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Which States are Opening First in the US? ????????


Vlog 33: How to Have US H1B Work Visa in 2020| Paano magkatrabaho sa Amerika?

Vlog 33: How to Have US H1B Work Visa in 2020 | Paano magkatrabaho sa Amerika?

In this episode let me share with you on how to have a US H1B Work visa in 2020. If you want to know more about the H1B visa and you dream of having an american dream, watch this episode.

Everything is based on my experience and based on my timeline during my application up until I finally arrived here in the United States.

Where Can Americans Travel? 15 Countries Open to US Citizens

Where can Americans travel to right now? Here are the top 15 countries open to US citizens - Plus, the safety risk and travel requirements for each destination: insurance, paperwork, negative COVID-19 test, and/or quarantine requirements. Don't miss the bonus round at the end! [MORE RESOURCES BELOW:]

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????????‍♀️About: I'm a long-term digital nomad, online entrepreneur, and expat relocation consultant who has lived, worked, or traveled in 60 countries over the last 15+ years. I've helped 1,000’s of people move abroad to work remotely and travel more.

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NOTE: This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before traveling and follow local and international travel advisories and guidelines. This description contains an affiliate link for travel insurance, meaning that I may earn a minimal commission if use the link (at no additional cost to you).

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US Travel Ban: Flights To US Resume as CDC Changes Advice

US Travel Ban Flights To US Resume as CDC Changes Advice

The US Opens Travel From Other Countries Coronavirus Flight Arrival Restrictions End... & CDC Changes Advice Again

The US Opens Travel from Other Countries

DHS Terminates COVID-related Flight Arrival Restrictions

✈ In this video:
US Travel Ban Flights To US Resume as CDC Changes Advice

The U.S. Government, through the CDC Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), published an announcement confirming that it will stop requiring the arrivals of international flights to only a certain number of airports in the US.

But you’ll never guess why the decision has been reached.

Starting on September 14, 2020, the original restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus disease in the United States will come to an end.

The original restrictions were announced to funnel travellers between February and May 2020 through to 15 US airports.

Travellers from 31 countries, including People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Iran, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, and the 26 countries within Europe’s Schengen Area have been limited to travel to these airports only.

This did not mean that travellers from these countries were permitted to travel to the US as the Presidential proclamations signed by President Trump banned travellers from these countries from entering the US in the first place.

It meant that flights into the US that were carrying passengers that had visited the designated countries in the previous 14 days were required to land at these designated airports.

The airports were equipped with increased public health resources to carry out enhanced entry screening.

As of this week, international flights no longer needed to be directed to the designated airports and enhanced screening will stop.

- Reasoning why Flight Restrictions Are to Stop

The CDC in the US is now stating that screening for symptoms doesn't really help much because so many people do not have symptoms.

Transmission of the virus may occur from passengers who have no symptoms or who have not yet developed symptoms of infection.

Essentially, the US Government now believes that terminating these flight arrangements will allow public health resources to be more effectively reprioritised for other containment and mitigation efforts and will stimulate air travel.

Testing may also be an option, as well as reminding travellers to watch for symptoms and quarantine themselves as possible for 14 days.

The changes do not change the travel restrictions barring entry to the U.S. from Canada or Mexico or the other US travel ban restrictions.

- CDC Changes Coronavirus Advice Again

The changes come as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) website has updated, again, the guidelines for testing people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus.

The CDC is the prominent US agency for delivering public health advice

The new CDC language changes controversial changes made to the site last month.

The previous advice was reportedly rewritten by senior Trump administration officials despite the strong objection of CDC scientists.

The new language, changed this week, once again stresses that anyone who has been in contact with an infected person should be tested for coronavirus.

The guidance notes that even if people do not have symptoms, they still need a test if they have been in close contact -- such as within 6 feet -- of a person with coronavirus infection for at least 15 minutes.

What are your thoughts on the US stopping flights being funnelled to 15 airports?

If you are a person that has been particularly affected by it, we will love to hear from you.

Comment below.

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Should you travel to NYC? | New York City COVID-19 travel guide

New York City was one of the epicenters of Coronavirus. In this video, we’ll explore what NYC is like when life slowly returns to normal and if you should travel there now.
???? NYC Travel Guide ???? ????????

IMPORTANT: The Covid-19 situation is constantly changing. We try to provide accurate information, but we cannot guarantee any of the information we provide in this video is accurate or up-to-date. The situation can change quickly. Always check with official sources before you travel.

???? Top 10 NYC:
???? One day in NYC:
???? Things to know before you visit NYC:
???? How to TRAVEL after coronavirus:

➡ NYC Covid travel-related updates:
➡ Restricted states (quarantine required):
➡ Who can NOT travel to the United States:
➡ NYC Health (current Covid-19 date for NYC):

Virtual tour ➡
Self-guided walking tours ➡ |

0:00 Intro
0:44 COVID-RELATED RULES IN PUBLIC: Masks, social distancing, temperature screening, max. occupancy, etc.
2:08 TRANSPORTATION: Metro, Uber, taxi, etc.
3:19 FOOD & DRINKS: Bars & restaurants
4:33 ACCOMMODATION: Hotels, apartments (, Airbnb)
5:32 PAYMENTS: Contactless payments in NYC
6:16 INDOOR ACTIVITIES: Museums, shopping & retails, observation decks, movies & Broadway shows, etc.
8:08 OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Parks, neighborhoods, tours, etc.
9:49 TOURS
10:35 TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS: Who can travel to NYC? Quarantine?
11:30 Should you travel to NYC now?

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6 Big Changes USA Cruisers Will Face (As Cruise Lines Reveal New Cruising Protocols)

The cruise lines in the USA have announced their plans and protocols on resumption of cruising out of ports in the United States. These have been submitted to the CDC in the USA, who have the final sail on when cruises can resume in USA waters. I discuss the 6 biggest changes to cruising that affect cruisers the mist, including the type of cruises that will return, their views on testing, use of masks, excursions and other key changes. I also discuss 2 big issues not yet addressed.

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Gary Bembridge's Tips For Travellers aims to help you make more of your precious travel time and money on land and when cruising the oceans or rivers of the world. To help you, in every video I draw on my first-hand tips and advice from travelling every month for over 20 years and 77 cruises at time of making this video.

00:00 Start
00:56 Limited Resumption
01:52 Excursions
02:32 Testing
04:01 Temperature Checks
04:32 Masks
05:04 Social Distancing
05:50 Other Measures

#CruiseUpdate #CruiseResumption #CruiseTips

Where Can Americans Travel TEST-FREE during COVID-19

Where can Americans travel during COVID-19?
With a travel ban in full effect, an American passport isn't worth much anymore. However, there are still a handful of places Americans can visit, even during the pandemic. Here are 6 countries open for travel during coronavirus, test-free with no strings attached.

Here's where I got my US Statistics
Here's where I got my Global Statistics

0:00 Intro
0:50 Tanzania
1:31 Turkey
2:17 Serbia
2:42 Albania
3:17 Mexico
4:28 Afganistan
4:42 Extra Considerations
5:51 Goodbye & Subscribe

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Albanian Bunker Photos:
Fingalo - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0 de,
Elian Stefa, Gyler Mydyti - Concrete Mushrooms Project, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Arben77 CC BY-SA 2.0

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Chase Your Fears ????

Top 10 Cities Californians are Moving to in the United States.

Top 10 Cities Californians are Moving to in the United States.

Californians have been moving out of California at an accelerated rate for close to a decade now. Every year the Census people come out with data on where they are going. They do this for every state, not just Califonia.
This list shows what states and what cities in those states they are relocating to. And just to let you know. Oregon and Nevada aren't #1 or #2

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If you only want some happy positive information about a city, town, or state, I would suggest looking up local mortgage and real estate companies or maybe the locations website. They are trying to sell you something so it will be nothing but sunshine, rainbows, and a bunch of smoke up your skirt. They won't tell you about crime, poverty, or insurance you'll need because of natural disasters. I will.

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which Embassy open in Islamabad This week |Embassy Re-opening | USA, UK ,CANADA,EUROPE.IRAN,TURKEY.

which Embassy open in Islamabad This week |Embassy Re-opening | USA, UK ,CANADA,EUROPE.IRAN,TURKEY.All Embassy update in Pakistan.Embassy Opening date islamabad.#EmbassyopenIslamabad #Embassies #Embassy #teachvisa #pakistanembassyvisa
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Is Cruising Going to Restart in the USA? PROTOCOLS FINALLY RELEASED!!

Is cruising in the USA about to FINALLY resume? Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line's Healthy Sail Panel have released protocols for approval to the CDC for cruising to restart again. Instead of reading the HUGE 66-page document, we've put the 74 recommendations into an easy to watch 10-minute video! You may be surprised by some of the protocols!!


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Cruise with Ben and David produces fun cruise ship videos including cruise ship tours, stateroom cabin tours, reviews, cruise ship food, cruise tips and tricks, cruise vlogs and live shows. We love to cruise, we bring you along on all of our cruise adventures around the world including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, Australia, and Asia. We love to sail with the best cruise liners in the world including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages, MSC Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, P&O, and Carnival Cruises.

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FMC Says it's URGENT to start Cruising - Cruise Ship News

FMC Says it's URGENT to start Cruising. The Federal Maritime Commission has joined the many voices in the United states calling on the CDC to lift the no sail order. They say the facts show cruising can be done safely and the economic impact of extending the No Sail Order could devastate the Florida Economy. #cruiseshipnews #cruisingwithdon #donsfamilyvacations #carnivalcruiseline
Panama Canal cruise April 25th 2021 15 day email
Alaska group cruise June 5th 2021 7 day northbound email

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US Capitol Dome Has A Secret Stairway — Here's What It's Like Insider

Thousands of people tour the US Capitol every year. Very few get a first-hand look inside the building's most iconic feature. There is a secret staircase hidden in the Capitol dome, and it goes all the way to the top.

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President Akuffo Addo 17th State Of The Nation Address. Will universities and borders be open

Will President Akuufo Addo finally open universities and borders? Share your views with us in the comments section. The wearing of nose masks will be over until 14th December, 2020.
Second-year SHS and JHS students will be returning to school in the first week of October. Some universities and all technical universities are open for school.

Sports will be resumed including football such as the Ghana Premier league will begin on 13th October, 2020.


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World's First Commercial A350 Flight to the United States - Qatar Airways

Watch the journey of the world's first commercial Airbus A350 flight to the United States.

The aircraft will begin operating to Philadelphia in January 2016, Boston in March 2016, and our second daily flight to New York City in April 2016. Read more at

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Costa Rica Open To The US: Update for September 20, 2020

As many know, Tourism is one of Costa Rica's largest industries. If you’ve ever been here and seen the miles of breathtaking beaches, the perfectly groomed waves, the picturesque volcanoes, the lush green cloud forests, the exotic fauna, etc, you understand why tourism comprises 8.2% of Costa Rica’s GDP.

Sept 1st, 2020 marked a landmark day that Costa Rica started the gradual re-opening to the United States. Why is the United States important for Costa Rica’s economy? In 2019 more than 1.3 million tourists came to Costa Rica from the United States, more than any other country by far. In fact, 53% of international arrivals by air were from the United States according to the Costa Rica Tourism Board. On average, U.S. tourists stay in the Costa Rica for 12.6 nights, spending $172 per day per person. Citing data from the Costa Rica Tourism Board, 74% passengers arriving at Liberia International Airport (the closest airport to Tamarindo) in 2019 came from the United States. Aside from the USA, 44 countries, including the United Kingdom, the European Union and Canada are also on the approved list for entry.

As of September 1: Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, or Virginia (and Washington, D.C.)
As of September 15: Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan and Rhode Island.
As of October 1: California.
While this is encouraging news, it will not be an open door policy with the same quantity of flights as before. The Costa Rica government has stated that a gradual re-opening is key to controlling the spread of COVID.

Here’s what you’ll need in addition to your plane ticket to enter Costa Rica.

All people entering Costa Rica must complete the digital epidemiological form. This is known as the “Health Pass” or “Pase de Salud.”

Tourists must obtain a negative PCR coronavirus test. The sample for this test must have been taken at most 72 hours before the flight to Costa Rica.

Tourists must purchase travel insurance that covers accommodation in case of quarantine and medical expenses due to COVID-19. This policy can be international or purchased from Costa Rican insurers.

Tourists from the United States must demonstrate, via their driver’s license or State ID, that they live in one of the authorized states.
What is Costa Rica like during these COVID times? What’s open? What’s Closed?

Most common tourist attractions are allowed to operate normally. This includes all open-air activities, such as hiking, ziplining, horseback riding, snorkeling, etc.

Costa Rica’s beaches are open every day from 5 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Most national parks are open. Hotels and other forms of accommodation can operate at 100% capacity. Restaurants can operate at up to 50% capacity.

All essential services, such as supermarkets, pharmacies, health clinics, etc. are operating normally.

Bars and nightclubs can’t operate, but restaurants that serve alcohol can. Casinos remain closed.

Mass-gathering events in general remain suspended, though there are exceptions for religious gatherings (and some others) that maintain proper physical distancing.

You must wear a mask when inside any public establishment. Exceptions include: While eating at a restaurant and while in your own residence/hotel room. Infants and people with certain disabilities are also exempted. If you do not have a mask, you may be denied entry into an establishment.

If you’re looking to start planning your trip, please contact us at 1-888-318-7873 and we’ll start planning.

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2020: Cruising’s Year From Hell! Cruise Ship Shutdown - The Story So Far...

The COVID-19 Pandemic led to an unprecedented cruising shut down beginning in March– and which is largely still in place, six months later.

Princess Cruises was among the earliest hit. The line suffered a significant outbreak aboard the Diamond Princess in early February – with the ship quarantined in Yokohama, Japan. This and other outbreaks – including aboard the Grand Princess – created intense media attention, and linked cruising to the global spread of the virus.

Throughout February, there were massive changes to cruise itineraries, as cruise lines scrambled to redirect their ships away from the countries with the highest COVID cases.

Many cruise lines abandoned Asian itineraries, with several ships redirected to Australian waters at short notice. This included Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, which completed a circumnavigation of Australia in place of planned Asian calls.

Some cruise ships were left in limbo. Holland America’s Westerdam was perhaps the most dramatic example; with the 81,800 ton vista class cruise ship refused entry into multiple Asian ports across five countries. She was finally allowed to dock in Cambodia and disembark guests.

As the virus continued to spread across the globe more ships were found to be carrying infectious passengers including Ruby Princess, Artania and Zaandam. This led to further media attention and a general feeling of wariness among the public and government officials.

In mid March, Fred Olsen’s Braemar was refused entry into Barbados, leaving the ship at sea and unable to collect a container worth of food awaiting the ship in Barbados - see:

On 12 March Princess Cruises announced they were pausing operations. Two days later the rest of the cruise industry followed suit, announcing a voluntary cruise pause. This involved cancelling cruises due to depart in the next 30 to 60 days. In many cases this occurred as voyages came to an end – but longer voyages were curtailed early.

At the same time countries began to impose travel bans. New Zealand was among the first, issuing a cruise ban on 14 March. Australia followed on 27 March 2020 – and both countries maintain some of the strictest cruise bans in the world even now. This resulted in cruise ships based in these countries needing to leave local waters and head north to the Philippines.

In the United States, the CDC issued a no sail order in mid-March – though returning cruise ships were generally allowed to disembark passengers so long as increased health and safety checks had been adhered to.

Throughout March and into April, cruise ships returned to their homeports and disembarked passengers. Some ships were undertaking global voyages – which presented a greater logistical challenge. These ships required access to foreign ports to disembark passengers, such as Queen Mary 2 which disembarked its world cruise guests in Australia before Australian ports were closed to cruise ships.

Throughout April and May, most of the cruise ships around the world entered into warm layup. Cruise lines worked to repatriate crew and any remaining passengers from the hundreds of laid up cruise ships. With air travel facing its own challenges, this mammoth task took a long time. Multiple ships from various brands sailed on long voyages to take crew to their home countries.

Later they head to anchorage off the cost. This has led to the south coast of the UK becoming a popular ship spotting area. See:

Pullmantur Cruises collapsed in June 2020, and CMV ceased operations in July. While the CMV fleet have remained laid up, the collapse of Pullmantur has resulted in Sovereign and Monarch sailing to the scrapyards of Izmir, Turkey.

They were joined by Carnival Cruise Line ships – Fantasy in July, and Inspiration in August. Other ships that have left the Carnival Corp fleet inlcude Costa Victoria - sold in June for scrap and Costa neoRomantica which has been sold to Celestyal Cruises.

P&O’s Oceana left the fleet in July, while Holland America bid farewell to Maasdam and Veendam in August and Amsterdam and Rotterdam were sold to Fred Olsen Cruises This in turn saw the far older Boudicca and Black Watch withdrawn from service.

At the same time as cruise lines were cancelling voyages and selling ships, some brands attempted cruising restarts with varying degrees of success.


Thanks to Andrew Sassoli-Walker Emma LeTeace and Vicki Cross for their image support. Other references:

1) Image: Westerdam / Public Domain / Barek:
2) Image: Monarch / CC-BY-SA-4.0 / Pjotr Mahhonin:
3) Image: Carnival Fantasy / Ron Cogswell / CC-BY-SA-2.0:
4) Image: Explorer Dream / Victor Rull / CC-BY-SA-4.0:
5) MSC Grandiosa / Kees Torn / CC-BY-SA-2.0:

Music: YouTube Audio Library.

Top 10 Richest State's In INDIA 2020 | EMERGING India! | Foreigners SHOCKED Reaction!!

Top 10 Richest State's In INDIA 2020 | EMERGING India! | Foreigners SHOCKED Reaction!!

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United States Arrives in New York for the First Time

In 1952, ocean liner United States arrives for the first time in New York to prepare for her maiden voyage. She receives a gala welcome worhy of a movie star. Video from

Visiting United States for First time ! - The Film

June 21st, My Dad's birthday and we all have a flight from Mumbai to Atlanta, Georgia at 4 Am. It was the most memorable day of my life as we start our journey for the first time in America, for me cause Mom went couple time and Dad had already done the world tour in 1990s. It was a change, spending time with family and reunions. Enjoy the Video!


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First travel outside of the United States

Karen received her green card and so we are off to Canada. It would of be Tijuana pero....
We are so excited????

Did you know that only five percent of Americans travel abroad each year? Beat the odds, get a passport and go see the world. It's easier than you might think.


We took a week and went on a fall road trip through New England! This was the day five - we woke up to see the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia and then headed towards New Hampshire! We stopped at Stephen King's house too, which was so cool to see!

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