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When Women Travel


Finding Myself Again // Solo Female Travel & Retreat in Bali

My first Solo Female Trip and a magical Retreat in Bali! Stay tuned for the Bali Travel Guide - coming this week! Follow me on Instagram to get it for free!






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Hey! I'm Raya from RayaWasHere. I make videos about travel, lifestyle and personal growth. Through my videos I want to share and inspire a journey of personal growth and self development. I want to share with you what I learn and how I grow from my travels as well as things like how to overcome your insecurities, how to find your passion, how to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others and so much more!
Be Kind to Yourself, Be Kind to Each Other and Be Kind to The Planet.


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SOLO FEMALE TRAVEL TIPS | 22 Women Give Their Advice

Is it safe to travel alone as a woman? 22 different solo female travellers give their top solo travel tips.

One of the biggest misconceptions about travelling is that it's not safe for women to travel alone.

This video is packed full of tips and advice from women with experience of solo travelling.

Covering a wide range of topics including pre-trip nerves, making friends whilst travelling, staying safe on the road and fears of sexual assault.

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In between my travels I’m based in London, UK where I work as a freelance video editor.


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Should Women Travel Alone in the Philippines?

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In my previous video about the Philippines, I talked about how initially I didn't connect with it, then had a change of heart. I was surprised to find that a lot of the comments suggested that traveling there alone is the problem, and that it's never okay to travel anywhere alone.

I've been traveling the world for over 5 years now, almost entirely solo, and I want women to know that they CAN travel alone, in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.

Featured in the video: Ferna Mae from Everywhere with Ferna, a solo female travel blogger from the Philippines who has been traveling solo there for over 20 years:

In this video we address safety, what to expect, why solo traveling is important and amazing, and dispel myths.


6 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone | SOLO TRAVEL TIPS + ADVICE

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So you wanna travel solo but you're afraid that it's too dangerous. But never fear! Here are 6 practical safety tips for women who are thinking of travelling alone!

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WOMEN ON A CARGO SHIP?!? - Q&A on Cargo / Container Ship Travel

WOMEN ON A CARGO SHIP?!? - Cargo / Container Ship Travel. Today we explore the aspect of Women on a cargo ship! This is a Q&A answering all your cargo/ container ship questions!

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Should Women Travel ALONE?

These are Common Solo Female Traveler concerns and solutions

Concerned about traveling alone? Do you dream of traveling the world but are tired of waiting for someone to have the time to join you? I was in the same position 6 years ago and I’m SO GLAD I made the decision to just go.

I know what you’re feeling, though. You might be wondering:

What about staying safe?
How do I convince naysayers like my friends and family that it’s ok for me to go?
How can I make sure that I’m not lonely?
How do I keep my belongings safe?

And most importantly of all, the BENEFITS that come from going out on your own to travel the world.

Here are the resources mentioned in the video:

FB Group:
Solo Female Travel Guidebook:
Solo Female Travel Advice:
Vision of humanity:

I hope this helps you to embrace solo female travel and all of the benefits that come with it. Please leave any questions in the comments below!

Women Traveling Alone in Colombia - Colombian Travel Guide

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Welcome to Colombia

When I was traveling through the department of Caldas, specifically when I was in Tinamú Birding Nature Reserve ( I met Erica, an Austrian woman, who lives in London and was traveling Colombia alone. Erica told us a little about her experience traveling alone in Colombia and some recommendations to take into account.
Among the places she visited are Lost City in Santa Marta, Punta Gallinas in La Guajira, Cartagena and Medellín. She describes each of them as a place of wonderful experiences.
The recommendations Erica gives to all women who want to travel through Colombia alone are:
- Learn Spanish, since many Colombians do not know English and that makes communication with them difficult.
- Dress casually, avoiding wearing expensive jewelry and accessories.
- Apply common sense, for greater security.
As Erica said in the video, the role of tourists is very important for the development in Colombia. Colombians want to show to the world that their country is safe to travel, even if you are a woman and you go alone. Colombia is a place with many magical destinations that you cannot miss.

Hey there! My name is Colombiafrank, and I’d like to welcome you to the beautiful country of Colombia. As you probably guessed, I’m a bit of an expert on Colombia travel, and I’ve got lots of great advice on Colombia tourism that will allow you to make the most of your experience as you travel Colombia.
I began traveling Colombia back in 2015 after finishing up my first semester here in Bogota working towards my MBA. I immediately fell in love with the country and the wide variety of adventures and opportunities that traveling Colombia has to offer. As a country rich in both natural and cultural diversity, your Colombian travel experience will not disappoint.
Before you can begin your Colombia travels, we must get you here first. As a foreigner myself, I understand how difficult it can be navigating your way through a foreign country. But fear not because Colombiafrank is here to help you with your travels to Colombia so that you can avoid the common mistakes and get right to the good stuff. Just think of me as your go to Colombia travel guide!
So, come see for yourself what tourism Colombia has to offer!

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Pelecanus is a travel agency located here in the historic city-center of Bogota, in the heart of the Candelaria. We specialize in creating custom travels and luxury tours throughout Colombia. From Medellin and Cartagena to the Amazon and the Andes, we’ve got you covered. With excellent bilingual guides in a wide variety of languages, we have everything you need to create a truly unique and memorable Colombian holiday.

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Is Pakistan Safe For Women To Travel? | Lahore | Pakistan Travel Vlog | 208

Subscribe for more Pakistan???????? vlogs: ????????❤️ Is Pakistan really that safe for women to travel to? We explore more of Lahore visiting Jahangir's Tomb and Hiran Minar in Sheikhupura and I have a chat with Zainab to get her opinion on women travelling to Pakistan - both Pakistani women and foreign women too. You know I think it's safe... but I really wanted to find out what a Pakistani women though about travel safety in Pakistan and whether or not it really is safe for women to travel to Pakistan. Watch to find out what she thinks!

These videos are delayed and we are not currently travelling and safe at home in self-isolation! An opportunity for more editing and watching more videos!

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Women’s Digital Nomad Packing List | Clothing & Toiletries For Minimalist Carry On Travel

In this video, we’re excited to share the women’s focused clothing & toiletries for our digital nomad packing list with you. View the full list (including all of the unisex items) on our website:

0:00 - Intro
2:15 - Clothing & Accessories
13:59 - Toiletries & Personal Care

Watch the original digital nomad packing list:

We’ve had a ton of comments asking for a Women’s Digital Nomad Packing List, but of course we couldn’t just throw a list together without testing everything extensively first—it’s what we pride ourselves on here at Pack Hacker, actually testing gear—so every women’s focused item we’ve added has seen over one month of solid testing.

It’s also important to note that every item we’ve added still fits into the original bags and organizers. We decided to stick with the Aer Travel Pack 2 because even at full capacity it will work well on a smaller frame.

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Solo Travel Colombia Safely | Dating Colombian Women

Colombia, the home of the most beautiful Colombian women, has now become the new darling in South America when it comes to top travel destinations. A few years ago, it was considered to be the most dangerous destination. However, today is a different story.

With the booming Colombia tourism, its dark image is now replaced being the top ecotourism destination. Its highlights now are its pristine beaches, rainforests, and beautiful landscapes which travelers most love about their travel to Colombia.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of travelers who visit Colombia to explore its natural beauty. Foreign travelers, especially foreign men, who are frequent to the country is proof that the country is now safe for travelers. Today,’Is Colombia Safe?’ is never a question because it is more than safe and secure.

Aside from its booming tourism, Colombia is considered to be a great place to wander if you are a foreign man who is bride-hunting among the beautiful Colombian women. There are thousands of single foreign men who are joining Colombia tours with the primary intention of dating in Colombia and personally meeting with Colombian girls.

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Why Ukrainian Women Are Denied Travel Visas

As interest in dating Ukrainian women continues to swell throughout the entire globe, many men often wonder why many countries deny their girlfriends request for travel visas.

In many Western countries like the United States and Canada, Ukrainian women may find it quite difficult to obtain a travel visa. Many of these countries prefer a fiance visa or spousal visa, likely because in those situations a citizen of their country will be responsible for the woman they are sponsoring.

It can be quite frustrating for Western men and Ukraine women who are in a budding, loving relationship to go through the anguish of a denied travel visa. Whether you believe it to be fair or not does not change the fact that most women will have to apply for a K1 Fiance Visa rather than being able to obtain the coveted travel visa.

International dating has opened up the options for Ukraine women and foreign men that have encountered road blocks during typical domestic courtship.

Because Ukrainian men vastly outnumber their female counterparts, international dating often serves as the only option for women who would otherwise be unwed for the majority of their life, if not for the entirety.

Many women in Ukraine understand this and set their sights on local matchmaking agencies that specialize in paring foreign men with local women in their cities.

These Ukrainian matchmaking agencies are quite common in cities like Kiev, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kherson, Sumy, Poltava and Dnipro.

As the leader of the international dating space, A Foreign Affair reviews the backgrounds of all men who use their matchmaking services, in direct accordance with the US IMBRA Laws.

Conversely, A Foreign Affair reviews each woman before membership has been granted, ensuring that only the most qualified couples are created through their matchmaking agencies.

Should You Travel JUST to Date Ukrainian Women?

Searching for love today has developed in recent years. With the advancement of technology and online accessibility, crossing the boundaries of dating has become easier than it was before.

Many have tried dating on their own, joining singles tours and cruises but have failed — some have even given up. Fortunately, international dating events have been popular to the online dating community which solved single men's most common issue -- where and how to meet women.

It's undeniable to say that Ukrainian women are some of the most stunning and charismatic women in the world. Their grace and sophistication have made men travel miles to Ukraine -- only to realize they are lost and have no way to contact a Ukraine woman. Thankfully, social events are being held in various cities of Ukraine at least twice a year. This allowed the men to get to know hundreds of Ukrainian girls in a single night.

Find out what makes singles tours different and learn some dating tips for an easier dating experience.

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Dating Colombian Women | Medellin Solo Travel

Colombian women continue to draw single men from around the globe to their shores, specifically in cosmopolitan cities like Medellin.

Despite their amazing appearance, women from Medellin are very approachable, with a down to earth demeanor and a heavy devotion to their families and friends.

Solo travel to Colombia has gained popularity in recent years are men have become aware of the immense amenities available to travelers in Latin America.

Several men who regularly embark in solo travel excursions to Latin America are now setting their sights on international matchmaking agencies like A Foreign Affair / as a viable means to dating Colombian women while in Medellin.

Latinas in Colombia have difficulty dating domestically as many of the men in their city often forgo monogamous relationships in favor of having many partners and living out their years as bachelors.

Agencies like A Foreign Affair reviews each member, male and female, before granting inclusion in the speed dating events that they host in Medellin, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Bogota.

As more men embark upon solo trips, expect to hear more about the amazing women in Colombia.

The TRUTH On Traveling as Single Women | Solo Female Travel , Black Travel

My new friend and I recently went backpacking in Europe! In this mini vlog we discussed the benefits of traveling when you're single, why you shouldn't wait to travel and how empowering it is to travel internationally as a single women!

Being single, especially as you age as a women is often associated with such a negative connotation. It's like after a certain age if you're not married, engaged or have children, you're not doing something right. Being single is perfectly fine. It doesn't have to be a bad thing!

Let's be friends!

#BudgetTravel #FemaleTravel #Backpacking
Topics: Girl talk, Real Talk, Solo Travel , Solo Female Travel , Female Travel , Black Female Travel , Single , Single Female Travel , Budget Travel , Backpacking , Female Backpacking

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Do women travel solo with a T@b?

Amanda Evans joins me to discuss the common question, Do women travel solo with a T@b?

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A DAY in the LIFE (.. a Week) on BLM | FEMALE Solo Travel & her ???? DOG Lily

A DAY in the LIFE (.. a Week) on BLM | Solo FEMALE Travel and her DOG Lily - If you wanted to know what a day in the life on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) is for a solo female traveler & her dog - then you're in luck as I show you what RV living full time is like. This digital nomad primarily stays on dispersed camping areas, RV boondocking & creating my camping vlog / travel vlog. I've been full time RV living for over 3 years now and enjoying the BLM lands & simple living off of the lands.

This is my last week in Salida, Colorado & my friend Kevin Martin from 30 and a Wake Up and other Xscapers are also enjoying the great outdoors and RV camping on BLM land. It's great to see Kevin and show him more about the RV lifestyle, van life, Salida, Colorado, and RV living. We practice the Leave No Trace behind policy on BLM land and well...any lands we go to. Leave it better than when you arrived is our motto in nomad life.

BTW...this is my first time as a travel vlogger capturing the mountain bike footage on the BLM land. I'm in love with this GoPro Hero 8 that really did a great job recording our cycling trip this day.

Unfortunately, sometimes when you boondock with your RV, you can get mice or rodents in your camper van. There were chipmunks around my campsite, but I've learned from full time travel, in my Hymer Aktiv (a Promaster 2500 conversion van) to be diligent about the prevention of mice (who can eat your wires). That's the downside of vanlife and being a van dweller I guess. Full time travel is great, but you have to be careful when boondocking in this RV life. I use a couple of deterrents.

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How to PEE Outside While Camping & Reduce RV Dumping / PEE Standing Up as a Girl:


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After 1 year of traveling, I sold my 26 foot Winnebago Class C RV for a more nimble Class B van on a Promaster 2500 chassis. Now in my 4th year of RVing in my camper van, I'm still loving this RV lifestyle and being a digital nomad. I almost always boondock in nature and really enjoy that off grid living.

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There are many reasons why most pregnant Nigerian Women choose to travel abroad to have their baby. In this video, we explored the Nigerian experience in hopes that the abroad experience will be tabled in the comment section below. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you!

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Travel Hacks by Smart Women Travellers

This Women's Day, AirAsia salutes the ingenuity of Women Travellers. Watch these women share tips on travelling smart and transition to being a traveller and not just a tourist. More power to you!

When Women travel - 5 days Marrakech in 5 Minutes

5 days - 500 pictures and video snaps in 5 minutes. I have been dreaming of exploring Marrekech for years, and finally dared to travel alone as European Woman. It was a great inspiring journey with warm welcomes and true learnings.
More on the blog ...

Medina and Souks:

First time in Marrakech


Women Travel: Safety Tips

Women Travel: Safety Tips - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Some of the advice I would give to solo women travelers is if you don't want unwanted attention then follow the customs and the rituals of the country that you are in. And its very very important especially in the countries in the Middle east, lots of countries in Asia. I mean, you know, be respectful of that country. look around and see what other local women are wearing, and granted, you don't have to wear, you know, there traditional dress, but notice are their shoulders covered, are they wearing hats, are their ankles covered, you know, and are they wearing flip-flops.

And try to be really respectful of that. I mean first of all you are a tourist so you are going to stick out but you can make it much worse and potentially more dangerous for you if you think you can dress maybe like you do at home. So be really mindful of the customs of that country and its just simply takes you looking around to figure that out lots of times.



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