-Circular saw
*You will want a 40-tooth blade for cutting plywood, this is the one I bought to fit my specific circular saw:

Adhesive carpet squares:

4 twin folding mattress:


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Part 1: How to Visit Hawaii without a CAR! 15 ways You Can Have a GREAT Vacation! Part 1/3

Some Hawaii Merch for you in the Amazon link below!

This video will show you how you can still have a great vacation to Hawaii even if you can't get your hands on a rental car or turo. You can still have a great vacation! Here are 15 examples of things to do on Oahu without a car!

This is the first of a 3 Part Series. Part 2 is visiting Oahu with teens and and Part 3 is Oahu with kids. So excited for the next two videos to come out!

If you have been to any of the places in this video, comment down below! After researching for this video, I wonder why we even get a rental car when on Oahu!

What I use to film, take photos and edit: (I may receive a small commission on any Amazon purchase)

GoPro Hero8 Black:
DJI Mavic Mini Drone:
DJI Osmo Gimbal (keeps my video smooth when I record with my phone)

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5 Reasons I Regret Purchasing Our Class A Motorhome

For more info watch this video

When creating this video I had those who were creating a vlog/blog in mind. When I refer to investing, I am referring to the influx of people who plan on making an income from creating online content of their rv travels. At the time, my subscriber base was only 7k people and had anticipated 5-10k views at most. I will be making a video of how I DID make this Rv and investment and how I came out nearly even from my business ventures, not including YouTube earnings.

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NEW Ride Finale! Jurassic World The Ride - Universal Studios Hollywood 2021

[4K] New Updated Finale on Jurassic World the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. You will finally get to see the fully lifelike Indominus Rex and T-Rex battle each other before you plunge down a 85 ft drop.

The grand reopening of Universal Studios Hollywood also brings guests face-to-face with “Jurassic World—The Ride’s” all-new, extraordinarily realistic dinosaur, the Indominus rex, who stakes her claim at the ride’s finale in a forceful battle with her arch-rival, the Tyrannosaurus rex. - Universal Press release.

Do you guys prefer the 2019 finale or the new 2021 version? Also Would you like for Jurassic World the Ride to replace Jurassic Park the Ride at Universal Studios Florida? Leave your favorite finale in the comment below.

Ride filmed April 15, 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

For more info and tickets, please visit their official website:

Aston Martin | Vantage | James Bond's Car

Sometimes our wish will come true. Like this. I am a big fan of a car and my passion is to travel in supercars like this. My wishes had come true.
Aston Martin Vantage car is a two-seater sports car. This is the first time I am traveling in this car. After Urus I got a chance to travel in this car. A very big thanks to Mukhil.
The engine had a great power and it is so called sports car. I loved it. Met this car in Grand Sheraton. It was a great experience.

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I thought I'd give you all a break from the drama with the South Africa videos and bring you this sweet little treat !

Last year ( Sept. 2017), Winston and I did a small trip to the Canadian Rockies ! We spent about a week on the road riding up through Banff, crossing the Icefield parkway, through Jasper and back down to the Okanagan., Last year there was terrible fires up there and you couldn't see anything, so we waited it out a bit. We left just at the tail end of summer and just before the big snow hit. Was it cold ... YES ! it got down to - minus 6 while camping !! I froze a bit , but it was worth it ! I think my jaw was hitting the ground every time we went around a bend. So much beauty in this area ! I'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful Country ! I have adventure in my backyard :)

Hope you enjoy this cute little video I put together.

With LOVE from Winston and I .

*** Winston is always my number one priority on trips. He was kept nice and warm the whole time with hot water bottles and wrapped in a sheep skin. I wish I could've had his seat !!!

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Thank you to my monthly Patreon !!! I'm so grateful for the help !
Roger Payne

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Manfroto ball head-
Sony rx 100 mk 5-
gopro hero 4-

MSR hubba hubba tent :
MSE footprint for tent:
Jet boil flash :
EXped camping matt-
luminaide camping light :

I film all of my own content and edit using adobe premiere pro

Music :

Life is Beautiful - Tim McMorris

Frisbee Boomerang Trick Shot Battle | Brodie Smith

Time for the ultimate flying trick shot battle!
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Just a dude and his frisbee. I post mostly Sports videos with the occasional comedy video (or at least I think its a comedy)

4-time National Champion, 3 Guinness World Records, Amazing Race Season 28, throws frisbees into trash cans, basketball hoops, and pretty much anything a frisbee will fit in to. Always down to try new things and ideas, so please let me know what vids you want to see. More family-friendly content coming your way!


Wish - Cars

News flash: KAYAK searches more than flights. Find a great rental car for your trip. Filter by what you want (free cancellation, body style, drop off location) and compare your options to make sure you’re getting a great price. Search now on (and save the 3am wake-ups for better ideas).

Cars I've Owned and Wish I still had.

A video about some of the classic cars and trucks I've owned and wish I still had.

Cars line up to wish Macy Happy Birthday

Macy’s birthday was during the Coronavirus stay at home order. Lot’s of friends and family came out to wish her a very special happy birthday!

Wish - Hotels

News flash: KAYAK searches more than flights. Find a great place to stay that fits your trip - from hotels to vacation rentals to campgrounds. Compare your options to make sure you’re getting a great price, no matter where you book. Search now on (and save the 3am wake-ups for better ideas).

Peugeot Cars wish u happy New year 2020

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Congkak with Marbles Tradisional Game Fun Family and Friends (No Brand)
Dulang hantaran untuk disewa (No Brand)
V8 LIVE Condenser Sound Podcast Recording Digital Audio Effect Mixer Broadcast (OEM)

Elmo's Christmas Wish: Sesame Street Full Show at Busch Gardens Tampa w/ Elmo, Cookie Monster

This is the full Elmo's Christmas Wish Sesame Street show at Busch Gardens Tampa, shown during the Christmas Town event!

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Video shot and edited by Jeff Lange.



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