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Living with a Local Family in a Moroccan Village (Amazigh People)

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Staying with this Amazigh family was a highlight of my time in Morocco. The Berbers - locally they prefer being referred to as the Amazigh people - are a North African community with their own culture and language: Tamazight. The family I stayed with isn't necessarily representative of the Amazigh community at large, but they are part of a sizeable community of people who live in the Atlas Mountains, far from the busy and vibrant cities of Morocco.

Thank you to:
→ Joao Leitao, a travel photographer who helped me find this lovely family. Check him out on InstagramL
→ Joao also runs a beautiful riad-style guesthouse in Ouarzazate, where I stayed for a night:

P.S. This video was filmed in January - pre-COVID-19 times!
P.S.2 Yes, everyone consented to being filmed, and yes, I made sure to contribute and reward them accordingly for their time and attention ????

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15 Best Places to Visit in Liberia | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
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Country in West Africa
Liberia is a country in West Africa, bordering Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire. On the Atlantic coast, the capital city of Monrovia is home to the Liberia National Museum, with its exhibits on national culture and history. Around Monrovia are palm-lined beaches like Silver and CeCe. Along the coast, beach towns include the port of Buchanan, as well as laid-back Robertsport, known for its strong surf. ― Google

Capital of Liberia
Monrovia is the capital city of the West African country of Liberia. Founded in 1822, it is located on Cape Mesurado on the Atlantic coast, and is the country's most populous city. As of the 2008 census, with 1,010,970 residents, it was home to 29% of Liberia’s total population. Wikipedia



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