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Volcanic Hot Springs, La Fortuna | Costa Rica | Tabacón vs Free

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The volcanic hot springs at the base of Arenal volcano are one of the main tourist attractions in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. These natural thermal spas (or Agua Termales) are around 38°C/100°F but different pools have different temperatures.

La Fortuna has a wide range of hot springs and spas where you can soak in the mineral rich volcanic water. These include Ecotermales, Baldi and the most famous one, Tabacón which is part of the Tabacón Resort & Spa.

We visited Tabacón thermal hot springs as well as the free hot springs in La Fortuna, which are right next door. We wanted to see whether the $70 USD entrance fee to Tabacón was worth the spa experience....and whether you should visit the premium hot springs and spas or just got to the completely natural spas (that are free).

Whilst you can stay at Tabacón resort and gain access to the spa, most people pay for a 4 hour visit either 10am - 2pm or 6pm - 10pm with prices starting from $70 depending on the time of year. You can also buy a full day pass with lunch or dinner (or both) with prices ranging from $85 - $105 USD. Finally, as a spa they also offer a range of other services such as massage on site.

To book:

The free hot springs are just across the road from Tabacón and use exactly the same thermal river! They may not be as pristine but you are still surrounded by nature and the rainforest that covers much of La Fortuna.

Shot on GoPro Hero 9 Black & Go Pro hero 8 Black.


0:00 - Intro
1:43 - Tabacón thermal spa
4:06 - Cold Pool
6:47 - Cost of Tabacón thermal spa
7:52 - Lunch (included in entrance fee)
8:54 - Free hot springs in La Fortuna
9:55 - Is Tabacón worth it, or are the free hot springs better value?

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