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Visit Puerto Rico, the hidden gem of the Caribbean!


PUERTO RICO Cinematic Video // The Hidden Gem of The Caribbean

In this Puerto Rico cinematic video we went to Culebra and Vieques and shot at the best spots including Flamenco Beach (Playa flamenco) in Culebra and Sun Bay in Vieques. We shot this video using drones, Gopro Hero 8 and the Nikon d3400, Puerto Rico beaches, waterfalls, rainforest and everything.

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PUERTO RICO: Top 10 INCREDIBLE Places & HIDDEN Gems ! ???????? (2021 Travel Guide)

This is our list of top 10 best things to do in Puerto Rico. Here is Yaucromatic, Bio Bay kayak tour, Ponce City, El Yunque Park, Crash Boat Beach, Mar Chiquita Beach, Old San Juan, Culebra island, Flamenco Beach and so much more. Just make sure to book all experiences well in advance. Save this list so you could plan the best vacation for 2021 and create your own Puerto Rico bucket list!

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Top 10 Things To Do In PUERTO RICO (2021 Travel Guide)

Top 10 Places you MUST visit on your trip to PUERTO RICO! Including: El Yunque National Rainforest, the beautiful city of Old San Juan, surfing paradise, Rincón, and more!
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10. El Yunque Rainforest
9. Castillo San Cristobal
8. The City of Old San Juan
7. Domes Beach
6. Gozalandia Waterfall
5. Cabo Rojo
4. Survival Beach Hike
3. Surfing in Rincón
2. Snorkeling at Tres Palmas Marine Reserve
1. Toro Verde Adventure Park

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9 Things To Add To Your Puerto Rico Bucket List

Puerto Rico is not your typical island destination. There are so many authentic experiences on the island that are worth exploring. Like hiking in the US’ only tropical rainforest, to exploring a 500-year-old city. Here are the top 9 things to add to your Puerto Rico bucket list.

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43 Places To Add To Your 2019 Bucket List


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9 Things To Add To Your Puerto Rico Bucket List

This is Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico in 2020

When’s the best time to visit a place that’s recently undergone a natural disaster? In this video I head to Puerto Rico to chat with Chef Maria Mercedes Grubb and Discover Puerto Rico CEO Brad Dean to understand how tourism, and the money it injects into local businesses, has been the most powerful economic driver following the one-two punch from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

If you’re considering vacationing somewhere that has recently been through a tough time like this, look to the tourism authority for information on visiting. One looming concern vacationers still might have after events like these, though, is over how things look. For that reason I wanted to see for myself the state of the island. I’m happy to report that it is as beautiful as ever, and that in traveling to some of the most iconic locations around Puerto Rico I saw zero evidence of the hurricane.

So, to that end, following events like this I recommend checking both the tourism authority’s website as well as looking into local creators on social media to get a full picture of the current state of things. What may be reported in the news might not affect your vacation at all, and these places want and need you.

If you’re looking for more info on this question check out the article I wrote for Marriott Traveler:

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Puerto Rico ** La Isla Del Encanto ** Paradise, Beauty

You are not dreaming, you are in Puerto Rico
Whether you're dreaming about spectacular surfing waves, a challenging golf course, or the perfect sunbathing beach, Puerto Rico offers the active traveler a tremendous array of opportunities. Surfing and golf compete with tennis, fishing, kayaking, SCUBA diving, and horseback riding, not to mention windsurfing and parasailing, for your active time. Our perpetual summer weather begs you to enjoy the sport of your choice!

Puerto Rico beckons active travelers interested in spicing up their vacations! From hiking in a forest, to dining on the infusion of classic and delectable Caribbean cuisine, to romantic walks on a moonlit beach, virtually any type of vacation interest can be accommodated in the land of your dreams, Puerto Rico.

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Text and video provided by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

Some call it Paradise, we call it Home.

Best Caribbean Islands 2021 | Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Best Caribbean Islands 2021 - The Top 20 Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean. In this video we are going to give you the best caribbean islands 2021, a Caribbean travel guide as we share with you the top 20 best places to visit in the Caribbean. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, as our #1 best caribbean island 2021 is the best place to visit in the caribbean and will show you the true meaning of iconic!

When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Puerto Rico?

- Have you ever asked yourself when is the best time of the year to visit Puerto Rico? Just because the Island sits in the middle of the Caribbean doesn’t mean any month will do. Some months are a lot better than others and in this video I tell —and show you— you why.

My name is Orlando Mergal. I’m a professional communicator and landscape photographer living in Puerto Rico. I’ve lived on the Island since 1963 when my parents returned to their homeland after living a couple of decades in New York City.

Through the years I’ve photographed the U.S. National Parks as well as every corner of my local Puerto Rico. And while Puerto Rico is summer like all year long, there are better months to visit, especially if you’re a photographer like me.

In this video I tell you when to come and when to avoid the Island. What’s more, I tell you why and I show you what those least attractive months can look like. And, of course, I’m talking about the Sahara Dust and how it can make your life miserable, especially if you’re a photographer, an asthmatic or someone suffering from severe allergies.

See the Sahara Dust in Puerto Rico first hand!!! —

Puerto Rico is the Caribbean's most beautiful island. Discover every corner guided by GPS. Beaches, Spanish Forts, tropical rainforest, caves; it's all here!

And don’t forget to order “Puerto Rico Beach By Beach”, the ultimate guide to Puerto Rico's most beautiful beaches. It’s packed with useful information about all our wonderful beaches, including GPS coordinates. Most importantly it’s less than five dollars.


Top 10 Hotels Caribbean | LUXURIATE in these Best Places to Stay in the Caribbean

Top 10 Hotels Caribbean | Top 10 Hotels Caribbean | Best Places to Stay in the Caribbean
Revellers, we are so excited about the new Amazon Explore! Go on a vacation or wildlife adventure from home, and more! We've tried 3 adventures so far, and they were amazing! Definitely give it a try.
Come with us on a journey to the top 10 hotels in the caribbean! Be sure to watch all the way to the end, as our #1 best hotel in the caribbean is not to be missed. Which of these top hotels in the caribbean do you think is the best hotel in the caribbean? Comment below, we'd love to hear which caribbean hotel you think is the top hotel in the caribbean.


7 AWESOME Things To Do in San Juan Puerto Rico | Travel Guide Essentials. We cruised out of San Juan back in August and we got to experience a lot of fun things before we set sail. We wanted to share 7 things you don't want to miss while in San Juan!

Bacardi Factory Mixology Tour
San Juan Forts: Castillo de Cristobal & Castillo de Felipe del Morro
Senor Paleta
La Factoria
Ceviche by Totti
Raices Fountain
Airbnb San Juan

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Puerto Rico Travel Tips: Everything you Need to Know- Dana Berez

Covering the best Puerto Rico Travel Tips on how to have an epic vacation including where to stay, how to get around, best restaurants, and things to do from San Juan to the Western part of the island. These tips will help you plan a trip to Puerto Rico. Have you been to Puerto Rico? What's your favorite part

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PUERTO RICO: Top 10 Things To Do | Travel in June 2020 | Vacation Guide | Tours ???? ????????

S U B S C R I B E:

Here are 10 tours you can take during the month of June 2020 in Puerto Rico. As Puerto Rico is entering phase 3 of it's re-opening, many folks are wondering what they can do to support the local tourism industry here on the Island.

This video was inspired by Puertoricograms Top 10 list. For complete contact information on what tours are currently available, please visit their facebook page at:


As a friendly reminder, please maintain social distancing, wear a mask when out and about and as always if your sick, stay home!!

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Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S .territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. In San Juan, the Capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its hotel strip, beach bars and casinos, its Old San Juan neighborhood features colorful Spanish colonial buildings and EI Morro and La Fortaleza, massive , centuries- old fortresses.

Puerto Rico - Hidden Gem of the Caribbean!

Puerto Rico - Hidden Gem of the Caribbean!

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical rainforest. In San Juan, the capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its hotel strip, beach bars and casinos. Its Old San Juan neighborhood features colorful Spanish colonial buildings and El Morro and La Fortaleza, massive, centuries-old fortresses.

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!Puerto Rico, the hidden gem of the Caribbean!


Puerto Rico Official Tourism Video - Caribbean Dream Traveler

Puerto Rico can be divided into five distinct regions (the northern region; the eastern region; the central region; the western region; and the southern coast), each with unique characteristics and flavors. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands.Puerto Rico is an island getaway with something for everyone - stunning beaches, uncompromising luxury, adventurous outdoor activities and flavor full nightlife. Puerto Rico also boasts 23 golf courses, many championship-level, countless tennis courts, horseback-riding outfitters, deep-sea fishing opportunities, watersports of all types, and 17 spas.

Puerto Rico | Caribbean Vacation | Travel Video

Travel to Puerto Rico for a Caribbean Vacation! Puerto Rico is a hidden gem in the Caribbean. This island is beautiful and is full of adventure! Puerto Rico offers beaches, surfing, waterfalls, caves, rainforest and bio-luminescent bays. The options are endless.

This vacation video captures five days in this paradise.
Attractions featured in the video include:
Intro: 00:00
00:56 Sandy Beach, Rincon - beach great for surfing
1:45 Breeze House, Rincon - Airbnb up in the hills
2:50 Surfer's Beach, Aguadilla - another great beach for surfing and where the hike to Survival Beach starts
3:36 Jobos Beach/Sonido del Mar, Isabela - yet another beach for surfing, the area also has several bars/restaurants
4:19 La Parguera/Bio Bay - swimming in the bio-luminescent bay at night, this is a must do experience
6:00 Survival Beach, Aguadilla - challenging hike to paradise on a secluded beach
10:56 Gozalandia Waterfalls, San Sebastian - adventurous waterfalls with a rope swing and several places to jump into the water
14:52 La Pared Beach House, Luquillo - Airbnb on the beach
15:33 Luquillo Restaurants/Beaches and Kioskos - local beaches and restaurants
16:05 Las Paylas Waterfall - natural waterslide

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Survival Beach:
Las Paylas:
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Vacation in Puerto Rico - March 2018

Highlights of my spring break vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico from March 19th to March 25th. Please watch in 4K!

All video was recorded in 4K with iPhone 8.

Some video was recorded with Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer.

Video was edited and rendered in iMovies for iOS.

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Puerto Rico - Pearl of the Caribbean

Puerto Rico - Eine Insel, die kaum abwechslungsreicher sein könnte.

Von paradisischen Stränden über das bergige Innenland bis hin zum einzigen Regenwald auf US-Gebiet machen diese Perle der Karibik zu einem besonderen Ort. Die Hauptstadt San Juan geprägt vom kolonialistischen Stil überzeugt mit seiner bunten Altstadt, die von vielen Little Havanna genannt wird.
Trotz des verheerenden, zerstörerischen Hurricanes im Jahr 2017 sprudelt die Insel nur vor Lebenslust und die Einwohner ließen es uns auf unglaublich zuvorkommende und freundliche Art immer wieder spüren.

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.Fun /Puerto Rico vacation.

Puerto Rico family vacation



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