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Visit Central Europe - Top 10 Cities in Central Europe


Visit Central Europe - Top 10 Cities in Central Europe

Thinking of heading to Central Europe for vacation holidays? Here we give you the Top 10 spots to check out in Central Europe.
1. Prague, The Czech Republic
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Budapest, Hungary
4. Salzburg, Austria
5. Bratislava, Slovakia
6. Krakow, Poland
7. Ljubljana & Lake Bled, Slovenia
8. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
9. Gdansk, Poland
10. Lucerne, Switzerland

The Best of Central Europe, What to See & Do in Central Europe.
Filmed in Vienna, Austria
Copyright Mark Wolters 2014

What to See in Central Europe: 10-14 Day Itinerary

A great tour of central Europe really can take you many places, but our suggested itinerary for a central european tour starts in Budapest, Hungary, then heads to Vienna, Austria, with a day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. Then you have options. If you have time you can visit Salzburg, Austria & Munich, Germany and then Finish off in Prague, The Czech Republic. If you do not have a lot of time then the top three are Budapest, Vienna and Prague.
Filmed in Prague, The Czech Republic
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

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15 Most Beautiful Cities in Central and Eastern Europe. HD

Watch Best Beaches in the World:
I am not claiming to be the owner of that material.
15 most beautiful cities in East Central Europe (in my opinion) you must see. Average foreign tourists in 2012. Bucharest Romania, Ljubljana Slovenia, Belgrade Serbia, Bratislava Slovakia,Vilnius Lithuania, Sofia Bulgaria, Riga Estonia,Warsaw Poland,Tallinn Estonia, Dubrovnik Croatia, Salzburg Austria, Prague Czech Republic, Krakow Poland, Budapest Hungary, Vienna Austria. Most beautiful countries in central east Europe you must see. Best central east European cities and countries.

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Magnificent Cities of Central Europe - Visit Europe

Bask in the splendor and romance of central Europe’s intriguing cities. Classical sights and sounds lure travelers to the culture, history and heritage at the center of celebrated imperial rule. Balance sightseeing with relaxing leisure time. Explore cultural legacies and emotionally stirring sites. Find yourself in a modern bohemian rhapsody.

Visit Europe Online


Travelling Eastern & Central Europe

We hadn't spent much time in Europe prior to our recent 5 month trip. And now, we're hooked on this part of the world! Check out our latest video where we share some epic highlights from travelling through Istanbul, Bulgaria, Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Malta, Berlin (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic)!

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Central Europe by Train: Heidelberg, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague

Visiting some of the most interesting cities in Germany, Hungary the Czech Republic and Austria.
Including Heidelberg, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Prague.
You will find these fascinating places are loaded with wonderful attractions. We're presenting a summary of the trip showing you how you can do it. See more information about the tour, which is open to the public, on our website:
We love to travel by train in Europe. More comfortable than a bus, less hassles than flying, with lots of nice scenery gliding by.
Another popular way to travel here is the river cruise, but the problem is you only stay in the city for a day or less. So you really don't see that much on a river cruise.
Traveling by train gives you that flexibility to stay in a city for two or three days, as we do in our trip, producing a more authentic in-depth experience. Jump to city by clicking timecode
-Heidelberg 0:51 -Munich 03:22 -Salzburg 06:19 -Vienna 10:21 -Budapest 15:01 -Prague 22:32

9 Best Inexpensive Cities in Europe to Visit on a Budget

Read the Blog for More Information on the Best Cheap Cities in Europe:
Where to go in Europe on a Budget? What are the best & most affordable vacation cities in Europe that have a ton of stuff to see & do? What European cities are affordable? Well, here is our list of the 9 (actually 10) best European cities to visit on a budget. Our list factors in the sights and activities tourists can see, prices for hotels, sights, and restaurants, available cheap transportation to that city and if you would actually want to have a fun time in that town.
Where should I go in Europe if I am broke or not broke? Well here is our list.
Filmed in Krakow, Poland and Dubrovnik, Croatia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

10 Best Cheap Cities in Europe
#1. Krakow, Poland
#2. Lisbon, Portugal
#3. Valencia, Spain
#4. Tallinn, Estonia
#5. Riga, Latvia
#6. Prague, The Czech Republic
#7. Budapest, Hungary
#8. Athens, Greece
#9. Porto, Portugal
#10. Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin - Visit Central Europe with Gate 1 Travel

For more information or to book our 11 Day Classic Central Europe vacation package, please visit:

Budapest, Vienna and Prague - Central Europe trips with Gate 1 Travel

For more information or to book our 9 Day Classic Central Europe vacation package, please visit:

Visit Eastern Europe - Top Ten Cities in East Europe

Eastern Europe is a blast, whether on the dunes of Lithuania, Charles Bridge in Prague or searching for Dracula in Romania you will love traveling through Eastern Europe. Here are our top ten cities to visit in Eastern Europe (that are relatively easy to get to)
Filmed in Bratislava, Slovakia

Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern Europe | Collette - Europe Tours

When you visit the Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern Europe you truly get a complete perspective of their history and culture. Explore Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, and all unique sites that they have to offer.

Must-sees include:
› Choose how you experience your tour of Berlin, including the chance to focus on its Cold War history.

› The fairy-tale city of Prague reveals the remarkable Hradcany Castle.
Come to know Vienna and its lavish Schoenbrunn Palace.

› Join a local expert to discover Budapest's treasures.

› Explore one of the largest town squares in Europe on a tour of Krakow.

› Learn the moving history of Warsaw, both joyous and tragic.

Explore some of Europe’s most magnificent and legendary cities with Collette:
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Magnificent Cities of Central & Eastern Europe | Collette - Europe Tours

Regions of Europe - Central Europe - Visit Europe

In the heart of Europe rests an inviting culture teeming with historic sites, classical music, fine art, and inspiring landscapes. Stroll among the grand gardens of Germany and sample Bavarian beer, wurst, and fabulous breads. Go back in time in the town of Krakow, left practically untouched by World War II. Stand before the White Carpathians and let your eyes wander across orchid meadows and magical forests. Take advantage of Europe’s winter sport capital in the Alps while enjoying fabulous pastry. Tour the Painted Wooden Churches of Slovakia and marvel at the deliberate craftsmanship. Head to Lake Balaton, where the region’s largest body of water holds intimate resorts and spectacular wildlife watching. Hidden for years, the treasures of Central Europe welcome all.

Visit Europe Online


Central Europe trip! Prague, Budapest, Vienna and more

Here is a video of our 2 weeks in Central Europe! We did 4 nights in Prague, 2 in Bratislava, 4 in Budapest, 3 in Krakow and 1 in Wroclaw. The footage has been taken using a Canon G16 and arranged with iMovie.

The song is ''Nuvole Bianche'' by Ludovico Einaudi.

Travel Central Europe: 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Central Europe

Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Bratislava, Berlin, Munich, all amazing cities in great countries throughout Central Europe. This video is for tourists heading to any of the central European countries found in the region. Austria, Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Lichtenstein. We give just a general idea of what you may like and dislike about visiting Central Europe.
Filmed in Freiburg, Germany
All Rights Copyrighted by Mark Wolters 2012

Visit Europe: Top 10 European Cities for Tourists

Traveling to Europe can be a daunting task. We have made a short list of the top ten must see cities in Europe with a bit of a taste of what is in those cities to see. So, if you are thinking of planning your summer trip to Europe why not watch and get some ideas for some of the cooler/funner/groovier/historicallier ;) cities to visit in Europe.
Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How to Choose Where to Go on Your Europe Trip

The 2nd video in the Europe Trip Planning Series-- I'm teaching you how to decide which destinations to visit on your Eurotrip. I talk about the maximum number of places you should plan to visit while in Europe, how to choose which destinations are best for your trip type and budget, and the mistake that I made while planning my own Europe trip.

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The 10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe

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The 10 Cheapest Tourist Destinations In Europe.

Exploring Europe shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and with our guide to the continent’s most affordable destinations it won’t have to. From Hungary’s capital Budapest to Krakow in Poland, we’ve lined up 10 places easy to enjoy on a shoestring budget.

Budapest, Hungary
Prague, Czech Republic
Vilnius, Lithuania
Krakow, Poland
Riga, Latvia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Lisbon, Portugal
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Warsaw, Poland

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13 Best Attractions in Eastern Europe

Top 13 Best Attractions in Eastern Europe according to Lonely Planet

13. Lviv, Ukraine
Lviv is in Western Ukraine and used to be the capital of East Galicia. It's the biggest city of the region and a major Ukrainian cultural centre on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Because of its Polish and Austro-Hungarian history, Lviv has a Central European flair in its architecture that makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

12. Castles & Mountains of Transylvania, Romania
The Romanian region that so ghoulishly inspired Irish writer Bram Stoker to create his Dracula has some seriously spooky castles around. Monumental Bran Castle, south of Braşov, is suitably vampiric, but our favourite haunt has to be the 13th-century Râşnov fortress just down the road.

11. Taking an Overnight Train
With the windows down and the scenery racing past, there are few modes of transport more pleasurable than the overnight sleeper train -- the best way to get about in Eastern Europe.

10. Walking Dubrovnik's Old City Walls, Croatia
The city of Dubrovnik was built on maritime trade. In the Middle Ages it became the only city-state in the Adriatic to rival Venice. Supported by its wealth and skilled diplomacy, the city achieved a remarkable level of development during the 15th and 16th centuries.

9. Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn is a historic city dating back to medieval times. The first fortress on Toompea was built in 1050 and Tallinn was first recorded on a world map in 1154. In 1219, the city was conquered by Valdemar II of Denmark, but it was soon sold to the Hanseatic League in 1285. The city, known as Reval at the time, prospered as a trading town in the 14th century, and much of Tallinn's historic centre was built at this time.

8. Black Sea Beaches, Bulgaria
The Bulgarian seaside has one of the best beaches in Europe. With settlements ranging from small calm villages, through luxurious five-star resorts, to modern urban cities, the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast can satisfy any taste and during the days of the hot Bulgarian summer. Most of the towns and villages along the coastline can be traced back to Ancient Greece.

7. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor is situated in a most secluded part of Boka Kotorska bay, in the northern part of the Montenegro coast. It has developed around Stari Grad, the city's old town and best known landmark, which is listed with UNESCO World heritage sites. The bay is the deepest natural fjord in the Mediterranean Sea, and the scenery around it is spectacular.

6. Budapest, Hungary
Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. With a unique, youthful atmosphere, world-class classical music scene as well as a pulsating nightlife increasingly appreciated among European youth, and last but not least, an exceptional offer of natural thermal baths, Budapest is one of Europe's most delightful and enjoyable cities.

5. Kraków, Poland
The city of Kraków is in the lowland of the Lesser Poland region in the southern region of Poland. It is the capital city of the Lesser Poland Voivodship. It covers both banks of the Wisla river. Uplands region at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. It is Poland's second largest city, with a population of 756,000.

4. Hiking the High Tatras, Slovakia
High Tatras stretch in the northern part of Slovakia bordering Poland and belong to Carpathian mountain range. High Tatras are divided into three parts Western, High and Belianske Tatras.

3. Moscow's Red Square, Russia
Red Square is a city square in Moscow, Russia. The square separates the Kremlin, the former royal citadel and currently the official residence of the President of Russia, from a historic merchant quarter known as Kitai-gorod.

2. Prague, Czech Republic
Prague s not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but also the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. The city's historic buildings and narrow, winding streets are testament to its centuries-old role as capital of the historic region of Bohemia.

1. Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg, founded in 1703, it is not ancient, but its historical cityscape is remarkably well-preserved. The center of Saint Petersburg occupies numerous islands of the Neva River delta, divided by waterways and connected by huge drawbridges.



How To Plan 8 Days Trip | Prague| Vienna| Budapest| In Hindi

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This video in hindi will help you to travel 3 amazing cities Prague, Vienna and Budapest. These cities are less expensive than western european cities and you can enjoy european culture to most in these cities. This is best itinerary for first time euros travellers and you don't want to spend a fortune. Even you can save more money by staying in hostels, use of public transport and eating local cuisine.

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Here goes the plan .

Day 1: Arrival at Prague; Currency Exchange at airport; Hotel Check-in; Explore the city, take a walk on Charles Bridge; sip drinks at local cafe.

Day 2: You have 3 ways to explore city, setway, hop on hop off bus or public transport and walk; Explore old town of prague, enjoy show of Prague astronomical clock, get your instagram pics clicked. Take a prague castle tour and enjoy breathtaking view of Prague city from top of hill. Admire beauty of Saints Vitus Cathedral. In the evening, you can never get bored of Charles Bridge, and enjoy evening in any local cafe.

Day 3: Check out from hotel, you may leave your luggage at hotel itself and can pick up once you will travel further to Vienna. Prague Boats offers sightseeing cruises on the Vltava River, enjoy the city from boat. As per your convenience, you can leave for Vienna. Choose wither train or bus journey from Prague to Vienna. Check in at your hotel in Vienna. Explore the city in evening.

Day 4: Choose your way to explore Vienna, here Euro is the currency. Vienna is bit expensive city than Prague so if you can manage through offline maps, I would recommend that you take public transport pass. Spend your day by visiting top attractions in Vienna. You can have early dinner and can enjoy world famous Opera program.

Day 5: Start your day by visiting Schönbrunn Palace, today you need to leave for Budapest so once you have visited palace and other attractions in Vienna, you can start for Budapest. Reach your hotel in budapest and be prepared for an exciting journey in last leg of your european tour.

Day 6: Budapest is a very big city, also it is not really expensive so I would advise to opt for hop on hop off bus, though you can also get public transport pass and enjoy like locals. Now start exploring buda castle, Fisherman's Bastion, The Hungarian Parliament Building and St. Stephen's Basilica. You can also take night river cruise and enjoy breathtaking lighting on all budapeast attractions in night. Budapest is famous for it’s night life so don’t miss pub crawling once you are in the city.

Day 7: Today is time to relax in city thermal baths. You can visit Heroes Square and then go and enjoy in any of the city thermal bath. You can also explore Hungarian National Gallery today. In the night, you can enjoy budapest folklore show in the night where can enjoy traditional Hungarian music and dance steps.

Day 8: This is your last day of the trip, enjoy a walk on foamy Chain bridge and re-live the moments as shown in many bollywood movies. As per you travel plan, you can catch fight back to home in the day or evening.

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The Gate 1 Central Europe Experience

Learn how you can travel to Central Europe with Gate 1 here:

Looking for a once in a lifetime Vienna travel experience? Book a Europe vacation or tour with Gate 1 Travel, the premier provider of Central Europe travel packages. Click on the link above to browse our vacation packages to find the getaway that's perfect for you. See the world in style with Gate 1 Travel.



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