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Visit Curacao: Explore the Culture, Music and Adventure


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Curacao | Dive into the HEART of the Caribbean | Dive Curaçao Vlog

Many refer to the group of islands off the coast of Venezuela - Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - as the ABC Islands.  But often, Aruba and Bonaire eclipse the C, Curaçao.  No one is sure how this curious island got its name, but one theory is that it comes from the Portuguese word that means heart, since the island was the center of commerce in the seventeenth century.  Although the name has remained, Portuguese is only one of the languages ​​that you will hear on the island of Curacao: Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish are the others.

As soon as the plane lands on the islands dry, flat land you will realize that Curacao is not a typical Caribbean island. Dive in for the top 5 reasons that you need to visit this vibrant island, to Feel it for Yourself. 

# 1: It's not your typical Caribbean island
Although the history of Curacao has many different European influences, the island has been part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since it was colonized by the Dutch. You will notice it even before leaving the airport: blue and white porcelain dishes and delicious Dutch snacks are sold throughout the island as souvenirs, and the capital, Willemstad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, features a recognizable Dutch architecture of gabled roofs and curved eaves.

Curacao has a population of approximately 160,000 inhabitants and a modern infrastructure, including the highest bridge and the largest shipping port in the Caribbean.  Many natives of the islands take advantage of their European passport and travel throughout Europe and attend university in Holland if they can. You will also see many Dutch working, living or vacationing on the island.

Like other Caribbean islands, Curacao has a mega cruise terminal, but you won't feel like it's in Disneyland wherever you go. The pier is adjacent to the historic Rif Fort and the Renaissance Mall, which offers cruise ship passengers an easy option to experience the history of Curacao.

# 2: The island is a big party​
Any night of the week and at any time of the year, you can find some kind of nightlife in Curacao. Nightlife is one of the best things to do in Curacao, with annual festivals such as Carnival and King's Day among the biggest and funniest.
Music festivals arrive on the island frequently, and many of the beaches such as Mambo Beach that have become popular sunset gathering areas where happy hours are offered at the bars and restaurants including DJs and live music. There are also many discrete lounges and bars, especially in the historic Pietermaai District.  

# 3: It has been a gastronomic city of fashion for decades
Curacao has a lot to offer when it comes to your culinary experience. The restaurants on Curacao have a variety of local dishes, but the international cuisine is also well represented on the island.  

Dive In & Taste it for Yourself... because eating is an important part of Antillean culture, and it would be a shame if you didn't enjoy it. One of the nicest things about vacation is discovering new dishes from the local kitchen. Lunch is just as important on Curacao as dinner. There are plenty of restaurants and eateries on Curacao, but where is the best place to go? (link at bottom)

# 4: Any type of traveler will love it
Cruises, families of all ages, divers, adventure travelers, couples and groups of friends can find things to do in Curacao, and accommodation offers range from five star resorts to hostels.

There is something for everyone with activities ranging from restaurants to shopping, street parties and beach clubs. In addition, with more 70 pristine dive sites and 40 beautiful beaches on the island, you will have no trouble finding your own personal paradise.

# 5: is the diver's paradise
The fringing reefs of Curaçao are some of the most healthy and bio-diverse in the entire Caribbean region, so it is no surprise that this Dutch Caribbean island is one of the Top 10 dive and vacation destinations in the World.  Whether you are a snorkeler, a novice diver or if you have an open water certificate, you will find a perfect dive site for your level.

The Tugboat wreck, as an example, is a dive site located in only five meters of water and is feasible as a diver or snorkeler; You can also do a dive along the wall there and explore an underwater cliff. Other major dive sites include Director's Bay, the Superior Producer, Klein Curaçao, Mushroom Forest and of course, an essential experience needs to be mentioned, The Blue Room. Local favorites are Director’s Bay and Watamula.

Under the water and depending on the time of year, you will see an incredible array of life and colour which will include sea turtles, rays, dolphins, sharks, eels, lionfish and species of fish that are exclusive to Curacao.

Now, dive into the HEART of the Dutch Caribbean, discover Curaçao and Feel it for Yourself!

sustainable tourism

Dutch Caribbean Trip: Curaçao

A short, adventurous 3 days hiking, beach parties, eating local food, Klein Curaçao, and exploring the unique island culture.

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Traveling to Curaçao was an amazing experience considering my short amount of time there. Not only did I accomplish a few dreams on the island but I got a great taste of the local culture through its music, people, and food / cuisine. I arrived on a Saturday night through Insel Air non stop from the states meeting up with a good friend I had met through CouchSurfing. He was awesome enough to show me around south of Willemstad for dinner from a food truck. He also took me to the north next morning to join me on a strenuous and amazing hike on Christoffelberg. This hike goes from flat to step rocky incline in one hour. Atop you get amazing 360 views of both Curaçao and the Caribbean sea. Later we hiked back down to drive around the north to see places such as Westpunt, Kenepa Beach or Knip Beach, Flamingos in Jan Kok, and later a Beach Party at Mambo Beach.

The second full day, I took advantage of an all day sail tour with the Jonalisa through Bounty Adventure tours. We set sail from Caracasbaai on a rough sea journey to the island of Klein Curaçao, an uninhabited island south east of Curaçao. Here lies a picturesque blue water beautiful sand beach as well as an abandoned lighthouse in the center of the island. In contrast to this, the opposite side lies a shipwreck and washed up sailboat on its rocky rough coast with waves smacking the shore. Later that night I took advantage of dinner in Punda for a nice dinner.

Last day, I took advantage of walking around Punda in Willemstad were the center of attractions are. I also crossed the Juliana Bridge to capture pictures and video of Otrobanda, the opposite side to see the old pastel colored buildings and way of life. From there, I set off to the airport en route to its neighboring island, Aruba. So my trip as always was not so much just a vacation, It was a trip to kill my curiosity of the unique melting pot of Dutch, Creole, and Spanish culture that lies on this fairly new country. Especially having the ability to see the unique difference in cultures between Aruba and Curacao.

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Useful Resources
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Voice over is from the legend himself Osho.

Visit Curacao

Explore the Culture, Music and Adventure

CruiseBe: Interesting facts about the Caribbean

The Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination in the whole world. It is also our team’s favorite! That is why we put together a video of unique facts you may not know about the Caribbean islands. And if you like it, share your thoughts in comments.


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Curacao, a unique Caribbean island paradise

Curaçao is a unique Caribbean island paradise, boasting 35 uncrowded beaches, and an eclectic mix of history and culture.
Explore the vibrant, culturally diverse capital city of Willemstad -- a UNESCO World Heritage site -- with its distinctive architecture, museums, monuments and world-class shopping.
Indulge in Curaçao's vast selection of flavorful restaurants, with a mix of sophisticated international and tasty local cuisines

Kid Guides: Aquariums, Museums,Kids Sea Camp Curaçao, and Zoos

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Kid Guides follows two young hosts as they travel to the most exciting aquariums in the world.

Not only do Matt and Brittney explore these locations like regular tourists, they also go behind-the-scenes with interactive experiences that kids can only dream of.
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Kid Guides: Aquariums, Museums,Kids Sea Camp Curaçao, and Zoos Full Documentary
Kid Guides: Aquariums, Museums,Kids Sea Camp Curaçao, and Zoos Documentary
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Kid Guides: Aquariums, Museums,Kids Sea Camp Curaçao, and Zoos Full Trailer
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Kid Guides: Aquariums, Museums,Kids Sea Camp Curaçao, and Zoos Full Series
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Y'all know we visit Curaçao every year but we wanted to show you guys some of our favorite can't miss spots! Everyone always asks us for Curaçao tips and we thought putting all our favorite things to do in one video might be helpful :P Let us know what you think!





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Dare to Explore Curaçao #2

Dare to Explore Curaçao's exclusive travel deals this season!
Save up to 50%, free nights, free upgrades, dive discounts, and much more:

Home to more than 35 captivating beaches, a diverse heritage spanning 55 different cultures, 'live and let live' attitude and unrivaled European architecture; Curaçao remains one of the most exceptional islands of the Caribbean. Curaçao's natural beauty, pristine diving and snorkeling sites are a favorite with divers and adventure seekers, and its beaches and idyllic weather, situated on the outer fringes of the Hurricane Belt, has won it further accolade and recognition. To learn more about Curaçao please visit or download our newest brochure at

Travel To Caribbean Islands

Visit the website to learn interesting things about Caribbean Islands, their culture and their people. Find out yummy Caribbean food recipes. Listen to Bob Marley Legend album, enter in a contest to win a Caribbean cruise, and much more...

Curaçao - Island Reflections 10 Artists by Felix de Rooy & Kirk Claes

Island Reflections of 10 Artists

Curaçao is an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast. The Country of Curaçao, which includes the main island plus the small, uninhabited island of Klein Curaçao, is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Get to know the many talented Curacao artists and painters. Our accomplished artists include photographers, sculptors, and designers. You can visit several of these local artists at their ateliers by making appointments directly or through the local artist association artevishon.

Escape to the Caribbean's hidden treasure. Fall in love with Curacao's world-class diving and beaches, invigorating outdoor adventure, and welcoming culture.

What makes Curacao special among Caribbean islands? Authenticity. For centuries, we have forged a vibrant and rich culture rooted in history and hospitality. Our heritage is both European and African -- representing more than 50 nationalities. We speak Dutch, Spanish, and English -- as well as a local language, Papiamentu, a colorful Creole dialect.

Exploring Undiscovered Curaçao
The best part of exploring Curaçao is that it feels undiscovered, like an exclusive hideaway. One of the tiny ABC Islands -- Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao -- this secluded slice of paradise is the Caribbean's best-kept secret. The Curacao tourism board wants to help you uncover its many wonders. There are no tourist traps here. Locals and visitors mingle in harmony throughout the island. Relax and unwind amidst Curacaoäns working, playing, and enjoying life to its fullest -- the same as they have done for generations. We love to socialize, so don't be surprised if someone waves and tosses a friendly Bon Bini! (Welcome!) or Kon ta bai? (How's it going?) your way. What are you waiting for?

Learn more about what makes Curaçao different!

Curaçao's ethnic inhabitants - the Arawak, Dutch, Spanish, West Indian, Latin, and African - have created a rich heritage and thriving culture. Explore the remarkable diversity of the Curaçao people.

Some Of The Most Dynamic And Diverse People.



My goodness so many fun things! We jumped off a cliff to go dive in the blue room cave. swam with sea turtles at Playa Piscado, enjoyed the beautiful view at Santa Martha Bay and saw some domestic caribbean pigs at Playa Porto Mari! What a day! :D

► ABOUT ME: I love to travel, try new and sometimes weird foods, meet people all around the world and challenge myself with fun adventures! In 2016 I decided to share these adventures through weekly Vlogs to inspire you to travel more, follow your passions and find your dream life :)

Be grateful - be happy - be kind :)





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12 Caribbean Islands

Jamaica, Great Stirrup Cay, Antigua, St Maarten, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Isla Catalina, British Virgin Islands, B.V.I., Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Beaches, Cruises, Caribbean,

Where to explore in 2019? NEW YORK TIMES TRAVEL SHOW

Thank you NEW YORK TIMES TRAVEL SHOW #NYTTS I loved media and trade day!

Thank you Visit California for the lovely luncheon.

I enjoyed the speakers, keynotes and having time to reconnect with good friends.
I look forward to traveling to many new places in 2019.

Who did I see? #NYTTravelShow
Aggressor Adventures: did you know they have a dive boat in Oman and a safari expedition in Sri Lanka?
One Ocean Expeditions to explore the Arctic and Antarctic
PADI: Do you scuba dive? I love to go scuba diving!
DK EyeWitness Travel books: I used many of their books in my classroom. I love their maps and beautiful color photos. I cannot wait to go back to Portugal.
Curacoa: I met Miss Curacoa and learning to say bye-bye Papiamento which is the creole language spoken in the Dutch Caribbean.
There are so many destinations at this show! I loved wandering the aisles to dream of where to go next.
Quark Expeditions: I want to travel to Greenland and Antarctica for the first time. I have never been to either place. Have you been yet?
Sandals: all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean! I am going to JAMAICA IN Feb 2019 to check it out!Chernobyl Tour: Would you do it?
Bhutan! This country with a focus on happiness is on the top of my bucket list. I have not been yet but I hope to go sometime soon!Azores: Another location that is on my list! I have not been yet.
Tahiti: I love the beautiful islands of French Polynesia. I hiked in Moorea and went diving in Bora Bora. There are so many more islands to explore.
Brazil: One of the few places in South America that I have not yet seen. I want to see the beaches, the cities and the samba!
G Adventures: small group adventures all over the planet. I want to go to Uzbekistan and Iceland. Two countries I have not been to YET!

Thank you NEW YORK TIMES TRAVEL SHOW 2019 #NYTTravelshow

Filmed by Lisa Niver with a #LGV40ThinQ
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Lisa Niver
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February 2019

Music by Epidemic Sound
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Family Vacation | August 2019

Filmed and edited by Erin Elisabeth

I do not own any music used in this video.

this past august my family and i went on a cruise to the southern carribean. we visited the islands of half moon cay, grand turk, aruba, and curaçao. as a keepsake i created a film of our adventures. i hope you enjoy this video. i cannot wait to share more videos like this with you in the future, but for now just keep watching this one. you could also share it with your friends if you feel so inclined. this is the beginning of a new adventure for me, and i hope you will follow along. until next time,
Erin Elisabeth

The music in this video in order of appearance:
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????The Dangers of Scuba Diving Gordon's Rock in the Galapagos ????????Santa Cruz Island Ecuador

If you're looking to find large schools Hammer-Head sharks while visiting the Galapagos Islands, Gordon's Rock off of Isla Santa Cruz is the one where you are pretty much guaranteed to find them.

Large powerful hammer-heads are drawn like magnets to the strong currents produced by this semi-submerged crater hidden just beneath the surface. The upward swells of water from deep below provide adequate food for all of these large schools of apex predators.

Unfortunately for us, these conditions are not recommended for novice divers, and on the best of days you will quickly find yourself scrambling for something to hold onto on the rocks to keep you from being blown into the deep-blue abyss that surrounds you.

It was a rocky start for Fil who quickly learned that his gear may not be up to par with a sticky respirator and a strap which let go on his mask he went to replace. The gang forged along to find all sorts of creatures hidden along the rocks, including: massive moray eels, urchins, sea turtles, octopus, eagle-rays, stingrays, and yes, we found Hammer-Head sharks.

Making your safety-stop is no easy task, as this means returning near the surface where the ocean quickly reminds you how truly small you are. Everyone scrambles for chunk of sharp volcanic rock to hold onto near the surface, and try not to get blown away. After 5 minutes waiting, let go of the rock and the upward swells from the ocean sees your returned to the surface promptly.

Hamilton Morris on the Dangers of the NBOMe Hallucinogen:



Earth Unraveled is an adventure travel vlog that follows a group of lifelong friends as they poke fun at each other and joke their way around the world.

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Loving Belize Episode 5 - Tourist Advice, Belize Zoo, Marine reserves, Wildtracks

Welcome to episode 5 of Loving Belize. In this episode I asked people what they would like to see on 'Loving Belize'.
With interviews from:
Driva don't stop at all, he wanted to show me the bridges of Belize city.
Kevin Jay who wanted to talk about Belize city and police brutality.
Stone Crab who wanted to talk about the youth of Belize.
Nelson Young who wanted to talk about art and the art of living.
Rudolph Boeing who wanted to talk about the Belize Zoo.
Captain David who wanted to talk about the effect dredging has had on his lobster grounds.
Adriel Casteneda wanted to talk about Marine reserves.
Zoe Walker who explains the work Wildtracks is doing to help fishermen find other ways of sustaining themselves, in tourism, pig farming and other trades.

10 Top Tourist Places in Thailand - Trending Travel Video 2020

#Thailand #Travel #top10
Episode. 2
10 Top Tourist Places in Thailand - Trending Travel Video 2020

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With amazing culture, beaches, activities and weather, not to mention the rum, the Caribbean is a joyous riot of islands offering the ultimate escape. Check out more awesome videos at