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United Airlines Boeing 737-824 [N37287] Approach & Landing in Vancouver (YVR)


United Airlines Boeing 737-824 [N37287] Approach & Landing in Vancouver (YVR)

Final flight, completing my second Mileage Run of the year!!
Enjoy this beautiful approach & landing into Vancouver!! On board UA538 - Non Stop Service from SFO ** SEE BELOW FOR MORE**
Boeing 737-824 / N37287 / First Class: 4F

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**REJECTED TAKEOFF** @ SFO - United Airlines Boeing 737-824 [N37287]

Capt. Bob here... so that was our practice takeoff.... LOL!!! (1:50)
United Airlines Boeing 737-824 [N37287] SFO-YVR
Indicator for the FO's window caused us to Reject our takeoff, and try again once all was checked out. AMAZING VIEWS OF SAN FRAN - WOW!! Great way to end a mini first class Mileage Run!
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Other Videos in this Mileage Run Series

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United Airlines Boeing 737-824 [N37274] Takeoff from Vancouver (YVR)

United Airlines - UA887 - Vancouver to San Francisco
April 4th, 2016 - Seat 3F - First Class
Takeoff from Vancouver's 26L, on a beautiful spring day.


Watch the landing:

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Lufthansa B747-400 Landing Vancouver

Nice view from upper deck:) Lufthansa B747-400 landing at Vancouver International Airport (YVR, CYVR), Canada. Flight LH492 from Frankfurt Airport (FRA, EDDF), Germany. Flight date:21.03.2018

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Landing at Guam in an United Airlines B737

Landing at Guam (GUM) in an United Airlines Boeing B737-824 (N37298) after a flight (UA 154) from Chuuk/Truk (TKK) on 28.11.2015.
This is the famous Pacific Island Hopper Flight.

ANA 787-8 Gorgeous Afternoon Approach and Landing at Vancouver International Airport

Deep blue skies with a few fluffy clouds make for a gorgeous approach into beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Airline: All Nippon Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Route: Tokyo (HND) - Vancouver (YVR)
Flight: NH116
Date: Sep 26, 2017

TRIP REPORT & REVIEW for this flight:

Camera used: Sony rx100ii

All footage and graphics are original.
Intro music - OneMoreWeekToGo


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United Airlines Boeing 737-800 SUNRISE Landing in Denver (DEN)

Sunrise landing in Denver (DEN) aboard the United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N11206) from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). Enjoy!

Aterrizaje durante el amanecer en Denver (DEN) a bordo del United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N11206) de Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). ¡Disfruta!

Atterrissage pendant le lever de soleil à Denver (DEN) à bord de l'United Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N11206) de Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). Profitez-en !



Airline / Aerolínea / Ligne Aérienne : United Airlines (UA/UAL)
Aircraft / Avión / Avion: Boeing 737-824 (B738)
Registration / Registro / Immatriculation: N11206
First Flight / Primer Vuelo / Premier Vol: July / Julio / Juillet 12, 2000 (12-07-2000)
Aircraft Delivery / Entrega del Avión / Livraison de l'Avion:
-To / A / À Continental Airlines: July / Julio / Juillet 26, 2000 (26-07-2000)
-To / A / À United Airlines: October / Octubre / Octobre 01, 2010 (01-10-2010)

Flight Number / Número de Vuelo / Numéro de Vol: UA 1220
Flight Date / Fecha de Vuelo / Date de Vol: April / Abril / Avril 09, 2019 (09-04-2019)
Route / Ruta / Route: DFW-DEN
Flight Duration / Duración de Vuelo / Durée de Vol: 01 hour / hora / heure 56 minutes / minutos / minutes

Departure Airport / Aeropuerto de Salida / Aéroport de Départ: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport / Aeropuerto Internacional de Dallas-Fort Worth / Aéroport International de Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW/DFW), Texas, USA / E.E.U.U. / É.-U.
Departure Gate / Puerta de Salida / Porte de Départ: Terminal / Terminal / Aérogare E, Gate / Puerta / Porte E8
Departure Runway / Pista de Salida / Piste de Départ: 18L
Departure Time / Hora de Salida / Heure de Départ: Scheduled / Programado / Prévu= 06:05AM (06h05), Actual / Real / Réel= 05:58AM (05h58)

Arrival Airport / Aeropuerto de Llegada / Aéroport d'Arrivée: Denver International Airport / Aeropuerto Internacional de Denver / Aéroport International de Denver (KDEN/DEN), Colorado, USA / E.E.U.U. / É.-U.
Arrival Gate / Puerta de Llegada / Porte d'Arrivée: Terminal / Terminal / Aérogare B, Gate / Puerta / Porte: B14
Arrival Runway / Pista de Llegada / Piste d'Arrivée: 17R
Arrival Time / Hora de Llegada / Heure d'Arrivée: Scheduled / Programado / Prévu= 07:12AM (07h12), Actual / Real / Réel= 06:54AM (06h54)

-Seat / Asiento / Siège:
Row / Fila / Rangée 28, Seat / Asiento / Siège 28A

-FlightMap and more Information / Mapa del Vuelo y más Información / Plan du Vol et plus d'Information:

-Social Media / Red Social / Réseaux Sociaux:
Instagram: @dfw_aviation

-Music / Música / Musique:

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United Airlines Boeing 737-824 [N37274] Landing at San Francisco (SFO)

United Airlines - UA887 Vancouver to San Francisco
April 4th, 2016 - Seat 3F


Watch the takeoff:

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United Airlines A320 landing in rainy Vancouver. ORD-YVR

Aircraft registration: N468UA
Flight number: UAL287

Delta Airlines B737-900ER gorgeous sunny landing in Vancouver. DTW-YVR


United Airlines Boeing 737-924(ER) [N68817] Landing in Cancun (CUN)

United Airlines - UA1012 - Houston to Cancun
April 5th, 2016 - Seat 3F - First Class

Beautiful approach and landing in Cancun! That caribbean water... Stunning!!

2nd Mileage Run! YVR-SFO-(IAH-CUN)-IAH-SFO-YVR

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Sunset Landing in Vancouver - Westjet Boeing 737-800

Beautiful Sunset Landing in Vancouver, British Columbia of a Westjet Boeing 737-800.

Beautiful Vancouver Landing

Takeoff from Montreal, following the Quapelle valley across Saskatchewan then across the Rocky Mountains to the Fraser River and Mount Breakenridge to land at Vancouver Airport.

Trip report: Delta Airlines E175 cloudy landing in Vancouver. SEA-YVR

SEA-YVR landing

United airlines Boeing 737-800 landing in Chicago (ORD) from Vancouver (YVR)


CRAZY Hard Landing! United Airlines B737-800 - Kosrae to Pohnpei

72hr MILEAGE RUN - Kosrae to Pohnpei
United Island Hopper Experience // FLIGHT 6 OF 13

Flight: UA154
Aircraft: B737-824
Registration: N37298
Seat: 8F
Date: 23 Jan 2016

Sixth flight, AMAZING beautiful takeoff from Kosrae on our way to Pohnpei. Equally beautiful approach, and a SUPER HARD landing in PNI. One of the hardest landings I have experienced. Non the less, almost half way through this crazy mileage run!

For More Videos of my Hopper Mileage Run Series:

- Takeoff from YVR-SFO (UA5601)
- Landing YVR-SFO (UA5601)
- Takeoff SFO-HNL (UA73)
- Takeoff Honolulu to Majuro (UA154)
- Majuro to Kwajalein (UA154)
- Kwajalein to Kosrae (UA154)

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United Airlines Boeing 747-400 landing at San Francisco Airport

United Airlines Boeing 747-400 landing into San Francisco International Airport. KSFO. Flight originated out of Chicago O' Hare International Airport. KORD. Seat 9K in Business class. This seat was a rear facing seat. This aircraft was on maintenance for almost a month in Chicago due to wiring issues as I was told by the crew. This was an upgrade from a B757-300.
Aircraft N116UA.
Seat 9K rear facing. Previous video shows the takeoff.

Escape to Vancouver on United Airlines UA 460 SFO to Vancouver on A320

Traveling to Vancouver away from a very hot and smoggy San Francisco. Also a rejected takeoff too! Captured a spectacular night landing on approach to Vancouver. Fortunately landings were to the west which makes for a wonderful view on the right side.

Sequence of Events:
Pushback - 1:00
Rejected takeoff - 3:40
Takeoff - 5:00
Approach - 7:45
Landing - 10:54

United Airlines Boeing 737-800 landing in Houston Intercontinental Airport

United Airlines Boeing 737-800 landing to Houston Intercontinental International Airport. KDEN-KIAH. Coming from Denver International Airport. N14214.

UNITED AIRLINES Vancouver-San Francisco Boeing 737 economy class HD

Hey guys, here's a short report of my flight between YVR and SFO last summer. That was a nice journey from cloudy Canada to sunny SF along the West Coast! Please enjoy the beautiful view on the city as we approached SFO!


Airline: United Airlines, UA, UAL
Airport of departure: Vancouver International Airport, YVR
Airport of arrival: San Francisco International Airport, SFO
Aircraft: Boeing 737
Flight Number: UA1517
Date: September 3rd, 2015
Flight duration: 2h20

Music credits:

Italian Afternoon by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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