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Where To Eat in St Barts


Where To Eat in St Barts

The glitz and glamour aside, St Barts is really known for its scrumptious food with cuisine ranging from French to West Indies. Come eat with me at some of my favorite spots on the island.

St. Barths Top Ten Things To Do, by Donna Salerno Travel

St Barths Top Ten Things To Do, is a tour of the most popular activities and highlights.
Saint Barthélemy, FWI is also know as St. Barths and considered one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean for the Jet-set crowd and celebrities. But it is a terrific destination for anyone, for fabulous beaches, restaurants and watersports activities.

Top Ten Things To Do on Vacation:
1) Gustavia: capital with shopping, restaurants and mega-yachts
2) St Jean Beach: Eden Rock hotel, beach, al fresco dining
3) Boating: fishing boats to mega-yachts
4) Snorkel & Dive: great for every age
5) Colombier Beach: north island beach with great swimming
6) Watersports: windsurf, paddle boards, jet-ski and more
7) Island Drive: scenic drives to explore island
8) Dining: Fench flovor from al-fresco to fine dining
9) Grand Cul de Sac: beach with Guanahani resort & more
10) Shopping: Duty free shopping with a European flair

Day trips are also available from St Barths (aka St. Barts) to St Maarten, Saba and Antigua. #St. Barths, # Saint Barthélemy

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8 Quintessential Must-Do's In St. Barts | Vlog Series | Jetset Times

Catamaran, villa, great food, and of course, Nikki Beach on Sundays. Read more on Jetset Times

Featuring: Wendy Hung, founder/CEO Jetset Times

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St Barth's - How to Get There & What to Do

This is how to get to St. Barth's and what to do on St. Barth's. St. Barth's is a tiny island that is a few nautical miles from St. Martin. St. Barth's has an airport but it's too small for jets. The only way to fly to St. Barth's is to fly a private propeller plane or St. Barth's Commuter. A highly-experienced pilot is required to land on St. Barth's. The Voyager ferry runs between Oyster Pond, St. Martin and Gustavia, St. Barth's. The ferry is the easiest way to travel to St. Barth's. I recommend staying at Le Village on St. Barth's and definitely experience dinner at Sandbar or On the Rocks at Eden Rock! #StBarths

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Appreciating The Beaches in St Barts

The beaches in St Barts are some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world. Kindly allow me to take you to some of my fav spots, but first you must endure seeing me bathing in the comfortable sea water for the first few minutes. Consider yourself warned.

This was filmed before St Barts opened up to fully vaccinated travelers in mid June. Go get vaccinated folks!

St. Martin & St. Barts Caribbean Summer Vlog: Travel Guide to Hidden Gems, Gourmet, NightLife| 加勒比海旅

Hi everyone! (•◡•) /

Summer is near the corner, are you looking for a travel destination?

We've recently traveled to St. Martin and St. Barts, and think these two lovely islands in the West Indies Federation may be a good option for you. Check out this vlog to find out if it is!

Prior to the trip, we have taken my second dose of vaccine 2 weeks before my departure, tested negative, and followed all necessary protocols required by the local governments and CDC. We strongly advise everyone to do the same should they decide to travel abroad.

In this video, you will discover hidden gems of the islands, delicious food, beaches with impeccable views, and travel recommendations. I tried to be as comprehensive as I could :)

Let me know if you decide to travel here, or if you have any travel destination for me!

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Ferry (St. Martin - St. Barths):

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0:00 - Intro
0:54 - AirBNB at St. Martin
1:26 - Day 1
1:32 - Rainbow Cafe for Lunch
2:53 - Grand Case Beach
4:06 - Fort Louis
5:14 - Toppers for Dinner
5:49 - The Red Piano
6:54 - Travel Requirements for Covid
7:14 - Day 2
7:17 - Flying Dutchman at Rainforest Adventure
9:59 - Pinel Island
10:45 - Day 3
10:49 - Ferry From St. Martin to St. Barts
11:22 - Breakfast at Arawak
11:42 - Motorcycle/ Car Rental at St. Barts
11:56 - Saline Beach
12:39 - St. Jean Beach
14:39 - Day 4
14:45 - Philipsburg

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Caribbean Summer at St. Martin & St. Barts: Guide to Hidden Gems, Gourmet, Night Life & Island Life

Travel Journal: St. Barths, Hotel Le Toiny 2020

Hotel Le Toiny is luxury resort in Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean, overlooking a secluded beach with an excellent surf break. St. Barts is a French island where the locals speak French. There are lots of nature trails to hike and all the water activities typically found in Caribbean islands. The accommodations at Hotel Le Toiny are 5 star rated. Small private villas each with its own infinity pool make for a very romantic location. Dawn from Well Xplored gives us a brief tour of this stunning boutique resort on Toiny beach, Saint Barts

St Barths, discover the soul of the island.

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As much as St Barths is an island that is reputed for its incredible natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, it is first and foremost, its people that breathe life into it, giving it its colors and flavors. From a Belgium-born artist using her art to pay homage to the beaches of the island to a group of local people fighting to revive the rich coral reefs of its lagoons, St Barths is good hands!

In this latest installment of our series in St Barths, join Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien as they meet with these exceptional people who are in love with their home island and who, day after day, dedicate their entire lives and passion to it.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meeting the fishermen of Saint Barthelemy with Jean Claude Dufour, native of the island
02:25 Discovery of the seabed of the island with Bertrand Caizergues, seabed protection
04:00 Art in Saint Barthelemy with the artists Veronique Vandernoot and Antoine Heckly
05:47 Conclusion

St Barth - Luxurious Eden Rock, St. Jean, Nikki Beach [4K]

Saint-Jean is a quartier of Saint Barthélemy usually referred to as St Barths (aka St Barts) in the Caribbean. It is located in the northern part of the tropical island. It contains one of the best-known beaches (including Nikki Beach, St Jean Beach) on the island and is the centre of water sport activity on the island.

0:00 - SBH Saint Barthelemy St Barts Airport
0:30 - Eden Rock St Barths
2:42 - St-Jean and Nikki Beach
4:00 - St Barths island views
5:05 - St-Jean Shopping Dining area

Check out the Eden Rock Hotel and Restaurant in St. Jean, which features a beach bar, bistro and restaurant with beautiful ocean views. Topless bathing and swimming here is okay, but you won’t see people walking freely in the nude like on St. Martin.

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St Barts - Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy 4K

Gustavia is the main town, port and capital of the posh #caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy aka St Barths - top amazing luxury travel destination; St Barts is known for its white-sand beaches, chic hotels and designer shops. Gustavia, encircling a yacht-filled harbour, combines high-end dining with historical attractions like The Wall House, whose exhibits highlight the island Swedish colonial era. Perched above the ​town is 17th-century Fort Karl, offering views of popular Shell Beach.

While it is acceptable to swim and walk topless or even nude on many beaches, it is never acceptable to walk in town in a swimsuit. One needs to cover up with a stylish sundress or equivalent. A simple t-shirt won't do. This is all part of the laid-back and casual chic ethos of the place.

St. Barths ranks among the most expensive getaways on the planet. The island caters to an upscale clientele who can afford things like $20,000-a-night stays in posh villas. The story of how St. Barts became the so-called St. Moritz of the Caribbean goes back to the mid-1950s, when the über-wealthy families discovered the centuries-old charm of the island's British-Swedish-French colonial heritage. Couple that with a laid-back ambiance, friendly locals and (at the time) cheap land, and this was just the spot to build million-dollar estates overlooking St. Bart's virgin beaches.

Today, they're the homes away from homes for the world's silky set, from land barons, billionaires like Roman Abramovich, oil titans, hi-tech CEOs and other corporate moguls to people who sit on thrones back home to Oscar-winning movie stars to A-list rockers and rappers of the likes of Paul McCartney, Sting, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Jon Bon Jovi.

#summer #travel #luxury #yacht #island #beach #Gustavia #StBarts

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Eden Rock St Barths, one of the best luxury hotels in the Caribbean.

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Isolated on its rocky promontory in the St Jean Bay, with views over the Caribbean Sea and the rest of St Barth, Eden Rock St Barth -once the home of adventurous aviator Rémy De Haenen and his family- is a hotel that treats each and every one of its guests like the member of their own little family. Right after checking into their regular room, each one vastly different from the other, the guests can slip back into the easy-going and relaxing Eden Rock lifestyle and make the most of the island’s tropical beauty and culture.

In this week’s episode of The Visit, Lartisien invites you to discover what could very well become your home away from home in the Caribbeans, Eden Rock St Barth.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 The history and values of Eden Rocks with Fabrice Moizan, General Manager at Eden Rocks Saint Barths
02:07 The cuisine of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, 2 Michelin stars
04:05 The rooms of the Eden Rocks
05:32 Conclusion

Welcome to St Barts the art of being an Island

Top 10 Things To Do In St Barts

Going to St. Bart's?? Wondering what to do??? We got you covered in todays video ( ).

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Plane Crash St Barth (June 6, 2020)

A small private plane crashed in the morning of Saturday, June 6 at Remy Haenen Airport. A couple of Saint-Barth residents arriving from Grand Case in their own aircraft approached the runway from sea side, but in an off-axis manner, the wind being unfavorable. The pilot landed in the grass, the aircraft struck traffic signs and eventually nose-dived into the terrain. The aircraft was badly damaged, but the two people and one dog on board were unharmed. It took approximately two hours to remove the plane from the area, with the help of equipment from the company that is currently repairing the parking area. This type of accident is not very rare in Saint-Barthélemy, where landing by sea is always tricky depending on wind conditions.

Landing at St Barths TFFJ (Pilots View) _ Left Pattern RWY 28 (Part 2)

This is my second landing at St. Barths. Left Traffic for Runway 28. A very interesting approach with a no Go-Around option.

I go over the approach a bit using graphics, but this video is not to be used as a substitute for actual training at St. Barths.

Again, WOW is the word. Enjoy.

Special thanks to Aeroclub St. Martin and Thomas.

St Barts travel guide: November 2021 update by

Here's our St Barts travel guide report for November 2021, recorded at our villa Domingue (
Season has begun. Still low season until Thanksgiving
- Back, this week:
- The monthly local market in Gustavia
- Nov. 10 to 14, 2021 - ST BARTH GOURMET FESTIVAL
- Private Events, such as weddings, are back too.
Eden Rock wedding with 300+ guests
- New openings still going stronf:
- Sin Garden for patisserie (Gustavia)
- Atelier Joel Robuchon (Gustavia)
- Zion in St Jean
- Gyp Sea in St Jean
- Missing
- Maya's, the restaurant is closed
- Maya's To Go:
- No more tests needed in St Maarten (SXM)
- Health pass is officially required; a CDC vaccination card is what you need if you are American. Have a mask in your pocket, you may need it.

St Barth Amazing Plane landing and Takeoff footage at Gustaf III Airport

Crazy !! Landings and Take Offs at Saint Barthelemy Airport recorder Tuesday, 13 November 2014. I flew to the island by Winair and was fortunate to have Roger as captain on the plane, the first recordings are from Approach seen from the top of the hill at the roundabout, there are 2 police officers which control the cars, the one will have to duck when a plane comes very low (see slow shots). Then there is footage from the beach end of the airport, and finally, the last recordings from approximately centerpiece airport, the day ends so with a heavy rain.

Flying from St. Barths to NYC



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De Saint-Barth' à la Dominique - Échappées belles

Saint-Barthélémy et la Dominique se partagent les mêmes eaux des Caraïbes. Leur localisation en fait des voisines mais chacune des îles a son identité, son âme, son histoire. Une diversité qui les placent souvent aux antipodes. Au Sud, la Dominique est l'île nature des Caraïbes tandis qu'au nord, Saint-Barthélémy se concentre sur un tourisme de luxe. Les deux îles s'opposent mais revêtent toutes deux un caractère profondément intimiste. Sophie Jovillard commence son voyage à Saint-Barthélémy par une visite de la capitale, Gustavia.
Au sommaire :
- Les petites mains du luxe
- Saint Barth, eldorado pour jeunes artisans
- Le paradis des oiseaux
- Visiter pour reconstruire
- Au royaume des rastas
- L'île des amoureux des sports aquatiques

Le carnet des bonnes adresses Echappées Belles Saint-Barthélémy et La Dominique !


Classique International - événementiel
Marigot, Dominica
+1 767 445 8486

Paul Crask - Dominica Geographic

Just Go Dominica - Guide de randonnée et aventure
Nahjie Laflouf / +1 767 245 4328

Dormir dans la cabane de Nahjie dans les arbres sur les hauteurs de Roseau – The Nature’s cabin
Nahjie Laflouf / +1 767 245 4328

Croisière de cachalots et baleines
Dive Dominica

+1 767-448-2188

Adresse : Salisbury, Dominica
Tel : +1 767 616 5258
Infos Web :

Adresse : Papilotte Road Shawford, Roseau, Dominica
Tel : +1 760 350 57 80
Infos Web :

Facebook : Atunyah Allan

« FORT YOUNG HOTEL » (Pour le restaurant)
Adresse : Victoria Street, Roseau, Dominica
Tel : +1 767 448 5000
Infos Web :

« JUNGLE BAY » (Eco Villas / réouverture en juin 2019)
Infos Web :

« HARMONY GARDEN » (Ferme Médicinale)
Adresse : Bellevue Chopin, Dominica
Infos Web :

« LE PETIT PARIS » (Restaurant / Boulangerie)
Adresse : Bayfront, Roseau, Dominica
Facebook: Le Petit Paris Roseau

Adresse : Paul’s Road, Eggleston, Dominica
Tel : +1 767 225 4213
E-Mail :

Infos Web :
Facebook : Blue Element
Infos Web :


Hotel Le Village Saint-Barth
Colline de St. Jean, 97133 Saint-Barthélemy
+590 590 27 61 39

Luxe St Barts - Location de villas
Saint Barthélémy / 06 90 77 00 73

Véronique Vandernoot – artiste céramiste

« SANTA FE » (Restaurant historique de l’île)
Adresse : Route de Gouverneur, 97133, St Barthélemy
Tel : +590 (0) 590 27 61 04
Facebook : Sante Fe St Barth

« LES PETITS CARREAUX » (Art Shop, Souvenirs, Carrelages personnalisés)

« Véronique Vandernoot Artiste »
Adresse : Gustavia, 97133, St Barthélemy
Tel : +590 (0) 690 39 92 74
Facebook : Les Petits Carreaux

Infos Web :
Facebook : @dukemartinb

Adresse : Gustavia, St Barthélemy
Tel : +590 (0) 590 27 65 27
Infos Web :

AMINATA (Professeur de Yoga)
Instagram : @aminatastbarthwellness

Gwadita - glace artisanale
4e box - Rue Alexandre Isaac, 97118 Saint-François
+590 590 10 68 52

La maison de l’indigo – boutique artisanale
Section Murat Grand-Bourg de Marie Galante
05 90 84 56 49
Anne-Murielle Brouard

Stage de voile dans les Antilles
François Hellot

La caravane de l’île - Foodtruck Québécois
Saint-François / +590 690 29 53 74
facebook; La caravane de l’île restaurant québécois

Restaurant la Playa
Route du littoral, 97140 Capesterre de Marie-Galante
+33 6 90 51 84 77 / +33 5 90 93 66 10

Le Sereno - Luxury Hotel on St. Barts

Walk through tour of Le Sereno on St. Barts

All material in this video is original and personally record by myself on location.
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