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Vienna Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Vienna – the musical, cultural and historical heart of Austria. Follow us through the magic and plan a trip of your own!

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During the late 19th and early 20th century, #Vienna became a cultural epicenter of Europe, contributing art, philosophy, and culture on its way to becoming one of the world’s great cities.

During your #vacation, drink coffee in the same cafes as Einstein and Freud, or wander down the streets that inspired Beethoven. #Tour galleries devoted to some of the most magnificent artwork in all of Europe.

Find out why Vienna is long-hailed The City of Music at the Vienna State Opera. A backstage tour will show you all the ins and outs of this majestic place, as well as give you a glimpse of why it has been at the forefront of entertainment since its construction in the 1800s.

Stroll through the pathways of Volksgarten and sniff the sweet fragrance of its hundreds of roses. What better way to end a day in one of the world’s most beautiful cities?

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Vienna in 4K

Cities in 4K continues the journey through Europe. This time we ended up in the beautiful city Vienna (Wien), the cape town of Austria.

Enjoy and please share!

Wien is known as the city of music, but that´s not all, it is also a beautiful medieval and baroque city with Celtic and Roman settlements. It was the home of Sigmund Freud and a lot of popular musicians.

To experience a little bit of the Vienna spirit and beauty watch the video in 4K resolution and take a look at the Wiener Staatsoper, Hofburg, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, das Parlament, Stephandsom und Platz, Graben, Albertina Museum, Schloss Schönbrunn, St. Peter´s Kirche, Nationalhistorisches Museum, Spanische Reitschule and much more.

Filmed and Edited by Amir Kulaglic using: Panasonic GH4, and Glidecam DEVIN Graham Signature Series, Canon Mark III and Sony a7r II for Timelapse with Emotimo TB3 and Rhino Slider.

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Vienna 9.75

Vienna trades rodents, tries Klub (pronounced kloob), and learns firefighting.

Vienna Video Guide ???????? Austria Capital City Tourist Guide

In 1440 Vienna became the resident city of the Habsburg dynasty. It eventually grew to become the de facto capital of the Holy Roman Empire (800–1806) in 1437 and a cultural centre for arts and science, music and fine cuisine. Hungary occupied the city between 1485 and 1490.

In the 16th and 17th centuries Christian forces stopped Ottoman armies twice outside Vienna (see Siege of Vienna, 1529 and Battle of Vienna, 1683). A plague epidemic ravaged Vienna in 1679, killing nearly a third of its population.

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48 Hours in Vienna, Austria

We are back in Europe, using our Eurail pass to catch the trains to a few countries across Europe over the next couple of weeks! First stop... Vienna, Austria! Here is everything we got up to on our very first day before the jet lag kicked in!

Want to travel Europe with Eurail? Grab your passes here...
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Hotel we stayed at:

A huge thank you to Eurail x STA Travel for making this trip happen!

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✅ TOP 10: Things To Do In Vienna

Things To Do In Vienna, this video breaks down the best things to do in Vienna Austria.

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If you're looking for the top things to do in Vienna Austria then this video will help you out, we have all the top 10 things to do in Vienna included and have some of the most fun things to do in Vienna and cool things to do in Vienna.

Asking yourself the question of what to do in Vienna? In our Vienna travel guide, we have some free things to do in Vienna as well as things to do in Vienna in December for Christmas!

Overall we hope you enjoy our video: top 10 things to do in Vienna Austria!

Vienna City Video Guide | Expedia

Vienna is the capital of Austria, in Central Europe. It is an ancient fortress city that lies nestled on the eastern fringe of the Alps, on the banks of the Danube River.

One hundred years ago, this glittering city gave birth to an artistic and cultural revolution. It was a revolution that changed the future and secured forever, Vienna’s place as one of the world’s great cities.

Free thinking flourished in its cafe’s and new ideas in music, and philosophy became embedded in its cobblestones.

Today, visitors flock to Vienna, to experience a dynamic art culture, set amidst
historic streets where strauss’ waltzes still seem to echo. They come to drink coffee where some of the world’s greatest thinkers spent time and enjoy some of the world’s most magnificent artworks.
Join locals for a game of pool or a discussion on philosophy at Cafe Sperl.

Visit the Demel Bakery, the original confectioners to the Austrian Royal Family. Order a sachentorte - a traditional chocolate cake and relax with an international newspaper.

Stroll to the Vienna State Opera, considered one of the greatest opera houses in the world. Take a backstage tour, learn the story of this historic place and see the hidden machinery that creates the performance magic.

A little further along the ring is the Hofburg Imperial Palace. This impressive palace was home to the Hapsburg dynasty who ruled the area for centuries and currently serves as the official residence for the President of Austria.

Examine ancient manuscripts and see the some of the earliest globes in the Austrian National Library which is also housed here.

Take the time to enjoy the Volksgarten - or people’s garden - famous for its more than 400 species of roses and the Theseus Temple in its centre. There are 2000 parks in Vienna so there is always somewhere nearby to relax.

Layered with history, Vienna is a truly international city. Explore monumental palaces and priceless artworks, all set amidst a cafe culture that changed the world.

The Most Beautiful Vienna Austria Travel Guide We Could Make

This video is all about Vienna Austria and the free things to do in the city. First, we're blown away at how beautiful everything was, so we shot in 4K for this travel video vlog and still couldn't do the colors and beauty justice.

Second, we stuck to just the palaces of Vienna, because they are all free to see from the outside and it's possible to pretty much see them all in a single day.

We hope the information and flow of the day is useful to you, and it helps you decide what to do in Vienna if you make a trip there. A single day in Vienna is possible, but we'd totally recommend a few days to be safe and really feel out the city.

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5 Mistakes Tourists Make When They Visit Vienna, Austria

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Vienna is truly a world capital of culture and history. With its history of being the seat of the Holy Roman Empire, the Hapsburgs, and all of the connections there are numerous sights and museums for tourists to enjoy in Vienna, but there are a few mistakes that tourists make in Vienna and we want to help tourists not make these 5 mistakes.
Filmed in Vienna, Austria
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019

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Vienna in 4K

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The capital of Austria, ranked as one of the most prosperous cities in the world achieved this fame for its culture, music and psychoanalysis practitioners. The city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with numerous monuments and architectural wonders.
The city is known for the annual sophisticated balls, where live orchestras play the classical music, waltzes, and even some 20th century pieces providing a taste of different dance for everyone.

Vienna is aknowledged for giving birth to some of the world's most famous musical luminaries and for the taste and preservation of culture, music, history and arts.

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Vienna 9.5

Vienna tries paper mache, and operating the video camera. She also makes a trip to the doctor.

Vienna (Wien) - Austria - 4K

- Viaggio a Vienna (Austria)
- Paseo por Viena (Austria)
- Trip to Wien (Austria)

Vienna Travel Guide

Vienna is one of those cities everyone tells you to visit, but is it more than just a perfect little European capital?

+ Intro - 0:55
+ Vienna's districts - 2:03
+ Ulrichsplatz - 2:41
+ Raimundhof - 2:44
+ Mariahilfer Strasse - 2:50
+ Innerstadt - 3:06
+ Volksgarten - 3:28
+ Supersense Cafe - 4:44
+ Life in Vienna - 5:09
+ MuseumsQuartier - 6:57
+ Brunnenmarkt & Yppenplatz - 9:22
+ Street food - 10:05
+ Spittelburg & Kasekrainer - 11:26
+ Outro - 12:44

(+) Special thanks to Wien Tourism for sponsoring the making of this episode.
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20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide

Join us as we visit Vienna, Austria in this travel guide covering 20 things to do in Vienna (Wien) including top attractions such as grand palaces and museums along with iconic experiences such as visiting cafes, coffeehouses and restaurants while experiencing nightlife in the city.

Vienna city is one of the grandest we've visited in Europe and its elegance, history and architecture will surely win you over. However, this city is not a living museum and with trendy restaurants, cafes and legendary nightlife you'll travel to Vienna and leave wishing you could linger for a few more days.

A special thank you to friends Kash, Becki, Sabina, Drew & Deanna for helping us out with this guide to Vienna. Check out the pinned comment to follow them on social media.

20 Things to do in Vienna City Tour | Austria Travel Guide:

Intro to Vienna (Wien) - 00:01
1) Cafe Sacher for Viennese chocolate cake (sachertorte / sacher torte) - 00:33 and 01:23
2) Ring Road (Ringstraße) in the Old Town (Innere Stadt) of Vienna for parks, museums and palaces - 01:00
3) St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) for views of Vienna (Wien) - 03:29
4) Mozart’s House (Mozarthaus Vienna) on Domgasse 5 (1784 to 1787) - 04:17
5) St. Peter’s Church in Vienna (Peterskirche) - 04:43
6) Hofburg Palace (Sisi Museum, Imperial Apartments & Silver Collection) +Roman Ruins - 05:47
7) People's Garden Park of Vienna (Volksgarten) - 06:57
8) Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn) +
Palace Park - 07:37
9) Nightlife in Vienna with friends - 08:01
10) Street Food in Vienna eating Käsekrainer (sausage with cheese) - 09:40
11) Vienna Vineyards for wine tastings - 11:35
12) Viennese Breakfast in Vienna, Austria - 13:44
13) Prater Park + Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel (1897) - 16:31
14) Austrian Food eating Schnitzel, Goulash and Apple Strudel - 17:49
15) Hundertwasserhaus for fascinating architecture - 20:36
16) Fleamarket in Vienna (recommended Nasch markt) - 21:33
17) Museum Quarter [Museumsquartier] (Mumok + Kunsthalle Wien + Leopold Museum) - 22:05
18) Maria-Theresien Platz (Museum of Natural History + Museum of Art History + Opera) - 22:53
19) Wiener Melange (coffee) + Mozart Cake + strudel at Aida coffeehouse - 23:25
20) Transportation around Vienna taking the Metro (U-Bahn) - 26:02
Outro - 26:40

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Our visit Vienna travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (Austrian and Viennese), top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting palaces gardens, churches and museums and Vienna by night for nightlife and entertainment. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won't find in a typical Vienna tourism brochure, Vienna itinerary or Vienna, Austria city tour.

WIEN - 20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide Video Transcript:

In this video we’re showing you around Vienna (Wien). After spending a few days in Tirol, the capital was our next stop and what a change of scenery. We swapped snow-capped mountains for some of the most elegant streets of Europe in Wien, Österreich.

Vienna is a city of imperial palaces, countless museums and grand coffee houses, and it was a feast for the eyes.

We can already tell you that one week was not enough to see it all, but in this video we’ll do our best to show you some of Vienna’s highlights!

And that’s a wrap for our guide to Vienna (Wien). We hope you guys enjoyed following along and that you got a few ideas of things to do on your own trip to Wien, Österreich.

Now you guys know the drill, if you have any other suggestions of fun things to do, see, or eat in Vienna, feel free to share those with travellers in the comments below. Wishing you happy travels and until next time!

This is part of our Travel in Vienna video series showcasing Viennese food, Viennese culture and Viennese cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Austria video series showcasing Austrian food, Austrian culture and Austrian cuisine.

Music by DIZARO:

Vienna is like …

Putting Vienna into words isn’t easy. It’s more a feeling of playful lightness that’s shaped by the hand of history. There’s a little bit of everything here, and even a little too much of some things. Be part of a city that is only a mind shift away. Until we see each other here again. #ViennaWaitsForYou


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Tour guide:

A production in cooperation with the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

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VIENNA - Luxury Travel Guide by

The ultimate Travel Guide to Vienna Austria (Must See Places, Best food and Luxury Experiences)
WORLD of ALUX - Season 1 Episode 2 - VIENNA

In December 2017 the team went to Vienna, Austria in order to experience what the city has to offer in terms of Luxury & Fine Living.

The entire experience has been recorded and this is the end result. A Vienna travel guide like nothing you have seen before.

If you're traveling to Vienna, this video is a must see, filled with valuable info, with recommendations on where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

We start our trip with a quick coffee break at Mozart Cafe, where we have the traditional Sachertorte, an apple strudel and a Melange coffee.

Then we head of to St. Stephan Cathedral in the city center where we give you guys a bit of history on the building and a look inside and on top of the place.

You can't travel to Vienna and not visit the palaces. We pick up the action at Schönbrunn Palace and then follow it up with Hofburg Palace, two of the most important landmarks in Austria.

If you're interested in Vienna's street food, we go and experience first hand the open sandwiches at Trześniewski joined by the tiny beer called a Pfiff.

Afterwards to take you on a quick tour of the Vienna State Opera, one of the most iconic buildings in the world with a luxuriant interior.

It's time to eat and if you're wondering where to eat the best traditional Viennese food, we know just the right place: Plachutta.
Here they serve the Tafelspitz, the Viennese Schnitzel and we also include a tutorial on what is the correct way to eat the Tafelspitz.


For a luxury experience, we're heading into the second largest wine collection in Europe at the Coburg Palace. There, we take you through the 6 wine cellars and showcase some of the most expensive bottles of wine in the world. A premium experience which will elevate your trip to Vienna.


Next morning we wake up in a luxury duplex suite at The Guesthouse Hotel, where we share a quick glimpse into what a modern hotel should feel like.


We close off the list with the best things to do in Vienna, like riding the ferris wheel at Prater park, Shopping in the Goldness Quartier, Visiting the Gustav Klimt collection at Belvedere Palace or simply enjoying yourself in the Christmas Markets.

It's been a pleasure visiting Vienna and we look forward to coming back!

We hope you enjoy this Alux Original Video in Vienna Austria.

In this luxury experiences video we'll try to answer the following questions:
Where to stay in Vienna?
What are the most important things to see in Vienna?
What is Vienna known for?
What you should't miss in Vienna?
What are the best things to do in 48 hours in Wien?
What can you do in one weekend in vienna?
Where to eat in Vienna?
What are the best Street foods in Vienna?
What are the best hotels in Vienna?
What are some special things you can do in Vienna Austria?
What are the best luxury experiences you can have in Vienna?

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VIENNA FOOD TOUR | AUSTRIAN FOOD- the best WIENER SCHNITZEL & apfel strudel in Vienna

AUSTRIAN FOOD in Vienna | Vienna food guide- the best WIENER SCHNITZEL, Vienna street food + more

We're in Vienna, Austria! Vienna is the cultural heart of Austria and its food culture is well worth exploring. In this video we share with you some iconic Viennese dishes at some of the best restaurants in the city. We start with Vienna's favourite street food- sausages! We visit Würstelstand Leo, the oldest sausage kiosk in the city and eat the kasekrainer sausage- a lightly smoked pork sausage studded with cheese.

We head to one of Vienna's famous coffeehouses next. Coffeehouses are an integral part of Vienna's identity with UNESCO listing coffeehouse culture as intangible cultural heritage.They places where the writers, thinkers and artists of the time would gather and are a must visit in Vienna. We visit Kaffee Alt Wein which is said to have the best apple strudel in the city.

Next up we eat a popular street food leberkäsesemmel- a meatloaf sandwich essentially before we head to a local restaurant in the suburbs of Vienna for the city's most famous dish- the Wiener Schnitzel. We hope you enjoy this Viennese food tour in Vienna, Austria! #austrianfood #viennafood #viennesefood #viennafoodtour

What we ate and where we ate it: 

1. Big Mama's platter at Würstelstand Leo, Döblinger Gürtel 2, 1190 Wien, Austria. Open Monday and Tuesday 10:00am to 2:00am, Wednesday to Saturday 10:00am to 4:00am and Sunday 12:00pm to 12:00am.

2. Apfel strudel at Kaffee Alt Wien, Bäckerstraße 9, 1010 Wien, Austria. Open daily 9:00am to 2:00am.

3. Leberkäsesemmel at Leberkas-Pepi Wien Operngasse, Operngasse 12, 1010 Wien, Austria. Open Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 2:00am.

4. Wiener Schnitzel at Am Nordpol 3, Nordwestbahnstraße 17, 1020 Wien, Austria. Open Monday to Friday 5:00pm to midnight and Saturday to Sunday 12:00pm to midnight.


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We’re Thomas and Sheena, food and travel fiends. We travel full time, hunting for the BEST local food in the world to showcase via our YouTube videos. Food is a window into a country's culture and one of the most exciting ways to get to know a place.

We're all about eating what and where the locals eat. You won't find food that's been created merely to be social media worthy on here- no rainbow bagels, gold leaf soft serves- just genuine, authentic food that tastes incredible.

From street food to mom and pop restaurants, we want to show you the best and most authentic food we find on our travels.

#streetfood #beststreetfood #food #chasingaplate


Vienna at home

Here are some of the activities Vienna has been involved in since moving to Florida from China 4 months ago.

Vienna Travel Guide

Our Vienna Travel Guide! So many layers to this wonderful Austrian city and we barely had time to scratch the surface. Vienna is one of those cities that offers something for everyone; culture, food, adventure.

Vienna is polished on the surface but dig a little deeper and there's so much more to discover. Beyond the incredible museums, cathedrals, and markets, this Austrian city is an exciting year-round destination for all travellers.

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Vienna kota paling nyaman #1 di dunia selama bertahun-tahun. Kota musik yang menyenangkan. Di video kali ini aku liburan keliling Vienna selama 4hari. Jalan-jalan dan wisata kuliner khas Eropa yang menurut aku super classy. Menu favoritku Schnitzel, Sacher Torte, gelato La Romana, dan banyak lagi. Vienna memang keren banget, mulai dari bangunan istana-istana yang megah, juga museum dan galeri yang penuh kultur dan budaya. Kota cantik dan tenang tanpa banyak kendaraan bermotor. Betah banget pasti kalo tinggal disana.

Jump to:
0:36 Austrian Airlines flight from Bangkok to Vienna
0:54 Austrian Airlines inflight food
3:38 Novotel Wien City - Breakfast
4:09 St. Stephen's Cathedral Vienna - Sightseeing
4:56 Sacher Cafe Vienna - Tasting Sacher Cake
5:25 Delicious Schnitzel and Pork Medallion at Figlmüller Vienna
6:48 SO/ Vienna Hotel (visit before sunset for a great city view of Vienna)
7:30 Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace
8:18 Delicious Veal Schnitzel and Roast Beef at Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper
9:24 Dinner with friends at a local Siberian-Russian rustic restaurant
10:14 Delicious cakes at Gelateria La Romana

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