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What It's Like To Be A Billionaire In Kuwait


Be Careful Of An Arab's Home

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How to become a millionaire in Kuwait


Exploring Kuwait's Biggest Market (Souq Al-Mubarakiya, Al-Shaheed Park, & More) Travel Vlog

In this vlog, we're exploring more of Kuwait, including Al Shaheed Park, Souq Al Mubarakiya, and the Kuwait Towers! We'll also try some of Kuwait's famous seafood.

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Driving With A Saudi Woman (+ local food!) ????????ترجمة عربية INSIDE SAUDI ARABIA #3

Women driving in the Kingdom is a new reality. Come along on for an insightful journey! MORE BELOW↓

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Be Careful of Aljazeera

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The Worst Commercial

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How Steve Harvey Prays

I spent a full week traveling with Steve Harvey - and every day, I got to know a little bit more about him as a person and about his religion and his faith.
So I decided to make this video about his faith. I hope you like it.

My Saudi Arabian Adventure! (Not What I Expected)

This was Saudi Arabia's first unsegregated concert performed by international artists!! Drifting an SUV around in the middle of the desert as a woman in Saudi Arabia and going to this concert, dancing with all the locals and actually seeing the crown prince of Saudi Arabia in person was an extremely unique experience to have in this conservative country.

I visited Saudi Arabia during the first time they opened up an e-visa for the Formula E races in 2018. My initial impression was that it felt extremely safe in Riyadh and there were lots of foreign fast foods. Life didn’t really start until the sun set and the temp cooled down, then it was the malls that seemed to be where everyone would hangout. It was required to wear an abaya which is a full body length robe like dress but not required to cover your hair, occasionally in places like Saudi Arabia I don’t mind wearing a hijab to both respect the culture and to also not draw any unnecessary attention to myself.

Getting to see One Republic live was surreal for me because I’ve been listening to their music since I was in Middle School but my favorite part of the concert was that David Guetta said he spend two weeks creating an all Arabic set and when he was playing it, I’ve never heard an audience sing alone more loudly. It felt like their voices made the ground shake!!

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Exploring BAGHDAD at Night With an Iraqi Girl (Safe?) Iraq Travel Vlog شاب أمريكي يلتقي بفتاة عراقية

In this vlog I meet up with my friend Safa in Baghdad to explore Iraq's capital city after dark! We talk about if Baghdad is safe at night and also get some amazing Syrian food!

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Why Arabs Are Leaving Earth

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Why I Cried After Leaving North Korea #86


The Secret Bitcoin Billionaire

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Informasjon om Kuwait - people and population

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Best Arab dance in Dubai

Indian Boy Asking Kiss from European girls

Indian pranking foreigners | Indian boy asking kiss from European girls | speaking hindi with foreigner girls | pranking foreigners in Ireland | best pranks in india ever | new Indian pranks

$10 Challenge in VENEZUELA (14 MILLION Bolívares)

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What Can $10 Get in Venezuela?

In this epic adventure, I take you on the bustling streets of Caracas and through the beautiful beach towns of Morrocoy to see how many things I could purchase with $10 USD, which at the time I made this video, was 14.7 MILLION Venezuelan Bolivares... Right now, $10 USD is equal to 22 million Bolivares, it's absolutely crazy.

Despite Venezuela's economic crisis and massive hyperinflation, the cost of every day items is getting more expensive, which makes it even harder for the local people to afford basic things like bread and water. It's really sad, and I hope the situation gets better because Venezuelans are some of the warmest and most hospitable people I've ever met. More to come soon from Venezuela!

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The Arab With 3,000 Cars

I finally met the Arab King of Cars!
Hamad has an impressive museum of more than 3,000 cars that he collects over 50 years in Abu Dhabi.
I have never seen any cars that look like my life. Here is his story!

[4K] Itaewon SAMSUNG Family Mansions (feat. BTS Jungkook) in Seoul, South Korea

Hello everyone!
Today, I depart from the Hyatt Hotel in Namsan and walk to Itaewon Fire Station Intersection. It is called ‘Namsan Castle’ because the mansions of the heads of large corporations such as Samsung, LG, and SK are gathered.

The houses of the late Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee and three siblings form a single housing complex within a huge wall. Around the mansion, there are buildings with support, security, air conditioning, and communication facilities for the family, as well as Samsung Seungjiwon, a kind of guesthouse built as a hanok. The Samsung Leeum Museum of Art is also located behind the Grand Hyatt, so this area is sometimes called another Samsung Town.

There are also quite a few celebrity homes in this neighborhood. There is also an old house that BTS Jungkook bought for 7.6 billion won (about 6.45 million dollars) right next to the Samsung family mansion. It is a red brick walled house with thick trees and covered with ivy.

Before going from Hyatt to Samsung Town, I stopped by actor Song Joong-ki's 10 billion won (about 8.5 million dollars) house. Although Song Hye-kyo and her husband bought this house a year before her marriage, the reconstruction work began a year after her divorce. It was noisy for a while due to protests from the residents against the construction of the alley in front of the house. It wasn't under construction when I went, but it wasn't even finished.

Embassies are often seen among the magnificent mansions. Even though Itaewon Hamilton Hotel and Gyeongridan-gil are right next to each other, it is a quiet and solemn luxury residential area.

★Time Table
00:35 Grand Hyatt Seoul
02:21 Embassy of Kenya
05:16 Song Joong-ki's house
11:20 Argentine Embassy
11:34 Samsung Seungjiwon (banquet house)
14:24 Indian Embassy Residence
14:38 Kuwait Embassy Residence
14:55 BTS Jungkook's house
16:34 Samsung Family Mansion Complex
20:22 Office of the Principality of Thailand
21:14 Embassy of Morocco
22:15 Embassy of Zambia
23:54 Embassy of Georgia
25:52 Itaewon Fire Station Intersection

★Naver MAP:
★Google MAP:
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⭐️by Pinkvilla Jan 04 2021
BTS singer Jungkook is officially an owner of a property in Itaewon, South Korea. The South Korean singer reportedly bought a home in the plush locality a few weeks after he sold his luxury Trimage complex apartment, back in October.

According to Etoday, the singer bought the house back in November. The property is described as a single-family, which means a detached or a standalone house, and was reportedly built back in1976. The singer shelled out ₩7.63 billion KRW ($7,050,940 USD) for the house.

The house constitutes of two floors and is spread across 230.72 square meters aka 2483 square feet. As for the location, Koreaboo reports that the property is situated about five minutes away from Nine One Hannam. Veteran BTS fans would know that area is also known as BTS’s dorm. The publication pointed out that JK's new house is smaller than BTS’ dorm. The smallest size at Nine One Hannam is 75 pyeong, the publication said.

The house's location falls in a diplomatic district which is popular among foreign diplomats and residents. It is reported that the house is close to the Kuwait embassy, ​​the residence of the Indian embassy, ​​and Samsung Seung Ji. It is known that even now, it was chartered by a foreign company,

Etoday reports. Many celebrities like Rain and Kim Tae Hee already have homes in the affluent locality of Itaewon. Park Myung Soo and Hwang Jung Eum are also a few celebrities who recently purchased properties in the locality.
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Shahrukh Khan in Kuwait 2018

Hey Guys SRK Had a recent Visit to was great awesome and too much crowd.

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Exposing Kuwait/ Things to Do: Part I/ Yachting

#blackgirlabroad #stampedandcultured #thingstodoinKuwait #yachtclub #blackgirlstravel #TheMiddleEast #BlackwomeninKuwait #Blackexpat #BlackAmericanexpat

Living in Kuwait during an ongoing pandemic is THE WORST. But we try to make the best of any situation. You’re moving to Kuwait and want to know what is there to do... look no further. Black Girl Abroad new series things to do in Kuwait. This episode we explore yacht life. Come along for the adventure. Make sure to subscribe for more vlogs. ⁣

????Private Yacht & BBQ Party

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