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What Happened to Saudi Arabian Airlines? Big Changes Coming Soon


What Happened to Saudi Arabian Airlines? Big Changes Coming Soon

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Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) has always been kind of a mysterious airline to the west and that’s exactly why I found it interesting. It is a major airline in the Middle East, with 150 airplanes, but historically their focus is to serve their customer inside Saudi Arabia.

I recently flew on a Saudia B787 Dreamliner from Dubai to Jeddah. The largest country in the Middle East has opened their doors to visitors again. Let’s find out from my journey what’s changed in SAUDIA during the pandemic.

During my visit, I was driven for the first time by a Saudi lady. I visited the SAUDIA crew training centre and saw a new batch of Saudi National female cabin crew being trained. A couple of years ago it would’ve been impossible to see a Saudi female driving or serving as a flight attendant.

I interviewed Saudia's CEO, Captain Ibrahim Koshy. He mentioned a lot of things are changing inside the 75-year-old airline, with goals to transport 100 million tourists to Saudi Arabia with vision 2030. The airline is at a turning point. In the next 5-10 years it will be interesting to see how Saudia develops itself on the global aviation footprint.

Traveling Inside Saudi Arabia - Saudia B787 and LCC Flyadeal ترجمة عربية

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This is my third vlog in Saudi Arabia focus on the aviation sector. I had a quick tour of Riyadh Airport include ramp access to film the commercial and private aviation scenes. I visited the Saudia Al Fursan Lounge at Terminal 5 of Riyadh before boarding my Saudia B787-9 Dreamliner flight to Jeddah. It was a quick 1.5 hours domestic flight but interesting to see a dedicated prayer area and the service provided on-board.

Once arrived in Jeddah, I met up with Tour Guide Abir to explore the city, the Sea Mosque and Old Jeddah City.

Then I tried out Saudi Low Cost Carrier Flyadeal from Jeddah to Abha, it was an interesting experience to see the popularity of Low Cost Airlines rising inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abha is an interesting city with green mountains and different landscape. I met fellow vlogger Eva zu Beck and Nara and we've discussed about how tourism is changing the country.

#السعودية المملكة العربية# السعودية #SaudiArabia

How Saudia Became The Middle East’s Largest Airline

Saudia is the Middle East’s largest airline this summer, overtaking Emirates and Qatar Airways, mainly thanks to its big domestic network. Saudia now has 158 aircraft, of which 103 are widebodies and 55 are narrowbodies. Let’s take a look at the factors contributing to Saudia’s new title...

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Saudia Parking Storage
Saudia 787-10 Arrival
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Saudia 787 Air to Air
Saudia 787 take off
Saudia 787 Paint Time lapse

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Crazy bans in Saudi Arabia and how they're changing now.

Saudi Arabia is a closed and conservative country ruled by Sharia law. In recent years, the country's government has loosened stringent laws and allowed women to drive cars, attend football matches, and children learn music. At the same time, witchcraft and Harry Potter are still banned in the Kingdom. In this episode, you will find out why in this country they can be executed or put in prison for many years. And how do the residents of Saudi Arabia relate to such rules. What is prohibited for women in Saudi Arabia and how they reacted to being allowed to work.

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Saudia Airlines First Class - Is it Sam Chui approved?

Video of my flight on Saudia B777-300/ER from London to Riyadh in First Class. A visit to Al Fursan First Class Lounge in Riyadh and flying a new A330-300 to Dubai in Saudia Business Class.

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30 Unique Things That Only Happen in Saudi Arabia

Did you ever think you could serve jail time for a selfie? Well, there’s no country quite like Saudi Arabia, and while it definitely has a colorful culture, some of its traditions and rules are fascinating…. And some are just plain weird!

For example, birth control is often accessible only for married women. Some pharmacies can ask for a marriage certificate before selling contraceptives! If you're a Saudi man, giving flowers to your sweetheart is also not a good idea. Here, women can only receive flowers from other women. And there are no cinemas in Saudi Arabia. The government believes that movies may give men and women inappropriate ideas. Can you imagine that?

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14 Strange Ways of Life the Ancient Egyptians Practiced
15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea

Deserts are everywhere 0:20
Really young population 0:58
Saudi Royal family 1:10
It's forbidden to take pictures of people here 1:29
Always use your right hand 1:47
Never show the soles of shoes 2:12
The camel industry 2:32
What women can't do 2:45
Saudi education is free 3:27
Bad news for Pokémon lovers 4:39
... and for Harry Potter books fans 4:49
Men and women can’t interact with one another freely 5:33
Sidewalk skiing 6:18

#saudiarabia #traditions #strangerules

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- Saudi Arabia is located on the Arabian Peninsula. Just so you know, this is the world’s largest peninsula. And even though Saudi Arabia is the 13th largest country in the world, it still has no river! Considering the fact that it’s mostly deserts, this is a real bummer for everybody.
- Despite its desert climate, snow, rain, and hail are never out of the picture. Especially, if you live in areas like Tabuk.
- Also, don’t be surprised if you see a Saudi family enjoying their meals on the floor.
- Saudi people take naming their child pretty seriously. They usually choose names that somehow reflect their kid’s heritage, the clan they’re from, or their extended family.
- Not that long ago, the women of Saudi Arabia weren’t allowed to drive cars or even ride bicycles. However, they could easily fly planes if they wanted to. Seems logical! Thankfully, in 2018, this ban was lifted.
- Universities are also packed with women. According to statistics, about 52 percent of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree are, in fact, women.
- Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia also comes with a set of rules. Flower shops can’t sell red roses, gift shops avoid selling heart-shaped products, and girls are prohibited from wearing red to school. And if you're a Saudi man, giving flowers to your sweetheart is also not a good idea. Here, women can only receive flowers from other women.
- Saudi wedding ceremonies are also not as fun as you might think. Believe it or not, they’re often held separately for the bride and the groom! The newlyweds get together only near the end of it.
- Music classes are also kinda banned in public schools. Sure, the Saudi music industry is pretty dynamic, but all Saudi musicians either taught themselves how to play instruments or had to hire a tutor.
- If you live in Saudi Arabia, you should also forget about crazy birthday parties. Public gatherings of any kind are completely prohibited, so your best option is having a piece of cake at home in your favorite pajamas.
- When the rest of the world obsesses over oil, Saudi people know what’s good. Here, fresh water is way more expensive and valuable. However, that’s probably because all the oil in Saudi Arabia can easily fill more than 4.7 million Olympic-size swimming pools!

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Saudia New A320 Flat Bed Business Class Scenic Flight

This is a flight I took when leaving Saudi Arabia for Europe. Saudia use low density refurbished A320s on longer haul flights to Europe. These A320s have been refurbished with flatbed Business Class seats, seat back IFE in all classes and have Wi-Fi on-board.

In the beginning of the video, I am sharing with you the key things you need to know and expect when flying Saudia.

The flight from Jeddah to Geneva uses the new Jeddah Terminal 1. Check out the flight amenities, food and beverages and service onboard Saudia’s signature Business Class. It was very scenic over the Red Sea and European Alps enroute to Geneva.

For more information on Saudia, please visit my blog:

Flying Saudia - Uncover Saudi Arabia as a Tourist ???????? ترجمة عربية

For more info on Away: Pls visit

This is part 1 of 3 vlogs of my visit to Saudi Arabia with the recent opening of E-Tourist Visa. In the first episode, I flew on Saudia A330 in Business Class from Dubai to Riyadh. A lot of behind the scenes filming from the cockpit, the crew and service delivery on the flight.

Once arrived in Riyadh, I was shown a tour of the city's market, fort, museum and Edge of the World. Throughout my tour, I seek explanation and the truth to some stereotype conception about Saudi Arabia.

The goal of this trip is to give you a realistic view on tourism in a country that was closed to non-religious travelers. The video does not endorse Saudi Arabia but merely showing my own experience there. My videographer and I were given permission to film on-board Saudia. This was not a paid content by Saudi Arabia. We will explore more aviation and the new Jeddah Terminal in next video.

Our Tour Guide: Mr Mateb Almahmoud

#السعودية المملكة العربية# السعودية #SaudiArabia

The Future of Emirates Airline - Big Interview with President Sir Tim Clark

What's in store for the future of the biggest international long-haul airline in the world? Will Emirates ever go supersonic one day? How's Emirates Airline coping with the current pandemic crisis?

I interviewed Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, last month at the Emirates Headquarter in Dubai. We talked about the latest developments in the aviation scene, fleet strategy on the A380 and the B777x, Premium Economy Class installation and the future of Emirates Airline.

Sir Tim also talked about his personal aviation career and shared some of his highlight moments.

Full interview:

The BEST of Dubai Airshow 2021 - Complete Show Highlight

Full show review of the Dubai Airshow 2021. Join me for all the Dubai Airshow highlights.

Watch a spectacular show opening flypast to celebrate the UAE 50th anniversary. Enjoy the finest flying display action from the Al Fursan flying team, US Air Force F16, Russian Knights, Boeing 777X, Airbus A350, Irkut MC-21, Saudi Hawks, Sarang from Indian Air Force and many more.

During the show, I took a specific and detailed look at some new airplanes, which were present at the Dubai Airshow 2021.

- Boeing 777X Experimental
- Uganda Airlines A330-800neo
- Ethiopian Airlines A350-900
- Boeing ecoDemonstrator Alaska Airlines B737 MAX 9
- Irkut MC-21
- Aurus Sukhoi Business Jet
- Gulf Air B787-9
- Etihad A350-1000 and B787-10
- Let 410NG

I also spoke with several indoor exhibitors about their latest show announcements at Lufthansa Technik, Etihad Engineering and IAI. I met up with 2 UAE astronauts, Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi, to speak about their space exploration experience.

Over 120,000 visitors attended the Dubai Airshow 2021, which set a new record despite the pandemic challenge. It delivered a strong message that the airshow represents travel recovery. It is time to meet and travel again.

For more Dubai Airshow coverage, please visit my blog:

Inside Emirates A380 Service Center - How Did They Bring an A380 Back to Life?

I visited Emirates Engineering in Dubai, which is the world's biggest A380 maintenance facility and can house up to 11 A380’s at one time. It was an eye-opening tour; I’ve seen so many interesting things that we normally wouldn’t have the chance to.

First, I was shown an Emirates A380 currently going through a heavy 3C check; with all cabin interiors, seats, panels and bins removed. It is very different from the fully decked-out A380 that we normally fly on.

Next, another A380 was being prepared to return to service after storage and was undergoing a gear retraction check (gear swing). The 575-ton A380 was on three jacks, with its landing gear up. The engineer explained all the necessary tasks for the A380 to return to service. Take a look at all the interior work being carried out.

Next, I visited the cabin interior seat shop; where you can find all the seats (First, Business and Economy Class) that came off the airplane and were being inspected. It is very interesting to see how engineers paint the panels and put wallpaper on planes.

Finally, I visited the paint shop; to understand how they paint and apply special decals on airplanes. I saw the Emirates UAE 50th special anniversary livery in the paint shop too.

I would like to dedicate this vlog to all the hard-working engineers, who work day and night to ensure the planes are well maintained and safe to fly.


SAUDI ARABIA was nothing like I expected! Part 1 of many videos about the mysterious Kingdom. The long journey starts in Riyadh.

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Why Tourism is Saudi's New 'White Oil'

World’s Best First Class? Air France La Premiere 2021

I flew Air France from Nice to Dubai. During online check-in I decided to upgrade my ticket from Business Class to La Premiere, which is Air France's very exclusive First Class.

I was escorted to the plane by an Air France agent in Nice. After a non-eventful one-hour domestic flight, I arrived at Paris CDG where I was met by my personal escort and a limo to the Air France Salon La Premiere (lounge). I enjoyed some of the great French food and drink there before I headed off for my next flight to Dubai.

The Air France Paris to Dubai flight was a B777-300/ER. I was fortunate enough to be the only passenger in La Premiere. Take a look at the understated luxury design and elegance of the cabin. Combine with great French gastronomy and La Premiere remains one of my favourite all-time First-Class experiences. During the video, I also reveal the best way to fly in La Premiere.

10 Things NOT to do in SAUDI ARABIA

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Pakistan To Saudi Arabia Direct Flight Operation Start - Kharooj Awdah and Iqama Extend - Saudi News


Pakistan To Saudi Arabia Direct Flight Operation Start - Kharooj Awdah and Iqama Extend - Saudi News

Captain Ibrahim S Koshy, Welcome to #SaudiArabia

Captain Ibrahim S Koshy, CEO of SAUDIA Air Transport Company speaking to WTM Yearbook.

#WTMLDN @SAUDIA | السعودية

Big Updates From Saudi Arabia || Removed All Restrictions || Direct Flights Updates || Travel Grow

asslam o alaikum

Big update from saudi govt, All restrictions removed from today. Makkah & Saudi Airports fully opened now. Saudi direct flights will be opens very soon. Subscribe the channel for more informative videos.




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Pakistan To Saudi Arabia Flight Open | Saudi Airline And GACA Flights Start FOR Pakistan Soon

Pakistan To Saudi Arabia Flight Open | Saudi Airline And GACA Flights Start FOR Pakistan Soon



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