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What it's like to live on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


What it's like to live on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

What it's Like to Live on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

So many people have asked us what it's like living on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. This video is the first of several we will be uploading to show just that! Lake Atitlan is an incredible place, and to live there is an amazing experience.

Lake Atitlan has been called the most beautiful lake in the world. Surrounded by steep mountain walls and framed by 3 ancient volcanoes, it has a reputation for being a mystical place. It draws visitors from all over the world.

Lake Atitlan is located in the Guatemalan highlands about 90 miles from Guatamala City. The lake bed is actually a Caldera from the eruption of an ancient super volcano and reaches depths of over a 1,000 feet (340 meters), making it the deepest lake in Central America. Evidence of the regions volcanic past is all around from ash cliffs, to verdant farming along the mountain sides. Of course it's impossible to ignore the towering volcanoes, San Pedro, Toliman, and Atitlan looking over the lake like sentinels.

Atitlan is surrounded by towns and small cities many of which are only accessible by boat. Some of these rise straight up the sides of the mountains, seeming to defy gravity.

There is a very strong indigenous Mayan influence in the area and well over 20 different indigenous languages are spoken in Guatemala. Several of these can still be heard around Lake Atitlan where cultural identity is still very strong, despite western influences. Locals wear traje tipica, or 'typical clothes' and carry on life in much the same way as their ancestors, though every so often you'll see a smart phone tucked in their waistbands.

The jumping off point for most place around the lake is a town called Panajachel or Pana for short. The reason Pana is the center for the tourist scene at lake atitlan is because it is one of the most accessible towns on the lake. The main highway runs through it. Pana is also built on an area of the lake that is relatively flat, due to the river valley that it's situated in. For these and other reasons most people traveling to Lake Atitlan will pass through Pana at one point or another.

Within Pana itself there are several things to see and do, including visiting the historic church of Saint Francis of Asissi, with its original facade from the 16th century, visiting the Nature Reserve, attending a Spanish school, and of course shopping.

Within Pana people get around mostly via Tuk Tuks, small motor scooter carriages, that zip around town like red ants. You'd think the tuk tuks would slow down with the bumpy roads, and yet they fly at insane speeds to get you there on time! A tuk tuk should cost you 5 Quetzales in town per person, and 10 for longer rides.
most drivers don't charge for kids.

Pana has a fairly large harbor and a large fleet of public and private boats called Launchas. The launchas will take you to any other town on the lake and run from sun up until sun down. Just be aware that the lake is smooth in the morning and choppy in the evening, and when I say choppy, I mean really choppy!...this is almost always the case.

Most of the towns around the lake have a hustle and bustle about them. There is a palpable energy in the air, and nowhere is this more prevalent than each towns local market. In these markets local merchants buy and sell all sorts of goods. You can find pretty much anything you could ever want in the market. From meat, and fresh produce, to clothes and shoes. In the market there are no set prices and haggling is common. If you're a foreigner though be prepared to pay top dollar!

The schools around lake Atitlan may not look like schools elsewhere, but they are excellent. When the kids play...they play hard, and when they work, they work hard. We were very impressed with the schools in Pana and our kids loved them.

If you visit Lake atitlan, go to Calle Santander, even if you don't intend on buying anything. It is such a fun place to walk and observe the people, and take in the smells, sights, and sounds. If you look like a foreigner, just will be approached by many street vendors! Your two favorite words may become No, Gracias!

As far as things to do in Pana and around the lake, most of the regions tourist draw is for sightseeing. There are of course lake activities, such as kayaking and paddle boarding, but most people come to shop for local handiworks, especially the beautiful weaving that the region is known for. Each town along the lake shore is different. San Marcos for example is known as the spiritual or hippie town on the lake, while San Pedro is the backpacker town. Each place is different and worth visiting. You can also hike up several of the peaks around the lake, including the volcanoes.

Living on Lake Atitlan is an incredible experience and one that you will never forget!

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What to do in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala? These are our Top 10 Things To Do And See if you're planning a trip to the beautiful volcanic Lake Atitlan and its villages!

- Visit the town of San Pedro La Laguna

- Go on a coffee tour

- Visit San Juan La Laguna

- Explore the Nature Reserve in Panajachel

- Rent a Kayan and reach secluded beaches

- Visit Santiago Atitlan

- Visit Santa Cruz La Laguna

- Try some local Guatemalan food

- Enjoy shopping in the various villages and buy some local products

- Go on a sunrise hike to Indian Nose

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Episode 8 | Welcome to Guatemala | The Lake Atitlan Vlog

In this Episode we are travelling to Guatemala. First time travel for me to this country. I've been travel vlog the experience in Xela and hiking up the Lake Atitlan
My name is Davide and I'm from Switzerland. I quit my job to pursue my passion for filmmaking and photography because Switzerland aren't making bankers any more, apparently. For the following year I'll be backpacking the world and if you want to follow the journey you can check out my MySpace Instagram @dadanesto
Instagram :
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Introducing San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

This week we're taking you into yet another village on Lake Atitlan, San Pedro. If you're a backpacker or a budget traveller and you're visiting this part of Guatemala, this is probably where you'll end up. Hopefully through these quick videos of the lake, you'll get an idea of what it's like to live and travel around Lake Atitlan, and also have some insight into our day-to-day lives!

Learn more about long-term and indefinite travel on our blog:

GoPro footage of this video was stabilized using the Feiyu-Tech G4 Gimbal:

To get a better idea of who we are and what we do, check out: GoatLife TV Episode 35 A Day In The Life Of The Goats


Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel Guide | 90+ Countries with 3 Kids

Lake Atitlan is one of the most popular places to visit in Guatemala, and for good reason. Imagine a huge lake surrounded by volcanoes and dotted with traditional villages and small towns, each with their own personality. 

Being that Lake Atitlan is easily accessible from the travel hub of Antigua, many travelers add a stay at the lake to their Guatemala trip.

You'll mingle with locals, backpackers, yogis and church groups on mission trips. You can choose to spend your time relaxing, hiking, volunteering, getting off the grid, hanging out with other foreigners, drinking a beer on the lake, cleansing your body and soul, or all of the above!

There are lots of things to do in Lake Atitlan, plus it’s perfect environment to get away from it all and simply relax. It's no surprise that people often end up staying around Lake Atitlan for much longer than expected.

Enjoy the video and make sure to let us know where you're watching from!

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In this episode, I would like to share my cost of living in San Pedro, Guatemala. Since the video is too long, I have to divide it into 2 parts. This video is mainly focus on the food cost. And before dive into it, I will give you an overview of San Pedro, banking and safety.

I stayed in San Pedro from Mid September till the end of December. From September to October, it rained a lot in the afternoon or night time. Morning usually was quiet sunny. There was no more rain from November but December started to get a little windy. So far, the temperature was very comfortable during the day and a little chill at night. If you are from a cold country, the weather is called warm to you. I usually had a jacket with me as I didn't want to get sick.

In the next video, I will talk about how to go to San Pedro, how to go around Lake Atitlan, as well as accommodation.

Time stamp for this video:

Start - 2:00 How San Pedro is like

2:00 - 2:19 ATM in San Pedro

2:19 - 2:50 Safety

2:50 - End Food Cost


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Lake Atitlan, GUATEMALA - Why is it the best place to retire?

Discover the beauty and excellent quality of life of Lake Atitlan but also the testimonials of expats living here year-round.
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Backpacking Guatemala - THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Antigua, Semuc Champey, Tikal, Lake Atitlán, and more!

Ever wanted to explore a beautiful but often overlooked country? Come see Guatemala! Discover all the highlights this amazing country has to offer, including Lake Atitlán, Antigua, Lanquín, Semuc Champey, Tikal, Flores, Hobbitenango, the Acatenango hike, Volcán de Fuego, Antigua, and El Paredon. I also talk about the basic essentials you need to know for each place as well as the country in general. Enjoy!

0:01:53 - Travel essentials
0:04:00 - Antigua
0:04:48 - Acatenango hike
0:06:27 - Hobbitenango
0:07:31 - El Paredon
0:10:34 - Lake Atitlán
0:14:24 - Lanquín & Semuc Champey
0:18:35 - Flores & Tikal

I know it's impossible to summarize an entire country in 20 minutes, but this covers the major highlights along the backpacker trail. Please comment if there's something you feel should've been included, I'm always looking to learn more about this awesome country!

None of the businesses or hostels I mention sponsored this or paid me in any way. I just think they're good ones to recommend :).

Our Adventures to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala | Episode 40

WE are half way through our three month break from sailing for the hurricane season and still adventuring throughout inland Guatemala.

This episode WE trek a little bit west from Antigua to an absolutely stunning getaway at Lake Atitlan. This beautiful mountain lake is surrounded by volcanoes and is in fact the lake it self is a crater from a volcano at one time. We waste not time exploring these beautiful vistas. Our time (and now this video) is filled with sightseeing, shopping, chocolate, zip lines, monkeys, butterflies, poolside recovery, boat rides, and just amazing times!!

We wander back and fourth to some of the main lakeside villages; San Marcos, San Juan and San Pedro. Each one offering a slightly different feel to the next.

Thank you for joining the Adventures of WE!

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Antigua to Lake Atitlan (travel day) | GUATEMALA TRAVEL VLOG

We've now left Mexico for Guatemala! We took our time travelling from Tulum to Cancun for 1 night then continued to the beautiful historic city of Antigua for another night before finally making it to our destination of San Pedro La Laguna on the shore of Lake Atitlan.

The journey saw us take 1 coach, 1 plane, 2 arranged transfers, a ferry and a tuk tuk before finally reaching our AirBnb! See how we got on and some of the beautiful sights we saw along the way!

Find out more about Guatemala:
Find out more about San Pedro La Laguna:
View our travel blog:

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Beautiful Waterfront Property in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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Backpacking Guatemala - Lake Atitlan - San Marcos La Laguna

Hey Stephen Here!

Sabrina and I have arrived in the small village of San Marcos La Laguna, along the north shore of Lake Atitlan. San Marcos is a laid back, chill place to relax and enjoy amazing vibes, coffee and conversation. The people are incredible friendly and the food is AMAZING.

Casa Kaktus - Santa Cruz La Laguna - Lake Atitlan -

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Beautiful Lake Atitlán, Guatemala | Travel Video

Lake Atitlán is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Nestled between three volcanos that loom over the entire landscape. Wandering through villages around Lake Atitlán is a privilege I savor, exploring beauty in every form. Spending time with people who are actually living on next to nothing but are happy, is a breath of fresh air. Can't forget the mayan people's colorful clothes that they make themselves, their traditional way of life of farming, their local markets and the art they create. All are like stepping back in time before our modern world.

Music: Cartoon, Jai Wolf - Indian Summer

Video location: Panajachel, San Marcos, San Pedro, Sololá, Chimaltenango, Antigua, Rio Dulce, Livingston, Puerto Barrios, Morales, Lanquín (Semuc Champey), Cobán, San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala City

Mayan civilization and its villages around Lake Atitlan Guatemala!

Did you know that the most Mayan descendants live in modern day Guatemala? And a great place to witness the color and culture of this ancient people is around Lake Atitlan!


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Backpacking Guatemala - Lake Atitlan - San Juan la Laguna

Hey Stephen Here!

Sabrina and I take the public boat to San Juan la Laguna. What an incredible little village. Cafe San Juan has the best coffee I've tried to date, here in Guatemala. The coffee that grows in and around Lake Atitlan is some of the best in the world - in my opinion.

San Juan la Laguna is a peaceful and friendly village on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

BEST COFFEE: Cafe San Juan - San Juan la Laguna - Lake Atitlan

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Why Lake Atitlan Is The Best Place To Live?

Why Lake Atitlan Is The Best Place To Live? Gohard shares why he chose Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. He also share what is the pros and cons of living here.


Discover why so many are choosing Atitlan as their retirement destination.

Visit the best selection of houses in lake Atitlan

Want a taste of Lake Atitlan? There is no better way to do it than to rent a house.

Expat Lifestyle, Retiree Lifestyle and Investors Lifestyle.

The Best Place To Retire
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You Want to Retire in Guatemala

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Backpacking Guatemala - Lake Atitlan - San Pedro La Laguna

Hey Stephen Here!

Sabrina and I leave San Juan la Laguna and head to the village of San Pedro la Laguna. San Pedro la Laguna is a larger village and the main hub on Lake Atitlan for backpackers. In this video we take you guys on a village tour

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Lake Atitlan on Foot and by Kayak! | GUATEMALA TRAVEL VLOG

We've now settled in our new home for the next month on the shore of Lake Atitlan and are absolutely loving it! Our Airbnb is on the hillside just outside of San Pedro La Laguna which is the town we begin to explore in this episode.

In the 2nd half of todays vlog we decide to get a different view of this beautiful place and rent kayaks to explore a hidden gem of a beach on the other side of the bay to San Pedro!

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Lake Atitlán Guatemala 4K

The Hung Family vacation to Lago de Atitlán in Guatemala- see the highlights of a jam-packed long weekend!

All shot on GoPro Hero 5 Black, DJI Mavic Pro, and Panasonic Lumix GH5 (12-35mm f/2,8II, 35-100mm f/2.8, and 42.5mm f/1.2 Nocticron lenses). Edited in FCPX and minimally color corrected using Color Finale Pro.

LAKE ATITLAN GUATEMALA Travel Vlog | Santa Catarina Palopó | How to travel Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel vlog from Santa Catarina Palopó is our first Lake Atitlan travel vlog. In this Guatemala travel video we show you how to travel Guatemala and why you need to visit Guatemala 2020.

We take the boat from San Pedro La Laguna to Panajachel Guatemala. Then we walk from Panajachel to Santa Catarina Palopo. The blue town of Lake Atitlan is definitely worth exploring. You also have an amazing view of Lago de Atitlan Guatemala, Volcan San Pedro, Volcan Atitlan and Volcan Toliman. Lake Atitlan Solola could be the most beautiful place in Guatemala.

If you travel Central America off the beaten path a stop in Lake Atitlan is a must. It is such an interesting place in Guatemala. Pintando Santa Catarina Palopó is an art project that helps to transform and boost tourism in this cute town of Lake Atitlan (lake) Guate.

We are in Guatemala for 6 months and we will travel to Antigua Guatemala, Tikal, Flores, Livingston, Rio Dulce, Acatenango, Xela, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala City, Huehuetenango, Livingston and many more places. Follow our adventures in Guatemala! Let us know if you have been here and have any suggestions of places!



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