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Why This Ship Doesn't Exist


A Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later

What would you do if you went on a vacation to another city and suddenly found yourself in another country altogether? Most of us would be confused. Even the most reckless of adventurers would at least raise an eyebrow if told they’d flown for close to half a century.

On July 2, 1955, Pan American Flight 914 made its way from New York to Miami, Florida. It was a fine sunny day, and 57 passengers on board the plane were looking forward to seeing the warm beaches and palm trees of Florida. The plane took off without trouble, but 3 hours later, when it should’ve already landed at the destination airport, it was nowhere to be seen. When air traffic control contacted the New York tower, they got a perplexing reply: Flight 914 just disappeared from the radars in mid-air.

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Was it crash? 0:44
37 years later... 2:35
What's that old plane?! 3:02
“Where are we?” 4:02
The plane vanishes again 5:21
Is it just an urban legend? 7:05
The only artifact of that weird encounter 8:31

#mystery #planes #brightside

Music by Epidemic Sound

- On July 2, 1955, Pan American Flight 914 made its way from New York to Miami, Florida. It was a fine sunny day, and 57 passengers on board the plane were looking forward to seeing the warm beaches and palm trees of Florida.
- Everything indicated that the plane was lost: apart from having vanished from the radars, air traffic control couldn’t get through to the pilots with the radio.
- Eventually, although the case was never really solved, there was an official statement that the plane crashed, taking the lives of everyone on board.
- Change of scenery. It’s now September 9, 1992, and we’re in Caracas, Venezuela. It’s a perfectly normal day for Juan de la Corte, air traffic controller at the Caracas airport.
- Seemingly out of nowhere, a new dot appeared on the radar. It was as if an aircraft had just popped up from nothingness, or as if it had been hiding from the radar and now decided to show up.
- In less than 10 minutes, the culprit showed up in the field of vision. At first it looked to the air traffic control like an ordinary airplane, but as it got closer, they could see that it was, in fact, very oldю
- The real confusion began when the pilot of the mysterious aircraft contacted the tower and asked in English, “Where are we?”
- The pilot said his flight was scheduled to land at the Miami airport at 9.55 am on July 2, 1955. Now it was time for the tower to fall into silence.
- Ground units were immediately called to assist the plane and the passengers, and it landed without trouble. Having relaxed a little bit, Juan finally decided to ask something that bothered him. “Do you know today is May 21, 1992?”
- Juan heard the flight captain’s panicky voice saying, “No! Stay away! We’re leaving now!” And indeed, he started the engines again and, without waiting for take-off clearance, taxied the plane to the runway.
- There’s much dispute about the credibility of this event. Back in 1985, a tabloid called Weekly World News was the first to cover this story.
- However, the legend still lives, and many sources retell it in their own way. Some even go as far as to say that the passengers of the plane eventually returned to their homes.
- One thing that keeps popping up on the Internet and piquing the interest of paranormal enthusiasts is a small pocket calendar that somehow was left on the Caracas airport runway when the notorious plane took off.

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20 minutes off the coast of Guiuan, Philippines is a small island home to over thousands of cultured Pearl. It is an island within a marine sanctuary protected by BFAR so visitors should secure a permit first at BFAR Guiuan.

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Around the Verse: Episode 2.14

Don't forget to make a funny joke about the UK, Jared. This episode comes to us from the UK.

00:29 - Intro
02:12 - News From Around the Verse
07:29 - Gameplay Video (
08:14 - ATV Interview with Mark Hong
16:16 - Gameplay Video (
17:04 - Ship Shape: Xi'an Scout Style Guides
38:41 - MVP (
39:13 - Art Sneak Peek


Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game Star Citizen and its companion single-player spaceflight sim, Squadron 42. RSI is also your portal for information, updates, and purchases of your very own spacecraft with which to trade, plunder, and protect the citizens of Star Citizen.

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Langzeitcharter - Segeln im Sabbatical. Chartern oder kaufen?

Zur weltweiten Auswahl der Charteryachten:
Warum nicht mal für mehrere Monate auf Törn gehen? Oder sogar ein Jahr lang segeln ohne Zeitdruck!
Eine Langzeitcharter ist der Wunsch vieler Segler. Manche sind sogar in der glücklichen Lage, mobil arbeiten zu können und könnten somit theoretisch das Schiff zum Büro zu machen.
Aber wie komme ich an das richtige Schiff? Soll ich es chartern oder soll ich es kaufen, um es dann anschließend zu verkaufen? Welche Vor- und Nachteile sind damit verbunden und was ist überhaupt möglich...?

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Friesland – Urlaub im Norden der Niederlande | WDR Reisen

Daniel Aßmann erkundet die Region Friesland, die als die schönste und eigenwilligste der zwölf niederländischen Provinzen gilt. Bei einem Urlaub im Norden von Holland gibt es viel zu entdecken, denn die stolzen Friesen haben eine eigene Sprache, eigene Brauchtümer und Traditionen. Berühmt ist die älteste Pferderasse Europas, eher unbekannt das Pulsstockspringen, und bei Touristen beliebt sind handgefertigte Klompen oder Keramiken. Mit einer Solex, einem in Friesland beliebten Moped, erkundet Daniel Aßmann die Region.

Friesisch gilt hier als Amtssprache, die neben Niederländisch gesprochen wird. Die Geschichte der Provinz (Hauptstadt Leeuwarden) lässt sich bis in die Jahre zwischen 400 und 200 vor Christus zurückverfolgen. Im 15. Jahrhundert war die Provinz für kurze Zeit sogar unabhängig.

Weil Friesland mit Ijsselmeer, unzähligen Wasserstraßen und vielen kleineren Seen ein einziges Wassersportparadies ist, steigt Daniel Aßmann im Nationalpark de Alde Feanen in ein Skûtsje, ein friesisches Plattbodenschiff. In Leeuwarden besucht er ein ehemaliges Gefängnis, das heute Kultur- und Begegnungszentrum ist. Im Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer wird er zum Sternegucker.

Mehr Informationen zur Sendung gibt es hier:

0:00:00 Begrüßung
0:01:24 Nationalpark Alde Feanen
0:12:39 Norderleeg
0:27:23 Workum
0:34:21 Stavoren
0:40:20 IJsselmeer
0:48:31 Harlingen
0:51:18 Henswoude
0:56:15 Heerenveen
0:58:42 Leeuwarden
1:03:58 Nationalpark Alde Feanen
1:27:28 Verabschiedung

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Ein Film für die Sendung Wunderschön. Dieser Film wurde im Jahr 2022 produziert. Alle Aussagen und Fakten entsprechen dem damaligen Stand und wurden seit dem nicht aktualisiert.

Wunderschön: Produziert Reisedokumentationen für den WDR. Es werden Reiseziele auf der ganzen Welt vorgestellt. Wunderschön versucht Menschen, Kultur, Kulinarik und die Landschaft des jeweiligen Reiseziels zu transportieren und gibt Tipps für die Planung des eigenen Urlaubs.

Riding the Zanzibar Ferry: The Seasick Express (#26)

If you're going to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam, you need to take the Zanzibar ferry to get there. Clean, modern and running on-time, this ferry only has one problem: it has a serious reputation of making people seasick. Would I survive the journey to Tanzania's more Islamic brother?

#tanzania #zanzibar #sabbatical

Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners Living in Japan

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10 Reasons Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners Living in Japan. It’s probably fair to say that visiting Japan as a tourist compared to living and working in Japan is a very different experience. It’s no longer all about visiting cool sites and eating awesome food, Foreign residents quickly become part of the daily grind with every other Japanese person living here. And what a lot of foreigners don’t realize is there are quite a lot of unwritten rules when living in Japan in order to help keep it a pleasant society, until maybe it’s too late. The idea behind this video is to share some interesting unwritten rules I’ve personally come across to help anyone planning on living in Japan to avoid being thought of as a rude foreigner.

As always, these are general rules in Japan, nothing is absolute in this world, everyone is different and reactions from Japanese will vary on how sensitive they are to these rules. Some Japanese dislike this behavior quite a bit while some Japanese maybe okay with it. I am speaking in general terms. The point of this video is to help foreigners, who plan to live in Japan or maybe recently moved to Japan, understand what the regular Japanese culture and Japanese customs are so that they don't come off rude without knowing it. I hope this helps as a Japan guide. As always, let me know how it compares to your culture.

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0:00 - Intro

1:27 - 1. Working in Japan

2:35 - 2. Coming Back from Vacation

3:05 - 3. Greeting Your Neighbors

3:41 - 4. Visiting Homes

4:13 - 5. Grocery Shopping

5:44 - 6. Eating Manners

6:39 - 7. Owning a Dog

7:01 - 8. Wedding Gifts

7:37 - 9. Receiving Gifts

8:12 - 10. Funerals

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7 Islands No One Wants to Buy Even for $1

Do you ever you dream to own a private island? If you do, you'll probably find this information useful. Have you ever heard that there are whole islands out there that you can purchase for a fraction of the typical price? But the real kicker is that nobody wants to buy them! And there're reasons for that.

Have you ever heard, for example, about Japan's Rabbit Island? They began to thrive and multiply on the island after a chemical weapons plant was closed. And these days, thousands of friendly bunnies will greet you if you decide to pay them a visit!

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Islands with colonial ruins, Brazil 0:31
Untouched nature and pine trees, Canada 1:15
Terrible Tilly, USA 1:55
Partly flooded island, USA 2:43
Island with an abandoned fort, USA 3:15
The island that disappears in the spring, Canada 4:19
Island for a couple only, Australia 5:04
Other islands where you can live
Rabbits island, Japan 6:44
Battleship Island, Japan 7:39
Island in Venice, Italy 8:22
The island of true paradise, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste 8:57

#brightside #secretplaces #strangeplaces

Preview photo credit:
Maatsuyker lighthouse: By Jeff Jennings/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0
Animation is created by Bright Side.

Music by Epidemic Sound

- For just 80,000 bucks, you can become the owner of not one but six islands situated on Brazil’s Sao Francisco River. But you’ll be subject to small annual taxes.
- Although Little Rocky Island lies in the Atlantic Ocean, neighboring islands protect it from foul weather. There’s no property on the island, but you can build anything you like there!
- Also known as Terrible Tilly, this island’s nickname speaks for itself. Well, it’s not technically an island in the traditional sense, it’s basically a rock with a single lighthouse on it off the coast of Oregon.
- If you have an extra 40K, you can buy a 1-acre island with a view of picturesque Maine. There’s a little cabin on the island, and you can theoretically build some other property there too if you want.
- You could become the owner of a historic private island on one condition: you have to restore the fort situated on it.
- People typically associate private islands with some sort of tropical paradise. But Canada’s McGibbon Island is nothing like that. Perhaps that explains the super low price tag of 30 grand.
- Welcome to a tiny island off the coast of Tasmania, Australia. This offer is open only for couples, and both partners should be equally eager to go to the island.
- Ōkunoshima Island lies approximately 2 miles off the coast of Japan. From 1929 to 1945, there was a chemical weapons plant on the island that produced poisonous gas.
- Dubbed Battleship Island because it looks like an old half-destroyed battleship, Hashima is located about 9 miles away from Nagasaki. From 1887 to 1974, there was a profitable coal mine on the island.
- Located in Venice, Italy, Lazzaretto Nuovo is also open for tourists but home to nobody. In 1468, the island became a quarantine area for ships that approached the city. This move was meant to protect Venice from the plague.
- Jaco Island belongs to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. This island looks like the picture of true paradise: lush green trees, crystal blue waters, and white sand. But his place is uninhabitable.

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$120 Balcony Room - QE2 Luxury Cruise Liner ????????????????

The QE2 is a luxury British cruise liner that ended her service in 2008. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of nights on the ship though, as it is now permanently docked in Dubai and being used as a hotel.

0:00 QE2 Cruise Liner
2:03 $120 Captain's Room
8:26 $50 Afternoon Tea
32:15 Exploring the Ship
47:35 Pot Noodle
52:18 Day 2
57:39 Sea View Room
1:01:07 Gym
1:06:18 Fish and Chips
1:17:18 QE2 Heritage Tour

When the ship was bought by Dubai they originally had plans for it to be located at The Palm. Those plans, like many other ambitious projects, were put on hold due to the financial crisis at that time and it wasn't until 10 years later, in 2018, that it finally opened as a hotel, moored at Port Rashid, which is the main cruise terminal for Dubai, 60 km distance from The Palm.

I paid $120 per night for a 'Captain's Room with Balcony', which, as one of the higher categories of rooms, is significantly cheaper than it would have cost while the ship was in service.

The rooms have been renovated to bring them up to modern hotel standards. It did feel like a standard 4 star hotel room, albeit quite a bit smaller. I've been staying in a similar standard of room, not too far away, for $40 per night, so it doesn't represent value for money as an actual hotel room, but you're mostly paying for the experience when you stay on the QE2.

Shortly after checking in I visited the Queen's Grill restaurant for afternoon tea. This was the first class restaurant when the ship was sailing, serving only the passengers with the higher priced tickets.

It was necessary to book and pay for the afternoon tea 24 hours in advance. Not because the restaurant was busy. Far from it. I think it must be because it takes some time to prepare the 13 items in the set, so it's difficult to make it available to walk-ins.

I booked the Britannia package which cost 195 AED ($53 USD / £39 GBP).

It included:

5 Finger Sandwiches (Cucumber / Cheddar & Branston pickle / Smoked salmon, chives and cream cheese roulade / Egg mayonnaise with watercress / Roast chicken with Pommery mustard)

3 Hot Pastries (Chicken & Herb Wellington with horse radish cream / Quail Scotch eggs wrapped in smoked fish mousse / Mini sundried tomato & mushroom pie)

5 Desserts (Chocolate profiteroles / Lemon and thyme posset / Fresh strawberry tart / Bakewell tart / Carrot cake)

It also came with a couple of scones. Drinks were also included.

I enjoyed all the food apart from that Branston Pickle. That stuff is nasty! The Scotch Egg, Mushroom Pie, Bakewell Tart and Scones were especially tasty.

After lunch I got very lost trying to find my way back to my cabin but it turned out to be an excellent way to explore the ship. I found the theatre, ball room and an old casino with slot machines from the 1970's.

I didn't have the best night's sleep on my first night on the ship. This was mainly due to the noise from outside. There's some loud droning noise that is constant and can be heard from inside the room. It looked as if there was some massive power generator or something near the ship.

On the second day I asked to be moved to the other side of the ship, from a city view to a sea view room. It normally costs 50 AED per night extra but they relocated me there without charge. This was much better as that horribly irritating noise couldn't be heard from there.

It was also much a nicer view, of water and ships. The city view room did have a view of the Dubai skyline but it's very far away and there's nothing pleasant to look at in-between there and the ship.

I used the gym on the second day, which is located on the 7th floor. The numbering system of the floors is the opposite of a tower building, so the 7th floor is actually the bottom one.

I had seen photos of the ship when it was in service and the gym was equipped with first generation Cybex equipment. I was happy to find out that those have been replaced with latest generation Technogym machines.

I enjoyed a post-workout fish and chips in my room at sunset. It would have been nice to enjoy it on the balcony, but even at sunset it's just too hot to enjoy the outdoors in Dubai during summer.

After I checked out I was given a tour of the ship by Mr Peter who was a member of crew during the QE2's active service. He is full of information and has loads of interesting and humorous stories to tell. The heritage tour lasts an hour and costs 85 AED ($23 USD / £17 GBP) according to their website but they only charged me 65 AED, maybe because I was a hotel guest.

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Der historische Tanzboden

BR-Reportage über den historischen Tanzboden

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Orcas Attack Great White Shark - Neptune Islands, South Australia.

Read about this epic event here

Apex predator vs Apex predator! It is a rare opportunity that one has to witness a battle of nature that is of such raw power, where the only certainty is that only one will survive and the clash will be violent and spectacular.

Such was the confrontation that was witnessed 20 metres off the back of Adventure Bay Charters Shark Diving vessel Shark Warrior, at the Neptune Islands off Port Lincoln, South Australia.

This video is an eye-witness account of the moment a pod of Orca's attacked and killed a Great White Shark while amazed customers and Adventure Bay Charters crew looked on.

Every person on the boat that day will remember what they witnessed for the rest of their lives.

Thanks to Mark Thomas from Missing Link Media Port Lincoln for putting this video together and our great passengers on that day for sharing their footage.


Oh my gosh! What a project installing this windvane has been.... I guess that’s the tradeoff for a really good deal. Join us as we start to drill holes in our boat, and realize that they’re in the wrong spot… (whoops) And then drill some more holes, fill the extra holes, and finally get the windvane almost all the way together! We also get to go out and do some great sailing here on the Columbia river and enjoy the sunny, windy Spring days. So fun to get away from the projects for a bit. Have a watch! :)

Oh, and if you're interested in joining us as crew for the passage from the Oregon Coast down to Southern California, you can get in touch with us here...

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Stealth Groover
Kawai Kitsune hi
Pyro Flow
Whimsy Groove
Savannah Sketch
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Footage from April 2016

Dubai's Crazy Underwater Train and Other Things #Only in Dubai

No matter how much money a country has none of them has the futuristic feel of Dubai. Whether it's rotating skyscrapers or floating trains, somethings are found only in Dubai.

1 Aladdin city
Consisting of 3 lamp-like towers, each around 30 storeys in height, this complex includes office space, hotels, and parking. Each building is connected with snakelike bridges with air conditioning and moving floors.

2 Museum of the future
The 9 storey building is shaped like an eye that represents our vision of the future, with an auditorium, food and beverage deck and 6 exhibition floors showing anything from climate change innovation, smart city inventions, and A.I. It may sound like an oxymoron but the museum of the future is a thing of the present.

3 Burj Khalifa
828 metres tall, 163 floors, it’s the worlds tallest skyscraper. It also has the elevator with the longest travel distance, the most floors, the highest outdoor observation deck and the highest occupied floor.

4 Hyperloop
Dubai proposes to construct a high-speed train link under the Arabic sea to Mumbai, a total distance of 1,862 km away. The train will cover this distance in two hours, that’s approximately 580 miles an hour. The trains will travel in tunnels just under the surface of the sea suspended from a network of floating rigs. So now we can get seasick on a train!

5 Burj al Arab
The worlds first 7-star hotel, This sail-like building sits on its own man-made island. It has 202 rooms ranging in price from 2000 to 24 thousand dollars a night.

6 Dynamic tower
420 metres tall, with 80 storeys all formed around a central column which allows each floor to rotate independently of the others. Occupants will able to choose the speed and direction of rotation, and an entire 360-degree rotation will take 90 minutes.

7 Dubai creek tower
Currently, under construction, the Dubai creek tower’s estimated height is 1300 metres. The building will include 10 viewing platforms some of which will rotate, offices, residences, restaurants and sky gardens inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon.

8 Man-Made islands
Whether its the palm tree, the world map or the newly built seahorse island maybe one of the most iconic things in Dubai are its man-made islands. These icons don’t come cheap though, the palm tree islands alone cost over 12 billion dollars to make.

9 Dubai frame
In order to showcase everything we’ve mentioned, Dubai built the “Dubai frame”. Resembling a picture frame this 150-metre tall building is designed so that whilst looking through one side you can see modern-day Dubai while from the other side the older more traditional Dubai can be seen. Dubai’s elaborate way of not losing track of its roots.

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BOAT TOUR: The Modern Interior of our 50 yr old DREAM YACHT — Sailing Uma [Step 225]

▸ Watch our story from Step 1 :

1:13 Buying a Blue Water SAILBOAT for $3,000 CASH [Step 119]
2:44 Deck Boat Tour [Step 220]
6:32 Electric Motor Playlist:
6:42 Overview of GALLEY project [Step 175]
7:33 Sink
8:27 Faucet:
9:05 Corian Counter top (+ sink) [Step 137]
10:00 Hefty Suzan [step 135]
DOMETIC (Appliances: fridge, freezer, alcohol stove)
13:50 Propane vs Alcohol video
16:00 NAV DESK (part 1) [step 205]
18:57 The Unknown
19:20 NAV DESK (part 2) [Step 211]
20:30 The NOOK [step 39]
21:55 Structural Floor removal [step 5]
21:55 Structural Keel repair [step 6]
25:12 Kika's Zen Garden [Step 138]
25:23 Wood Stove [step 176]
25:31 Boat insulation + sliding storage
26:54 Head sink:
Head Renovation [step 132 & 133 ]
28:39 Shower System [step 210]
30:02 V-berth Closets [step 24]
30:49 Mattress Ventilation mesh :

▸ 5 Years Living offgrid on an ALL ELECTRIC Sailboat [Step 206]
▸ Diesel VS Electric [step 223]

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Norditalien – Taminas Reise-Highlights | WDR Reisen

Tamina Kallert liebt Italien, und sie hat schon viele Regionen des Landes erkundet. Jetzt nimmt sie euch noch einmal mit nach „Bella Italia“ und gewährt einen exklusiven Blick hinter die Kulissen der Dreharbeiten. Sie stellt ihre Sehnsuchtsorte vor, erzählt von spannenden Begegnungen und erinnert sich an die schönsten Momente: Der erste Cappuccino hinter den Alpen, die Felder voller Sonnenblumen südlich von Siena und das „O sole mio“ in Mailand. Vom Gardasee aus geht es nach Venedig und Verona, dann weiter über Florenz bis in den Süden der Toskana.

Tamina Kallert loves Italy, and she has explored many regions of the country. Now she takes you to Bella Italia once more and gives an exclusive look behind the scenes of filming. She introduces her longing, tells of exciting encounters and remembers the most beautiful moments: the first cappuccino behind the Alps, the fields full of sunflowers south of Siena and the O sole mio in Milan. From Lake Garda you drive to Venice and Verona, then continue via Florence to the south of Tuscany.

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DIY Destinations (4K) - Bosnia and Herzegovina Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

Charles is on an epic journey in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a budget, visiting some of the most popular and off the beaten path attractions. In Sarajevo: Sebilj Fountain and Baščaršija Square, Morica Han, Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and Bazaar, Clock Tower Sahat Kula, Svrzo's House, Cathedral of Jesus Sacred Heart, Museum of Crimes Against Humanity, Yellow Fortress, Tunnel Museum, Museum of Sarajevo 1878–1918, Despic's House, Ewige Flamme, Olympic Skenderija, St. Joseph Cathedral, Sarajevo City Center, Parliamentary Assembly, Avaz Twist Tower. We'll also sample some of the traditional dishes, including burek and cevapi, and the local beer. As well as getting around on a public tram, buses and train. We'll also venture underground to the famous Tito's Nuclear Bunker in Konjic. In Mostar, we'll visit the Old Bridge and Peace Bell Tower, and the surrounding attractions including its Secret Air Field, Hum Mountain, and in Blagaj, the Castle of Herceg Stjepan and Blagaj Tekke. We'll have lunch in Počitelj and visit its Citadel and ending it at the Kravica Waterfall. We'll also visit some of attractions in the Republika Srpska, including Banja Luka's Kastel Fortress and Monument to Fallen Krajina Soldiers and Sutjeska National Park.

Drone Footages:
Jose Angelo Gallegos (Sarajevo / Banja Luka) -
Tamás Marosi (Mostar / Sutjeska National Park) -
Derar Ayoush (Mostar) -
Amar Tufo (Konjic) -

Cesc Vilà: Everdream, Sun and Stars
Capo Production: Real, Defiance, Peace, Constance, With Me

Music by MBB

Music by Fredji

QE2 Transatlantic from Southampton to New York Documentary film

Documentary film of the QE2 from Southampton to New York

39 Travel Questions: Joseph Rosendo

Four-time Emmy-award winning director and host Joseph Rosendo began his career as a travel journalist and broadcaster in 1980. Since 2007, he has hosted, directed and written Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope, the award-winning travel television series that airs on PBS and Public Television stations in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in numerous international markets and streams worldwide on Amazon.

Big Cruise Ships Might Be Back In Key West With New State Law Latest Cruise News

In the latest cruise ship news, big cruise ships from Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and other operators might be allowed back into Key West Florida. A Republican State Senator from Florida Mr Jim Boyd has filed to pass a new law allowing only the state of Florida to ban any and all cruise ships from ports in the state. this wold override the 3 referendums that the residents of Key West passed in Nov 2020 to ban large cruise ships from the city's port. The groups that won the votes were badly out spent by the cruise industry as there were secret organizations and super Pacs funding the cruise lines interests. But with this move, the cruise lines have changed the venue for the fight by using the state of Florida in Tallahassee to win the battle of cruise ships entering downtown Key West. #latestcruisenews #cruiseshipnews #cruiseandtravelnews

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