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Wen 56200i vs Predator 2000w Generator Review


Wen 56203i 2000 watt inverter generator review

A brief review of the Wen 56203i 2000 watt inverter generator. Very happy with my purchase.

Wen Inverter Generator Maintenance

In this video I show you how to maintain your Wen Inverter Generator by cleaning the air filter, changing the oil, checking the spark plug, and cleaning the spark arrester.

Wen 2000w Inverter Generator:


⚡️ WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Review ⚡️

WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator Review. Quiet, Handy, Very Easy To Start, Smooth Pull Cord! Great design and super economical on gas. Really Nice Unit! Does Exactly What I Wanted!
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If you look for a good generator, especially for camping, look no further than this WEN 56200i. It's quiet, fairly light and the motor never misses. It is very quiet, handy, and easy to start. The pull start is very smooth, takes very little effort to start this unit. This WEN portable generator puts out enough power to run the Air Conditioner (5000 BTU) in my Camper, and run the Microwave.

First of all, I bought this Wen 56200i generator because it's very attractive. Inside it seems to have nearly the quality level of the Yamaha although there are differences. The engine is the same design but it has a dipstick whereas the Yamaha only has a plug. The spark plugs use different size wrenches. The inverter on the Yamaha is cased but the circuit board components are open on the WEN.

Furthermore, this WEN 2000w inverter generator was easy to get ready. I did have to add oil, but as I change the oil in my cars and other smaller equipment regularly this was easy. The oil fill area is easy to get to and well marked. It was easy to learn how to start, and it is easy to pull to start it

I also love the ease of pulling the start engine cord. Smooth easy pull. It starts up easily and is very quiet. A little on the heavy side for me at 48 pounds, plus 8 pounds for a full tank of gas, but 48 pounds is doable.

This WEN 56200i super quiet generator was exceptionally fuel-efficient. I filled it before we left on vacation, and I took an extra gallon of gas along. I did not need the extra gallon, because in about 5 hours of running on the economy mode it used only 1/4 of the tank of gas!

Very quiet, vibrates very little, easy to carry, gas gauge, eco-mode which really does slow it down when more than 1000 watts aren't needed, low oil shutdown, USB charging port along with 12v charging port for batteries, starts first pull every time, and has a convenient one-knob rotating control which chokes and turns generator AND fuel on/off instead of three separate controls.

This WEN 56200i portable inverter generator charged and ran most of my appliances. When it was running all of my camper appliances including our small Microwave worked. It charged the batteries from about half full to completely charged in under an hour every day.

The spark plug is harder to find size so I converted it to NGK and ordered a couple of spares.

On the whole, I am very pleased with it. This Wen 56200i 2000-watt generator is a really nice unit, great value by the price. Small enough to be mobile but powerful enough to do the job. As long as I take care of it, I think it will probably last for years to come and make boondock camping much easier. Very good purchase. Highly recommend.

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My new Wen Generator

I finally broke down and bought a generator. Visit my post to find out what changed and why now is the time to power up your camper.

Westinghouse iGen2500 Vs Predator 3500

We want to run an RV air conditioner. 3500 or 2500 watts? I give my opinion on it... for what it's worth.

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Westinghouse iGen2500
Predator 3500
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My initial thoughts on the WEN inverter generator purchased from the Home Depot. Generator was ordered online and sent to the store for pick up. The front of the case was damaged and broken and not sure if the damage was from the factory or the shipping but did not hinder the start up and use of the generator. If i had time i would have sent it back for an undamage one but i was days away from my trip that i needed it on and was afraid that the home depot could not deliver. So if Home Depot is listening i would like one that didn't have factory/shipping damage just saying.

Harbor Freight Predator 3500 watt generator Noise Test running the RV Air Conditioner?

In this video, we test both the Harbor Freight Predator 3500 watt generator and the Generac ix2000 generator for noise levels while running our Dometic 10,500 btu Cool Cat air conditioner in our 2018 NuCamp T@B 400. We measure the sound using a decibel meter app on our iphone from 23 feet away from the generator.


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Honda 2000 vs Champion 2000 Inverter Generator Comparison

The Honda 2000 watt inverter generator is the gold standard of inverter generators. Many companies have been releasing their own version to compete with Honda. We just purchased a new Champion 2000 watt inverter generator and decided to compare it with my father in laws Honda. The units are very similar and run in parallel with another 2000 watt unit. When paralleled they can put out near 3700 watts to power your entire RV.
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RV Inverter Generators - Better Than Solar?

When deciding between RV inverter generators and solar power, what are the pros and cons of each? Which makes more sense for your rig and the way that you like camp? Do you have to choose one or the other? Get the answers to your boondocking power needs now! #rvboondocking #rvgenerator #rvcamping


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Champion 3400 watt inverter generator -

Honda 1000 watt inverter generator -

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[Video Gear Review] A-Ipower RV Inverter Generator

Delivering a clean resource of energy for your family RV travels, the A-Ipower RV invertor generator powers all your essentials while you're out exploring the world.

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Running a 30 amp Camper With Two Harbor Freight Predator Generators

This is two Harbor Freight 1,600 - 2,000 watt generators connected with a parallel connector. For this test I ran the A/C, refrigerator and television. I would probably turn something off before kicking on the coffee maker or microwave. These generators are super quiet and you can barely hear them running inside.

I got this system primarily for emergency power but the twin generators give me the flexibility to take one when I don't need the big setup. The twin generator configuration means double the maintenance and higher up front costs. We felt the costs were justified because the generators are easier to move. I couldn't life the 3,500 watt generator but I can load these in the truck without assistance.

Rockpals 2000W Portable Inverter Generator Super Quiet

Rockpals 2000-Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator, 9 Hours Time Portable Camping Gas Power Generator, CARB Compliant With Eco-Mode, Parallel Ready, Dual 120V AC Outlet, 2 USB Ports, 12V DC Output
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Super Quiet inverter technology, extremely Fuel Efficient: 48dBA at start, 52dBA at 25% load, 58 dBA at full load - Features ECO Mode for Maximum Fuel Efficiency
Weighs Only 47 Lbs with compact size: Great Choice for Home Use as an Emergency Backup in a Power Outage - And for campgrounds, construction sites, tailgates and camping
Parallel Capable: Combine Your two Rockpals R2000i to get Double Available Wattage and Amperage (Requires Rockpals Parallel Cord, get it free when you buy two Rockpals R2000i Enter code VKJN5SPA at checkout.)
Produces clean power to safely operate and prevent damage to sensitive electronics such as smart phones, tablets, televisions and laptops
Includes two three-prong 120V receptacles, one 12V DC receptacle and two 5V USB port
Two Year Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support at email or call 877-765-8666
Gift for mother, father, family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend.
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UNBOXING! Wen 56203i Super Quiet Portable Generator + Review of Death Valley Backcountry Roads Map.

Unboxing of my WEN generator and familiarizing myself with death valley roads.

Honda EU3000 vs Champion 2800 you Won't Believe It!

This video is a sound test of Honda EU3000 vs Champion 2800 watt inverter generators. We used a decibel meter to log what the sound levels were at various times. The generators were tested using a 1725 watt 2 PVC heater. This provided a constant and equal load.
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Come and check how our Chicago customer's review of #NI2000i portable inverter #generator.


We finally find out if our tiny 800 / 1000 watt generator will actually run a 5000 BTU a/c without fault. We then follow up with a replacement of the air conditioner in the Roadtrek.
Frigidaire 5000 BTU:
Sportsman Generator Video:
Follow Up Video:

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In this series, I go from a home in the Los Angeles hills packed full of stuff and owning two cars to full-timing in a Roadtrek campervan in less than 6 months. I buy an old camper van on Craigslist and deck it out just like home with all kinds of technology to make life comfortable on the road. I hope to encourage those that think they can't do it by showing how it CAN be done by planning carefully and taking baby steps.

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The Truth, inverter generators aren't QUIET

While the inverter generators seem quiet, it's when you use them that the sound level really matters. During this video, you'll see real world conditions the generators are actually under a load, with a traditional generator of double the capacity running 6 dBa quieter than a Honda inverter generator while on the same 1500 watt load. Why spend more to get a louder generator with half the capacity? This has been done many times on generators up to a Generac 17,500 watt unit.

Best Generator for RV Boondocking (Top 3)

This video is about Top 3 best generator for rv boondocking.

Boondocking in RV is great fun but also has power requirements. Getting a portable generator for your RV is a therefore a must while boondocking or dry camping in your rv or pop up camper or travel trailer. Off grid camping in travel trailer needs a lightweight and portable generator.

Below are the top 3 best generators you can buy while boondocking in your camper.

1.Champion 3100-watt Portable Inverter Generator
2. WEN 56200i 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator
3. Westinghouse iGen2500 Inverter Generator

You can check a complete list of best generators for RV in general using the link :

Each of these generators are great in terms of price, weight and portability. They are priced very nicely and hence you can afford any one of them. Other best generators from Honda or Yamaha are priced higher and hence they didn't make to this list.

While Boondocking you will not have shore power like in campground and therefore getting right size generator is very much necessary. Choosing right watts for the generator is also critical. These generators that i have selected are good enough to run an air conditioner or refrigerator in your RV or travel trailer or motorhome.

These are the best generators you can have inside your RV with no other power source.

WEN 56200i Generator 1 year review.

In this episode we review the WEN 56200i inverter generator.

WEN Generator
15A to 30A pigtail
Boeshield T9

We were in the market for a 2000W inverter generator about a year ago. We looked at the Yamaha and Honda options but thought $1000.00 was a bit steep. Then we stumbled upon the WEN 56200i. This generator boasted the same running and peak wattage 1600/2000 as the Honda and Yamaha generators but costs about half as much. We were a little apprehensive about the purchase believing you usually get what you pay for, but we were pleasantly surprised with the WEN 56200i. This generator comes with an Eco-Mode that can adjust the RPMs based upon the electrical load. It is also capable of parallel connections with a Parallel Kit allowing you to hook up another generator if you need larger electrical capacity. This is a Pure Sine Wave system allowing you to hook up your sensitive electronics without worry.

This system is fairly quiet at anchor and the 8 hour run time on a tank of gas could allow you to run it throughout the night. It will get up to about 60 decibels at peak power which is comparable to the Honda or Yamaha. We do usually turn it off if we are near other cruisers, just to be courteous but we have gone to sleep with it on.

We use a pigtail in one of the two three-prong 120V receptacles and a jumper in the other. The jumper allows the system to no fault for the reverse polarity indicator on our AC panel. The pigtail gets plugged into our shore power cord and the boat. This allows all of our outlets and any other AC powered systems in the boat to get power. There is also a 12V DC receptacle and a 5V USB Port if you need more hookups at the generator.

The WEN 56200i also has several safety features to keep the system running smoothly. The Overload Protection, Low-Oil Shutdown, and Low Fuel Shutdown help ensure you won’t damage your generator or run it completely out of fuel.

While this is a portable generator you want to make sure you have room to store it on your boat. It measures 18X11X18 and weighs just under 50lbs making it a little hard to store on a small sailboat. Lisa made a Sunbrella cover to keep it out of the direct sunlight while it’s on the deck. We also disassembled the generator and prepped it for the marine environment using high-temperature paint and Boeshield T-9 to keep corrosion at bay.

We have a 12,500 BTU AC and heat system aboard Starjewel. This generator has enough power to run the air conditioner and charge phones, computers, and the battery bank. However, it did not have enough power to start the compressor every time. We installed a SUPCO Hard Start capacitor to our air conditioner. This allows us to run our AC and almost anything else aside from the microwave at the same time. This little capacitor has really expanded our comfort at anchor in the winter and summer.

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Atima AY2000i RV Generator review Yamaha Powered

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