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CRAZY STREET FOOD IN MARRAKECH ???? Whole Lamb BBQ with King’s Chef ???????? Travel Morocco

Salam???? Bohemian Family!
We are in Marrakech.

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Safran et Cannelle riad & spa
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Chez Lamine Hadj Mustapha Jemaa El Fna - The King's Chef Restaurant
Instagram @restaurantchezlamine

Cafe Chez Bismillah - Turkish Coffee
Instagram @chez_bismillah

Gon's Chicken
Instagram @gons.chicken

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Lake Bled Snow in May, Slovenia ~ 4K Virtual Travel

Snow in May. 4K. Enjoy.

I decided to start this channel to take you on a walk with me and share the beauty of my hometown Bled and my country Slovenia with you (I will start with Bled, Piran, Ljubljana and then continue with other amazing Slovenian cities, villages and nature). I will do my best to capture the relaxing views, ambient sounds, and all the main tourist attractions, as well as the hidden gems that only true locals know about. I hope my video content will help you to relax, spark your curiosity, feed your desire to explore, make you happier, and last but not least, give you a sense of belonging or help you to find a community of people with similar interests. Welcome to my channel, dear virtual walker!

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