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What to Eat in Florence & Where


What to Eat in Florence & Where

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The Florentine and Tuscan cuisines are extremely similar if not even the same. The recipes are all based on hearty vegetables as mushrooms and legumes served with gamey meats like rabbit and wild boar. They also have a very particular bread made without salt which takes some getting used to.
Our Florentine locals have put together a variety of different types of places sit down for a meal or grab a quick bite to go. We hope it helps you take the guesswork out of your decision and focus on enjoying your vacation.


Florence Foodie guide - Where to eat in Florence Italy!

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Firenze or Florence, is more than a city – it’s a feeling. Walking through the stunning streets of Firenze is like stepping back into an era when the great Italian artists ruled the city. You’re surrounded by Renaissance architecture, the romantic Arno River, and a palpable, omnipresent energy that emanates from the city. There are so many amazing things to do in Florence, it would take a lifetime to see it all!

This wasn’t our first time seeing the city of Florence. And no, that’s not a humble brag. It’s to say that this is a city to return to over and over again and still never see it all. You have to revel in the Renaissance history, bow down to Boticelli’s Venus, enjoy the flavors of the famed Florentine steak, and delight in the beauty of the Duomo.

Florence is one of the most amazing cities in Italy and also the world! The food, art, and history make it one of the best places to visit in Italy. During this video of Florence we show you some of our favorite places for Pizza, Pasta, Gelato, & Lasagna. When in Florence, the diet goes out the window. Be ready for red wine, Florentine steak, and truffle pasta. Some of our favorite restaurants are:
La Grotta Guelfa
All'antico Vinaio
Antico Porto
and Perche No

just to name a few. For more info. Check out our blog post!

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Florence FOOD TOUR! - Eating Tuscan Dishes at Florence Central Market ???? (Italy)

Today we're at Florence's Mercato Centrale on a mission to try so many Tuscan dishes! Including a steak the size of our heads that cost a whopping 50 € per kilo! ???????? And some Italian street food ???? So far, we're pretty much in love with Italian food ❤️

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Tripe Sandwich @ I Lampredotto Lorenzo Nigro
Tagliere @ Il Tartufo

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Eating in FLORENCE - Worst & Best Restaurant in Florence

I visited the worst and the best restaurant in Florence. How bad is the worst restaurant? How good is the best restaurant?

The WORST Restaurant I visited:

The BEST Restaurant I visited:

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Rok Goes Around

P.S.: Rok is a traveler, a filmmaker and a tourist guide. On this channel he is combining his 20 years of travelling experience, his 10 years of filmmaking experience and his 8 years of tourist guiding experience.

Why This Sandwich Shop Is Florence's Most Legendary Street Eat | Legendary Eats

All'Antico Vinaio is a must-try when visiting Florence. The shop is in the heart of the city center, just minutes away from Piazza della Signoria. Sandwiches are made with a local bread called schiacciata. The shop has an endless selection of cold cuts, cheese, and homemade creams like the truffle cream and the artichoke cream.

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How Traditional Italian Olive Oil Is Made

How Italian Gorgonzola Cheese Is Made | The Making Of


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Why This Sandwich Shop Is Florence's Most Legendary Street Eat | Legendary Eats

Why This Is Florence’s Most Legendary Steak House | Legendary Eats

T-bone steak is a delicacy Florence, Italy. The city has a strong meat culture and strict rules when it comes to how its steaks are cut, grilled, and even served. We visited Trattoria Dall'Oste, a steak house in the heart of city that serves the juiciest steaks in town to find out what makes the perfect Florentine steak.

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Why This Sandwich Shop Is Florence's Most Legendary Street Eat | Legendary Eats

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Why Emily Has The Best Burger In NYC | Legendary Eats


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Why This Is Florence’s Most Legendary Steak House | Legendary Eats

Best Places to Eat in Florence, Italy! Top Restaurants & Food

It's time for a food packed adventure in Florence, Italy!

Florence (known as Firenze in Italian) spent much of its history as one of the most powerful and influential states of the world. Its status as a taste maker in the arts, culture and especially food was unparalleled. Watch me enjoy the food part :)

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Restaurants Featured:

1) Fedora
Via Guelfa 116B, 50129, Florence, Italy
+39 055 033 2725

Start your day right with incredibly yummy croissants and coffees. I totally recommend heading to Fedora for a light breakfast to start off your day.

The door is always locked but it doesn't mean they are closed. You ring the bell and they will unlock the door for you.

Everything I tried here was delicious and super cheap. 1 dollar for a croissant. You can't go wrong with that! And the cappuccino was made perfectly. I was very impressed with these students. They are well trained and very nice. If you are in town while school is in session this place is a must! They are open Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 3 pm

2) Trattoria dall'Oste
Via Luigi Alamanni, 3/5r, 50100 Firenze FI, Italy

When you are in Florence, the top food to try is Florentine steak. The steak is cut from the loin, just below the rib cage and above the rump.

The steak is grilled over a wood or charcoal fire. It is then finished off with some salt and pepper.

This steak can easily be shared between 2 to 3 people. The steak came out to be about 120 US dollars since it is measured by KG.

3) Mercato Centrale  
Piazza del Mercato Centrale – Via dell’Ariento, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

I recommend going to the main market downstairs for a late breakfast or lunch and for upstairs I would go at night for a late dinner or a snack. Upstairs is open all day from 10 to 12 am.

4) Da Nerbone
Mercato Centrale, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

They specialize in tripe and beef cooked in a slow cooked, simmering stew. They are famous for their Panino bollito which is their boiled beef sandwich. It's about 4 euros per sandwich and this place is cash only.

To order, you first stand in the line to pay, and then you take that receipt and stand in the counter line. Once at the front you show them your receipt and tell them how many sandwiches you want and how you want your sandwich prepared.

5) La Pasta Fresca
Mercato Centrale, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Amazing pasta and ravioli. I recommend the lampredotto ravioli!

Via del Campanile, 2, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

One of the best legitimate gelato places in the city!

7) All'antico Vinaio
Via dei Neri, 74/R, 50100 Firenze FI, Italy

Very famous sandwich shop in Florence Italy!

8) La Strega Nocciola
Via De' Bardi 51R | Ponte Vecchio, 50125, Florence, Italy

Delicious handmade, old school style gelato. Likely the best gelato you can find near the Duomo.

9) Kitsch
Viale Antonio Gramsci, 1/5 R, 50121 Firenze FI, Italy

While in Italy you should try an aperitivo restaurant.

Think of aperitivo as a mix between tapas and happy hour. You’ll find them in every city in Italy and it’s become a part of the social fabric here. This is one of the best available!

10) La Prosciutteria
Via dei Neri, 54r, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

One of the BEST cheap cheeseboards in the city as well as great, cheap wines by the glass!

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Street Food in Italy - FLORENCE'S #1 PANINI at All'antico Vinaio + ITALIAN STREET FOOD in Tuscany!

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We are taking you to FLORENCE, the capital of Tuscany in ITALY. The city of art, culture and… STREET FOOD. Italian street food and traditional dishes can be found throughout the alleyways of Firenze and today we are showing you the BEST places to eat while you’re here.

We are starting our day at the Mercato Centrale Firenze to sample Florence’s most famous street food: Lampredotto (4 EURO), a sandwich stuffed with beef stomach. We wash it down with a cheap cafe espresso (1 EURO) after exploring the traditional market. We explore some of the beautiful city before heading to Trattoria Sergio Gozzi for a Florentine lunch. We order Tortellacci (8 EURO), Ravioli (8 EURO), and tender Peposo (10.5 EURO) and leave feeling extremely happy and full. We continue exploring the gorgeous architecture of Florence including the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. Hungry agin, we go to Osteria All’Antico Vinaio for their world-famous PANINI! Most of the menu is 5 euro and you can choose between many meats, cheeses and spreads. Make sure to go on an empty stomach because they are MASSIVE! To end our HUGE street food tour, we wash it all down with a creamy gelato (3 EURO), yum!

We hope you enjoyed. Let us know what you thought looked the most delicious, and stay tuned for our next STREET FOOD tour from Italy because we are going to ROME!

Lampredotto - Nerbone in the Mercato Centrale
Cafe - Cafe Bambi
Lunch - Trattoria Sergio Gozzi
Panini - Osteria All’Antico Vinaio
Gelato - Gelateria Dei Neri


Hi we’re Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson, food lovers and world travellers! We make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from across the globe. We particularly like to sample street food across Asia. We are based in Taiwan where we frequent the best Taiwanese street food stops and create travel content to make finding food in Taiwan easier for YOU! Although we are based in Taiwan we travel the majority of the year around the world in search of the best food. We’ve filmed in Japan, China, The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, Canada and the list is still growing! Our mission is to create content that is entertaining, informative, honest and fun! We love what we do and we are always grateful for your support! Thank you and see you on the next episode!



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The Anti-Tourist guide to Florence Italy - How to see it all

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Booking a trip to Florence? We have you covered! In this video we quickly review all the tips and tricks needed for your trip to Florence. We cover, where to eat in florence, where to stay in florence, what to do in florence, and others. Florence has so much to offer and it can be overwhelming choosing what to do. This video should help your vacation be a memorable one. When your in firenze you will need to see the uffizi gallery, the ponte vecchio, and most importantly the duomo.

Florence is more than a city, it's a feeling. The city is filled with art, history, and most importantly, amazing food. When in Florence, the diet goes out the window. Be ready for red wine, Florentine steak, and truffle pasta. Some of our favorite restaurants are:
La Grotta Guelfa
All'antico Vinaio
Antico Porto
and Perche No

just to name a few. For more info. Check out our blog post!

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FLORENCE GUIDES part 2 | 4 delicious SECRET foods you can eat in Florence and where to find them


Hey guys! It's always me, Ero, making videos from Florence. Since I think that our traditions are very important, this time I made a video about the foods that you can eat in Florence. However, my video will be quite different from the other videos that you will find on youtube, because instead of talking about the most famous florentine foods (bistecca alla fiorentina, gelato...) I will talk about four secret foods that were originally used by the poor florentine families. These foods are very humble and cheap, but delicious:
- Castagnaccio: it's a chestnut cake, invented in 1500 by Pilade da Lucca ( it is a food that was mainly eaten by the poor italians that lived on the mountain, whose main source of food were the chestnuts
- Lampredotto: cow innards, cooked inside of a broth with tomatoes, onions, parsley, celery its name comes from the fish Lampreda, that was a very expensive fish eaten by the rich florentine families
- Schiacciata: the schiacciata is a flat bread with holes, tipically eaten all over tuscany, however the florentines are the only ones that put grapes on it. MY APOLOGIES, I WAS WRONG, THE SCHIACCIATA ALLA FIORENTINA IS NOT THE ONE WITH GRAPES, BUT IT'S THIS ONE:
The tuscans like to make a panino with it putting inside different kinds of dressing, especially salami, ham, cheese, mushrooms, vegetables and so on.You should definitely try the schiacciata of the antico vinaio, very cheap and delicious! But remember to go there very early, otherwise the line will be very long
- Ribollita: a soup that was used to recover the ingredients leftover from other meals, especially black cabbage, beans, onions and bread.

Other videos about florentine foods (check them out!):
- Jaycation
- Lonely planet
- Strictly dumpling
- Samuel and Audrey
- Roseannetangrs

I am Ero, a scientist from Florence who loves to travel around the world and show you the most beautiful things I see, filmed making my drone fly above the highest skies and scuba diving with my GoPro in the deepest blue seas.


LEGENDARY PASTA & SANDWICHES! Food Tour of Florence Italy

My food adventure in Florence Italy continues as I spend the entire day just eating nonstop which is my type of fun :-) I really wanted to try out some iconic Florentine dishes and just as much pasta as I can get my hands on.

For my first stop I went to the central market which is a great place to just hang out and eat, walk around then eat some more and hit the repeat button all day. Then I went looking for a local restaurant that is PACKED all the time and finally went pasta hunting. All in all, a pretty fun day!

The places I ate at
Da Nerbone

Trattoria Mario

Panini Toscani

Trattoria Casalinga

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WHAT TO EAT IN FLORENCE ITALY - Tuscan Food tour + Il Mercato Centrale & All'Antico Vinaio

FLORENCE FOOD TOUR - Mercato Centrale, All'Antico Vinaio, Gelato, Italian Street Food and the BEST Florentine Steak in Tuscany!

Jaycation braves the HOT TUSCAN SUN over the 2019 Summer heat to try the BEST FOOD in Firenze! We visit our favorite Trattoria along with the best street food stands around Florence and finally get a chance to try out food at the famous Il Mercato Centrale! To Jaycation's surprise, Trapizzino which used to only be in Rome is now in Florence! We try Porchetta Panini's, Lampredotto, a variety of Gelaterias and even some Neapolitan Pizza!

What's your favorite food and places to eat when visiting Florence? COMMENT BELOW & SUBSCRIBE!

#florencefoodtour #firenzefoodguide #mercatocentrale

*Places We Visited in Video*
Bistrot Venezia Santa Lucia
Pam Local
All'Antico Vinaio (Tried L'Inferno & Manolo's Special) Schiacciata Bred

Gelateria dei Neri (Best Salted Caramel Gelato in the world!)

Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi (Make Reservations) Bufala Rigatoni and Florentine Steak is THE BEST!

Gelateria Producto Artigianale
Il Mercato Centrale - Florence Central Market

il Trapizzino - Triangular pizza and pasta sandwiches originally from Roma

I Ravioli Cinesi Asian soup made with ravioli
L'Antico Trappaio (Lampredotto & Porchetta Sandwich)
Vivoli Gelato in a Cup
La Boîte - Cappuccino con Chocolate
Da Nerbone - Mercato Centrale Porchetta Panini

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Florence, Italy travel guide and tips - Where to eat in Florence [3 of 4]

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Florence travel guide and tips: Where to eat in Florence?
Vacationing in Florence also means enjoying the local products: the wines, the bread, the olive oil; it can truly be a taste adventure discovering new flavors and experimenting with the endless number of local dishes, accompanied by a vast choice of famous Tuscan wines.

More informations on:

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are you hungry? well you come to the right place, or maybe not, but stick around. We couldn't leave Florence without finishing off with a bang! after living here for a. month these are the top tourist foods to try while your here on your travels. Obviously these foods listed are the tourist hot spots and not local, but do it for the gram. we tried famous All Antico Vinaio then stop by Vetreria steak house for some gigantic Florentine Bisteca, next to the Florence Central market for some Lampredotta beef stomach sandwich, some pasta, Autumn snacks of roasted chestnuts and topped off with some genuin Gelato icecream. #florencefoodtour #italianfood #italyfood #travelvlogger

Places we visited
started in 1991 selling the famous panini, now has become highest rated restaurant on trip adviser so the lines go for miles. there is 3 stores so make sure you get there around 11-12.30 to skip the lines.

personally recommend this restaurant for a big juicey oz of Chianina florentine bisteca. they also serve other dishes if your interested trying some amazing foods. Lunch time is a great time to go as its quiter and no reservations required to get a spot.

if your lucky and get there for the Autumn winter seasons then you will come across these chestnuts stands on the street, cheap street food eats and great pick me up snack.

try the Lampredotta sandwich on the lower ground market floor, very local and tradition way to eat the sandwich, cheap eats so great on a budget. though it may not be fancy or high quality ingredients, its got a hype for a reason, so give it a go!

very quite street in Bardi where you can get a authentic Homemade gelato icecream, highly recommend going for the more natural flavours like, berries, cream and nuts, that way you can taste the fresh ingredients and more traditional to how it should be.

If you want more food tours then give this video a big thumbs up!
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Where to get the best pizza and the best pasta in Florence

Italian food is GOOD. Italian food in Italy is GOD TIER. But if you're only there for a few days, how can you know what to eat and where to go? Well, obviously you have to eat pizza. Obviously you have to eat pasta.

I scoped out the best and most authentic spots in Florence to get pizza and pasta, so you won't waste your time anywhere GROSS.

Jk pizza is never gross.

Trattoria Da Rocco - try the Pasta e Ceci or the Amatriciana
Caffe Italiano, with a small pizzeria attached - def get a glass of rose wine with your pizza.


Instagram: @jemimaskelley

ITALIAN STREET FOOD! Most Famous Sandwich in Florence? + Traditional Tuscan Food

***Filmed before the COVID-19 outbreak***
We're finally in Florence! We are so excited to explore this gorgeous city, the birthplace of the Renaissance and most importantly, home to delicious Tuscan and Florentine food! Our day takes us to 2 important art galleries, the most legendary street food in Florence and of course some amazing gelato! So come join us for the next 3 videos as we explore Florence and all that it has to offer!


0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Galleria dell Accademia
The home of the magnificent Statue of David, this sprawling art gallery is full of magnificent sculptures and artworks that are worth the visit.

1:16 - All'Antico Vinaio
By far the most famous sandwich in Florence! This is the epitome of legendary street food. All Antico Vinaio serves incredible and gigantic sandwiches that are sure to satisfy. From Salami and Porchetta to Capacolo and Prosciutto, I'm sure they'll have a flavour that'll excite your tastebuds.

7:00 - Uffizi Gallery
The Uffizi is one of the most important art galleries in the world housing artworks by the most renowned artist throughout history.From Michaelangelo to Davinci and Boticelli, this gallery won't cease to amaze you with its vast collection of art in an incredibly beautiful building. As with the Galleria dell Accademia, it was free since we went during the first Sunday of the month.

9:07 - Messer Gelato
The gelato surprise of the day! We were meant to go to Perche No and Vivoli for gelato (2 legendary Florentine gelaterias) but they were both tragically closed. Luckily Messer gelato saved the dy with their high quality, artisan gelato. You can really tell the love and quality ingredients they put into this gelato because it was so delicious!

14:08 - Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco
An essential Tuscan dish you need to get is some pasta with a wild boar ragu and what better place to eat it than in a restaurant who's name literally translates to white boar. Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco delivers on all levels too. Excellent service, a comforting, homey atmosphere, and divine food!

18:08 - Gelateria La Carraia
I could not recommend this gelateria enough! This was the first of 3 visits to La Carraia and you'll soon find out why! I might even say the risky claim that it serves the best gelato in Florence! They have an incredible selection of to-die-for flavours to choose from and I guarantee you'll be leaving with a smile on your face after you've had their gelato!
21:16 - Outro

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Italian Food Tour at Central Market in Florence, Italy

Join us for an Italian Food Tour at Central Market in Florence, Italy as we sample numerous savory and sweet dishes on the second level of the market. Prior to arriving at the Central Market (Mercato Centrale) we had this idea that it would be upscale and touristy with prices to match but were pleasantly surprised by how affordable it was to grab tasty bites on a budget. We ended up spending just over 23 Euros total for the two of us to sample a lot of different food at Florence Central Market (Mercato di San Lorenzo). Here is the list of food items we had at the market:

1) Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan cheese cubes)
2) Burrata sandwich with prosciutto
3) Trapizzino (pizza dough with a stuffed filling)
4) Arancini (crispy rice balls with a savory filling)
5) Cannoli dessert with gelato inside
6) Malaga gelato (rum and raisin flavored ice cream)

Location of Florence Central Market Information:

Florence Central Market (Mercato Centrale / Mercato di San Lorenzo)
Address: Piazza del Mercato Centrale – Via dell’Ariento, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Hours: Monday to Sunday (daily) from 8AM–12AM
Phone: +39 055 239 9798

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Italian Food Tour at Central Market in Florence, Italy Video Transcript:

It is lunchtime in Florence and we are back at Central Market (Mercato Centrale / Mercato di San Lorenzo). We were here yesterday to buy some produce and a few groceries to cook an Italian meal at home. And then we noticed that on the second floor they have a whole bunch of restaurants and deli shops so we figured let's come back and actually have lunch here.

That is the plan for today. We've just arrived but we're going to have a little wander through to see what is available and then we'll start buying little bites. We've got to scout it out really well before we pick.

We've got our first two items. That kind of startled you there. Yeah, I was admiring my cheese. We got a little cone of parmigiano. Parmesan. Parmigiano Reggiano. This was 3.50 in Euros. The best part is it comes in these massive cubes and you've got this little fork to pierce them with so look at the size of this.

All of the cheeses, the meats, the pastas, the pizzas. Wow. The gelatos. It is like this is really good. Italy is making me chubby.

And you know what is next. This little thing. This little thing. I believe this was called Burrata. And it looks like it this looks like focaccia bread or something. It has kind of been made into a sandwich. It is a sandwich. It has prosciutto. I'll kind of lift it up here so you can see. It appears I could be wrong but it appears to have a some salad. Some salad. Ensalada. I think there is some creamy cheese as well. It was 6 Euros.

We found our next dish. This is called Trapizzino. And it looks amazing. Basically this is pizza dough in the form of a triangle and then it has been stuffed with filling. You can choose what filling you want. They have a whole bunch to choose from but we went with the eggplant and the tomato sauce a little bit of pesto and then parmesan cheese on top coming in at 4 Euros.

Moving on to snack number four. So this is something we've seen a few times and we've wanted to try it. And we've never had it. It is basically a giant crispy rice ball (arancini). Inside there is different flavors. We got the one with prosciutto for 3 Euros.

Alright we're moving on to dessert. What do you got in your hands?

We got two desserts. We did. But let's start with this one. So this is the Cannoli at 3 Euros. And instead of being stuffed with a cream of ricotta it is actually gelato made with ricotta cheese and we got rum and raisin gelato called Malaga at 3.50 Euros.

That brings our total to 23 Euros for two people. Basically 11.50 per person. We got to eat a lot of like amazing delicious food. I mean this far exceeded my expectations.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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What to eat and where to go in Florence, Italy! A food and street tour.

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What to eat and where to go in Florence, Italy! A food and street tour.

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I'll be trying the Famous Lampredotto Sandwich, visiting the oldest pizzeria in Florence as well as eating some amazing pastas, paninis and sampling their delicious aperitivo.

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Dine around Florence, Italy & try Jaycation's Top Foods to eat when visiting this beautiful city in Tuscany. From Florentine Steak to Gelato, it is sure to be Foodie Heaven for all Italian Food lovers!

__Places Visited__
L'Antico Trippaio
La Prosciutteria
Gelateria Cillo
Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi
All'Antico Vinaio
Gelateria dei Neri
Mercado Centrale Firenze
Hosteria Da Ganino

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