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Happy Haiti 2014 (HD)

Happy Haiti is more than just a video, it's a movement. We are determined to show the world the REAL Haiti...get ready because it's truly HAPPY!!!

Aquin 2014 haïti

La première grande ville du departement du sud d'haiti Aquin, une belle ville à visiter avec ses anciennes maisons du style colonial ,ses jolies plages et une population qui porte dans leur coeur la fierté d'etre fille ou fils de cette magnifique ville.

La Citadelle Laferrière - Haiti - 2014

20 Feb 2014. Inspiring views from the top of the Citadelle near the town of Milot in northern Haiti. And a great impromptu historical description in French from a local, 13-year-old guide named Kenson.


Partageons les points positifs de notre Haiti chérie. *vacances Haiti 2013*
Music by : Niguss, NegReyèl &PrinceLa

Welcome to [Les Cayes] -- Bienvini [Okay]

Discover Les cayes Haiti,Sud
Dekouvri Okay an imaj..

M/V Diamonds Welcome to Haiti

The ship was asked to leave by the owner of Port Morgan....the locals demanded our return! That is one reason we love the Haitian people.

A Trip To St Marc Haiti

This video is about A Trip To St Marc Haiti Seeing The Town In A Whole Different Light.

Welcome to Haiti

Haiti Travel Video

Le Dîner en Blanc - Haiti 2013, Vidéo Officielle

Vidéo officielle de la première édition Le Dîner en Blanc - Haïti, Port-au-Prince, 13 juillet 2013, Musée Ogier-Fombrun.
Official Video of the first edition of Le Dîner en Blanc - Haïti, Port-au-Prince on July 13th, 2013, Ogier-Fombrun Museum.

Organisateurs / Hosts: Carla Beauvais, Ingrid Enriquez-Donissaint, Chilandre Patry

Musique/Music: (1) Haiti Cherie - Jacques Sauveur Jean, (2) Ami O - Bébé Manga, Remixée par/Remixed by DJ Godfather. Vidéo/Video: Graphcity, Son/Sound: Boogie Recherche musicale/Music research: Samuelle Guillonville, DJ Godfather, DJ Rocsteady

Le Cap-Haïtien

This video is about Le Cap-Haïtien...

Cap-Haïtien (Okap or Kapayisyen in Kréyòl) is a city of about 190,000 people on the north coast of Haiti and capital of the Department of Nord. Previously named as Cap-Français, Cap-Henri, and Le Cap. It was an important city during the colonial period, serving as the capital of the French Colony of Saint-Domingue from the city's formal foundation in 1711 until 1770 when the capital was moved to Port-au-Prince. After the Haitian Revolution, it became the capital of the Kingdom of Northern Haiti under King Henri Christophe until 1820.

Cap-Haïtien's long history of independent thought and its relative distance from Port-au-Prince have contribute in making it a legendary incubator of anti-establishment movements. For instance, from February 5–29, 2004, the city was taken over by militants who opposed the rule of the Haïtian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. They eventually created enough political pressure to force him out of office and the country.

Cap-Haïtien is near the historic Haïtian town of Milot, which lies 12 miles (19 kilometres) to the southwest along a gravel road. Milot was Haïti's first capital under the self-proclaimed King Henri Christophe, who ascended to power in 1807, three years after Haïti had gained independence from France. He renamed Cap-Français as Cap-Henri. Milot is the site of his Sans-Souci Palace, wrecked by the 1842 earthquake. Five miles away is the Citadelle Laferrière, a massive stone fortress bristling with cannons, atop a nearby mountain. On clear days, its silhouette is visible from Cap-Haïtien.

Haiti December 2014 Vacation

A vacation I took with my mother in December 2014.

Haiti 2014 - Kominote

Cru @ UGA mission trip through Mission of Hope Haiti.

Haiti Flash

Haiti Flash - Haiti from above as you have never seen her before. Fast-paced, and intriguing.

Director/Editor: Pascal Antoine
Caamera: Holibriceromero Obillard
Grips: Maxon Justin, Lordy Lieve

Bon Bagay (Good Things) Documentary - Clean Water Haiti - Join Us Around the

Join Us Around the World Films presents to you Bon Bagay (Good Things) a Clean Water Around the World project in Haiti. Jason Coates, Derek Reinhardt and Pat Flanigan were on a mission to bring clean water to the children of Haiti so they teamed up with, ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign and set out on a journey that changed lives in Haiti but changed theirs as well. 2 schools, 2 orphanages and a family home prepared to help the community were the recipients of the water filters. Hundreds of children and hundreds in the community now have the ability to filter contaminated water into clean, healthy, drinkable water and hopefully save their health and lives... Press play and Join Us on this incredible journey to help bring awareness to these important world issues and to also see another side of Haiti you don't get to see everyday. #juatw #CleanWaterAroundtheWorld #LetsGoSeeitTogether

Special thanks to:
Faine Lartigue
Mecene Lartigue
Claudy Thomas
Gamael Laborde
Greg Cronin
Yon Sel Lanmou
Roux Black
Souls in Action
Lulu S. Clair
Wheel Chair Sports Camp
Kalyn Heffernan
Royalty Free Haiti
Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game
Collective Culture
For Love of Still
Pat Flanigain
Derek Reinhardt
Jeremy Pape
and all the generous and amazing
contributors to our IndieGoGo campaign

Executive Producer Jason Coates
Produced by Derek Reinhardt & Pat Flanigan
Director of Photography Derek Reinhardt
Edited by Jason Coates & Jeremy Pape
Music Produced by FaT TrAk & Infamous Jones
Opening Titles Shaun Burba
Developed by Jason Coates

haiti chéri pil bel peyi

Cette video prouve qu'haiti a vraiment de potentiels tourisques à exploiter pour faire de ce petit pays le paradis de la caraibes.

Bienvenida en Haiti (Welcome to Haiti) Bienvenue en Haiti

Hello tengo una buena noticia para todos. te aconsejo visitar Haití es el paraíso del caribe por donde puedes disfrutar tu vida con mejores momentos del mundo.

Hello welcome to the paradise where you can enjoy your life. vist Haiti for your best moment in the life.
Salut. Je veux que tout le monde fasse qu?Haiti est le paradis ou vous pouvez detendre votre vie. vos meilleurs moents. ici en Haiti. Like us en Facebook:

Haiti (Ayiti) ap vanse

Kirk trip to Haiti Jan 2014

A glimpse of Set Free Haiti

Experience Haiti In Less Than 5 Minutes

Experience Haiti In Less Than 5 Minutes

Tim Haiti 2014

Portraits of Haiti January 2014



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