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Vieques Puerto Rico | Our Top 5 Beaches | The Brightest Bay in The World


Vieques Puerto Rico | Our Top 5 Beaches | The Brightest Bay in The World

Vieques, la Isla Nena. Join us today to experience some of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico and the brightest bioluminescent bay in the World. Vieques, Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful places we have visited in our lives. From Black Sand Beaches to crystal clear waters, this is certainly heaven on earth.

We selected for our Tour BiequeEco Trips. A great team of very knowledgeable locals that will give you the best tour ever. We were picked up by Daniel and taken to the bio bay, there Cruz, a very knowledgeable and super cool guide took us kayaking in the bay. If you visit Vieques, Give BeiqueEco Trips a call, you won’t be disappointed!

We had a very nice lunch in Placita @ the Blok Hotel. Great food and great ambiance.


00:00 Intro
00:17 The Adventure Starts
00:30 Ferry Port in Ceiba, Puerto Rico
01:11 Arriving at the Ferry Dock In Vieques, Puerto Rico
01:32 Isabel Segunda Town
01:54 Arriving to Esperanza
02:20 Bio Bay Tour Information BiequeEco Trips
02:39 Mosquito Bay Bioluminescent Bay
03:18 Next Morning! Day breakdown
03:56 Sun Bay Beach Intro
04:33 Drone Shots Sun Bay Beach
05:20 Playa Negra (Black Sand Beach) Info and Drone Shots
06:40 Lunch Break @ La Placita
06:58 Information and Driving to Punta Arenas
07:12 Arriving to Vieques National Wildlife Refuge
07:25 Punta Arenas Beach
07:47 Snorkeling in Punta Arenas
09:06 Driving to RompeOlas (Mosquito Pier)
09:30 Information for Rompeolas
09:56 Snorkeling in Rompeolas
10:47 Driving to Punta Galindez
11:10 Punta Galindez Beach
11:40 Final Thoughts - Thank You!


Vieques is a beautiful island, but their residents have struggled for decades. They have faced problems caused by hurricanes and unreliable transportation.

In fact the ferry is the only means of travel for Viequenses to get to the main island
for their work or even to visit a hospital. Other problems like lack of gasoline and
not having a hospital have been some of the challenges that they endure on a daily basis leading to protests demanding fair treatment.

There are several charity organizations working to bring medicines and help the people of Vieques, but there is much more to be done.

Todos podemos contribuir! comunícate Con tu representante y pídele
que no se olvide de Vieques para q así, ¡Vieques se levante!


Mosquito Bay or Bio Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico is an amazing place. It is the brightest glowing bioluminescent bay in the world. I jumped on a few kayak tours during the night of a new moon and saw this incredible light show.

Honestly, it was more amazing that I imagined. I had read a review or two, but wasn't sure if it was worth the trip to the island. It was. The bay is extremely bright, and until now, it was very hard to capture on camera. I recently picked up a Sony a7s which is a beast in low light, and was impressed with that it could capture. This has rarely ever been caught on Camera.

The government is doing a good job at keeping this place pristine. In some areas of the world you can jump in, splash around, use gasoline engines, and generally just destroy the ecosystem these little guys live in. Here in Vieques, Puerto Rico, you are not allowed to swim, or use gasoline. Nearby light pollution has to be kept to a minimum, and there give Bio Bay some days off now and again to recover. This is probably why it remains the brightest in the world. High Five for sustainable eco tourism. I wish everywhere was this forward thinking.

This was one of my best travel experiences. Like I said, it's worth the trip!

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Things to do on Vieques, Puerto Rico

The top 5 things to do on Vieques island in Puerto Rico, from beach-hopping to kayaking in the world's brightest bioluminescent bay.

Read more here:

Must visit top beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques is a municipality (and a separate island) of Puerto Rico. This beautiful island has some of the best concentration of must see beaches with the additional charm of being undeveloped. You will see wild chickens and horses running around this natural paradise.

Our top four favorite beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico are:

4) Playa Caracas (aka Red Beach): This is one of the more popular (i.e. more crowded and lively) because of its amenities (as well as beautiful crystal blue water). If you are looking for more of a party atmosphere then this would be the number one beach on your list.
3) Black Sand Beach: It was about a 15 minute walk and we were fortunate enough to run into wild horses. This beach isn't really family friendly but the experience of getting there and being the only ones on the beach makes it to our top three list.
2) Playa Esperanza: Family friendly and close to food carts and restaurants. There's also an old bridge that locals and tourists jump from into the water.
1) Sun Bay Beach: It's secluded and the water is turquoise blue. Not as family friendly because of its relative seclusion and larger waves. You can walk here from Playa Esperanza (20 minute walk) so you can see both beaches at once.

Correction: The US navy left the area in 2003 and not 2013.

Top 5 Beaches in Puerto Rico

Going to the beach is something we all love and look forward to every winter. However, there are so many options that picking the right beach or the right destination can sometimes be a daunting task.
Fear not! If you are headed to the beach, this video is made for you.
This week we bring you our “Top 5 Beaches in Puerto Rico” selection.

Puerto Rico is a very popular tourist destination in the Caribbean and let me tell you, some of Puerto Rico’s beaches are World Class! If you get a chance, we highly recommend a trip to the island, the food and the people were amazing.

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OK, so let’s say you’re in, you’ve decided to go down to Puerto Rico and have the summer of your life. Where should you go?

# 5 – Pozuelo Beach / Playa Pozuelo (1:28)
Situated on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, Playa Pozuelo is about a 20-minute drive from the town of Salinas.This would be a great choice if you like going for long walks on the beach or enjoy going swimming. We gave Pozuelo Beach a 7 out of 10.

# 4 – Mar de Chiquita Beach / Playa Mar De Chiquita (3:12)
About 40 minutes west of San Juan, this was probably the most beautiful beach we found.
Easily recognizable for its iconic half crescent shape. The actual beach is sheltered from the ocean by a barrier of rock cliffs. With amazing turquoise color waters, Mar de Chiquita beach would have been our top 1 or 2 if not for the fact that it tends to get very crowded.
However, if you want to avoid the crowds and you don’t mind a bit of adventure, we found a beautiful little private beach about half a mile away and we give directions on how to get there in the video. Whether you like the busy crowds or want some alone time this beach has it all. We gave Mar the Chiquita Beach beach an 8 out of 10

# 3 – El Combate Beach / Playa El Combate (3:25)
At about a 20-minute drive from the town Cabo Rojo, Playa El Combate sits on the very south west tip of the island. But don’t let the 2 hour drive from San Juan deter you from visiting this amazing beach. With some of the bluest waters in the Caribbean Playa El Combate is a MUST DO in your Puerto Rico trip. With about a mile and a half of beautiful white sands you would have the beach all to yourself most days, just avoid the weekend crowds. And if you spend the full day, you will be rewarded with incredible sunsets. We gave El Combate Beach beach an 8.5 out of 10

# 2 – Electric Beach – Vieques Island (7:07)
Just East of Puerto Rico sits Vieques Island “the little baby sister island”. In order to get to Vieques you need to take a Ferry from Ceiba, it takes about 45 minutes. The ferry runs 3 times a day both ways and you’ll need to book in advance on the Ferry’s website. Here is the link to their site:
If you have a couple of days to spare while in Puerto Rico we highly recommend visiting Vieques, especially if you want to experience local life and have a great time. Out of all the beaches in Vieques our favorite was Electric Beach. Named that due to the huge underwater electric line that brings power to the island.Here not only are the water crystal clear, but they have amazing coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling. Just a short 10 minute drive from Electric Beach is Esperenza, a popping little beach town with tons of bars and restaurants. The perfect place to end the day
We gave Vieques a 9 out of 10

# 1 – Sucia Beach / Playa Sucia (10:29)
This isolated beach is so little known that only the locals ever go there. Other than the lighthouse you can’t find a single building within a 30 minute drive. Sitting by itself at the end of the island away from people and ports, the waters have stayed pristine. If you want to experience nature at its best you need to squeeze Sucia Beach into your Puerto Rico trip. Crystal blue waters, not a single person there other than yourself, astonishing views and the freshest air.
Hands down Puerto Rico’s #1 beach. We gave this beach a 10 out of 10

If you know or have visited any other beaches that you think should have made the Top 5, please tell us in the comment below.

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The Bioluminescent Bay at Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico

The Bioluminescent Bay at Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico is one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen. It’s the brightest glowing bio bay in the world.

We took a tour with Bieque Eco Trips and experienced the bioluminescent, dinoflagellate filled Mosquito Bay in clear-bottomed kayaks.

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Best Beaches in Vieques pt 1

My first day off was spent exploring along the southern coasts of Esperanza. The warm sand in between my toes and sun tanning my skin. I took a stroll west on Flamboyan street and came to Coco Beach; then made my way towards Black Sand Beach.

Afterwards went over to Sun Bay Beach and had the worst thing happen to me in Vieques.

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Taking the Ferry to Vieques Puerto Rico: Everything you need to know

Puerto Rico's sister Island Vieques holds a magical secret.....the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world!! But getting there isn't so simple.

Join in as we take the ferry to Vieques and share our entire experience of the biobay tour so you know exactly what to expect. These useful travel tips should get you to the island for a smooth trip.

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Top 10 Places in PUERTO RICO

Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean island that is home to mountains, waterfalls, tropical rainforests, and countless beaches along 270 miles of coastline. In our video, we explore some fun attractions like the best beaches for surfing and flamingo sightings, the brightest the bioluminescent bay, where to explore ancient military forts, and notable cities you shouldn't miss like the famed city of Old San Juan. What destination in Puerto Rico are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Vieques Puerto Rico Travel guide - Experience Black & White Sand beaches, Snorkel & Kayak at Bio Bay

This is the final and conclusion of our trip to Puerto Rico where we drove from El Yunque to Fajardo Port to take a $2/per person ferry to Vieques and stayed at the Bravo Beach Hotel, walking distance from the Vieques Ferry port.

Stay in Vieques at Bravo Beach Hotel(Image taken from Bravo Beach Hotel site):
Charges Vary per season. Amazing experience with infinity pool and oceanfront view.

Activities in Vieques with Black Beard Sports:
Snorkeling Tour: $50/person
Kayaking Tour: $75/person
Bio Luminescence Night Kayaking: $55/person (
Scooter Rentals: $40/per day (

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Puerto Rico (Part 3 of 5) How To Get Access To The Bioluminescent Bay When It's Sold Out

Kim, Allan, Tina, and I go through many lengths to go to the Bioluminescent Bay.

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Shot on a Canon G7X and GoPro Hero 4.
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro 5

Puerto Rico | Vieques | Travel Guide | Beaches | Food | Drone

Come along as we experience the real Puerto Rico. We take the ferry off the main island of Puerto Rico to visit the beautiful island of Vieques. Check out our cool golf cart rental which allowed us to explore the many gorgeous beaches and taste the wonderful Puerto Rican cuisine and great drone shots.

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A planned day that we quickly realized was not planned enough, our Vieques Island trip still turned out well. Our new friend Brian and us journeyed across Puerto Rico and a strip of ocean to explore the Sun Bay beach and Playita Negra (black sand beach) of Vieques together. Hope you enjoy!

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Places we went in this video:
Ceiba Ferry Terminal
Mama Mia Pizza
Sun Bay Beach
Playita Negra
El Yate Bar & Restaurant
If you don't know much about us, we are just a young, goofy couple learning how to travel around the world. After graduating from college in May of 2021, we decided to see as many places, meet as many people, and do as much cool stuff as possible, despite our limited finances and experience traveling. This channel is our way to share that with you all and hopefully support more endeavors in the future. Right now we are currently in Puerto Rico, a small U.S. territory in the Caribbean and in this mini vlog you'll see us go with our new friend Brian to Vieques Island, a tropical wonderland. As always, make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

Time stamps:
0:00 Introduction
1:01 Going to Ceiba
2:30 The Dock Pitstop
4:16 Going to the ferry
5:27 A *Ferry* windy ride
6:15 Vieques Island
7:25 Fooooooood
7:55 Sun Bay Beach!
9:15 Black Sand Beach (playita negra)
12:16 To the Ferry Terminal!
13:36 Dinner (with Mofongo)
14:10 Closing Comments
15:42 adiós!
15:56 Bloops!
17:46 Subscribe!

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Moving to Vieques? Here's what you need to know.

Vieques is an island off of Puerto Rico. Would you want to move there? We take a look at all the factors. Vieques is still a part of the United States. So your money, cell phone, and English will still work. Living in Vieques is also relatively cheap. You could live on $2500 a month easily. And if you love great beaches, and then this is the place to hunker down. Vieques also has some great restaurants with innovative chefs. However, there could be some drawbacks. Vieques can be boring if you want nightlife. You better be somebody who can entertain yourself or who likes solitude. If you want medical care, you will need to go to either the mainland or to San Juan. Another problem is car repairs. However, this could be a great business opportunity for an experienced car mechanic. Tell us what you think.


We spent 24 hours on Culebra Island in Puerto Rico. It has one of the world's most beautiful beach - Playa Flamenco. Flying to Culebra with Flamenco Air was a lot of fun with scary landing at a tiny Culebra airport. We also rented a gold cart to explore the island which is the most convenient way to travel around as the island is pretty small and you can get around in an hour.
Next day we took a fast ferry from Culebra back to Puerto Rico mainland. It took only 45 minutes and was a lot of fun as you could see the ocean giant waves and enjoy fresh air with great views.
We highly recommend adding a day trip to Culebra island to your itinerary when in Puerto Rico. Just make sure that you buy all tickets in advance and book all experience prior to coming here as it is all limited in 2021 and most things including ferry tickets can only be booked online these days.

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*In March 2014, Flamenco beach was ranked 3rd best beach in the world with a TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award.

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Solo Adventuring in Vieques, Puerto Rico!

Follow me on a 4 day trip from San Juan to the island of Vieques. This vlog includes the Black Sand Beach (Playa Negra), Playa La Chiva, Esperanza Beach, Sun Bay Beach, restaurants and more!

If you're ever in Puerto Rico, I highly recommend traveling to Vieques!

Our Top 5 Beaches in West Puerto Rico | Virtual Puerto Rico Tour by Air, Land and Sea! 4K

Hi and welcome to our channel. Today we are sharing with you our top 5 beaches in the Westside or Puerto Rico. We are going on Tour on the island to visit some of the most amazing beaches and experience the best food! From snorkeling, swimming to hiking, the west of the island is a great place to go and have a memorable day.


00:00 INTRO

Our trip starts with a 1 hour and 40-minute drive to the town of Isabela. Located on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico, Isabela is a unique town for a weekend visit or escape from the city. Isabela should be on your to-do list when visiting the island, because this town offers every activity you could possibly dream of. Isabela has perfect places to surf, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, go for a long bike ride, or just eat a fantastic meal.
20 minutes driving to the west, you will find one of the most incredible and beautiful beaches on the Island. Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla

This paradise is ideal for snorkeling, swimming or just having a relaxing fun day on the beach with friends and family.

Restaurants we visited on our trip!

If you want to have an incredible BBQ experience, we recommend visiting Twyfords BBQ in Isabela, here you will find delicious authentic BBQ, and a spectacular view!

But if you are craving Puerto Rican Food you can visit Desecheo in Aguadilla. We had a yuca and plantain Mofongo stuffed with Chicken, Chorizo and skirt steak, all dressed with a Guava chimichurri and melted mozzarella cheese. Ahh, and the most amazing coffee crème Brulé ever.

Located on the Southwest side of the island and approximately 2 and a half hours from San Juan we found Playa Buye in Cabo Rojo. Calm turquoise waters, beautiful smooth white sand and a great ambiance makes this beach a nice place to spend the day or even a weekend, since there are some cabins where you can stay minutes from the beach.

If you are into hiking and exploring and want to wander off the beach for a second, you can walk west of the beach where you will find a fascinating trail. Guaniquilla trail is a magical path along the shore of Buyé Beach. This trail is full of birds, lizards and the soothing sound of the ocean while you hike. After about 20 minutes, You’ll get to the top of a hill where you can see las “ruinas de Guaniquilla” and also an incredible view of the Laguna Guaniquilla.


Vamos a hacerlo en una playa en Puerto Rico! In this vlog, we are in search of Puerto Rico's best beaches, which brings us to Vieques. Vieques is a laidback Caribbean island off Puerto Rico's eastern coast. We take a ferry from the mainland to get there.

Vieques is known for Red Beach, a clear turquoise water beach, perfect for swimming. It's also renowned for the Bioluminescent Bay, where you can watch the ocean glow at night. It also offers secluded beaches with white sands and pristine water, wild roaming horses, and countryside.


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Vieques beaches and more

Isla de Vieques aka La Isla Nena, one of the offshore island municipalities of Puerto Rico, is located just 7 miles off the east coast. Vieques is one of the last destinations that truly remains like the Caribbean of the past: quiet, lush, uncrowded, with unmatched natural beauty. Vieques is home to Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, and with dozens of undeveloped beach coves, one can experience the true meaning of tropical bliss. This small Puerto Rican treasure is also home to the largest natural wildlife refuge in the Caribbean.

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Vieques Island Sun Bay Beach | Explore Puerto Rico | Secluded Beach

Come explore Vieques Island, located 8 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico.
Hidden away on the South side of Vieques is Sun Bay Beach.

Wild horses roam freely around the entire island.
There are limited food & drink options on Sun Bay Beach, so bring your own picnic and supplies or head on over to nearby Esperanza.
You definitely need a car rental or taxi ride out to Sun Bay from the Ferry terminal or airport.

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